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Found 50 results

  1. Snapper on SP's

    So after my long practice with soft plastics, I caught a cracking Flathead this week. My first SP catch. Today (Sunday) I took FisherladySteve to try it with some useful tips from myself. She turned out to be a natural. We fished Blackwattle Bay as its just outside our back door. After a few casts and moving to our second spot she caught her first fish on SP's, a snapper. She was totally made up and can't wait for another trip.
  2. St. George’s Basin

    Hi all, I would appreciate if someone could give me tips on fishing the basin in a boat. I have had good success in the inlet up to the bar, but have always wanted to catch the big snapper I see others catch in the basin. thanks in advance
  3. Fun Snapper

    Pier 2 was alive with snapper this morning albeit none of legal size but what great fun
  4. Red Tuesday

    Had an rdo from work today and was meant to help a mate out with his work, that got cancelled late last night so a quick weather check and a last minute call to fish south of Sydney today was made. We hit the water about 5.45, munched around for a good 45mins trying to find some new bait grounds etc so with no success we decided on a lure only Fishing day and off we went. Started to get near the spot we were aiming for and marked a heeeeeeap of bait on the sounder, so pulled the boat out of gear, I grabbed the bait jig and sent it down while my mate grabbed his Fishing jig, mistakenly. I got 3 slimies, and he goes off and nails a nice 52cm snapper. Perfect start to the day. Next drop another snapper, 48cm model. So naturally I grabbed my snapper gear and dropped down, hit the bottom and boom, rod buckles. I’m on, good fish. Pulling drag, running me around the boat. A 15 minute battle ensues, starting to see color the fish buries it’s head and heads back down just out of sight. Fiiiinally I got the beauty boatside, perfect net job by my mate and boated a fat 72cm knobby headed snapper. A new pb for me by 22cm. Not a bad effort for a Tuesday. Tight lines
  5. Snapper Batemans Bay

    Hi guys,really keen to catch snapper at Batemans Bay,I have a 4.5 meter 40 hp tinny,just after some advice and some places to try in that size boat....thanks...
  6. Brisbane Waters Sat 26 August

    Put the tinny in east Gosford just before lunch. Would have liked to go earlier but my son has swimming lessons early sat morning. Headed over to paddy's channel near the racks. Tide was rising and some good current moving through. Slow moving with the electric in about 1 metre of water on the weedline I sighted some big bream darting about, they knew I was there despite my stealthiness. Pretty hard when the sun is overhead and water is shallow. I anchored up and pumped a burley trail. sent two floaters out, one a SP and one a bait. Got a few nibbles but no hook ups. I left my bream stick at home foolishly, I had 10lbs mono, maybe 6lbs could have yielded different results. I decided to head over to the rip bridge and try for Jew. I caught a squire (released) but other than that no luck. Last stop was Gosford rail bridge. Flicking softies around the pylons I managed a few just legal tailor. I live baited one for the elusive jew but still no luck (maybe if it was dark I might have gotten lucky). All fish released unharmed (mostly). Got back to the ramp late afternoon and called it a day. No feed for the family unfortunately but still had a great time by myself and got a chance to get some fuel through the outboard during winter. Next time I'll go at dawn and get the wife to take the boy to swimming lessons. I'll bring the bream stick too and get some of those weedless jig heads to troll for flatties. Thanks for reading. Luke
  7. Bellambi

