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  1. After new bass lures

    Will sometimes mix it up with a few of the little River to Sea poppers and they double up for bream etc Cheers
  2. Port Stephens Flathead Spots

    rickmarlin and scratchie are all over this - I have caught some cracker flathead near the anchorage resort over the years - wouldn't get to carried away with soft plastics though, trying throwing a few blades around in spots near weed beds. You will cover more water and the flatties are not that fussy what they chew on.
  3. Boat ramp drama

    Goodonya Sam for helping out - real concern here is that people like this end up hurtling out through the heads with a couple of unsuspecting friends or relos on board and really get themselves in trouble. Cheers Blood Knot
  4. Port Stephens Snaps Time!!!

    Nice bag of Reds mate
  5. Has any one fished Dora creek

    Me too - it does look fishy
  6. Soft plastics session

    Great set up with the tackle bag and rod holder & nice Flatties too! Cheers Blood Knot

    Happy 13th FR
  8. Alvey Reels closes its doors NOT

    Yes very sad to see the Alvey dissapear
  9. Port Stephens (beautiful morning)

    Nice stuff Scratchie - I got get back up the" Bay" soon. Cheers Blood Knot

    Cheers Stewy & Donna, - You guys set a high standard and values for this site from the day you took over, it has eclipsed its competitors and been a fantastic source of knowledge and sociability for its members - Cheers to you guys for a truly great effort keeping the site going in the face of the constant challenges. Blood Knot
  11. Fiji charters

    Just as Jewhunter said nearly 5 years ago - replies mentioning specific charter operators should be byPM replies only. Cheers Blood Knot
  12. Three years to get my first marlin

    Great fish - Goodonya for Marlin No1 Cheers Blood Knot
  13. Craziest catch

    Caught a CD once on small ecogear vibe ( hooked it through the hole in the middle). Put up a great fight as it un suctioned itself from the bottom and then flapped around and changed direction due to the water pressure against it. Swear it actually took some drag at one stage over active imagination for sure.