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Found 100 results

  1. Fishing and Crabbing

    Went with 2 buddies and @Pattherat to his place north of Sydney for a few days of fishing and crabbing. Got there thursday morn and decide to go fishing. I fished plastics while everyone else a mix of bait and plastics. No action on the plastics so decided to help my mates who new with this type of fishing. Had them on a tiny hook with a longshank to try for the numerous dink bream there. To everyones surprise the little bait rod goes off, screaming drag running around the boat into broken branches. The he stops moving, he was proper snagged. Pat smokes in his lure to help me with the fish and there was a very nice flatty behind it, he though that it was the fish on my line so he yanked the lure out of the water. We try to wiggle the fish out to no avail. We know he's still on as every now and then there's a few headshakes. As the weather was rather hot and the water was very nice and cool I decide to hop in and try to get the fish out. Since it rained the day prior the water was pretty mucky and clarity was not the greatest. We tried for quite a while following the line down and digging around unsuccessfully, I was ready to give up but pat insisted on 1 more dive. Deep breath and straight to the bottom this time, instead of trying to untangle the line I yanked the branch out and pat got a good look at the stick. The bream was tangled up everywhere in the branch. Got the fish out and we went for a swim in the creek. Before that though we dropped 4 pots with bonito heads and frames around the mangroves to try for muddies. Swam around, messing about with some half-hearted fishing mixed in and 2 hours later we pulled the pots. First on up had an average sized crab, around 10-12cm vertically across the back. Second pot came another at the same size. Third pot was empty and the fourth had one large crag and another regular one. Thanks to @rickmarlin62 for the tips of having the entrances of the pots parallel to the tide. Very happy with the result we took the crabs up to the house and let them clean themselves out in the bathtub. The pots which still had bait were left in, we had dinner and headed out to check the pots again. The very first one we pulled housed a large crab and a ray. The remaining 3 pots were all empty, we think that the yield is dictated very much by the tide. The first drop was through the high tide and the second was low running out, hence the less successful second attempt. next day was far too hot for any fishing or crabbing during the day so we just stayed inside and watched some movies. Then as the sun began to lower we set 2 pots loaded with bait. Checked them 2 hours later and one was empty the other had 1 very respectable size crab measuring 15 length ways across the shell and another average size crab but since we already had so many crabs we let that one go. We left the one untouched pot overnight to see what it would yield. Third day we went out at high tide to pull the pot left overnight but unfortunately the bait was gone and the pot was empty. Just a question, does anyone know if we should check to pots more often and not leave overnight cause the crabs get out? We took the chance at high tide to pull the boat out and get it clean for the trip back. Since the big boat was out we took a little rowing boat down to our usual spot and tried for flattys. Cast for a while with nothing, suddenly I get a nice hit. A decent flatty around 40. Not too long later pat picks up my rod to try the different lure, second cast he hooks a nice 43. We keep casting but nothing. Out of nowhere a massive hit and I rip the rod up, fish on! Very nice fish, able to peel line of my 4000 size reel (I know its a little overkill for flatties. 30lb leader too but pat assured me the fish in the creek were pretty dumb). 4 or 5 series of runs later we land this absolute monster for a little creek such as this. Measured 80 on the money. Left the next day and thx to pat for letting me nick those 2 muddies of ya! Ate them that night and they were crackin! Great fishing and crabbing trip up the coast.
  2. Big low tide yesterday afternoon so hit the rocks with soft plastics. The southerly was blowing hard but Ide recently bought a new rod and was heaps keen to use it so off we went..Started with on a 5" zman streakz curly tail in pink and first cast was onto a nice bream about 35, right in close in about a foot of water. The plastic only just fit in its mouth lol. Chucked him back then snagged the zman a few casts later so rigged up a storm 4" minnow and walked further out. It was real snaggy so I was just cranking the lure just under the surface and managed a tailer after just a few casts, about 40cm. Threw him back too. It absolutely destroyed the plastic so I headed back before the tide came up too high. bream on the 5' zman The wind died off heaps around 7:30 so packed the gear back in the car and drove down the back beach looking for a gutter. High was at 10:00 so plenty of time. Ive been keen to try some gulp sandworms off the beach instead of baits, and see if anything likes em. So rigged up the new rod with a 6" sandworm in camo and lobbed it out. Launched out a worm bait as well on my bigger rod and waited to see which got hit first. Don't normally use two rods in case of tangles but thought it should be right.. About 9:30 the jew came on the chew, first fish a 68cm soapy then a 95cm straight after, both on the preserved worms. Nearly got tangled in the other line on both fish lol, Also managed to miss two good fish as well that definitely weren't bream.. all up two tarwhine two bream and two jew, all released. The gulp! ended up catching a decent bream as well, was an epic night. First time using the GoPro so will try upload footage once I figure it out 😣 Littler one 68cm 95cm cheers!
  3. Jimmys Beach

    Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader
  4. The entrance

    Heading to the entrance for the first time in a couple of days, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could pump yabbies for bait and hopefully catch some bream or flathead. Thanks
  5. Needed a pick me up this afternoon so decided to visit a spot that a mate had scoped out a while back and recommended unreservedly. I knew it was a serious bush walk in so decided to pack as light as possible and carry only as much as I’d be comfortable carrying back out again. So it was my light bream outfit and half a pack of salted pillies. Mental note, also bring water next time. Arrived just after 3pm and with the exception of a couple of curious bush walkers had the place to myself. Bliss. 12lb braid and leader, unweighted pillie cube onto a number 4 long shank bait holder hook and wait. As always, the first fish on the scene were baby snapper. Then came the baby bream. And then all hell broke loose. Over the next 30 minutes landed 4 bream all over 30cm and had another bigger one bust me off around an oyster encrusted pylon. It was a catch and release day for me so all went back into the drink. After 5pm things had quietened down. The baby snapper were back, along with baby tailor and a few yakkas into the bargain. By 6pm I was thinking about calling it a day, and a good day at that. And then the big boys arrived. Something picked up the pillie and took off like a bat out of hell. Managed to get it close to the jetty and saw it was a rat king. Once near the jetty the bastard took off straight under it and I was doomed. Ran around a pylon and the line parted. Holy crap! First time ever for me hooking a king. Round about now bait starting busting up about 20 metres in front of me. Threw my trusty pillie as close as I could get it. Hit! Another powerful run. Got the fish close again. This time a good size bonito. Under the damn jetty again and the inevitable. I was starting to come to the conclusion that my outfit just didn’t have the horsepower to get these buggers under control. It was starting to get dark, but undaunted I decided to stick with it until I’d exhausted my rapidly diminishing pillie supply. And you wouldn’t believe it, another big run. Another rat king. Another bust off. Well, by now it was pretty clear I’d brought a knife to a gun fight. By 7:30 the pillies were finished. Packed it up and the long hike out began. A fantastic afternoon. I’ll be returning soon with some heavier artillery for the big boys. Tight lines.
  6. Coffs beach mulloway

    Hey Raiders, Spent last week up in Dorrigo for work so couldn't wait to get back down the coast Monday to wet a line. The forecast wasn't that great; sou east winds, weak swell and on/off rain all week, so we didn't expect much. I was just happy to be back on the beach! Gathered worms on Monday at mid tide then hit the gutters that arvo for the low change, but struggled to find any decent formation. The lack of swell flattened most of the banks out so there was barely any structure along the whole stretch. Drove up and down for ages searching for a hole, eventually found an "okay" looking spot, more of a rip than a gutter, and fished it hard Monday and Tuesday night for nothing (Was still heaps better than staying home in front of the TV lol). Did a solo effort with one last try Wednesday, and finally found the fish just as it went dark. The jew was only just hooked through the lip so he fought like a dog! Bream was around 30-32cm, Mulloway just legal at 72cm. Both released Through alot of trial and error, I'm slowly figuring them out. Persistence paid off this time Cheers for reading
  7. Newcastle Beach