    Launched Wednesday at 5.30am and headed off to spot x. Was a very pleasant morning and was cold but not too cold. Things started very slow and I was worried. However as usually is the case things came in spits and starts. First up came the biggest Pike I have ever seen, and then in came a Barracuda....Ohhh Nooo!!! However after that I caught a 50cm Snapper and then one after the other they came on board. Largest was 58cm on 10lb gear. Screaming reels and racing hearts, great fun. In total we brought 9 snapper aboard. We have a rule that if it needs to be measured it goes back and none needed to be measured which was nice. Had a very pleasant session before work and was nice to only catch 11 fish of which 9 were snapper. I hear people are catching snapper in 30m of water at the moment, however we were in only 10m. So not sure where your best trying. I think success depends on your approach. A boat launched the same time as us and came back just after we did, they were fishing very close to us and got nothing so they claimed it was sh*t. They were packing pretty heavy gear. I think that if you go shallow you need to have really light gear and be able to present your baits or lures as naturally as possible, especially as the water is so clear at the moment. Shallow water and light gear does raise the risks of losing good fish but you would not be in with a chance if you didn't go light. If your fishing with broomsticks then I think your best going deeper or you will no doubt claim that the fishing is Sh*t and you would be wrong. It's just getting started. I'm going to have a go tomorrow as well and will be going shallow again but in a new spot. Will update if I land another good red.
  8. Glorious Morning

    Went out fishing for Jews on Friday night from 5.30pm to 8pm. Home by 8.30 so was able to claim a day Snapper fishing for Saturday morning. Getting that leave pass was touch and go but I held fast and I got it issued. Without losing giving a compromise as a trade as well. Launched Bellambi around 6am and slowly headed off to one of the spot X's. Was actually really lumpy and we were being thrown around a fair bit. We were side on to the anchor as the wind and current were equally as strong. Sent the first plastic out and let it flutter in the current for about 5 min and then paid the consequences as was on the bottom.....wait, no its giving me line. Think I might have a Cuttlefish. Was a slow retrieve as fishing an 8 foot 2-4kg rod with 8lb braid but after a patient retrieve there was the Cuttlefish. Very happy about that!. Not a massive one but had to be 5kg. Then we had a big whale of a tail flap about 40m from the boat and another minute later there was a big booming splash 30m from the boat....oh shivers....can they see us? Was shallow, lots of chop and we had big whales sploshing about us, had thoughts of them hitting the anchor rope. I put Spotify on the stereo on and blasted some tunes (Sail, by Awolnation) so they knew we were there. Maybe I was paranoid. Anyway it worked as one of them came and surfaced right behind the boat very close to our lines. Raised his back and 'Sailed' off. Wow!! Maybe he liked the music, is a great song. Back to fishing. We caught a few Reds 2 were good sizes and one was ok. The biggest Sergeant Baker we have ever seen came on board as well as a tonne of Slimies and Barrcouta. Now here is the greatest moment of my fishing life thus far. I was looking up and over towards the shore and about 60m - 80m away I saw a clip from Shark Week. A huge Shark, easy over 3m easy maybe 4, I am not kidding or exaggerating!. This was a substantially Sized Shark.It was very dark on the top and very light like white on the bottom. It looked Black and White. It left the water entirely, went on it's side, I could see it's jaws open and it fell back to the sea with a mighty big splash. It would have cleared the water by 1.5m - 2m. It was exactly like the shark week footage with the Great Whites. I don't know what it was, but it looked just like the Great Whites on Shark Week breaching. My mate was adamant it would have been a big Mako. I don't know but it was one of those two species for sure. It was pretty well bang on where Shayleys is off Bellambi Reef. So I was completely buzzing out and would not shut up about it. That is hands down the most epic thing I have ever seen while on a boat. Whales saying hello and massive sharks jumping in front of me what could happen next. There are big Sharks off Bellambi Reef, I am an eye witness to it. Settled back into things and we were getting nailed by pickers. I gave the jig head a tug tug and BAM!!! Yupp I was on a red and it was a good one. I have not fished for Reds with such light gear before and it was all on. I was convinced I was going to lose it as the drag was way to tight and the reel I was using was a crapper so was very jerky. Some fiddling and i wound to far (Crappy Reel) and line was flying off so cranked it back, fumble fumble. Got it right and had an epic fight. In it came and attached is a photo of her all prepped. She went 61cm. Don't know the weight but very happy. The clock ticked 8.45 and I called it. Back home before 10am. Happy wife, happy life. Especially after a treat of session like that. 1x 61cm Snapper, 1 Whale, 1 Shark Jump and the biggest Sergeant Baker you have every seen. Oh and the best Snapper Bait you can get (Cuttlefish)
  9. Botany Bay in Winter

