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Found 31 results

  1. Hi Raiders, Went out for a fish a few days ago but didn't post a report straight away because I wanted to make a video as well. Fishing with my brother as per usual and we launched the boat at Tunks just before sunrise. Tried to get a few squid but no luck, but did manage to get a few yakka. Plan was to try and target some kings with the live bait. We went near north head and managed to hook up a bonito on one of the yakkas but spat the hook near the boat, apart from that not much else was happening. This was until we saw heaps of birds working a patch of fish about a couple hundred metres away. We quickly motored over there and saw a huge football field sized school of salmon busting up all over the place. I always have a light rod with a small metal lure rigged up handy for times like this. Threw the 10g halco twisty out but was having no luck, the salmon just weren't interested at all. After a couple casts I changed the lure over to a very lightly weighted soft plastic in a sort of clear/greenish colour. We re positioned the boat so the wind was behind us, that way we could get the most distance on the cast. I casted it out and as soon as it hit the water it got smashed and I was onto a nice sized salmon. Now I'm using a very light outfit with only 6lb line and leader so I had to play it safe. The fish jumped several times and I was worried it was going to bust me off. But after a 15 minute fight, finally had it boat side and netted it. The salmon felt about 3kg and very healthy. We had a blast chasing the salmon around for the next hour and catching them on light tackle, their were a few frigate mackerel mixed in there as well. All the salmon were fat and looked very healthy. The swell and wind picked up by then and it became too uncomfortable so we went inside to try for some flathead. Tried a few spots for flathead using soft plastics but no luck. Ended up going to manly and having some food. All in all it was a wonderful day and really good to be out on the water. With uni break finishing, I don't know when ill be able to go for another fish. I've been meaning to put more effort into making videos but have struggled to find the time. So hopefully you guys enjoy this video. Cheers
  2. I spend four hours in two sessions spinning at Shark Point (Clovelly) in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs over this weekend. Saturday 10:30-13:00, light NE blowing, 0.5-1.0m NE swell, partly cloudy, relatively clear water Sunday 05:30-07:00, light NW at first, turned into a gusty SW by about 06:45, better wash this morning than yesterday No fish were caught. Lures used were metal slices (gold and silver around 60g), surecatch 85 gram metal jig (pink/chrome), blue Halco 125mm popper and a white one this morning with the red head. Also, this morning I tried some of those smelly soft plastics with 6/0 Gamakatsu for jews or kings. Smidgey I think is the name... Had fun, as these were my first two sessions since 1996 or so, despite not catching anything except seeing three pods of dolphins and a lone seal. Previously I used to love fishing the Eastern Suburbs rocks....
  3. Hey Raiders, Heading up to Broken Hill Next week and driving back down past Mildura. Was thinking I could have a bit of a flick along the way. Just wondering what kind of lures and sized rods and reels would be best for these areas. Trying to target Murray cod. Thanks
  4. Hi Raiders. First time posting so forgive if it's amateur. Been fishing the Hawkesbury, Pittwater and Roseville Bridge to Mosman but still no luck. Plenty of bites but all little critters! Does anyone know of a spot I can go where I can catch a size big enough for the barbie? I have a boat but no fancy equipment such at GPS or sounder, just my trusty old boat and rods! I would really appreciate any advice on decent fishing spots Northern Beaches, NSW side but happy to travel a little further for the day. Leaving tomorrow morning with two mates, would be awesome to head to a decent spot. Thanks Raiders
  5. Hi, i need some help. Bait is quite expensive these days and sometimes it is too hard to pump for yabbies. So I was wondering if anyone knew a selection of lures that are good for catching flatheads to bonito ( really anything big enough for eating or that is fun to catch ). if someone that could just give me like their top ten lure selections that would help immensely.
  6. G'day I'll cut straight to it, me and a friend went down to the Liverpool Weir just to kill time and hopefully catch some fish. I wanted to have a go at the bass that lurk around the Weir at this time of the year. I was flicking around a sakata and a shallow diver around the old railway bridge and on the salty side as well. My mate was using prawns and corn to hopefully get a bream or mullet but we got nothing. Have the bass gone already? I was hoping there would be some left in the freshwater section. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go along the georges river at this time of the year to get a bass? - procro
  7. Gday Raiders, I've been into Sp's for years now but as we do I get my "favourites" out time after time. Can I ask you legends what's your go to SP and what the target fish for that specific SP. Appreciated Mark.