    Just a short report from a couple of efforts this weekend. Beaches have been lovely, and lots of fish still about. Salmon up to 80cm - you certainly know when you hook a bigger model! Bream up to 40cm and a few tailor in the mix also. There are some really good schools of salmon visible from most beaches, my challenge has been getting a small enough lure to "match the hatch" whilst still maintaining casting distance required to hit them. I might experiment with a few techniques this week, I reckon 3" white plastic would be the right model to match the bait in the water. I know they're not to everyones liking, but treated right upon capture & prepared simply, I find them a very nice eating fish too. tight lines
  8. Hi Raiders As usual had to take my 30min drive past at least 10 beaches to find decent worms. Finally got some beauties and headed for Blacksmiths Beach. Only had a couple of hours to fish just after low tide, I'd love to see what the after dark high would have brought! Ended up with a mixed bag, biggest bream going 43cm, threw half a dozen back to live another day A tip for this beach is as follows: - In calm conditions, cast baits towards the sand bar even when very shallow (less than 30cm). Your bait will spend a lot of time doing nothing in shallow water however the decent fish seem to chase the waves onto the bar seeing looking for food that's been stirred up. The biggest bream had a gut full of crushed pippis. Cheers, James.
  9. Hi Raiders It's been a long time between posts but I finally got out for 2 fishing sessions this week. Just thought I'd share the result as I know most of us are looking forward to the warmer months especially on the beaches. Headed out armed with a bag of pilchards and some frozen worms both times and was greeted by plenty of hungry bream! The action was a plenty from the first cast, the best results coming in the last hour of the run in tide then all went quiet. A couple of smallish whiting however the bream were all in between 28cm - 42cm. On the second trip I threw plenty under around 30cm back. Only kept the large amounts due to my friends and family asking constantly haha. Great fun though Cheers, James
  10. Daiwa Caldia B

    Has anyone had any experience using the daiwa Caldia B 2000. Been looking at getting one for a while now and just wondering if anyone has one and has anything to say about them and wether they're worth getting or not
  11. Fishing spots

    Hey guys, I was looking around for a regular, estuarine place to fish in my free time targeting bream and flathead. I have a little experience catching these species but knowledge on baits and rigs would be greatly appreciated. I live near roseville chase but was wanting to expand my searches to the southren edge of the cowan creek and hawkesbury river. Thanks

    Hi RAIDERS Had to head down to Maitland for a dentist appointment and after wards went out of the way a bit to go to stockton breakwall got there and settled down a third of the way out on the harbor side of the wall. I started flicking out a samaki spider prawn bouncing it along the rocks 5 mins of doing this then Bang. Hook was set and i was on to a hard pulling bream came in at a nice 38 and fought awesome. 10 more mins of this and nothing so i swapped over to bait flicked out a lightly weighted pilchard sinking down the rock wall and instantly on to another hard fighting one the fish pulls me right in to the rocks and snaps the line on a oyster rigging back up flicked back down and on again this time in comes a smaller 28cm model over the next 10 mins i get another bream around 30cm this time, also another hook up but rubs me off again all in all was not a bad day GEAR WAS: 1:3 kg rod 2000 size reel 8lb braid with 8lb fluro leader Cheers ARC H PS: was hoping to put a yakka out on another rod couldnt seem to berley them up tho, also the biggest bream looks sick didn't notice at the time should i eat it
  13. Wollongong beach

    I've been getting some beach worms lately to try for some bream off the beach at Wollongong. Had some good success last Monday, with 2 bream at 34cm and 33cm and 1 at 28cm. Also got loads of small flattys and 1 whiting. Does anyone know if the bream come on during the winter? Cheers
  14. Illawong trip for hairtail

    Headed out to Illawong bay today despite the conditions for an afternoon/early night fishing trip for hair tail. Managed a small tailor about 25cm near the end and jagged a just legal bream accidentally. Didn't get a hairie but fun still. Gonna try further up coal and candle and might report on it. No pics taken as they were not worth snapping
  15. Port Stephens lb session

    Happy Easter raiders! Headed out off the stones at Birubi/Anna Bay this morning with my dad. There were a few tailor about hungry for the trusty raider jig. Landed maybe 10, lost a few more, with a few kept for the BBQ tonight. Landed also a nice wrasse, along with the very rare "Easter egg bream" to round out the morning! Most tailor were between 40cm-50cm with a few smaller choppers in the mix. Dad (who contributed donuts to the bucket by the way, despite jagging an eel at some point) did manage to take some cool video which I'll add once I can figure out how to make the file smaller. Fished Nobbys breakwall at Newcastle last night, plenty of flatties & tailor around there on sunset taking pillie cube and small lures. Didn't have the phone on me so no pics of that sorry, but worth a try if you're in the area about 2/3rds along casting to the ocean side.
  16. Georges River 15/04/17

