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Found 104 results


    Need someone to tag along with me this weekend probably a Sunday morning (if I do go) targeting kings off the kayak at molineux point (botany bay). Would be good if u you have your own arrangement of bait otherwise we can squid for an hour. Probably will drift with squid strips down 4 meters off the bottom around Mollie pt. Thanks 👌
  2. Just a quick little update for you guys, We headed out on the 10th of Feb to Botany, with a plan to catch kingies. Unfortunately the wind was too strong to head outside so we had settle for fishing inside the bay Hit the usual squid grounds to no avail only managing one small candy squid, Then bounced around to all other locations that produce squid, still nothing. Downrigged along the Bare Island Bombie seeing crazy activity on the sounder as we were positioning the boat to anchor, WE HOOKED UP!! The water temp on the run in was at 22. The kingie put up a tough fight on the 50lb gear. He Measured in at 82cm weighing just over 5kg. Heres the vid enjoy
  3. Hi Raiders, Went down to the local Jetty with my daughter yesterday to let her have some fun with some little snapper etc... she did well bringing in bream, taylor and snapper, but when something took hold of her little piece of prawn and ran 50m, nearly pulling her and her kids combo into the water, I realised she was in trouble. Unfortunately it ran into some moorings and snapped off... Luckily I had my Stradic 4000 there just incase, so seeing they had a taste for prawn, i floated out another piece and straight away was on... a quick fight, with a ferry full of tourists watching and had a just legal king... was surprised at how many of his mates followed him up too!! anyway was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with my daughter. As you can see from the photo, she was pretty happy too! Mrollo
  4. Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Hey raiders Started fishing on the Saturday morning at 6am within minutes have squid flying in the boat so looks like they have bounced back from all the holiday traffic had 9 within a hour and half Then decided to head over to chase some kings had a quick slow drift past but the swell and wind was to big so called it so headed back for more bait for Sunday 20 squid total on Saturday Sunday same start time geared up with the squid from Saturday thought I’d flicked a squid jig while mate parked the car scored 2 lives then headed straight out to point first two baits down and within minutes two massive hits nethier hooked up 8 rats followed that 2 at 64cm being the biggest all returned decidded to call it a day until we saw something huge chasing a flying fish then we saw the bill of a marlin or swordfish.. have never thrown out lure faster in my life trolled for 20 mins then actually called it a day cheers Tdogz tight lines
  5. Lure fishing for pelagics

    Hi guys, I've recently started fishing with lures. Mostly flatties and breams so far. I'm really hoping to catch my first kingfish on lure over this long weekend. I'm a novice when it comes to lure fishing for pelagics. Any tips on gear/lure/spot/time will be appreciated. I will be fishing from the land. Prefer less challenging enviornments. But I will go where the fish are Thanks in advance.
  6. Hacking kings 19.1.18

    Hey raiders me and a mate dedicided to take the Friday off work and jump on the water in hope of some kings so as normal 6am on the water cruised out to cronulla drifting for squid , first cast was on the a perfect bait size squid and 3 others shortly followed down the coast we headed first slow troll past wedding cake rocks and around the headland into marley with not a single mark or touch , much the same on the south side of Marley then slow trolled all the way till south side of watamolla eith not a single nibble so decided to boost back and tryed one troll past jibbon bommy with a 50ish cm rat bit of excitement for the day but not ideal would highly appreciate any advice or spots to try for the legal king as I would love to nail a legal king in local waters tight lines boys!
  7. Unforgettable Day