  8. hi all, i just moved to rose bay and i'm a keen fisherman. last Saturday i walked from my house to the ferry wharf and started to flick zman grubs, chasing bream and flathead. i spent a few hours there as the sun went down, i had a few bites but nothing landed. later an older man and his wife walked up beside me and started to fish. they had live yabbies and were pulling in fish after fish. i just wanted to ask you guys where i can either buy or pump yabbies around rose bay. im only on my L plates so i cant drive around the city very often. also where are some good spots around rose bay that have worked for you? im relatively new to fishing and i am excited to see what i can catch. any information will go along way. thanks guys.
  9. Hi Raiders, Here is my number one favourite lure. It's a gold halco twisty 40 gram. I like it better than any SP or hard body that I own. Upgraded all the terminal tackle so that the weakest link is 25kg. Only caught salmon and tailor so far but plan on targeting the pelagics once they come in closer. I've showed you mine can you show me yours please with a description? Cheers, Luke
  10. Hey fellas im chasing some advice on a rod to match to a Penn Spinfisher V. Im looking at getting the 6500, something that can handle decent fish off the rocks or off a boat when the opportunity arises. I already own a Shimano Symmetre and a Sedona in the 4000 size that I use from the beach and off rocks around the northern beaches. I know that the 5500 and the 6500 have the same internals with just a difference in line capacity, will probably look to load around 30lb braid 50lb FC leader on it. Can anyone recommend a MH fast action rod that I can use off the rocks and then also possibly off a boat for jigging and trolling. Main use would be flicking metals and general bait use, pillys, whole squid and strips on gangs. Price range would be between $100-200 depending as the reel will set me back about $200. Cheers.
  11. Went out sunday for a quick session between 10 and 12noon. Headed out to the heads- no bird activity in the harbor but around the corner and there was a beautiful sight. Birds and boiling water. We had one working a fly outfit and I had a small halco metal on a Fugi rod and 7kg mono.. Not long before I got a solid strike and then some aerials and a great fight. These guys fight like hell and on my mid range gear its just great fun. They disappeared before long and we had to get back but was a very fun session.
  12. Hi All, Scored a Thursday off and decided to head over to the Hawkesbury for something different. (usually fish Port Hacking) Tried to catch the run-out tide to pick up some Flatties off Patonga Beach but we were a bit late. Still managed a 2 keeper Flatties, 2 Whiting, and a Blue Swimmer. Tide changed and all went quiet. dropped my mate off to grab some fish and chips from Patonga and just relaxed in the boat. Threw in a soft plastic while i was tidying up a bit and realised the rod was bent over. Big flattie that was barely hooked got off at the boat - no biggie as it was over 70cm and i would've released it anyway. (wasn't even going to tell my mate as he'd never believe me, but i had back-up from a kayaker!) Anyhow, dropped the same plastic back in and continued moving eskies etc to make room for lunch. my mate was hading back to the wharf so i started the boat to collect him and my fish and chips! Bang, another good Flattie. This time landed and on ice, 50cm. Had lunch and the drifting didn't produce anything over the 30 mins we ate. Decided to troll around the Island and within 20 metres had a double hook-up of Bonito. Threw one back kept one for bait. Trolled again and ended up hooking another 8 or so in 30 mins. I was getting over it (yes i know....) and then we hit a school of Tailor and a double hook up. The two fish were carrying on and jumping like crazy. Got both on board and measured 50cm and 47cm. I know not huge but my PB Tailor at 50cm. Another troll in the same spot and another big Tailor, with it's last jump spat the hook. Much more fun than the Bonnies. Anyway all in all a great day out, plenty of sun no wind and fun fishing, I can't ask for more than that. Well maybe I can... There was one more hook up while trolling and this thing was taking line heavily - not a Tailor and not a Bonito from the strength and line it was taking. Any ideas on what it might have been? I'm thinking Kingie or Shark? I got the lure back by the way so it may have been barely hooked. Anyone reckon it was a decent Kingie?? Thanks!
  13. G'day, I would like to add a couple of lures to the tackle box when I fish the surf and rocks, to replace bait on the occasions that I haven't got any or it isn't convenient to use. I've used a surf popper on a paternoster rig to good effect in the surf, but looking for lures that require a fast retrieve. I will be sticking with my regular beach/rock setup in terms of rods and reel, hoping to just rig a lure and cast when required. Rods: 13-14ft medium to fast taper 2 glass and 1 carbon-fibre; reel: Alvey 650grbc which is geared 2:1. A new setup is out of the question, at this stage. Any advice on types and styles (targeting whiting/flatties/bream up to sambos/tailor and anything else!!!), casting anywhere from 10m-100m... Cheers!
