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Found 119 results

  1. SP's DO WORK!!

    It's been a while from old FishermanSteve here.. But for good reason. I have been endlessly practicing my soft plastic skills. Today popped the cherry. A 57cm Flathead caught from Rose Bay off the small jetty by the boat ramp. It was on my final cast of a short 45minute session and what a catch!!
  2. Unforgettable Day

    Hi all Thought I’d share my day fishing Me and two of my friends had a fews hours free in the morning and thought what better way to kill a few hours than go fishing. We were land based and just going after standard bread and butter species armed with nippers, beach worms and prawns at one of our usually spots. We started fishing 8.30am with high tide scheduled for 10.30am. It started with business as usual with us catching a few undersized bream, whiting and snapper. Around 9.30am one of my mates yelled out to me “there’s a big fish cruising by”. We usually see a lot of bull mullet around so I didn’t pay much attention. That was until it swam past me and I saw it was a kingfish. What happened next will be something I’ll never forget. About 20-30 kingfish started to bust up a school of bait fish literally at our feet! It was incredible, as up to this time I had only seen this online. One of my mates actually managed to hook up to them. Twice! While me and my other mate couldn’t hook up. So much hate! Lol After about 5mins the commotion was over and the kingys were gone. I was gutted I missed the opportunity to hook up to my first kingfish. Or so I thought. 5mins later I latched on something that was smoking me. And when you’re fishing with bream gear the fight is even more intense! Took about 15-20mins but managed to land it.Stoked! They came back for a second run about 11.30am. The boys managed another one while I lost one. All in all we landed 4 kingfish and 2 flatheads Absolutely stoked I landed my first kingy. A little small but still legal at 68cm. What a great day Fufu
  3. Headed out with Reelcrazy for a shallow water yak sesh on NYE. Got to the lake around 630 for a very civilised start. There was a little rain about but overcast conditions were going to be great for fishing. The plan was to troll some diving hard bodies in the skinny water for bream and flatties. Started from mid lake near the bridge and trolled south along the weed and sand banks. Got a nice little bream early which is always nice, on a red and black lively lure. Headed around the point towards the south and Ev started picking up regular bream to around 35cm. Fished the south for an hour or so but the weed was brutal and 95% of the time was spent deweeding lures (if anyone has a good solution for this please let me know). Time to move. Headed back to the north trying to get as close to the beds as possible. Around 930 Ev picks up a very nice 49cm lizard. I picked up a 52cm model around 30 mins later. Called it a day around 1030, chuffed we had delic tails for dinner. To top it off Ev picked up a little whiting on the troll home. All fish apart from the lizards released. The majority of Evs fish caught on a shiny gold halcro. Great morning on the lake. Can't wait to get back out there. Cheers
  4. Jimmys Beach

    Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader
  5. Half tide rocks flathead

    Went down to Ettalong/Ocean beach this morning for a fish. Arrived at 6am and back to the car at 9am. Result 4 flathead around the 40cm's and 1@53cm. Not a bad start to the day Tim
  6. The entrance

    Heading to the entrance for the first time in a couple of days, and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i could pump yabbies for bait and hopefully catch some bream or flathead. Thanks
  7. Pebbly Beach / Station Creek

    Had some awesome weather forecasted this week so me and the mrs snuck away for a night camping before silly season begins. Was our first time out to pebbly beach and definitely won't be the last, what a mad spot. Takes you off the highway down gravel trails for half an hour till you reach the beach access, then it's a quick drive north up the beach till you hit station creek. You have to cross it at low tide to get to the camp grounds which was abit of fun, the camp was surprisingly uncrowded too so that was a bonus! Good facilities and fires are allowed as well. The fishing was better than expected too. Tried the rocks first among the wash but there was too much swell so moved around the corner and gave the creek mouth a go at top of the tide with soft plastics. 3 small flathead all around 30cm. Back for some arvo beers then we hit the beach before dark with beachworms.. Not much happening for the first hour, I hand the reel to my girl while I quickly roll a smoke and dead set as soon as she winds in the slack, lines peeling off 😬 I ended up landing it for her but was heaps stoked she got to feel the hook-up and first run. Measured 76cm and was released. Already can't wait to get back up there, one night was definitely not enough. Cheers!
  8. Sunshine after rainy days