    Hi all Thought I’d share my day fishing Me and two of my friends had a fews hours free in the morning and thought what better way to kill a few hours than go fishing. We were land based and just going after standard bread and butter species armed with nippers, beach worms and prawns at one of our usually spots. We started fishing 8.30am with high tide scheduled for 10.30am. It started with business as usual with us catching a few undersized bream, whiting and snapper. Around 9.30am one of my mates yelled out to me “there’s a big fish cruising by”. We usually see a lot of bull mullet around so I didn’t pay much attention. That was until it swam past me and I saw it was a kingfish. What happened next will be something I’ll never forget. About 20-30 kingfish started to bust up a school of bait fish literally at our feet! It was incredible, as up to this time I had only seen this online. One of my mates actually managed to hook up to them. Twice! While me and my other mate couldn’t hook up. So much hate! Lol After about 5mins the commotion was over and the kingys were gone. I was gutted I missed the opportunity to hook up to my first kingfish. Or so I thought. 5mins later I latched on something that was smoking me. And when you’re fishing with bream gear the fight is even more intense! Took about 15-20mins but managed to land it.Stoked! They came back for a second run about 11.30am. The boys managed another one while I lost one. All in all we landed 4 kingfish and 2 flatheads Absolutely stoked I landed my first kingy. A little small but still legal at 68cm. What a great day Fufu
  8. How do I fish the Sydney harbor moorings specifically for kingfish? What will the typical live bait rig be looking like for kingfish? Should it be on a float or a light sinker, padernosta vertically or casted out, trying to get my first kingfish this holiday.
  9. First legal kingfish!

    Had a couple people down the south coast house over the Chrissy break and once everyone had left we had one thing in mind.. catching some kings So on this day we woke up real early 4am start On the water by 5.30am But 8am we had what we thought would be plenty enough squid for the day.. little did we know as soon as we arrived at our spot the first squid was taken in seconds Excitement through the roof And once agian it’s a little rat By they were firing so eventually After 2 years of teaching ourselves from online videos and knowledge from page such as this one , putting in countless hours , hundreds of dollars on both tackle and fuel , how to catch squid , how to catch yalkks and most importantly learning where and when the kings will be And going through RAT AFTER RAT! me and my best mate Finally broke our first legal kingfish And it was all worth worth the wait catching a total of 18 kings 3 legal total 1-70cm 1-68cm 1-66cm Now it’s time to land a legal king in the hacking Cheers tdogz
  10. Sydney Harbor Kingfish

    Heading out on my kayak hopefully b4 the school holidays start, looking to target kingfish. Planning to have my kayak on the beach and ready around 4:45am while I'm on the wharf catching some lives. As for bait, will LIVE SQUID AND YAKKAS outfish CUBE PILLIES? I was looking into slowtrolling the baits around mooring edges and casting a few deeper into the moorings aswell, as for trace will the usual mulloway rig from the tackle shop work or will you need fluerocarbon? How will the sinker be placed or is there any sinker at all? I was going with this, 20lb braid to 30lb fluero double smelled setup with a small bean sinker sliding above the 2 hooks. ( sinkers would probably vary from a pea size sinker to a 2 ounce pebble)
  11. Nelson bay kingies

    Hey all long time between posts. Been up at the bay for a couple of weeks now and been trying to catch a kingie (only ever caught one). Was close to catching one at the marina yesterday because some spearfishernan swam across from the other breakwall under my line and speared a good size kingie right under where I was. Wasn't too happy about that, tell me if I'm wrong? Lol Only here for 1 more day but keen to have a crack tomorrow morning if anyone is keen for a partner for some rock fishing or if your boating Im Happy to contribute and clean etc. Currently been trying ganged garfish with a skirt, cast and retrieving like a lure from marina and rocks.
  12. Kings at Pittwater

    Went to Pittwater yesterday. First fished at Stokes Point, but little productive. Then moved to the Soldiers Point. There absolutely dead water... Moved up to the West Head and there were a lot of kingy activities. Caught probably 6-7 of them, but all of them were around 60cm. While there, a king (must be) has snatched my bait fishing gear out of the boat!! I left it unattended while unhooking a rat. If anyone catches a king with my gear (Shimano Catana Rod, Shimano 2500 Baitrunner with light green braid on it), please let me know!!! Much appreciated. Happy fishing!
  13. The struggles and excitement of Clifton