  14. G'Day Raiders, Bit of a hit and miss short session at DB today. I arrived late morning just as it was getting near high tide. Started off targeting bream on hard bodies after my first fish (a flathead) with them last week. I got plenty of follow-ins, including one from a bigger bream, but only managed to hook and land a pesky pinkie. It went a bit quiet after that, so I switched to plastics. Found an area where I could see a sandy patch on the bottom with darker patches either side and thought it looked like prime flattie territory. Sure enough, first cast in and I hook some serious weight. The thing sort of lumbers off, but with little fight and I wander if it's maybe a ray- I've never had one on the hook before. There were a couple of head shakes (do rays shake at all?) and I managed to bring the fish around a little, but I guess in the end I pulled too hard and my 4 lb leader got busted off at the lure. If it was a flattie, it was far bigger than the 50 cm one I caught last Sunday. I guess it might have been a catfish, caught a few bigger ones around that area, but I don't know if they have the teeth to chew through leader. Anyway, changed back to hard bodies, mixed up my retrieve a little and- joy of joys- about halfway through one retrieve as I was slooooowly winding the lure I got a good hit on the same K-mart Tsunami Pro I used for the flattie last week. After a really fun fight on light tackle, where the fish tried to bust me off a couple of times on the rocks, I landed my first little bream on a lure. It went at about 28 cm and is currently chilling out in my fridge before dinner. Had a few more follow-ins from some nice-sized bream after that and also hooked a tailor, but didn't land any more fish. I left early afternoon after only 2 or 3 hours of fishing as the girlfriend and I had stuff to do later, but next week I think I'll be back for a proper session. Before starting to use them, I'd read a few people talking about how rewarding it is chasing fish on lures. After a few sessions I've gotta agree it's a huge amount of fun! Great thing is lures seem pretty durable and it's easy to guide them past snags, so I've yet to lose any tackle when using them and, unlike plastics, the fish can't pick them to pieces. Thanks for reading. Adam
  15. G'Day Raiders! Hit Rozelle for the last two hours of the run-out tide this morning. Plastics were getting picked to pieces, so I made a choice to switch to one of my very few hard-bodied bream lures and put into practice some stuff I'd seen in youtube vids over the last few weeks. Got lots of follow-ins from bream, but no hits. I started working the lure a bit deeper round the sandbanks and got a solid take. Could tell from the headshakes and lack of fight that it wasn't a bream and as I got it nearer to the surface, I realised it was a decent flattie. Made an effort to keep the rod tip down and keep the fish in the water this time round (thank you Ryder for the advice) and fortunately a passer-by offered to grab my net and scoop it up as I got it turned round. Came in at just under 50 cm, which is a (very modest!) PB for me on the flatties and a first fish on a lure here in Australia, so all in all I left feeling pretty happy!
  16. Hi after a few pre fishes with a gun raider fisher recently, I have started a quick 5 day QLD fish trip with a good mate from the Gold Coast. Day one today was average to say the least. 3:30 out of bed, 5:00 on the water finding nice Poddys via a cast net(too easy) we were off to the jumping pinns. Dead as a door nail. Met a pro there I fished with two years ago and his words were water is shite Not so happy as we see him leave soon after to outside waters which are beond our ice cream container. (Top boat LEZ) 4.5 Mtr poly craft I love your boat. Quick change of tactics Soft plastics in a near by spot! First up was a respectable lizard at about 45. Lez caught a lovely stone fish. No help from me there. And then dinner. Flatty @about 60. She would usually go back but we were feeding three. Very girl goes back for sure. Heading north tomorrow to lake Mondurm...Gin Gin 5 hrs nth of Brissy to find a barra Fingers crossed JD Damage was done on a Z.Man 4" swimmer Red
  17. raiders we now have gamefishing lure packs in stock ready for xmas 6 pack;;;6x 6inch pushers fully rigged single hook $40.00 free postage the close up pic is my fav.lure 10 pack;;;;2x 10 inch $80.00 free postage 2x 8 inch 4x 6 inch all fully rigged with 2 hook setup any questions just ring on 0438264377 cheers gary
  18. Hey folks, I have rediscovered fishraider! Turned out I even still have an active account. Thought I'd share a short video of my trout fishing holiday I had with the Mrs. We packed simple light gear, few celtas and rooster tails. And went flicking some mounatins streams on both sides of the mountains. besides the fish it was a great chance to enjoy and explore the high country. One good 44cm rainbow was landed on the thredbo, and we caught another 10 on the streams, an even mix of rainbows and browns which was a lot of fun. Heres a quick youtube vid if you have a moment to watch.
  19. Your name: Pat Your Location: Sydney Fishing technique: spinning for pelagics Availability: Monday, Thursday, Friday days, evenings and weekends vary. Preferred location: Sydney anywhere really Provide your own gear? Got my own light 2-4kg rod, 6ld line, and medium 4-7kg rod, 10lb line and lures to suit. Provide your own boat? Got a yak so happy to go yakking. really not too fussed on my target but pretty much a lure fisho.