    Hiya folks, Figured after nearly losing the site, I'd make more of an effort to post some reports. I've been chasing bigger fish on heavier tackle and smaller stuff on the fly, but I thought I'd give the light gear a go today. It was a beautiful morning and I headed down to the Georges. Managed 5 fish in total: a bream, a luderick (foul-hooked, but a PB!), a whiting and a couple of flatties. Also got busted off by a monster tailor and a couple of follows by something bigger. It was an eventful little session, with everything taken on Powerbait crabbies with 1/16 and 1/20 jigheads. Happy Easter!
  17. Hi Raiders - having settled and unpacked boxes in our new home town of Newcastle, this weekend was time to get fishing! I put in a couple of sessions between my closest local beaches (Nobbys and Stockton). Plenty of good looking gutters in close produced some great flathead fishing. The largest went 78cm (a PB), a with the others in the 40cm-70cm range. As a personal preference I only keep flatties 40cm-65cm all others were released. Schools of salmon and tailor would move through at various times of the morning & afternoon - often just in knee deep water. Most tailor were small 'chopper' size but landed a couple toward 40cm. Hopefully in the coming months the average size will increase (that being said a chap fishing 50m up from me landed a pair of really nice fish). Also caught a handful of bream, dart, cobbler catfish, and a few pesky rays - but that's part of fishing on the beach. Nobby's Beach also produced a tangle with an almighty (for me) jewfish - after fighting it for over an hour, it got caught in the "suck" of the closest gutter where the waves break and recede. A friendly passer by tried to help my wife beach it with the leader - sadly this just seemed to annoy the tired fish which took me for a little jog before breaking the leader. It's always difficult to estimate size of a fish in the water, but we got a very good long look at it and somewhere around 1m would be realistic. Next time, gadget! I fish very simple rig on the beach, 20lb line to a 30lb leader, running ball sinker to a single 4/0 circle hook with 1/2 pilchard bait. This accounted for all fish (with the exception of tailor which were spun on a 30g raider lure). I'm still new here & getting to know the area, so appreciate anyone's tips via PM or if you'd ever like to meet up for a session it would be great to meet you. I'll be heading up to Nelson Bay for Easter wkend to visit my dad so hopefully will get to wet a line there too.
  18. Bream in the mangroves

    How addictive is chasing bream along the edges of our local river systems? Over the last two weeks I have dedicated a few trips to targeting bream in and around the mangroves. To say it has been rewarding would be the understatement of the year. I thought I would share some of the key things that I believe are the difference between scoring a few and the dreaded doughnut! 1. Fish as light as possible, I have been fishing 4lb braid with 3lb leader. Not only do you get more bites, it makes it heaps easier to cast tiny plastics. Just make sure your drag is set accordingly or you will get busted off setting the hook. Also I fish the TT hws jig heads in the 1/40th so it sinks very slowly. 2. Fish the run out tide, as the tide recedes the bream are in waiting for bait that is being pulled out of the shallows. It makes sense to have your plastic coming out the same way. 3. Skipcast under mangroves, the skip itself looks alot like a prawn or baitfish being harrassed in the shallows and some times you'll get crunched on the drop. 4. Watch your line, I like to keep a belly(slack) in the line as the lure falls through the water more naturally. Keep an eye on the line and as with most types of bream fishing strike as soon as you see a tap on the line or the line stops before you think its on the bottom. I have really enjoyed my last few sessions catching 6 to 26cm the first time, 6 to 31cm the second time and 8 to 34cm the third time and I only went for around an hour and a half each time. Get out there and have a go you wont be disappointed!
  19. Stockton Breakwall

    G'day all, Long time no post for me. I went back to NSW a few weeks ago to visit family and of course I went for a fish at a couple of my old favourite spots. Picked up my old trolley and hit Stocko wall and it didn't disappoint. Got heaps of fish and a lot of weird stuff too. Jewie were on, seen 3 20+kg ones get landed right beside me and a lot of big bust offs. Yakkas and slimies were easy to get so fresh cut and whole live baits were the go. Got the Bream, Snapper and all the other rock fish on cut baits and the Jewie on a live crab, good fun on 6lb gear. Big gear and livies didn't get a hit. Almost every cast was a decent fish, not always easy to pull 'em out but heaps of fun. Note: The massive Bream wasn't caught on the wall, the Mrs caught it 2 days prior back home in QLD. It was released. Just thought I'd give you a look. Cheers
  20. Best light braided lines

    Just wondering what light braided lines everyone uses for their estuary fishing. I've been looking for a while now at some light braided lines for my Daiwa legalis 2000 as the braid I have on there at the moment doesn't have the best castability on it and I'm looking for something get it spooled up with on less windy days. I will be keeping the current braid on it though In case it's very windy and I don't want to be getting wind knots
  21. New spot wonders

