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Found 15 results

  1. Morning flatties before work

    I took the opportunity to take a quick morning fish before work at a little bay near work. I got there at 6am and the tide was a perfect low to allow me to wade out to cast SPs to the drop off from the flats. First cast, and very first flick of the SP, and I got a good hit. Second cast, another solid hit. Good signs. A few casts later, I pulled in a legal flattie. Shortly after followed by another slightly bigger one. Plenty of smaller flatties followed after that. I was constantly moving around the bay but at one point it was pretty much a flattie every cast. I've fished this spot before and it's normally a fun spot to fish flatties on SP. Plenty of action, and can normally end up with a feed of a few smaller flatties. Just as I was thinking that this spot only ever holds flatties up to 40cm, I get a damn good solid hit. Plenty of pull and lots of head shakes. I had waded out almost 100m to fish in thigh deep water. I knew I wanted to bring this one in, so it was a fun wade back to shore, fighting this one in all the way - good fun on light gear! Got it in - a good sized 50cm. I kept fishing and the fish kept coming, all undersized. By 7am, I'm thinking it's time to pack it in and get to work. Slowly make my way across the bay, casting and flicking as I return to my gear, when I get hit again. There wasn't much of a hit this time, and not much pull so I was thinking it was another smaller one. I get it in next to me, and it was another cracker flattie. Waded back in to shore again, and this one measured 53cm. Surprisingly virtually no fight compared to the 50cm version. Begrudgingly I called it a day (albeit a successful one) then. I wanted to keep fishing, but I also had to get to work on time. In the end, I went to work with a feed of 53cm, 50cm and 40cm flattie (the smaller one in the pic was let go). A very good start to a working friday! All fish were caught on 2.5in Zman Grubz in amber, 1/12th jighead.
  2. Have things changed

    Hi Raiders, Just wondering if the old timers and the more recent think there are more or less fish in the harbour over the last 5 years.
  3. Fishing Almanac

    Hi Raiders, Started fishing from my own boat last June 2016, so fairly new boat is up for 200 hr service. Kicked off with a session with no no no, and got some great pointers on where to target certain fish and bait. Since then I have noticed the charter boats moving around the harbour as the seasons change. I was wondering if there is a fishing almanac that tells me where and when to target different fish species in sydney (I launch from roseville) in particular bait like squid or slimmys and where best to use that bait. And do you raiders think keeping a fishing diary is worth while. Cheers billy
  4. Hi Fellow Raiders This Season I have set myself the goal of catching some bigger kings in Sydney Harbour. I am wanting to get a few over the magical 1metre mark if possible and know that from all I have read - using live squid as the bait is key. I have caught stacks of rat kings with the occasional legal one being hooked. Biggest has been 74cm. So Friday I went out for my first real targeted trip in Sydney Harbour to try and catch some squid then see if I could hook a King. I know that the season is early but have heard reports that there are kings around. After 2 1/2 hours of squidding we came up donuts! Not one touch. I have caught them on and off in small numbers in past years but want to master the dark art of catching squid this year so that I can get amongst the kings. Any tips would be appreciated :-) I fish out of a fairly new Renegade 420 Quintrex with 40hp Suzuki on the back that is all set up with live bait tank and have an electric motor on the front to help with moving around and spot locking when lure casting. Cheers The Rev
  5. Bad start turns good

