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Found 89 results

  1. Hi Raiders, as per title I'm looking for some advice in catching kingfish in the Port Hacking. I have read a lot of content here when it comes to the hacking (thanks for all the sharing!), been fishing it consistently through the seasons, tried numerous different things, but still no success. I only have a small dinghy, so I prefer sticking to inside the hacking and only venture into Bate Bay on calm days. My usual spots are inside the hacking around drop-offs of about 15-20 m of water usually with some structure nearby where the tide currents are not exceedingly strong. I've had 0 luck catching squid in the hacking, but I tried live baiting with yakkas numerous times with surface rigs and deep rigs (5 m or so from the bottom). I dont have a downrigger for trolling, so I mostly sit on a spot, check the depth, burley hard and wait . I've also tried floating pieces of bait down the burley trail without much luck. I normally do catch fish, but mostly not what I intend to and too often undersized fish. So anyway... I'm looking for advice on bait, techniques, fishing spots (what to look for), gear, tides, weather or anything I can improve or try differently really. All help is appreciated, Thanks!
  2. Went trolling for some game species yesterday around browns mountain using two skirted lures and two deep diver lures. The weather was fantastic, however there’s no fish to be found in the four hours I trolled. On the way back to Sydney I noticed a lot of baitfish just out from Randwick, so I thought I’ll give it one more go trolling lures. The result was an instant hit on the two skirted lures first. I was a bit close to the rocks at that time, so I steered the boat away from the cliff and a few seconds later one of the deep divers got hit as well. I kept the boat going slowly away from the cliff and started to bring in the fish from the closet lure first. Few minutes later landed all three kings of which one is a keeper. So called it a day and made some king fish sashimi for dinner.
  3. 135cm kingfish caught Fish Rock mid north coast in 30m water on a 100g jig. Gear used 4000 Daiwa Catalina reel, pe2 braid & 7kg rod. Fish was release.
  4. kingfish

    Greetings All I am taking the family to Lake Tabour during the summer holidays and I am researching fishing off Crampton Island. I enjoy targeting Kingfish and other pelagics. I would appreciate any feedback from others who have experienced Crampton Island. Maybe a few questions: How deep is the water off the island? Is access to the island limited during high tide? How popular is the spot? Many fishermen? How big is the fishing ledge and can it handle the masses? Is it easy to get live bait from the island? I thank you in advance for your responses. Regards Mewaldo
  5. Hi all, I have recently picked up fishing after a good few years off and am looking for some local advice about the reefs, fish seasons and they way to fish for certain fish I was allowed to get a 510 Ocean spirit this year. I have been fishing out of Terrigal and Brisbane waters mostly. When I head out of Terrigal I have been fishing Foggies, Tuggerah reef and Terrigal/Forries tank. When I head out of Brisbane waters I fish Box head for yakka and then head out to west reef. I have been fishing for Kingfish, Mulloway/Jew and Snapper at these spots. I usually use live yakka / whole pilchards on a running rig with a fluorocarbon leader and fish 3 – 10 meters off the bottom. I have also tried jigging at these spots for kings and only been hit once with a short run before it got away. I have tried spinning at these reefs but barracuda type fish seem to be a plague proportions at the minute. At this point I’ve only been able to get a few decent snapper from these spots usually on pilchards. I’ve been fishing marks I usually find on the net, I have been getting on the marks and sounding around to find nearby structure on the bottom or school fish nearby the marks and remarking the spots for myself. In saying that other than a few good reds I haven’t been able to bring home any decent fish. My goal is to learn how to get Kingfish, mulloway and snapper from my local spots. At the spots that I listed I have been told the bonito come on around December and to hold on till then but also been told by local fishing shops that the kings, mulloway and snapper should be at these marks mostly all year round. Can anyone give us some info on these reefs re what is typically caught there and at what times of the year. Does anyone have any tips, tricks for fishing for these fish or spots to recommend for this young central coast local!
