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Ray R

Avoca Beach Fishing

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Hi Raiders, I went down the the beach this morning, was freezing cold and my feet were numb

but it was a beautiful morning.

Only caught 1 little bream that I released, as the bite was almost dead I decided to grab a couple

of pics instead, the swell is up, a solid 6-8 feet of south swell hitting the middle bank, it looked


So that was my morning , tried hard for bream in the corner but not much there, maybe too cold

for their little fins as well..





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Great piccies Ray. :1clap::1clap:

That little peak looks very surfable- shame I am not a wax-head any longer-

Perfection at its best mate.

FANTASTIC photos as usual-

You really should be a photographer.

Qn- were you fishing the high tide???

I would have thought the Sambo's would have been out and about with some nice Green Backs.

Better luck next time but I have to say just being there would have given a grin from ear-to-ear.

Was taking to mercer007 Pete the other day- we are going to hit up round Saratoga/Davistown in the next couple of weeks for some LB action hope on the Bream and Jew- I got a couple of spots have produced for me in past- you are more than welcome to come along.

Will send you PM a few days prior

Chat soon

Edited by jewiehaven

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Great photos, Ray. What a crackin' time of day to be on the beach ... the colours in those pictures are terrific, mate! :thumbup:



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Nice Pics Mondo,

I remember the days (not that long ago) we would have been out there!!! It's amazing but those photos actually look bloody freezing. Anyway I'm amped for a snapper hunt. See ya 5am tomorrow, don't be late.

I got the coffee!!!


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