    18th December, I decided to spend a day down at clifton to see how the fishing is, what a great choice it was! Got there around 730 to fish the high tide at 830, 1 dink trevs and that was it. Decided to wait it out and fish later into the arvo. Spoke with another kid who was there with who i think is his older brother or friend, pretty serious anglers they were, stella 8000 rigged for livebaits and a sustain for smaller whateverbites. They had live prawns and were pitching em from the jetty and managed a few very nice bream which went back in the drink, one of which went 37. We chatted while trying to entice some of the monster whiting around there, tried live prawn, yabby lures and worms but the were just not interested(please help if anyone know how to catch these!). Just killing time until finally every went from 0-100 reel quick. Big bust ups withing casting distance and he had the whiting rig still on his ultra-light when he pitched in a pillie chunk, as soon as it hit the water zzzzzzzzzzzz his reel screamed. Being on my mission for first sp pelagic i cast in a slapstick and get bites left right and center but somehow manage to not hook one. The busting stopped and it gave up to help him land his fish. What we thought was a bonito turned out to be a ripper salmon, 20 min fight and he was on the steps. Didn't measure but i estimate around 60, a great catch on 2lb leader and size 12 longshank. Then rocks up a guy with 2 saltigas, starts absolutely cubing like mad and hooks up straight away with a big bonnie he gave away. Then comes a salmon he savagely flips onto the jetty and another bonnie shortly after. During this I fished some weightless pillies for trevs, hook 3 absolute huge fish all around 50 but pull hooks on all of em trying to skulldrag em from under the jetty. I switch over to 30lb leader and a 1/0, bait up a really nice tail piece and I pitch it in to hook up straight away. What I thought was a tiny trev comes straight to the surface with a big stripe across is face and a forked yellow tail. Set the hook a little extra and he realises he's hooked, takes of with a strong run towards the other side of the structure and i run after him. I flip him with my little 1.8m rod and i have landed a very healthy kingfish. He flips 2 and one of his keeps. Stopped fishing after that to head home after a very long and grueling day. Tuesday the 19th, expecting a good day ahead with my mate PATTHERAT we arranged to meet at clifton around 9. I got there 830 and managed a tiny trevor and a dink tarwhine. thats all the fish i ever caught that day. Pat arrives and we begin fishing. All kinds of techniques to no avail, finally we resort to micro fishing. He gets a tiny jacket, the smallest trev I have ever seen and a fish i have never seen before, later identified as a silver biddy. Fishing was very slow and toward 4 pat hooked 4 consecutive little PJs. 28th December I wanted to try my luck with early morning jigging and to get first first fish on the new setup, a stradic 4000 on a raider 742. Get to clifton around 530 and start jigging, bonito bust ups and they keep following the lure but couldn't get them to eat. nothing happens for a long time until the afternoon. Bonito busting again and i cast just past the school and begin the retrieve thinking if I don't get one i swear.. didn't get one. Keep casting well after they stopped busting and on the pause i get smashed, whip m rod up and i feel the hooks dig in. The stradic gets its first smoking, ripped of third of the spool and finally give in a little. Start pumping, get some line back and it starts charging me, winding as fast as I could i get to below my feet and I flip it straight over big bonnie. Nothing for 3-4 hours, so went for a swim and came back to cast a bit more. Nothing so i decide I should call it, my family was with some friends and they had finished their picnic get together so packed up everything leaving just the jigging rod because i still had to rinse it, decide to have one last cast. One last cast straight out in the middle of the bay and mid retrieve fish start busting at my feet, guy next to me pitches in a pillie but miraculously didn't get eaten. I smoked my metal back and jig it infront of me. Watched a silver flash and absolutely smash my lure screaming drag and a very exhilarating fight results in a shorter but definitely thicker bonito. What a last cast! great way to start up the holidays with a few more trips planned, one to the upper hawkes and another to the entrance. If there anyone i could get some help from at the entrance i would be very appreciative, I'm there 8,9 and 10th. Happy holidays.
  14. Needed a pick me up this afternoon so decided to visit a spot that a mate had scoped out a while back and recommended unreservedly. I knew it was a serious bush walk in so decided to pack as light as possible and carry only as much as I’d be comfortable carrying back out again. So it was my light bream outfit and half a pack of salted pillies. Mental note, also bring water next time. Arrived just after 3pm and with the exception of a couple of curious bush walkers had the place to myself. Bliss. 12lb braid and leader, unweighted pillie cube onto a number 4 long shank bait holder hook and wait. As always, the first fish on the scene were baby snapper. Then came the baby bream. And then all hell broke loose. Over the next 30 minutes landed 4 bream all over 30cm and had another bigger one bust me off around an oyster encrusted pylon. It was a catch and release day for me so all went back into the drink. After 5pm things had quietened down. The baby snapper were back, along with baby tailor and a few yakkas into the bargain. By 6pm I was thinking about calling it a day, and a good day at that. And then the big boys arrived. Something picked up the pillie and took off like a bat out of hell. Managed to get it close to the jetty and saw it was a rat king. Once near the jetty the bastard took off straight under it and I was doomed. Ran around a pylon and the line parted. Holy crap! First time ever for me hooking a king. Round about now bait starting busting up about 20 metres in front of me. Threw my trusty pillie as close as I could get it. Hit! Another powerful run. Got the fish close again. This time a good size bonito. Under the damn jetty again and the inevitable. I was starting to come to the conclusion that my outfit just didn’t have the horsepower to get these buggers under control. It was starting to get dark, but undaunted I decided to stick with it until I’d exhausted my rapidly diminishing pillie supply. And you wouldn’t believe it, another big run. Another rat king. Another bust off. Well, by now it was pretty clear I’d brought a knife to a gun fight. By 7:30 the pillies were finished. Packed it up and the long hike out began. A fantastic afternoon. I’ll be returning soon with some heavier artillery for the big boys. Tight lines.
  15. Gold Coast Seaway