    Good day all, Firstly THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post. I'm new to fishing from a boat , and I normally fish inside botany bay, I was wondering what sort of fish is going to be around in the cooler months in the bay. am not asking for exact locations , but any information will help for a hook up. I would like to hook up a few snapper ( if possible) wether its catch n release ,or keepers it works for me , am not out to bag every fish I catch but to have a great time and get a small feed. Thanks in advance Mojo.
  10. Terrigal Saturday

    My friend and I put my boat in yesterday afternoon for a session. Wind and swell stronger than we expected, got thrashed around a bit but still ok. Our target species was tailor. We managed one each early on but that was it. I caught a red and 2 salmon which my fried kept. I also caught 4 squid and my friend caught 1 which was the largest I've ever seen. Ive asked him to measure it I think the mantle would push 50cm!!! It was a horse. We do have a degree of healthy competitiveness and Im pleased to say for once I outfished him using some of my newer methods and techniques learnt from trial and error and also from fishraider. The old guard have a lot of knowledge but I get a kick out of showing them a few new ideas that they later adopt (after telling you before they're stupid ). Here is a photo of my part of the haul, absent are my friends' two salmon, his big squid and a smaller squid. I wish I got a photo of the squid it looked like an alien invader!!
  11. Plan C

    Put the boat in late afternoon at Terrigal. Missed out on Saturday perfect conditions so had to settle for 25 knot WSW winds, rain and dirty water 🌪🌧😡. My go to is lure fishing in close so I did lots of trolling runs, anchored up and threw lures and jigged. A quarter of a tank later I had two small Bonito. That would not feed a family of 4 so I decided to do something I don't normally do, fish into the night. I cut off the lures, dusted off the hook and sinker tackle box and rigged up a paternoster rig and a floater rig. I deployed my frozen burley logs and while the light faded threw lures from the front while the baits soaked. i didn't have to wait long. The bite came on and came on hot!! Every bloody yakka north of Sydney swarmed my baits. At one stage I thought they might all pick up the boat and tip it over. To add insult to injury a heap of frigate mackeral busted up around me but wouldn't take a lure, they were feeding on those small baits, 'eyes' I think they're called? Thankfully, the burley logs melted, the bait fish left and some bigger marks started to show on the sounder. The paternoster rig was pissing me off so I brought it in and switched to just the floater bait. Annoyingly, despite all the activity I couldn't tempt a fish. I tried different presentation methods, retrieves, hooks, strung up some live baits, even tried some scented lures. I couldn't turn a reel!! It was getting colder, windier, the sea was building and I was starting to tire, both physically and mentally. I was peeved that i used up one Bonito and now I had only one left, which would feed only half of one kid. Before throwing the towel in I stumbled across some old green glow sticks in the tackle box and thought I'd give this one final go. Not 5 seconds after the bait hits the water I'm hooked up to an ok size tailor. Brought him in quickly, ok maybe I can salvage a meal here after all. The next 60 minutes was a fish a caste, and it was a bit of everything, a real mixed bag. Tailor, flathead, snapper, squid, even a pike hit the bait. Very cool when you see you glow stick, then the fish hits and and starts swimming towards you!!! I decided to call it a night, I threw back close to a dozen undersized or undesirable fish and kept 4 fish and a squid for the table and two fish for the lemon gardeners (aka neighbours). i left the boat out overnight to clean in the morning, bloody hell it was a mess!!! Blood and guts from rear end to breakfast!!! Thanks for reading. Luke.
  12. Rewarded for craziness