  6. Hi Raiders Having a look through the Fishraider records I can see that the lure caught king fish records is 131cm. I got this one over the long weekend on a jig in 30m of water which went 135cm. Do jigs count as lures ? Cheers
  7. Hello fellow coasties Anyone fishing broken bay and or pittwater with any success they may want to share? I moved to the coast 5 years ago but just cant work out how to catch kings/larger palegics. Would love to team uo with a local share the cost and learn more about my local grounds. Cheers Matt
  8. Hi All I am heading to Jervis Bay for a few days and the wind is forecasted to be nasty from NW. Has anyone fished Summercloud Bay? Any reports? Thanks in advance Mewaldo
  9. Hey Raiders, Just making a quick report fishing in botany a couple of days ago. I'll keep it short so here goes (skip to bottom if you lack an attention span, 3 variants for this report below): > Plan was to leave mine and be on the water by 7am, didn't end up leaving mine till 730am. Travelled 10 minutes down the road with boat in tow heading to botany bay, pulled into servo to get backup fuel (just in case 50L wasn't enough inside the bay lol), only to realize there that I didn't bring the boat keys =/. Made a phone call to mum to bring the boat keys as friend and I waited at the servo eating breakfast at the HJ's. > Went to a local tackle and bait store in kyeemah to buy backup bait (exorbitant pricing@ 1 fresh squid costing$6.30 & 1 small ziplock bag of frozen pilles ~ 10 igaf? pilles @ $10) Launched at Kyeemah boat ramp and headed off to gather live bait around where the tugs are usually parked. > Gathered yellowtail scad & slimey mackerel in a maritime security level 1 zone. (Not sure why no one told us to move along, port authority etc etc drove right past a handful of times, safety in numbers?). > Then went to squid grounds to try and find squid, none were found in the 20 minutes we tried (squidding is the bane of my fishing, i have no patience for it). > Went to oil wharf (my 'secret spot' is not so secret anymore after this vid, oh well) to drop some livies down and fresh squid strips (bought before launching as insurance). Caught 2 kings. 1@ 55cm on squid strip, 1@60cm on live yakka. Lost a few more livies and strips due to fish missing the hooks. Accessory battery couldn't keep fish finder alive anymore so was fishing blind for the 2nd half of the day ~1pm (its due for a replacement/ had spare older fully charged 12V battery on board but were to lazy to swap them around). > Things died down so moved to oil drums to try (without the aid of aforementioned fish finder), only caught pinkes, grinners, live bait tangles, & slimeys. Managed to catch 2 keeper flattys and 1 keeper bream though, so had something to take home. > Things weren't so hot at drums so went back to my secret spot as it got later in the day, no success. > Headed home on 'mood lighting' before it got to dark, earnt my paycheck driving back to the ramp from the oil wharf due to a decent wind blowing to the north east, pushing the boat from the port rear sideways the entire time and driving in an awkwardly angled sea/waves. > All in all a enjoyable day as that's the first time the Formosa has been taken to the bay and the weather cleared up nicely. Lots of bait schools around and the bay wasn't that busy with most people travelling elsewhere for the long weekend. For those who have a short attention span, here's a video instead (warning 10 minute video): Click here --> Fishing botany bay using live bait For those with no attention span: tl;dr version Went botany bay, caught fish, heres pics. Thanks for your attention. OJ
  10. Hi everyone, After a cracking day yesterday I decide to head back out. Water is super clear and still plenty of surface action with schools of tailor, mullet and other species smashing garfish. Larger king caught on live garfish under a ballon at Lapa bombie and the other on a fresh squid head near the oil rig. Both on the run up tide. Tight lines.