    Gday Raiders Starting a Thread about the Gold Coast Seaway as i fish it a lot recently for kingys and wonder if any other Raiders fish it? Anyone get jew on the Surface there before? Tracking Kingy's? Anyone target the massive Tuskfish i see along the rocks all the time? Should i be throwing sinkers at the boats that have no courtesy for shore fisherman? haha jokes yeah but comment with your catches and recommendations please! Any locals who havent yet check out what comes through there on youtube there is always vids going up
  16. Hi Raiders, as per title I'm looking for some advice in catching kingfish in the Port Hacking. I have read a lot of content here when it comes to the hacking (thanks for all the sharing!), been fishing it consistently through the seasons, tried numerous different things, but still no success. I only have a small dinghy, so I prefer sticking to inside the hacking and only venture into Bate Bay on calm days. My usual spots are inside the hacking around drop-offs of about 15-20 m of water usually with some structure nearby where the tide currents are not exceedingly strong. I've had 0 luck catching squid in the hacking, but I tried live baiting with yakkas numerous times with surface rigs and deep rigs (5 m or so from the bottom). I dont have a downrigger for trolling, so I mostly sit on a spot, check the depth, burley hard and wait . I've also tried floating pieces of bait down the burley trail without much luck. I normally do catch fish, but mostly not what I intend to and too often undersized fish. So anyway... I'm looking for advice on bait, techniques, fishing spots (what to look for), gear, tides, weather or anything I can improve or try differently really. All help is appreciated, Thanks!
  17. Trolling lures

    Went trolling for some game species yesterday around browns mountain using two skirted lures and two deep diver lures. The weather was fantastic, however there’s no fish to be found in the four hours I trolled. On the way back to Sydney I noticed a lot of baitfish just out from Randwick, so I thought I’ll give it one more go trolling lures. The result was an instant hit on the two skirted lures first. I was a bit close to the rocks at that time, so I steered the boat away from the cliff and a few seconds later one of the deep divers got hit as well. I kept the boat going slowly away from the cliff and started to bring in the fish from the closet lure first. Few minutes later landed all three kings of which one is a keeper. So called it a day and made some king fish sashimi for dinner.
  18. Crampton Island