    After the recent rain stopping me from getting out finally a day to enjoy some fishing. Pompom and myself headed to Blues Point pre sunrise. Alternating between squid, pilchard and mullet as bait. Pompom had an eel. The eel must of thought he had his jelly ready as pompom is the most cockney geezer I know. I caught a baby snapper and a 40cm Flathead. We saw others getting bonito on lures.
  9. Morning flatties before work

    I took the opportunity to take a quick morning fish before work at a little bay near work. I got there at 6am and the tide was a perfect low to allow me to wade out to cast SPs to the drop off from the flats. First cast, and very first flick of the SP, and I got a good hit. Second cast, another solid hit. Good signs. A few casts later, I pulled in a legal flattie. Shortly after followed by another slightly bigger one. Plenty of smaller flatties followed after that. I was constantly moving around the bay but at one point it was pretty much a flattie every cast. I've fished this spot before and it's normally a fun spot to fish flatties on SP. Plenty of action, and can normally end up with a feed of a few smaller flatties. Just as I was thinking that this spot only ever holds flatties up to 40cm, I get a damn good solid hit. Plenty of pull and lots of head shakes. I had waded out almost 100m to fish in thigh deep water. I knew I wanted to bring this one in, so it was a fun wade back to shore, fighting this one in all the way - good fun on light gear! Got it in - a good sized 50cm. I kept fishing and the fish kept coming, all undersized. By 7am, I'm thinking it's time to pack it in and get to work. Slowly make my way across the bay, casting and flicking as I return to my gear, when I get hit again. There wasn't much of a hit this time, and not much pull so I was thinking it was another smaller one. I get it in next to me, and it was another cracker flattie. Waded back in to shore again, and this one measured 53cm. Surprisingly virtually no fight compared to the 50cm version. Begrudgingly I called it a day (albeit a successful one) then. I wanted to keep fishing, but I also had to get to work on time. In the end, I went to work with a feed of 53cm, 50cm and 40cm flattie (the smaller one in the pic was let go). A very good start to a working friday! All fish were caught on 2.5in Zman Grubz in amber, 1/12th jighead.
  10. Georges Qik Flick

    Big tides in this week so with kids drop off and paperwork done I thought FK it I'll go for a qik run, dropped my traps 🦀 and had a flick right on HT in 5m using my usual trusty 1-3kg nitro , 6lb braid 8lb fluro with an old rusty blade ( only thing I had in the boat), and picked up this 53, and got three 40's (released) in approx 20 casts. 🐠🐠🐠🐠 love a qik flaty flick ! Now lunch , Watch the cricket, pick up kids, tempura flathead n chips for dinner. cant complain 😎😎😎😎😎😎
  11. Great Weekend Fishing

    Went with PATTHERAT to his place in one of the creeks that connect to the hawkesbury over the weekend. Left Sat morning and arrived to have lunch and have a late arvo fish. Got rods setup for carp and had plenty of takes on corn but only managed one, about 1 kilo. Also had a small turtle take some sweetcorn, poor bugger would of had a sore tongue after that. Next morning we got up later and went out for a fish, I focused more on lures for flatties and my mate got some prawns and minnows also for flatties. After many many casts on a 4.5' curly tail with no results i switched to a big squidgy paddler for some more action and be a little more agressive. Very first cast i hooked up, big headshakes and a decent run later, my mate netted a healthy 38 flatty. I grab my mates rod to tie one a bigger lure, he picked up my rod and had a few flicks. Few casts in he rips the rod up, good bend and some very nice runs. Sand kicked up all around our feet and a very nice fish is in the net, went 55 and very thicc. Had them cleaned up and on the bbq for lunch, both fish had thick fillets but had empty stomachs. After lunch we dropped some pots, fingers crossed for some muddies to take home. After dropping the pots we went for a swim and some wakeboarding. Had the pots in for 2 hours or so and pulled them up before we were heading home and I reckon we didn't leave them in long enough, three baits were untouched and one had a nice muddy in it. If you guys have any tips for trapping muddies as I'm definitely an amateur. Headed home after a great weekend with a grin from ear to ear, thanks to PATTHERAT for taking me along for some great fishing.
  12. Flystration