  11. Hi everyone, Headed out in the bay again with my best mate who hasn't done much fishing this summer. Tides were small but we knew there was going to be little wind all day. So at the very least, a nice day on the water. When it comes to fishing with my mate enzo we have landed some unbelievable fish over the years in Botany Bay but he still hadn't landed a king as he fish mostly nights. Without sounding like a hero I think I boated 50 or 60 kings(loads were throw back rats) last summer in the bay and got plenty of people onto their first kingfish. For those who fished the bay would remember it as one of the better seasons. But the only two times I didn't lose a bait all summer was with enzo We launched from Kurnell around 9am after dropping the little man off to day care and head to a nice little spot we have la perouse. It's only 3.5m of water and on a big 1.8m+ tide,fish super light, at the right time of year have landed Jews (lost monsters), flathead, plenty of legal snapper, bream, rats etc.. Enzo wanted to fish bait there cause we always done well. But the sun was high and it was a small tide. But happy we did. I rigged up a blackfish rig for something different and casted back to the reef, he fished fresh mullet strips and got the berley going. Not long after he landed a nice bream of 30cm, followed by 29cm snapper which went back in the drink. By this stage I couldn't re-rigging Fast enough. In the end the berley had attracted hundreds of garfish and I think because of that we managed a nice squid, 3 flathead,all around 55-60cm, one bream and million travally which we didn't keep. All caught on mullet strips. I managed to catch a couple of garfish and we decided to anchor at molli point for only pickers. it was nice 4pm and the sun was disappearing I suggest we anchor near the oil rig as it's on the way home. Loaded up the head of a big squid on 50lb braid, and a strip of squid on 15lb line .. and as expected the the light rod bucked and reel was screaming. After 10 minutes of fighting enzo boated his first king which was 70cm - 75cm sorry didn't measure it fully. I have a mark on my boat for 65cm and it was clearly over that. Literally next cast he was on again and brought up what I believe is a Samsonfish? Anyone confirm? I've fished my whole life in the bay and never seen one. It looked about 30cmish. In the end we threw back and happy with a pic. While we fished there for an hour garfish were jumping left right and centre of the boat getting smashed by some big really big fish and a seal. Im guessing we were at the right spot when the school got chased through our baits. All in all an awesome day on the water Worh the bay still firing. Going to try my luck again today without a decky. Sorry no pics on the bread and butter fish. I don't normally take pics but for enzo's first king there was a 1000 lol. Thanks for reading
  12. Good day all, Firstly THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post. I'm new to fishing from a boat , and I normally fish inside botany bay, I was wondering what sort of fish is going to be around in the cooler months in the bay. am not asking for exact locations , but any information will help for a hook up. I would like to hook up a few snapper ( if possible) wether its catch n release ,or keepers it works for me , am not out to bag every fish I catch but to have a great time and get a small feed. Thanks in advance Mojo.
  13. I should probably begin by apologising for my habit of posting a report every few weeks rather than after every session, but I thought for the benefit of the readers summing up a few weeks action would be more interesting than "went fishing...caught a fish...the end." Anyway, throughout Late Feb, March and early April I've been in Sydney a lot and fished the harbour super hard. I've probably has at least a dozen sessions, prob more, over that period, and only come home without a king the last 3 times. (I blame the late season...) Squid were easy, albeit tiny, earlier in the summer, after the huge rains we had a month or so ago they almost disappeared with the dirty, chocolaty, fresh water in the harbour, but I found that weighting my jigs (some stores sell 5g "egi" weights that clip onto the eyelet of the jig) upping to size 2 or 2.5 working them super deep started to bring big, frequent calamari. Standard spots around Middle Head and Middle/North harbour have worked fine, but often taken some persistence. Ive seen very competent charter operators leave with no squid from a few locations so its certainly not been super easy. Highlight was boating a 31cm hood calamari at middle head a week or so ago, as big as I've ever caught in tassie. Needed my king/salmon net to get it in the boat. Much ink. Anyway with fish..throughout March fish were pretty easy...on the main, 'well known' lower harbour marks like the wedding cakes, drums, old mans hat, etc, if one could see kings on the sounder, and get some Squid past the pickers one could generally catch a decent kingy, or two/three. Over March and early April I caught 15 kings between high 40s and 99. The problem has been hoards and hoards of jackets, particularly some big and