    Greetings All I am taking the family to Lake Tabour during the summer holidays and I am researching fishing off Crampton Island. I enjoy targeting Kingfish and other pelagics. I would appreciate any feedback from others who have experienced Crampton Island. Maybe a few questions: How deep is the water off the island? Is access to the island limited during high tide? How popular is the spot? Many fishermen? How big is the fishing ledge and can it handle the masses? Is it easy to get live bait from the island? I thank you in advance for your responses. Regards Mewaldo
  19. 135cm kingfish caught Fish Rock mid north coast in 30m water on a 100g jig. Gear used 4000 Daiwa Catalina reel, pe2 braid & 7kg rod. Fish was release.
  20. Is 1.35m king a record ?

    Hi Raiders Having a look through the Fishraider records I can see that the lure caught king fish records is 131cm. I got this one over the long weekend on a jig in 30m of water which went 135cm. Do jigs count as lures ? Cheers
  21. Hi all, I have recently picked up fishing after a good few years off and am looking for some local advice about the reefs, fish seasons and they way to fish for certain fish I was allowed to get a 510 Ocean spirit this year. I have been fishing out of Terrigal and Brisbane waters mostly. When I head out of Terrigal I have been fishing Foggies, Tuggerah reef and Terrigal/Forries tank. When I head out of Brisbane waters I fish Box head for yakka and then head out to west reef. I have been fishing for Kingfish, Mulloway/Jew and Snapper at these spots. I usually use live yakka / whole pilchards on a running rig with a fluorocarbon leader and fish 3 – 10 meters off the bottom. I have also tried jigging at these spots for kings and only been hit once with a short run before it got away. I have tried spinning at these reefs but barracuda type fish seem to be a plague proportions at the minute. At this point I’ve only been able to get a few decent snapper from these spots usually on pilchards. I’ve been fishing marks I usually find on the net, I have been getting on the marks and sounding around to find nearby structure on the bottom or school fish nearby the marks and remarking the spots for myself. In saying that other than a few good reds I haven’t been able to bring home any decent fish. My goal is to learn how to get Kingfish, mulloway and snapper from my local spots. At the spots that I listed I have been told the bonito come on around December and to hold on till then but also been told by local fishing shops that the kings, mulloway and snapper should be at these marks mostly all year round. Can anyone give us some info on these reefs re what is typically caught there and at what times of the year. Does anyone have any tips, tricks for fishing for these fish or spots to recommend for this young central coast local!
  22. Summercloud Bay

    Hi All I am heading to Jervis Bay for a few days and the wind is forecasted to be nasty from NW. Has anyone fished Summercloud Bay? Any reports? Thanks in advance Mewaldo
  23. Hey Raiders, Just making a quick report fishing in botany a couple of days ago. I'll keep it short so here goes (skip to bottom if you lack an attention span, 3 variants for this report below): > Plan was to leave mine and be on the water by 7am, didn't end up leaving mine till 730am. Travelled 10 minutes down the road with boat in tow heading to botany bay, pulled into servo to get backup fuel (just in case 50L wasn't enough inside the bay lol), only to realize there that I didn't bring the boat keys =/. Made a phone call to mum to bring the boat keys as friend and I waited at the servo eating breakfast at the HJ's. > Went to a local tackle and bait store in kyeemah to buy backup bait (exorbitant pricing@ 1 fresh squid costing$6.30 & 1 small ziplock bag of frozen pilles ~ 10 igaf? pilles @ $10) Launched at Kyeemah boat ramp and headed off to gather live bait around where the tugs are usually parked. > Gathered yellowtail scad & slimey mackerel in a maritime security level 1 zone. (Not sure why no one told us to move along, port authority etc etc drove right past a handful of times, safety in numbers?). > Then went to squid grounds to try and find squid, none were found in the 20 minutes we tried (squidding is the bane of my fishing, i have no patience for it). > Went to oil wharf (my 'secret spot' is not so secret anymore after this vid, oh well) to drop some livies down and fresh squid strips (bought before launching as insurance). Caught 2 kings. 1@ 55cm on squid strip, 1@60cm on live yakka. Lost a few more livies and strips due to fish missing the hooks. Accessory battery couldn't keep fish finder alive anymore so was fishing blind for the 2nd half of the day ~1pm (its due for a replacement/ had spare older fully charged 12V battery on board but were to lazy to swap them around). > Things died down so moved to oil drums to try (without the aid of aforementioned fish finder), only caught pinkes, grinners, live bait tangles, & slimeys. Managed to catch 2 keeper flattys and 1 keeper bream though, so had something to take home. > Things weren't so hot at drums so went back to my secret spot as it got later in the day, no success. > Headed home on 'mood lighting' before it got to dark, earnt my paycheck driving back to the ramp from the oil wharf due to a decent wind blowing to the north east, pushing the boat from the port rear sideways the entire time and driving in an awkwardly angled sea/waves. > All in all a enjoyable day as that's the first time the Formosa has been taken to the bay and the weather cleared up nicely. Lots of bait schools around and the bay wasn't that busy with most people travelling elsewhere for the long weekend. For those who have a short attention span, here's a video instead (warning 10 minute video): Click here --> Fishing botany bay using live bait For those with no attention span: tl;dr version Went botany bay, caught fish, heres pics. Thanks for your attention. OJ
  24. Botany Bay - Thursday