    Feels like I haven't been catching fish lately, largely because I haven't. I've been getting more and more hooked on fly since picking up the wand 10-ish months ago, and the last few months has seen an increase in donuts commensurate with the amount of dust building on the spin gear. Nevertheless, goals are beginning to get kicked - here are the highlights of a few outings in the last month or so. First, a trip past the mountains to the Coxs and surrounds. Long story short I dropped a few small browns, including one on the bank whilst being schooled by my mate-come-guide. Nick had most of his 10 (9 browns, 1 'bow) on dries. 2 of my 3 encounters were on a home-tied woolly bugger. A good reminder that fly actually works. I was starting to lose hope after a string of fruitless attempts in the salt. A few more fruitless trips targeting the suddenly elusive flathead around Sydney and the opportunity arose to chase bass on the canoe. Yes please! Using a borrowed Sage Bluegill and donated stealth bombers, it wasn't long before the first came on board. My three for the day were all on the small side, but I wasn't fussed. Don't get to do a lot of bass fishing anyway so the scenery, company and the absence of trebles made for a great day. Nick, as usual, showed us how it was done. This freshwater thing feels like a breeze. On the way home, we stopped to persuade a python to get off the road before becoming pancake. He wasn't thrilled with the suggestion or the canoe paddle but an agreement was reached and we all made it home. Our (my) kindness was repaid by the snakey fish gods. Eventually. A couple more frustrating trips around the harbour (Rose Bay is a great place to go if you like to look at big fish ignore lures), and a trip out to the old faithful inner west produced the goods. First, a chopper tailor on a home-tied crazy charlie-ish fly taken on a very quick strip. Not a first, but encouraging in the salt. Then. Finally. Flathead. I downsized to another home tied fly - the BMS hammerhead variant. Couldn't get my hands on BMS dubbing but the guy at the shop suggested angora goat hair as an alternative. I suppose it works. Lost my lie detector but the ferule to which the flattie runs measures at 41cm. I'll take it! Fly. As rewarding as it is frustrating.
  13. Hey Raiders, With the motor now fixed and purring like a big cat, I mustered a crew for Sunday - we decided to revisit the Hawkesbury / Barrenjoey area to put to rest the last trip where we had an engine down. 530am stopped at a servo on the way only to discover 5 fully tricked speedboats all topping up - quick chat to one of the guys and yes they were off to Parsley Bay for the bridge to bridge. SHIT! I had been distracted with the motor and keeping an eye on the weather and had completely forgotten this race was on - Parsley Bay would be an absolute dogs breakfast of trailers and boaters jostling to launch and park. Sure enough one of my crew was already at the ramp and calling us to abort. Back in the car, we did a quick replan and decided to meet up and launch at Apple Tree Bay. Found Apple Tree Bay empty - only 5 trailers already parked there, no queue so it was a quick launch and off we went. The 22km run to the heads gave us plenty of time to confirm the motor issues were behind us. Some stats from the Merc 200HP EFI pushing the Haines 635L : 3400rpm 40km/h, 4000rpm, 55km/h, 5000rpm 70km/h. 730am Started the troll from Westhead around Barrenjoey to Bilgola. Water 20.1C. I had previously found the Bangalley Head to Bilgola Head section to be very productive. Lots of bait balls but nothing was coming up. Changed lures no takers. Trolled through to change of tide (around 940am) and then called stumps on trolling. We hit several reefs/wrecks as we made our way back up towards Broken Bay. Got to Trawleys (30m) and still nothing in the ice box - although plenty of small reef fish and undersized flatties. Made a decision to head east and try the marked wrecks in the deeper water. 40m - one keeper flatties landed but still lots of pickers. 50m - another keeper. Ended up about 10km out in 60m - bam we found them. Flatties to 60cm. (Surface water temp 18.1C). There were two trawlers doing the round about another 2km out. We ducked out there once they had left for zip. 2-300pm -Trolled back to Barrenjoey for zip. But all in all a great day on the water and ended with 21keeper flatties and smiles all around. Cheers Zoran
  14. Five Species Fun