aggressive fan-bellied ones, at all the main marks. Nothing is more depressing than waking up at 3am and spending hours upon hours catching ten green-eye calamari, only to loose them all to leatherjackets in half an hour or so. I never normally use yakkas for liveies, but to avoid the pickers Ive been forces to use them the last few weeks and they've been around the normal middle harbour locations pretty readily. The jackets and pinky snapper tend not to be interested din them thus they've stayed down long enough for the kings to find them Highlght for the month was a harbour PB of 99cm over in the eastern suburbs, taken in only 7m of water. Fish was gut hooked, and whilst it should have absolutely bricked me on the reef i felt it was an easier fight then it could have been...? I'm starting to see a pattern where gut-hooked fish come too the boat a lot easier than properly jaw-hooked fish...Im assuming just because pulling on their insides hurts them a ****load whereas in the jaw/mouth its all force and the fight like bastards. Anyway was still a challenging ten minutes to get it boated. About 2 weeks ago things were really hot for a few days, had double hookup and broke a rod solo at the drums at Chowder Bay/Clifton on what I's guess were very, very solid hoods. caught a few calamari in the high 20s (mantle) and their guts/inksacs make insane baits when nothing else would work, as soon as that inc hits the water things seem to just fire. The navy have moved their exclusion zone buoys back being the big drum off the wharf there which has been fantastic for fishing, as its a sick mark but normally inaccessible. Interestingly, the last two days I've been getting yakkas at the cammeray wreck (its no secret, I saw all 3 harbour charter companies rafted up there baiting up a few weeks ago) and found the place swarming with kings. Kings smashing my burley, kings eating yakkas off my yakka handline, even (believe this on not I'm telling you its true) kings smashing bread on my size 12 sabiki rig on my 6lb 1-3kg 1000 squid/yakka outfit. That sounds made up, but I'm telling you it happened. Sometimes i think the kings were actually hitting the yakkas the second they became hooked and started to struggle, but on some occasions they were just smashing bread and pilli off the sabiki flies. Obviously was pretty short argument on a $2 sabiki rig. stripped all six hooks of three of four rigs. Interestingly the fish weren't that interested in lives or real baits, we caught 2 on yakkas and one on live squid over several sessions but given the volume of fish felt disappointed we didn't boat dozens. I;m sure there'll be better fisherman that I out there doing it properly soon. Watching those sessions I began to realise just how smart those fish are...i stripped a whole live squid for burley, and stuck an unweight hook in one of 30 chunks. Tossed the lot in and saw a bunch of solid kings clean up the entire lot except the one hooked bait...watched it drift down then swam off. Not dumb. Might be time to downsize leader, as Krispy often suggests. I've been solidly bricked on 50lb and 80b a lot this year, but this last week kings would smash the baits on my yakka rigs of 6lb, 8lb etc and not even look at the bait on my actual kingfish tackle. food for thought. Anyway winter is coming I reckon, fish have been on the sounder the last few days but the bite has definitely slowed since, say, last weekend. Harbour temps are a lot lower than a month ago. Hope everyone else is having a good time. AJ
  14. Hi everyone, Headed out in Botany Bay around 8am with my wife and 3 year old son for a family boat day. There was little wind, water was incredibly warm but still very dirty from all the rain. We headed to La Perouse to find some yakkas for bait and a bit of fun for the young bloke. In no time they turned up and my son had an absolute ball catching them. It was one of those days where they were super aggressive. He's loved waiting for the rod to bend(5 seconds) and bring them In. What a proud dad moment. He is officially hooked and now I have a future wingman! After an hour or so we had kept about 6 yakkas and headed near Kurnell but not before stopping at the drums to take some photos of the seals sunbaking. We anchored near the whalf and sent one live yakka down and on another line a fresh strip. Within 10 minutes the live yakka rod buckled and the wife was on. She was so excited and nervous and about losing it. I couldn't stop laughing which didn't help. After 10 minutes of a solid couple of runs and some live coaching on the run we boated a nice king 76cm. she was over there the moon and wanted to do it again but only with a "live yakka" as they work the best apparently according to the new expert. Over the next 1.5hrs we caught 4 kings with our 6 yakkas with 3 released (50cm,61cm, 65cm, 76cm) All in all a great day on the water with the family. The fresh feed was just a bonus. Cheers for reading
  15. Did a session at jervis bay today. Great fishery. Got 6 legal kings on the 30lb gear and busted off a few times. Water still warm but a bit merky. Got over 30 squid but lost some to the kings. All and all a good day out.