    Hi everyone, After a cracking day yesterday I decide to head back out. Water is super clear and still plenty of surface action with schools of tailor, mullet and other species smashing garfish. Larger king caught on live garfish under a ballon at Lapa bombie and the other on a fresh squid head near the oil rig. Both on the run up tide. Tight lines.
  25. Botany Bay - Wednesday

    Hi everyone, Headed out in the bay again with my best mate who hasn't done much fishing this summer. Tides were small but we knew there was going to be little wind all day. So at the very least, a nice day on the water. When it comes to fishing with my mate enzo we have landed some unbelievable fish over the years in Botany Bay but he still hadn't landed a king as he fish mostly nights. Without sounding like a hero I think I boated 50 or 60 kings(loads were throw back rats) last summer in the bay and got plenty of people onto their first kingfish. For those who fished the bay would remember it as one of the better seasons. But the only two times I didn't lose a bait all summer was with enzo We launched from Kurnell around 9am after dropping the little man off to day care and head to a nice little spot we have la perouse. It's only 3.5m of water and on a big 1.8m+ tide,fish super light, at the right time of year have landed Jews (lost monsters), flathead, plenty of legal snapper, bream, rats etc.. Enzo wanted to fish bait there cause we always done well. But the sun was high and it was a small tide. But happy we did. I rigged up a blackfish rig for something different and casted back to the reef, he fished fresh mullet strips and got the berley going. Not long after he landed a nice bream of 30cm, followed by 29cm snapper which went back in the drink. By this stage I couldn't re-rigging Fast enough. In the end the berley had attracted hundreds of garfish and I think because of that we managed a nice squid, 3 flathead,all around 55-60cm, one bream and million travally which we didn't keep. All caught on mullet strips. I managed to catch a couple of garfish and we decided to anchor at molli point for only pickers. it was nice 4pm and the sun was disappearing I suggest we anchor near the oil rig as it's on the way home. Loaded up the head of a big squid on 50lb braid, and a strip of squid on 15lb line .. and as expected the the light rod bucked and reel was screaming. After 10 minutes of fighting enzo boated his first king which was 70cm - 75cm sorry didn't measure it fully. I have a mark on my boat for 65cm and it was clearly over that. Literally next cast he was on again and brought up what I believe is a Samsonfish? Anyone confirm? I've fished my whole life in the bay and never seen one. It looked about 30cmish. In the end we threw back and happy with a pic. While we fished there for an hour garfish were jumping left right and centre of the boat getting smashed by some big really big fish and a seal. Im guessing we were at the right spot when the school got chased through our baits. All in all an awesome day on the water Worh the bay still firing. Going to try my luck again today without a decky. Sorry no pics on the bread and butter fish. I don't normally take pics but for enzo's first king there was a 1000 lol. Thanks for reading