    Where to start... Met up with Pompom for a trip out. We set off to Chipping Norton in the hope of catching mullet for bait. A dozen micro Taylor later(all returned) we decided on stopping at a tackle shop to buy the bait. Jumping back in the car we embarked on a journey up towards Palm Beach. After our brief stop at the tackle shop we arrived at the beach and promptly set up. BANG Pompom had his rod bent over. Arrived ashore was an Aussie Salmon. Pompom made the decision to use slices off it as bait. After sometime it wasn't looking up after the great start. Pompom's lovely wife set about retrieving pizza to refuel and have a rethink. Myself, Pompom and my partner gathered up the gear after deciding that once pizza was eaten we would walk over the road cast out in to the river side parralell to Palm beach. It turned out to be a great decision: Wobbegong Shark, Bream, Eel, the Aussie salmon (off the beach side) and for myself my FIRST and obviously now personal best Flathead measuring bang on 62cm. If you wanted to count the Taylor I guess it was six species. Myself I used a patornoster rig with salmon chunks as bait. Pompom used single hook length. One rod with salmon and other with squid. 2/0 hook size. We also had the pleasure of seeing a pod of dolphins at the beach.
  15. Hi Raiders As usual had to take my 30min drive past at least 10 beaches to find decent worms. Finally got some beauties and headed for Blacksmiths Beach. Only had a couple of hours to fish just after low tide, I'd love to see what the after dark high would have brought! Ended up with a mixed bag, biggest bream going 43cm, threw half a dozen back to live another day A tip for this beach is as follows: - In calm conditions, cast baits towards the sand bar even when very shallow (less than 30cm). Your bait will spend a lot of time doing nothing in shallow water however the decent fish seem to chase the waves onto the bar seeing looking for food that's been stirred up. The biggest bream had a gut full of crushed pippis. Cheers, James.
  16. FIrst time Baitcaster

    Gday Raiders, Got some cash for my Birthday on Wed so I spent it on a new Shimano Raider and Caenan Baitcaster, Last time I used a baitcaster I spent more time unravelling bird nests than actual fishing. This was my new mission. So today I wondered down to Fairlight with the express aim of practicing with hookless lures just to get a feel for things. After an hour of using Lures, divers and poppers with success I decided to throw on an 1/8 ounce Sp and try for a fish. First cast produced a nice flattie which inturn became lunch. Moral of the story, I've just turned 46 so never doubt you can learn something new and give it a crack. Mark.
  17. Fishing spots

    Hey guys, I was looking around for a regular, estuarine place to fish in my free time targeting bream and flathead. I have a little experience catching these species but knowledge on baits and rigs would be greatly appreciated. I live near roseville chase but was wanting to expand my searches to the southren edge of the cowan creek and hawkesbury river. Thanks
  18. Hawkesbury Flick

    G'day Raiders, Went for a flick the other day at Berowra, fishing exclusively with vibes and blades. 130mm 30gram vibe for the sections with the heaviest flow, 90mm 20gram for average flow and a little 4gram blade for a little bit of flats fishing. Managed 3 flatties at 60cm, some a touch over, 1 at 50cm and about 10 or more at under 50cm. Topped the day off with a 60cm jewie around the tide change with a baby at the start of the day. Ultimately jews were the target species, but the flatties were a very welcome by-catch. Let 2 of the flatties at 60cm and both jews go back to the depths and kept a couple of the 40-50cm flatties and one of the 60cm as it was hooked in the gut and the gills.
  19. Good weekend

    Hello guys I'm new to fish raider. How good are long weekends . I'm from Canberra and the girlfriends family live in tomakin so thought it would be great to take my rods down the coast and see what I could do . Started on Saturday morning , went to my normal spot at tuross just flicking soft plastics . didn't get anything other than 100 bit in half soft plastics . at about 9:30 am I went over to the boat shed and bought a packet of atomic plastics . and first cast got a 40cm flathead . its always good knowing you aren't completely hopeless. After another 10 minutes I got nothing . I headed over to the boat ramp and had a little walk along the rocks . I tried out my new glasses. I've never gone much on polarised glasses but they work a treat . I saw heaps of huge bream but they didn't want anything to do with me . The next day I headed out to tomakin river and flicked about for 4 hours on the rising tide and managed 1 small flatty and an octopus . both released safely . all in all it was still a great weekend . Till next time
  20. Eating Fish from Rodd Point??