    Hi Raiders, a couple of weeks ago, I dragged the tinny up from Canberra to revisit one of my old haunts, the Great Sydney Harbour, via Roseville Ramp.It was to be a family day with wife and two boys and everyone was pumped for a good day on the harbour. As Canberra is about a 2 hour trek to the coast, the boat had laid dormant for some time. So I had put on the trickle charger over night and thought she will be right. Got the boat into the water, but not off the trailer, and the engine wouldn't turnover. The battery was completely dead. Curses were uttered, kids began to mutiny. Eldest boy, the 12 year old, stomped off to fish from the shore. Shortly after he managed to land a nice whiting, a bream and a fledgling flattie. Evaluated options with get new battery the only realistic choice. So we called a Brookvale battery mob. I would be happy to pass on their details if anyone wants to PM me. Anyway, they came to the Roseville ramp, with a replacement, fitted it, tested it, and we were able to getaway without any bother. We all caught fish, with my youngest boy (9 years old) very pleased to boat a stonking flounder . The rest of the day was flatties, and smallish snapper. Anyway a great day on the harbour was had by all, after what looked to be a non starter. The message is that if you may charge your batter and think its fine, but it has to have enough charge to crank the engine. If like mine, it had sat in a garage for a long time, and was fairly old anyway, charging it may not be enough for it to crank the engine. So to be safe and sure,check and maintain your batteries well, particularly if your boat has been idle for some time. Tight Lines Dhutchy
  6. Hi Fishraiders My neighbor found himself in trouble this morning when paddling his ski about 100m around Dobroyd point and was wiped out by a rogue wave around 8.30 that washed his ski about 40 m away and heading towards the rocks. He was still in the break zone and along way from anywhere that he could get safely to shore. Gavin would very much like to thank an unnamed fellow ski paddler that dragged him out of the break zone and managed to flag down two fisho's named Mike and MIke who helped him aboard their boat and gave him a lift to shore. ;Good on you guys for keeping an eye out and helping someone in need. Then Today the young fella got his first Kingy. A 57 cm model that he saw come through a school of yellowtail and nail his strip of pichard. Not only did he get it on a bait rod and small hook with 10 pound line. He had his mates on board to see him prevail in the toughest fight of his life. His arms were sore and his smile was wide. There will be no stopping him now.
  7. Sydney Harbour - Bream And Trevally

    gday raiders today i headed out on sydney harbour for a fish got to drummoyne at 9:00am and headed for sow and pigs reef i arrived and there were a few boats fishing there i ended up with about 20 trevally ranging from 27-35cm i kept a few for a feed then i decided to troll north head for a salmon with some new xraps i had one red head and one aussie special colour out not even a hit for about a half hour so i gave up and fished just off the quarntine head i got a lot of undersized pinkies and some 30cm trevally and then left i headed to my last spot just near H.M.A.S head i arrived and got two nice 30cm bream and a nice 35cm treavlly and alot of 30-32cm trevally which were great fun on my light gear i then went to see the fisherman6784 at glebe and to give him some of my catch he got nothing there so i gave him a few fish it was a great day out and i had lots of fun on the trevs cheers sydneyfisher12
  8. Friday Harbour Session

    Took to the harbour early Friday morning. Got up a little later that intended so I headed straight for Clifton Gardens to get some yakkas for bait. There were plenty there although they were all a bit too big for my liking. I checked out wedding cakes with the sounder but there were no signs of the Kings I was looking for. I headed over to the sticks and there were a few fish on the sounder but nothing like a few weeks ago. Water temperature was close to 23 degrees. There was a breeze from the NE and it was about half way to the top of the tide. I have a Minn Kota I-Pilot so I just motor up to the position I want , which is generally 20 to 30 meters on the up current side of the marker and press the Spot Lock button. I love this feature. I like to make sure that my position is such that if I do burley ( which I don't when I am targeting kings) the trail heads straight at the marker. Its interesting how close to the structure fish are and I find if the burley trail misses the target is is much slower to have an impact. It was just on dawn. I rigged up a live yakka on 15Kg Rod spooled with 20Kg braid and a 30 Kg leader terminated in a extra strong Hoodlum live bait hook. I tossed it close to the markers and waited. ... and waited and waited. Nothing much happened so I tossed a 7 inch jerkshad at the marker ( about a hundred times in various colours and with various retrieves) with no response. I pulled the livey in and took another spin around the marker. The sounder showed a lot of fish but fairly close to the bottom, not big enough for kings and not where you would expect to see them in the water column. There were a few larger shapes amongst them so I got back to my original position, put a fresh yakka back out (thinking at he was a little too big for the hook) and dropped a piece of squid down on a bream hook. A this point I noticed the yakka was looking a bit panicky. I am sure you live baiters know what I mean, the rod tip starts moving erratically and constantly rather than the occasional relatively steady pull . Well, just at this point something crashes the surface off to my left a few seconds later bends over my 15kg rig. I have the drag set very high so the kingies cant take me by surprise and head back into the structure. At the same time this squid bait goes off and I go from 30 minutes of dead silence to a double hookup. I pick up the live bait rig and there is reasonable weight on it but its not a kingfish.... its staying too high in the water and just doesn't have the muscle. After a relatively short battle I lifted him in the boat. It was a 50cm tailor. He was caught in through the mouth and up through the eye socket but I thought he would be ok so I released him. Grabed the other rod it was undersized trevally. He went back in the drink. After having tailor smash my live baits for the next half hour I changed to a pilchard on ganged hooks, caught and released a few more and then they went off the bite. The trevs didn't get any bigger but I must have caught 20 or so of them. I was burleying by this stage and a rat king came up the burley trail so I threw the livey back out again and after about 10 minutes it went off. I didn't give him any chance to wrap me around the structure and quickly got him to the surface. He spat the yakka out at the last minute but I wasn't that fussed as this was a very undersized king. The wind and chop were increasing so I headed off and tried a few other more sheltered spots. Saw some dolphins off Georges Head. That was pretty cool. Only kept 1 tailor (because it was badly gill hooked and would have died) for a feed which I put into my smoker when I got home. Pretty much the only way to cook tailor as far as I am concerned as they are a pretty ordinary fish. When I filleted that tailor I could see the remains of the yakka in his stomach. It makes and interesting pic. Had a great day exploring the habour and catching a few fish but judging by the catch we are most definitely heading into Winter. Cheers Jim
  9. Swimming in Sydney Harbour