  16. Good morning, I am looking for a good trolling lure for Kingfish can you please give me some recommendations on specific models. Thanks in advance! R
  17. Between Christmas and mid-feb Ive been working in Tasmania and not fishing the harbour, and have been reading the harbour and FAD reports from other raiders with glee (and not a tad of disappointment, as it appears a rather slow season.) It really sucked to be out of town throughout was should have been the prime season, so since coming home mid Feb I've tried to hit it as hard as possible to make up. I've managed three sessions since getting home (17, 22 and 24 feb) and have managed one king each session, in what I could only describe as seriously seriously hard work. On 17 feb I fished all morning with a mate, and after 0500-1030 of not a whif of a fish at any marker despite having over a dozen live squid, astonishingly hooked up and landed my harbour record of 90cm on the last cast with a well dead previously-live squid right before "heading home for beers." Having drifted well-presented live baits past the harbour's best known king marker for several hours for either no touch to being pillaged by jackets, I said to my mate "Right, stuff this lets go home, let me just have an actually cast at the structure on the way back" Flicked a dead live squid right onto the marker itself and let it sink in the lee of the strong incoming.....wham. Just goes to show...drift or troll a mark for ages with nothing but cast right onto the was there but current was such that it didn't want to go more that a meter or two from the wood... I'd love to say it was a hard fight picking it up so close to the structure, but the old adage of 'go easy on the king and it will go easy on you' is just so so true. Just sort of drifted up the harbour, mate driving and just keeping us out of the way of the ferry, gave him few runs (no reef there to dust me) and after a few mins it was cruising beside the boat. Took some insane runs of drag but out there in the middle of the channel with no reef I just sat and let it go. The first twenty seconds it could have so easily done my on the marker, but i just flipped the bail arm and it cruised away from structure. Anyway next two sessions (22/24) got a king off the same mark, but again not after hours of pain and effort. I had a call one day (Fri 24) from a charter friend to say a certain harbour mark ("Old yeller" too long ago to be a secret) was firing, drive out after work and saw the most lit-up christmas tree of a sounder I've ever seen, like insane numbers of big arches, but hours of dangling live squid, strips heads, jigs brought nada. Word was obviously our by then because there were half-a-dozen crews after work doing exactly the same thing for exactly the same result. Anyway I haven't gone king-less so they're there, but not exactly leaping into the boat. Also during my FIFO shift in TAS i took my box of squid jigs, and after work one arvo jagged a 33cm hood right out the front or work. Never had squid pull drag...interesting arvo. Shot of him here just to remind us that Sydney Calamari are...on the small side
  18. Had another try. After a later-than-planned start we went to the Artificial Reef for bait. Got about a dozen or so nice baits and headed to Long Reef. Put out two rigs on downriggers down 5 metres. Trolled around for about two hours looking for a structure we had heard about called "The Wall". We don't think we found it, at least nothing that fitted the contours on the GPS chart, but we found that the chart isn't accurate around that area. Got one good hit that didn't stick. That's all. With a decent swell coming through we decided we had had enough punishment for one day (we were the only boat out there). Headed back to the Harbour and made a couple of passes at Old Man's Hat, then a few passes of the Eastern and Western Wedding Cakes, all for nought. I hate going home skunked. ("Skunked" is what they call it in California if you come home with nothing). Tony
  19. About time I gave my own review. After many years chasing kingies land based (without any luck) I purchased a boat last year to get amongst it. It's been a steep learning curve but reading this and other fishing forums has given me an idea on how one would go about catching this elusive beast. After an early start yesterday the water was perfect without a breeze, I tried to catch some squid without any luck around taylors, Macmasters and palmie. I then headed to west head for yakkas and picked up a mixed size bag in less then 1/2 hour. I trolled the larger yakkas on the downriggers all over Pittwater along the drop offs and wrecks, I was hit twice but both times left the head and hook. The rain settled in and after 8 hrs I was ready to pack it in. I decided to grab a mooring near Scotland island on the west side and clean down the boat which was in need