    When your the only boat at the ramp and the weather says a rain storm is coming you get the feeling your doing it wrong. So we waited to see if the rain would subside. It did, well enough for us to green light (Did not need much) We launched and the swell was way bigger than 1m on WillyWeather, was actually quite steep and rolling. Anchored up and got to work, whoa, we both felt sick straight up, only one way to cure that. Start fishing! First drop Snapper, not huge but worth keeping. Also hooked a small Kingfish and had a good fight. Then my mate get a massive run and after an epic fight involving anchor rope tangles up comes a 69cm snapper. Even had a huge hunk of weed wrapped around it. As he pulled it toward my net I could see it was only just hooked on a wee thread of sinew. I am a rockstar netsman so I nabbed it and there was tremendous yelling and yaa hooing. Weather started to turn in so not long after that we headed back in, only one other keeper so 3 in total for 1.5 hours of effort. Sometimes being the only one launching is genius. Yesterday it was. Looking forward to snapper season. Here we go!
  13. Stockton Breakwall

    G'day all, Long time no post for me. I went back to NSW a few weeks ago to visit family and of course I went for a fish at a couple of my old favourite spots. Picked up my old trolley and hit Stocko wall and it didn't disappoint. Got heaps of fish and a lot of weird stuff too. Jewie were on, seen 3 20+kg ones get landed right beside me and a lot of big bust offs. Yakkas and slimies were easy to get so fresh cut and whole live baits were the go. Got the Bream, Snapper and all the other rock fish on cut baits and the Jewie on a live crab, good fun on 6lb gear. Big gear and livies didn't get a hit. Almost every cast was a decent fish, not always easy to pull 'em out but heaps of fun. Note: The massive Bream wasn't caught on the wall, the Mrs caught it 2 days prior back home in QLD. It was released. Just thought I'd give you a look. Cheers
  14. Snapper fishing in summer

    Hi guys, For all those who enjoy targeting snapper like myself, does anyone have as much luck on them in the summer as they do in the winter? It seems to me that that don't bite as hard in summer. I'm wondering if it's got anything to do with the fact that, generally speaking, summer brings a lot more baitfish to the water, so are they filling up on these baitfish? Does anyone have as much luck on them in summer as they do in winter? It would be interesting to hear everyone's experience. Thanks! markmako
  15. New spot wonders

    G'day Raiders, For a while now I have been eyeing of the Parra River and all the spots that look fishable on google maps. So yesterday I obtained some bravado and headed north! After an hour or so at spot#1 and not much action happening, I decided to move. In one of those bizarre twists of fate, I got to the end of the road I'd driven in on and had 2 options: left or right. I was meaning to head right and to another spot I'd researched the night before, but something in the universe was telling me to go left. So with nothing more than an inkling, I turned left. On arrival I got another sign that I'd made the right move - despite a lack of parking, someone was leaving just as I got there. What happened over the next few hours was nothing short of phenomenal. Over the next few hours I landed 20 fish (in addition to the 4 at spot#1). There were some thumping bream, a flounder, toadfish and a total of 13 small snapper! I've seen so many! In addition, I got busted of by something slow moving and quite heavy. I'm thinking perhaps a ray? Towards the end of my session, another few guys turned up and were using bread mixed with something (not sure what) but were floating it on the top of the water. These guys pulled 5 thumping bream in quick succession (one must have gone at least 45cm). So, needled to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Parra river and I am sure I will be heading back there soon. My conundrum as I write this is now finding the time to get back there (i'm itching at the bit). Till next time, tight lines everyone. Cheers Hodgo
  16. Batemans Bay Snapper

    Hey, going down to Batemans in 2 weeks for a couple of days anyone want to share some good spots and hints other than the norm to get some good ones. My boat is set up for all types including over 2 nautical miles if needed. So far from what I can see there is a shelf between Snapper Island and Tollgate islands that is supposed to be good and Wasp Island near Durras beach is also supposed to be good.
  17. New to Fishraider

