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Dispelling The Myths

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GDay all

We have been inundated with correspondence from members regarding the whole ‘Spot X’ saga, so it is time to dispel the myths and put it to bed once and for all. Fishing reports are a great way to gauge the potential of a prospective fishing location, so any information you share with members would be gratefully received.

Generally speaking, finding the fish and enjoying a hot bite is the culmination of research and observation on the day. Understandably, some people are reluctant to give you specifics of the location, and this should be accepted by the reader.

That said, a GENERAL description of the location is appreciated. The Site Administrators DO NOT expect you to provide landmarks or GPS co-ordinates (as suggested by some members), but the term ‘Spot X’ (Y, Z, whatever) draws harsh criticism from forum members.

In conclusion, authors of fishing reports must not refer to a location as ‘Spot X’, but it would be appreciated if a general area was mentioned. IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO DISCLOSE YOUR LOCATION. Furthermore, members are reminded that this information is provided by the author at their discretion, and any ‘badgering’ for specific information wont be tolerated.


Site Admin and Mod Team

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