    Hi guys I'm a new angler fishing in the InnerWest and I have recently beeen catching quite a few Flattie and Bream on prawns and I was just wondering if anyone would or have eaten fish from Rodd Point. Rodd Point's water looks quite clear and clean but I do know looks can be deceiving. Thanks for any info
  21. Lizards at Berowra

    Went out last night to see if there was much action around Berowra. I launched at the boat ramp near the ferry and motored slowly up to the southern side of Bar Island with the intention of getting some sleep on my boat and waking before first light to be ready for any morning action. Low tide was due around 10:30 a.m. so on the outgoing tide I put out a mix of rigs. One paternoster with double droppers and large 6/0 circle hooks. One running ball down to a swivel with a long leader ending in a 2/0 circle hook. One 4" white paddle tail soft plastic.The paternoster rig did all the damage. During the night I was awoken a few times by some stray by-catch including a mud crab, an eel and a catfish. Around 7:00am the real action started and lasted about 90 minutes, including two double dropper hookups. With a strong outgoing tidal flow I caught 9 flathead in a row, the largest ones coming in at 600mm. A soapy jew finished off the session at about 11:30. Very different to my normal pathetic efforts. Tried both prawns and salted pilchards for bait but all were caught on cubes of the salted pilchard. Maybe my luck has changed. Thanks for reading.
  22. Botany Bay - Wednesday

    Hi everyone, Headed out in the bay again with my best mate who hasn't done much fishing this summer. Tides were small but we knew there was going to be little wind all day. So at the very least, a nice day on the water. When it comes to fishing with my mate enzo we have landed some unbelievable fish over the years in Botany Bay but he still hadn't landed a king as he fish mostly nights. Without sounding like a hero I think I boated 50 or 60 kings(loads were throw back rats) last summer in the bay and got plenty of people onto their first kingfish. For those who fished the bay would remember it as one of the better seasons. But the only two times I didn't lose a bait all summer was with enzo We launched from Kurnell around 9am after dropping the little man off to day care and head to a nice little spot we have la perouse. It's only 3.5m of water and on a big 1.8m+ tide,fish super light, at the right time of year have landed Jews (lost monsters), flathead, plenty of legal snapper, bream, rats etc.. Enzo wanted to fish bait there cause we always done well. But the sun was high and it was a small tide. But happy we did. I rigged up a blackfish rig for something different and casted back to the reef, he fished fresh mullet strips and got the berley going. Not long after he landed a nice bream of 30cm, followed by 29cm snapper which went back in the drink. By this stage I couldn't re-rigging Fast enough. In the end the berley had attracted hundreds of garfish and I think because of that we managed a nice squid, 3 flathead,all around 55-60cm, one bream and million travally which we didn't keep. All caught on mullet strips. I managed to catch a couple of garfish and we decided to anchor at molli point for only pickers. it was nice 4pm and the sun was disappearing I suggest we anchor near the oil rig as it's on the way home. Loaded up the head of a big squid on 50lb braid, and a strip of squid on 15lb line .. and as expected the the light rod bucked and reel was screaming. After 10 minutes of fighting enzo boated his first king which was 70cm - 75cm sorry didn't measure it fully. I have a mark on my boat for 65cm and it was clearly over that. Literally next cast he was on again and brought up what I believe is a Samsonfish? Anyone confirm? I've fished my whole life in the bay and never seen one. It looked about 30cmish. In the end we threw back and happy with a pic. While we fished there for an hour garfish were jumping left right and centre of the boat getting smashed by some big really big fish and a seal. Im guessing we were at the right spot when the school got chased through our baits. All in all an awesome day on the water Worh the bay still firing. Going to try my luck again today without a decky. Sorry no pics on the bread and butter fish. I don't normally take pics but for enzo's first king there was a 1000 lol. Thanks for reading
  23. Flattie

    Hey guys, I just realised a few days ago that I had never landed a flathead before. . In my short fishing career, I have only caught bream, tailor, leatherjacket and a few others. I feel as if I cannot accomplish myself as a fisherman if I don't catch one soon. I have appropriate tackle, so basically all the gear and no idea. All I am asking for is locations (not secret spots just general) bait or lures and methods land based. Thanks
  24. Hello everyone, I'm quite new to flathead fishing and was just looking for some tips for soft plastics and some different spots that hold flathead. I've heard rosebay is good but I'm not sure where to go. I'm ok to go anywhere that isn't too far away. I have a 2-4 kg rod with 10lb braid and 8lb leader. This is paired with a 2500 sieanna reel. I am looking for some good spots to flick some plastics for flatties and the occasional bream. thanks
  25. Moruya Flathead