    Hi Everyone, My name is Alex, I have just got back into fishing about a year ago, I used to do a lot of Trout fishing and Salterwater fishing when I was young. I just bought my first boat a 17.2ft older style half cab pongrass, I have just kitted it out for open water and rods etc for big game. I am going down for a fish at Batemans tomorrow to try and get a few Snapper. Anyone help me with some good ideas?? Near toll gates or wasp Island??
  18. Port Kembla 5 Islands

    Ended up heading out off Port Kembla yesterday at 4.30am to have a fish on the reefs around the 5 islands. we did a bit of trolling around the islands with some deep divers for some kings with no luck, only a massive Sargent baker took the lure. Switched it up and put on a surface lure, only for a barracouta, no kings. had a bottom bash on the reefs with some good success. Picking up 3 very good sized Morwong, 5 nice plate sized snapper, various other reef species. We decided to head out to the sandy bottoms and have a drift for some flathead, got 3 blue spot at 45cm. We were just about out of bait when we pulled in a solid slimy mackerel, which we cut up and it kept us fishing a little longer. we were back on the reef looking for a few more snapper when I hooked up. I thought I'd hooked into a decent snapper, though when I saw the colour coming up from the depths, it was my dream come true, my first yellow tail kingfish! Only a small rat, coming in at 48cm, I didn't care, still a kingy! Anyway, great day out on the water and a great feed. cheers.
  19. Results!

    Went out solo at around 1.30pm and thought I would try the 40m mark for Snapper. Not much happening so moved to Micro Jig and Bang, hooked into a wee Snapper on third drop. He went back as was less than 35cm ( A new rule on the boat after a blog on this forum) Then my mate had finished work and wanted to go out so back to the ramp for a quick pick up. I can't tell you where but, I can tell you we were less than 20m. Well the party got started pretty early and we started landing Snapper around the 33cm mark. New rules meant they had to go back. Then they started getting bigger but we caught a lot of under 35cm fish throughout the session. In total was 10 snapper and the biggest Rock Cod aka Flower Pot aka Scorpion Fish I have ever seen (There were more fish after this photo). I caught a Snapper of around 57cm on a 3-5kg Rod with a 4000 Stradic, 20 pound line and 17 pound leader and that was a great fight with lot of drag screaming, then my mate hooks up to a 58cm and he was running an even lighter rod with a 2500, 10 Pound line and 14kg leader. His poor reel was screaming, this fish was absolutely going for it. Was fun to watch but there was chaos as it went from one side of the boat to the other and all the rods had to be pulled in. It was like he had a King but we new if it was a King he would have been reefed. He does not believe in adjusting his drag so what ever drag setting he has is what he fights with, his drag was a touch loose but it was an epic fight and a lot of fun to watch, and huge fun for him. He gave me a big bro hug when I netted it. Happy chap. It was the dry humping and pelvic thrusting like he was on a Beyonce video that showed just how excited he was. You know when a dog gets too excited and walks around pelvic thrusting,, that was him. We had big schools of Kings come rampaging through which was total chaos as they were hitting us and causing total chaos on the light gear, We were so relieved when they passed through although they kept coming back. Never thought I would curse Kingfish and wish they would bugger off. Biggest Rat I landed was 50cm, in all we landed over 10 Rats A great session and a good sign for the years first fishing trip. I am hopeless with photos, especially when Snapper fishing. It's hardly a relaxing method of fishing, is a lot of work and energy and I always forget to take photo's. Busy Busy Busy Oh, the fish are not in a slurry as I kicked the tap of the Esky and it knocked right off. They are on ice. Just for those that notice.
  20. fishing rose bay, new south wales

    hi all, i just moved to rose bay and i'm a keen fisherman. last Saturday i walked from my house to the ferry wharf and started to flick zman grubs, chasing bream and flathead. i spent a few hours there as the sun went down, i had a few bites but nothing landed. later an older man and his wife walked up beside me and started to fish. they had live yabbies and were pulling in fish after fish. i just wanted to ask you guys where i can either buy or pump yabbies around rose bay. im only on my L plates so i cant drive around the city very often. also where are some good spots around rose bay that have worked for you? im relatively new to fishing and i am excited to see what i can catch. any information will go along way. thanks guys.
  21. Painful success on Boat