    G'day Raiders, For a while now I have been eyeing of the Parra River and all the spots that look fishable on google maps. So yesterday I obtained some bravado and headed north! After an hour or so at spot#1 and not much action happening, I decided to move. In one of those bizarre twists of fate, I got to the end of the road I'd driven in on and had 2 options: left or right. I was meaning to head right and to another spot I'd researched the night before, but something in the universe was telling me to go left. So with nothing more than an inkling, I turned left. On arrival I got another sign that I'd made the right move - despite a lack of parking, someone was leaving just as I got there. What happened over the next few hours was nothing short of phenomenal. Over the next few hours I landed 20 fish (in addition to the 4 at spot#1). There were some thumping bream, a flounder, toadfish and a total of 13 small snapper! I've seen so many! In addition, I got busted of by something slow moving and quite heavy. I'm thinking perhaps a ray? Towards the end of my session, another few guys turned up and were using bread mixed with something (not sure what) but were floating it on the top of the water. These guys pulled 5 thumping bream in quick succession (one must have gone at least 45cm). So, needled to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Parra river and I am sure I will be heading back there soon. My conundrum as I write this is now finding the time to get back there (i'm itching at the bit). Till next time, tight lines everyone. Cheers Hodgo
  22. surface popper

    Hi all. Had a frustrating day yesterday on the flats near the entrance to Lake Illawarra, trying a popper in shallow water for the first time. A couple of nice bream and lots of big whiting were following my popper (clear prawn type) right up to where I was wading, but were not willing to strike. I tried everything I could think of - fast/slow, steady retrieve versus jerky, stopping and starting... the buggers just kept swimming along behind it. Any tips? Mind you, guys with bait weren't getting much to happen either - even fresh beach worms - so maybe the fish just weren't hungry and trying to piss me off for fun!
  23. G'day Raiders, I was up early this morning and headed over to the George's around East Hills and Picnic Point. After reading some other posts about using chicken soaked in fish sauce, I thought I'd give it a whirl. All up, I landed 15 fish in 4ish hours and lost a few more on top of that. Apart from a small tailor and whiting, the rest were bream. A few photo's are attached. I'm planning on getting up early tomorrow and having another crack. Hopefully I manage to attract some larger specimens. Tight lines. Hodgo
  24. Ralphy and I hit the Georges early this morning for a change. Plan was to fish the flats at dawn on the run up to the high tide. Well it worked a treat! Between us we boated 19 fish in three hours, kept 2 for a feed... Cheers Chris
  25. New rod christened

    G'day Raiders, Last year I bought a Shimano Sienna 4000, but have struggled since to pair it with a decent rod. So, with a gift card from the big red fella at xmas and a sale at the same retailer, I picked up a Daiwa Crossfire 862. What a purchase! The in-laws live around East Hills and I've driven past it heaps, but have never been into the Georges River National Park. So with the 2 daughters in tow, off we went. While the fish weren't massive, I ended up picking up 3-4 bream and a few whiting. The new set up landed most and a few of them ended up being skull-dragged across the river. My youngest daughter Kyla picked up a toadfish and small whiting and was stoked. I think the girls just enjoyed paddling around the edge of the water. Halfway through the session, I did have a run in with a few douches in a boat. Despite having the whole river, they felt that it was necessary to hover right where we were fishing (one of the morons jumped in for a swim). Anyway, they came right up to the shore, right over one of my lines and I wasn't game to move it in case it got caught in their engine. Now I'm quick to acknowledge that no-one owns the river, but common sense should prevail. So when these muppets just sat there talking about their boat and what they needed to when they got back to the boat ramp, I 'politely' asked them to move somewhere else. One of them mumbled something about being an accident...yeah bullshit! Anyway, after a while we packed up and went around to Fitzpatrick for a quick session, where I picked up a good size bream (maybe around 20ish). As it happens I was getting Kyla off a snag when my new combo bent over. So a quick dash and olympic-style hurdle over one rod, I've caught the other and had a great time. So, I'm off again early tomorrow solo. I was thinking of trying near the Audley Weir. I'd appreciate any advice/experiences anyone has had there as I wonder if I am wasting my time. Thanks for reading and tight lines. Hodgo