of a sort out after several days on the water. I left the downriggers down as I was cleaning up started burleying up with the remainder of the pillies and frozen squid, I decided to throw a baby yakka on my squid jig set up a small craft squid rod and stradic 2500. I continued to clean when the Stradic started screaming and I knew straight away what it was, I tightened the drag up as it swam away at an alarming pace from me to try and turn it around, I achieved that but now it was heading straight along side off the boat and pulling off more line and heading deeper at this point, I kept working it up slowly with another 3 big runs but then came straight at the boat and heading for the downriggers so I now had the rod tip in the water trying to direct it away from the steel cables and boat while I wound the downrigger up with one hand and battled the kingy with the other, At this point the adrenalin is pumping and I honestly didnt think that my gear would hold out. I raised the kingy to the surface twice more but as soon as I get it near the net it's off again, finally she gives in and comes up on her side so I could finally net her. Last night I had it sashimi and baked Thai style and was the best I have ever tasted so fresh! When cleaning it's belly was full of little yakkas.
  20. Headed to the harbour early yesterday morning as conditions looked good with the wind due to pick up by mid morning. Arrived on location at 0500 and began squidding, it was tough work but eventually managed 3 small calamari in total which had me hopeful of some kings, I had pillys as backup but I mainly wanted to use them for burley. Was a slow start but eventually there was some baitfish that started showing up and some birds looking very active. Began burleying hard with pilchards and immediately some big trevally showed up as well as some bream but no kings yet. Decided it was probably time to send out a live squid so quickly rigged it up and lobbed it out. I kept the bail open and put the rod against the railing, turned around to chop up more burley and turned around to see line peeling off the reel steadily, then stopping, then again coming off even faster. I grabbed the rod, gave it 5-10 seconds then loaded up to some good weight then it went slack. Whatever it was must've been grabbing the squid around the head . Quickly rigged up another squid and sent it out but this time I kept my eye on it. About 1 minute later same thing, line began peeling off steadily, gave it a good 30 seconds this time then grabbed the rod and loaded up. This time the weight loaded up properly and after a few headshakes the fish realised it had been hooked and took off on a screamer of a run and on its way tangled 2 other peoples lines, after a few tense moments managed to free the lines and the fight resumed. The fish took another good run then came in and tried to slug it out around the pylons, it got me under on its first attempt but thankfully the line didn't touch and it came out, a few seconds later it was in the net.Put it on the brag mat and it went 78cm and pretty fat as well. Sent out the last squid which got picked, and the wind started picking up a lot so decided to call it a day and head home at 0830. Not a bad little session.
  21. Went fishing last Sunday, nearly at the boat ramp to realize the life jackets didn't make it into the boat packing last night: Turn around and have to return back to Ryde to pick them up - Doh! Hopefully this isn't a reflection on how the day will turn out? Put the boat in at Akuna bay around 6am - late start really. Quite trip out to West head for some yellow tails. Interestingly there were some reasonable big fish hanging around here and I managed to get one on a live bait rig which very quickly bent the hooks - not sure what these were but they were keen to eat bread and would dart in between the schools as the bread burley would sink. The yellow tail seemed a bit hard to catch, but with 5 in the tank we decided that was enough to get serious about a feed. Moved around looking for something on the sounder and eventually found a place with lots of activity of bait fish holding up I one place. As it turns out these were the biggest yellow tail I have ever seen (30-35cms?) - proven by the fact that we managed a few on board. We put down two live baits and a couple of prawn and squid baits - prawn baits got a few small snapper that all went back. Action was a bit slow, but we can't complain as sure enough off goes the reel peeling line at a rate of knots. After a nice honest fight, into the boat comes out first 2017 Kingfish - Yahoo! This first King was then followed by 3 more. End result was 2 Kings each - 4 in total, going 67cms, 63cms, 60cm and 55cm. Only the 67cms fish was kept. Seems to me the summer kings have hit town with the warm currents you can see on the BOM site. Can't wait to get out there again.