    ... forgot tablets Headed out of botany bay with a friend's dad and friend on a boat just as it reached High tide, so we could fish the falling tide. We started fishing in between 50-60ms of water and got bites straight away with a paternoster rig and pilchards. Hooked onto something huge, but got dragged straight into rocks or something even on heavy gear, and it broke off. However, i didn't realise it and i ended up fishing with the rock as the sinker got caught in it for well over 3mins as the fast drift made it feel like it was still running, ended up fighting a rock for well over 3minutes haha (tiring work considering the drag setting on the heavy rod). Soon after the "fight with the rock", i started feeling it. Even without much swell and wind, i started feeling really sick... So we decided to fish closer to the cliff in about 8-20m water. After a while of torture and having thoughts of regretting fishing and just lying on the seat of the boat while it drifted, i got a large hit on the pilchard. Pulled it in, and happened to be my first legal snapper. Measured at 34cm so decided to keep it. Was stoked . Furthermore, my other rod got a hit on a peeled prawn drifting in the current, i pulled in my first ever dart also measured at 30cm However this short lived excitement ended for a while and i ended up berleying overboard twice . Decided to head back into botany bay and into Yarra bay, which was a lot calmer. However in the whole hr, only one small flathead which was released. and we decided to call it a day. Overall, one of my most painful fishing trips ever even though it was a success. By the time i took the picture, the snapper already lost its colours. Hope everyone else who had success today.
  22. Went for a session this morning on the Reds leaving all bait behind.. Morning started out good and moved around a fair bit.. Eventually found some good ground and landed a tonker snapper on a Fluro grub and the other two on inchiku jigs.. Good day out although the swell stood up a bit the southerly and made it a choppy mid morning.. PB snapper on plastics..
  23. Stanwell Today

    Went fishing off stanwell humps today. Swell to 1.5m with little wind made it quite comfortable. Fished around the humps for two snapper (35-40m) a blue moey and a large leather jacket which I kept for payback for all the tackle theyve cost me over the years. Good day out. Misses killed it at the ramp on both launch and retrieve. Bellambi Ramp can bring the best and worst out in people. Its funny how a boat full of grown men needs to be tied horizontally to a wharf while there owner returns while girls and women wait out in the harbour on there own with motors running waiting. Mmmmmm
  24. Rocks Session

    Hi Raiders, Finished work early and cashed in some hard earned marital currency to go fishing this afternoon. Arrived on scene an last hour of the run in tide. Good light and had the spot all to myself, gotta love winter! Had my trusty 12 foot rod and 5000 reel, 30lbs braid to 150cms 30lbs fluro. Then 3 way swivel to a star sinker and 1/0 suicide hook. Bait was ridiculously expensive servo pillies. For the first hour caught 8 just undersize squire. Didn't take photos, pretty keen to get them back in the water quickly and unharmed. Man those little fish pull hard! Just after tide change landed a tailor Kept this guy for the freezer. Next up a just undersized trevally, returned. Then rounded out the session with a couple of salmon, returned. All in all good fun, thanks for reading. Cheers, Luke
  25. Hey Guys. Was looking into snapper grounds around southern sydney and am thinking of lainching from bellambi to chase them. Has anyone got any spots or could PM me a couple of marks. I know JBAY well so perhaps could trade off a couple of spots. Any help would be appreciated. Also are people catching more or Bottom Ships and soft plastics than bait. If so techniques used for the plastics. Just off bottom?? etc