    This past week I travelled with the family for a short getaway to Moruya on the south coast of NSW. We travel there on a semi regular basis to visit family (both my side and my wife's) and I've recently gotten into the habit of taking a bit of gear with me to go chasing whatever's on offer from the beach, in the river or off the break wall. On a previous trip between Christmas and New Years I purchased an inexpensive beach rig at the local tackle shop (car is always too packed to fit in much fishing gear) which I store with my mother in law between visits. At that time it was ridiculously windy with a howling nor'easter most days, but after the winds eventually died down I had some reasonable success off the beach with good hauls of whiting, bream and flathead. The weather report this time was much more benign and having scoped out a few favourite locations at Xmas I was pretty confident of success. Out at dawn the first day produced a donut off the beach. The waves were absolutely teeming with fish not more than 10-15 metres off the beach. Schooling in the waves. I couldn't be sure what species. At first I thought whiting, but upon reflection I now think mullet. Either way, nothing would touch a bait. The only thing I could pull in all morning was sand crabs! Still, I didn't feel too bad. I still had a few days ahead of me and that morning I was greeted by a sunrise that was breathtaking. I took a photo that barely does it justice but it's too large to upload to the site. The next day I fished the breakwall but the nor'easter was back with a vengeance so that was no go. The following day, a cousin invited me out with him on his tinny to fish the river. Managed a 35cm whiting but released it from the keeper bag at the end of the session when we didn't manage to hook anything else worth keeping. On the Friday I ventured back to the river but again only undersize pink snapper and flathead. No keepers. I subsequently learned that the river is about the only one on the south coast still open to commercial fishing so I half wonder if that was at least partially responsible for the paucity of fish. That night I'm telling my tale of woe to my brother in law and he says why not come out with him on the Saturday to fish outside. He has a small boat he inherited from his late father some years ago. I'd been out with them once many years ago and succeeded only in losing my lunch in the rolling swells. Hmmm. Do I get back on that particular horse? You betcha. Couldn't face the prospect of a donut for the sum total of my efforts. Bright and early the following morning I gulped down a few seasick tablets with breakfast and we were off. We loaded the boat with more bait than I could possibly imagine we'd need. Chunks of tuna, squid, pilchards and even marinated chicken. The first obstacle was getting out of the river. The swell wasn't huge but in the narrow river channel it seemed to get magnified. Combined with a relatively small boat and it was quite the ride! Man, it was bumpy. And then the unexpected happened. Halfway out of the Moruya river channel the boat went into a big dip in the swell. As we went down the next wave had already formed ahead of us. No way to avoid it. The bow wave crashed over the boat and seawater rained down upon us. Totally soaked us head to toe. If I needed something to wake me up and get the senses focused that sure did the trick. The rest of the journey out was thankfully uneventful and we ploughed our way through the swells to dry out and drift a spot on the edge of a reef known as a good spot for snapper. The early signs were encouraging. My BIL landed a good sized morwong and I managed a flathead in the low 40s. But after that things went quiet apart from some periodic harassment by toadfish. We tried a few other locations but nothing was doing. The boat is a pretty basic outfit, no sonar or fish finders aboard. Just local knowledge. I was starting to think it just wasn't meant to be on this trip. Then the BIL says he knew a place with a sandy bottom that had a reputation as a good flathead location. Sure, why not. We settled into drift about a kilometre off shore, baited up and sent them down. Finally, pay dirt. More lizards than you could shake a stick at. Every bait we sent down was getting a hit and double hook ups were almost the norm. The fish weren't monsters. For every legal size we caught we hooked at least five under size that we threw back. The keepers were all in the high 30s or low 40s. The stream of flathead was virtually endless. Almost monotonous. The handling rag became so coated in flathead slime that it became slippery to hold. Only hooking a couple of shovel nosed sharks interrupted the flow. By 3pm we'd pretty much exhausted the bait supply (and ourselves) and had reached the bag limit to split between us. The trip back wasn't nearly as bumpy as the journey out. My stomach had behaved and we had fish on board. Mission accomplished. Off to feed the gigantic stingrays at the cleaning table.