  20. I've heard talk on this forum of spinners, slicers, blades and slugs, but rarely is the old Wonder Wobbler mentioned. Originally manufactured in Melbourne in the 1950s (I think), I still reckon its one of the best staple lures and copied by others. A pretty unique action that is irresistible to many species of fish, both salt and freshwater. Does anyone still use them?
  21. Hi guys , Hope you all had a great weekend of fishing. I wanted to ask you a quick question, I usually fish off my pontoon in Woolwich, just in front of Rose Bay wharf. I get so many fish at times, it's crazy, mainly big breams, flatheads and whitings. What I do is use squid and prawns, and bites and fish keep coming. So basically, at this stage you know there is fish. So I decide switching to lures, and then nothing... My mate would keep getting fish, but I would get absolutely nothing with Lures. I tried many types of lure retrival, slow reeling, 3 rod shakes and wait etc ... nothing. I really want to switch completely to lures , I find it more interesting but I am not sure what to do ... I use small lures of different colors, jerk shads black for the night and nuclear chicken during the day ... Can someone give me tips maybe ? Thanks for your answers guys !
  22. Just curious - a bit of googling suggests that plastics and lures still work at night, and that even using darker or "non bright" colours work fairly well. The curiosity is if this is as effective as using baits at night, or do the problems of being unable to see the lure and line at night just make it too much of a hassle to use lures or soft plastics at night? Question is because I was considering heading out tonight but didn't want to spend the night feeding pickers with servo prawns (I only have a light rig at the moment). Last time I was out after dark I had a go with a SP but it was just impossible to tell what was going on, so other than a slow troll I couldn't do much with it. I also thought that while a lure might be ok once spotted, it might not be as effective at attracting fish as some bait wafting in the water would be.
  23. Hi Guys, Just wanted to see if anyone can give me any ideas on how to clean my squid jigs, reason being is because they smell like crap from the EgiMax spray I use all the time. What is the best way to clean them as well as my tackle box and how often should I clean and service my reels? Thank You Zaki
  24. Hey all, we went off shore last week for a quick afternoon trolling session. Did our usual route Whale Fad, Manly Hydraulics then we headed North East. We couldn’t find Manly Hydraulicsagain,itmust drift a fair way off its mark at times. Water was really blue and warm just 200 metres off North Head, so we put the lures straight out, the fish could be anywhere in that water. Ran a couple of our Scent Blazer trolling lure chains, a couple of bigger trolling lures and one small pink prototype lure which we are currently calling an“Atom”, it’s only about 3 inches long. We put pilchards and skipjack tuna in the bait chambers of the lures’, we got a skipjackon our last outing that we kept for bait. We were sounding schools of bait the entire trip. Hooked a few a Dolphin fish, between the Whale and Manly Hydraulics on the lures chains, but they kept coming off, so we changed down to smaller trolling lures to try and get a better hook up. I even cut the skirt off one of the lures to make it look smaller and I put a few mismatching beads inside and called it “The FrankenLure”, just a weird looking thing. We finally ended up catching some Dolphin Fish, they were really, really small, 1lb or less. We got around 6 hook-ups in the entire session and landed 3 very small Dolphin Fish. 2 of them were caught on The Franken Lure. We also got another hook-up on the lure down rigged on the Troll Pro but it couldn’t break the rubber band off. That Dolphin Fish looked a little bit bigger. We got to use weaker rubber bands when we down rig on the camera ?. We got excited when we saw a free jumper about 3 miles directly North from Manly Hydraulics around Long Reef Wide, it was about 500 metres in the front of boat. We trolled towards it but no hook-up, it may have been full of small Dolphin Fish. One notable thing we found when we looked at our underwater camera footage this time. Only single Dolphin Fish were coming up on the spread, in the last month or so, there where big schools of Dolphin Fish up on the spread. We also go some underwater footage of a massive school of what looks like some sort of small trigger fish(leatherjacket) while the boat was stopped toreel in a small Dollie. Some of Dolphin fish we have been catching in the last month are sometimes full of small trigger fish, maybe we should use leather jackets fillets inside the lures to match the hatch. Does anyone know what kind of fish they are? Peter – SB Lures
  25. Hey Raiders, I'm looking for a new rod to cast metals and poppers off the rocks for tailor, salmon, bonito and rat kings. My requirements: •2 or 3 piece (3 piece preferred •8'6" - 9'6" long •balance a 4000 or 5000 stradic fj •somewhere in 5-10 kg line range This'd be perfect except for the $350 price tag: Is there anything similar? Cheers and thanks in advance. Nick