    Hi Fishraiders, I was wondering how the general Sydney fishing community felt about swimming in the harbour. I have been dioing it for 30 years or more ( mostly along the inner beaches on south head) but recently, I caught glimpse of a shark in the habour around sow and pigs reef and I am now getting a little paranoid. The statistic say that its very unlikely... more chance of dying in a car crash on the way to the harbour, not fatal attacks in 50 years... still... I am losing my confidence and I am beginning to hear the jaws music eveytime I take a dip! Many of you will have heard of the Bull Shark tagging program where more than 30 sharks are tagged and being tracked as they roam around Manly, the spit and up the river as far as Parramatta. Take a look at this map I wonder how many must be in the harbour becuse they can't have tagged them all. Could there be hundreds? It is clear that the fish life in the harbour has increased so I guess the shark numbers will follow and the risk will be increased. Let me know what you think
  10. Darling Point High Tide

    Hey guys! Going to Darling Point this Saturday night What do i need to know? I'm going with a mixed group. We've chosen Darling Point because some of them don't enjoy fishing so much, so we wanted something comfortable What's the most productive thing to do? I was planning on burleying up, trying to catch some yakkas, throwing a line out for Jews or anything else that bites. Whilst that's happening in the background, i'll be bottom bashing with possibly yabbies or squid on a 1m leader Any advice for the area? Any other suggestions?
  11. Went out in the boat on Sunday morning looking for Kings For various reasons, including birth of baby boy and a dislocated shoulder, this was only the second time I've been out this season. Got six or seven arrow squid in the tank by 7:30 and then went looking for Kings. Started with downrigging around the Spit. Spoke to some guys in yaks that had only caught a rat each so headed for the main harbour. Got a rat at the wedding cake under the noses of 3 other boats not turning a reel. Nothing at the other markers. Went to the carpark at Old Mans Hat and saw a client of charter boat bring a fish of about metre. Spoke to Greg (Dan and Greg) and he said he'd caught some but didn't elaborate. Saw another boat downrigging bring in a rat but otherwise quiet. Tried a few other spots before going back to the Spit for the last hour or so of the incoming. Got a couple of rats and one legal that went 72. Pulled the hooks on another that felt solid. All caught downrigging past EXACTLY the same spot each time. Using my hand as a thermometer the water seemed to be a couple of degrees warmer and nice a clear compared to only a couple of weeks ago when the water was cool and green and I couldn't find a King anywhere using exactly the same methods. Cheers KM
  12. Sydney Harbour 20/11/13

    Long day on the harbour started at sunrise collecting yakkas from balmoral then to sow and pigs. No luck either side of the tide change except for one kingy smashing a livey which I dropped..... :-( . Explored middle harbour and north head. Back to sow & pigs for the following low tide. Scored the 63cm flatty on a soft plastic. Then back to the pylons near the island at rose bay. Landed the 75cm kingy half hour after low tide about 6pm. Made the whole day worth it! PS water police came for the standard safety gear check at mid morning at sow & pigs
  13. Easter Saturday 30th 1-1-0