  22. As another member pointed out this translates literally to "miso pickle" (See also: and is a style of curing fish in a miso/mirin/sake marinade. It is very simple and extremely delicious. I should point out that this recipe comes from a Japanese cookbook call the The Zen Kitchen by ex-masterchef winner Adam Liaw - a fantastic book (and author) containing many mouth-watering recipes for fish. I would strongly encourage members to look out for it. All the ingredients should be available from your local supermarket. You will, however, require some clean muslin cloth which I purchased from a kitchenware store. The muslin cloth makes it easier to remove the fish without any marinade actually clinging to the fish which, apparently, can burn and disrupt the flavour when cooking. Ingredients: 1 cup miso paste 2 tablespoons mirin 1 tablespoon cooking sake kingfish. (skin attached, filleted and pinboned) Olive oil for brushing. Method: Combine the miso, mirin and sake in a bowl to make the marinade. In a shallow dish layer a bit less than half of the marinade on the bottom. Place muslin cloth over the paste and then place the fish on the cloth. Layer another piece of muslin over the fish and then cover this with the remaining marinade. Cover with cling wrap and place in the fridge. Ideally, you should allow the fish to cure for 1-2 days. Cooking: Remove the fish from the marinade and scrape off any marinade mixture (do not wash it). Apparently, you can re-use the marinade but it didn't look very appetising to me. Baking or grilling is the best method - avoid direct heat. I made a bed of onions on the barbecue and simply laid the fish skin side down, brushed the fish with a little olive oil, turned off the burners under the hot plate (leaving the burners under the grill on) and closed the lid. Temperature rose to 200C and it took less than ten minutes to cook - this will, of course, depend upon the thickness of the flesh. Thicker cuts than my tail-end will likely require a little longer. A hot oven should work equally well I imagine. Serve with some steamed vegetables. Enjoy!
  23. Ended up heading out off Port Kembla yesterday at 4.30am to have a fish on the reefs around the 5 islands. we did a bit of trolling around the islands with some deep divers for some kings with no luck, only a massive Sargent baker took the lure. Switched it up and put on a surface lure, only for a barracouta, no kings. had a bottom bash on the reefs with some good success. Picking up 3 very good sized Morwong, 5 nice plate sized snapper, various other reef species. We decided to head out to the sandy bottoms and have a drift for some flathead, got 3 blue spot at 45cm. We were just about out of bait when we pulled in a solid slimy mackerel, which we cut up and it kept us fishing a little longer. we were back on the reef looking for a few more snapper when I hooked up. I thought I'd hooked into a decent snapper, though when I saw the colour coming up from the depths, it was my dream come true, my first yellow tail kingfish! Only a small rat, coming in at 48cm, I didn't care, still a kingy! Anyway, great day out on the water and a great feed. cheers.
  24. Decided to head out to Avoca for a session off the stones at low tide today. I have been checking the weather all holidays and scouting to see if there was anything happening, but had been frustrated with the lack of fish on my break. Well thank god I went today again, not only did I get a few, it was going off for 3 hours! With myself and a few others bagging out on Bonito and myself and two others losing decent kings hell bent on making it to the reef. Looking forward to a few more next session but I'm very glad to say if you havent had any luck, it might be all about to change! Cheers, Ads
  25. hello everyone, I am hoping for a little bit of advice here on chasing kings and bonito outside of Port Hacking. I am hoping to head out of Port Hacking early Monday morning (weather permitting) and will be fishing between Wattamolla and Bate Bay. Target species will be Kingfish and Bonito. I have tried trolling a few different lures along here in the past with no luck.Has anyone caught these fish here before? if so, how did you catch them? and whereabouts? Also if this fails, does anyone know of a decent drift around here for flathead or a snapper spot thats not too far out? (its only a small boat). Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.