    Well I made the long trip down from Bathurst in the early hours of the morning to arrive at Rose Bay at about 5am. So we set the boat up and met a fellow raider at the ramp and had a bit of a yarn before we launched. We headed over to Balmoral to try and get some live's without any luck. So we got ready to head out through the heads. The sun was starting to get ready to break and was looking like a great day for it. As we headed out through the heads, we dropped our spread and started to troll due East toward the sun hiding under the horizon. I was trying out my new scent blazer skirts. There were a few birds flying around on the way out so we gave them a watchful eye as well. When we got about 4 mile out we headed south. the plan was to head south and then loop back in along the rocks and work our way back to south head, changing lures on the way along the rocks. we had been heading south for about half an hour and stopped to have a break and make some brekkie while we dropped some bait. After brekkie we started off again with the trolling. It wasn't long before we herd that sound..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz It was screaming, and we tried everything.. It took our smallest lure and rod. It did show us what it was all about.. it was a little Black marlin.. at a guess about 60 to 70 kg mark. we got some line back and then it was off again.. This time we couldn't stop it and we were spooled. The wind was starting to pick up and was getting a little ruff by now so we headed back along the rocks and into the harbour. we had a go around sow & pigs. It was then that we noticed we had lost a rod somewhere.. It was my little graphite SP rod..$380 worth GONE anyway we kept trying until just after lunch then headed back to the ramp as it was getting worse now with the wind as it picked up. We headed home and made it safe back home for dinner about 6pm. Overall had a great day apart from the 2 losses..
  14. Left Roseville ramp at 5am. Had at least 15 (arrow) squid in the tank by 7am. Water was still a bit murky and green so fluro jigs (mainly pink) were the go. Other boats weren’t having any problems catching them either. Hit the Harbour markers. First stop wedding cake. Lost two baits to the bottom somehow. Just couldn’t get the drift right. So moved onto the yellow marker. My mates girlfriend’s turn on the rod. Drop the bait and rod buckles over within seconds…. 5-10 minutes later we boated a lovely fat King. It was her 2nd time out on the boat and never caught a fish let alone a Kingfish. Went just under 90 cm but was very thick and fat weighing in at 7kg (according to my scales at least). Not bad for a first fish. Last time I heard she still had a silly grin on her face. Gear used 50lb braid, rod length of 50lb mono leader (bimini to slim beauty knot) with 80 FC trace and 7/0 circle hook. Sorry no pics for privacy reasons. First, last and only time I edited a photo I was banned for a month. Not sure if that applies to identity blurring ACA/TT style. Got a couple of rats and dropped a couple before it went quiet an hour before high. Used the rest of squid at few more spots but with no tidal movement all we could find were pickers. So we headed back and I was home by 10. Other boats we spoke to didn’t have any luck using yakka’s or frozen baits or lures. Nor it would seem could many boats snare any calamari squid at the usual harbour haunts. With the 9am high tide and southerly change due at midday I had a feeling it would be a good day if we could get out there by 7-7:30. I was right about the time and tide but not sure about the effect of the southerly change, at least not if you believe that a falling barometer (ahead of a change) triggers the fish. According to BOM, the Observatory Hill barometer readings started from a low of 1010 early in the morning and from then on just kept climbing steadily to as high as 1020 later that evening when the southerly was at full strength and we had storms all over the shop. I’m not suggesting the impending change doesn’t get them going but it’s obviously not detected by the barometer movements. Dave
  15. Fished the harbour land based at one of my regular spots east of the bridge. Not a ferry or plank of wood or jetty rat in sight too! (Its nice to find little spots that you're not always wondering if there's gonna be someone else fishing it already). A good high tide at dusk and had 2 week old vac frozen squid for bait. Interesting mixed bag and first flounder on squid. The whiting fought very well and measured 42cm. Both the whiting and flounder were caught on squid baited for jews (snelled rigs - size 5 octopus hooks). I was packing up and had a squid strip out under a float - hoping for a king. Instead of a king a 43cm bream smashed it. Didn't even realised I had hooked up until I went to reel in the float but then couldn't see it. A great mix of fish and all on squid. My recent jewies seem to be around the 55-65cm size. Do guys reckon some spots only hold this size? It has produced a couple around 70-80cm but these are rare. This one area I've fished only seem to have this size. Any thoughts guys? Do other spots consistently produce bigger jews? Still aiming for the single session of a land based jew and legal king quinella!