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Gday All

New again to the site and recently back into boating after a couple of years away. Recently acquired a Seafarer Victory 5.9 1997 with johno 150 on the back. Awesome outfit, couldnt be happier after only 3 weeks :thumbup: Mainly be used around Wollongong/Shoalhaven area.

post-15549-042633000 1287459947_thumb.jpg

post-15549-041855200 1287460013_thumb.jpg

post-15549-091551000 1287460022_thumb.jpg

Hope to see you out on the water...Cheers

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Hi!....Mine is an oldy but a goody,

Not quite as nice looking as some I have seen, but hey it takes me where I want to go and I still catch fish in it.

4.5mtr 74 model DeHavilland Hull

74 model Evinrude 50hp

Lowrance Mark 5x Pro Fish Finder

Will be on the Clarence in Feb!


post-16846-051055200 1293403493_thumb.jpg

post-16846-052303100 1293403495_thumb.jpg

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Here's my Brooker 475 Freedom with 60hp Yamaha 4 stroke... I'm a happy boater!

Say hi if you see me on the water!

PS. the punching bag isn't actually on the boat.

PPS. If you see me at the ramp, give me room I'm still learning to reverse the trailer! :074:

post-12171-099815500 1295131159_thumb.jpg

post-12171-028946700 1295131186_thumb.jpg

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My new baby, all 2005 model, 42 hours on the clock, as new.

460 Ally Craft Bay Raider, Great hull and rides the swell very well, beautiful to fish out of, very stable. Sits on a Dunbier Trailer.

The 60hp Yamaha 4 Stroke on the back is amazing as well, it's so quiet, uses bugger all fuel and has heaps of power.

post-7089-008439700 1295579381_thumb.jpg

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Here's my girls, the missus driving our Quintrex 5.3mtr bowrider, 90 etec on the back. We like it, it takes us fishing and shoots the kids around on the tube.

post-17291-054209500 1297070454_thumb.jpg

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Here's my new purchase, a 5.3m Quintrex Freedomsport Bowrider with a 115hp 2-stroke Yamaha. A bit bigger than what I set out to get, but we all know size matters! Has now been christened for fishing and tubing, hope to get a bit more use out of it before the kids soccer season kicks in. I also need the practice at getting the bloody thing back on the trailer by myself. Nightmare!

post-10327-045547900 1298891136_thumb.jpg

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Recently purchased a Caribbean Reef Runner, piccies can be found here https://picasaweb.go...nerJanuary2011#

post-256-096549400 1300102792_thumb.jpg



Hard top & Rocket Launchers


Clears & storm cover

Easytow Trailer

Boarding platform & ladder


Suzuki DF175 4 stroke

Garmin GPS750S & NMEA2000 harness (no dash gauges required)

Me & Posty

27meg & VHF radios

Johnson Deckwash & bait pump

Rod Holders

Micks Anchor Winch

Still to come

Trim Tabs - to compensate for wind list while travelling

Reelax Reef Rigger bases & 5M poles

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Hello all,

Byron has asked that I place this post in here on his behalf. It is a duplicate of an existing post.


This is my jew boat. It's a 15 1/2 foot Sea Hunter side console made by the Mayfair Plant in Queensland. When my boat was manufactured Mayfairs also made boats under the name of Stessyl and Clarke having taken these companies over in the late nineties. In approx 2002 Mayfairs ended the boat manufacturing side of their operations to concentrate on making trailers namely the well known Tinker and Redco brands.

post-3198-019835800 1306151540_thumb.jpg

post-3198-010582500 1306151562_thumb.jpg

post-3198-094812300 1306151584_thumb.jpg

post-3198-054234500 1306151610_thumb.jpg

I have owned over 20 boats in my time and I must say this is the best boat I have ever fished in, it has three swivel chairs i.e. two in the stern area and one in the bow area- with a 70 litre ice box located longwise hard up against the rear of the side console unit provides a seat for a 4th person. This boat virtually has three separate fishing areas and fishes three quite comfortably and having the small side console makes it very roomy for a boat of it's size and it has a well designed carefully thought out set up with heaps of modification work done for a song by my good friend Geoff aka Geoff on Fishraider. :thumbup: thank you Geoff your advise and involvement in the work makes this boat a fabulous boat :thumbup: , a boat that nobody would ever want to part with.

24 volt - 82lb thrust Motorguide Electric Motor (electric motor, twin deep cycle batteries and charger installed by Geoff - Brackets to support the electric motor were designed and made by Gary Brickman of Seriously Stainless to save cutting the bow rail :-

post-3198-089494200 1306151626_thumb.jpg

As many of you may know Geoff and I are senior members of Fishraider and we could do with an offsider or two to help us with launch and retrieve and hopefully add to the jewfish catch either in Botany Bay, the Georges or in the Hawkesbury. In my case I am awaiting hip replacement surgery so I will need as much help that I can get to get my boat out on the water as often as I would like to.

I live in the Cambelltown area and Geoff lives in the Auburn area. I am going to put up post sometime in the near future so that I can make up a list of members with good boating experience who would like to try and get onto a jewfish or two. The ideal situation would be to start off from Campbelltown and launch at Brooklyn until I have my hip joint replacement surgery. Any member, who would like to make up the third man and in some instances the fourth man in my boat, please contact me by pm or call me on my mobile on 0413210048. My best friend George aka Cungeee George on Fishraider will be fishing with us on some sessions particularly when overnighters are necessary.

The photo below is a random photo and shows that jewfish do exist if you put the time in.

post-3198-067695600 1306151651_thumb.jpg

Photo taken after a Tom Ugly's bridge session a few years ago with my grandson littlejewgaffer when my back was ok before I was involved in a boating collision at Ballina.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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post-17030-055076900 1337511948_thumb.jpgpost-17030-009364900 1337512084_thumb.jpgpost-17030-062256000 1337512337_thumb.jpgpost-17030-077929400 1318762994_thumb.jpgwell this is my old girl not pretty but nor am i the boat is almost as old as the house and me it's an old Quintrex fishabout mk2 with a 1984 Johnson Seahorse 35hp Edited by bignev

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Hi all

Boat name / call sign is " plumb"

Boat is a white with black cox craft reef runner 5.5 115hp

VHF 16 and 17

Usually fishing off cronulla / stanwell but slowly getting the knowledge to head further out in search of tuna. I fish botany bay when the kids are on board

Cheers Luke7cab38d8-85fc-ab90.jpg

Edited by Plumb

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Guest twitchie

my ride great estuary boat this is the pup there is another one as well only used for trips up north a 435 hornet trophy with 50 four stroke

post-20702-012468300 1321962723_thumb.jpg

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Hi all,

I am new to the forum and getting back into fishing. I guess you could say I am new to boating and fishing.

Here's a pic of my first boat I bought a couple of months ago.

I will be trolling this forum to see whereabouts I should be fishing in my boat and what bait and rigs I should be using.

Since buying the boat I have added LED lighting and 2 extra seats in the back.

post-21241-034623400 1324335800_thumb.jpg

post-21241-058808300 1324335805_thumb.jpg

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This is my pride and joy. 1994 Haines Signature 600BR, 175hp Mariner Magnum V6 2.5L EFI 2-stroke.

Comfortably fits 7-8 adults and does well fishing outside considering it has a flat bottom hull. Top speed at the moment is 53mph.

post-16729-073914700 1327808402_thumb.jpg

post-16729-022825100 1327808411_thumb.jpg

post-16729-065151700 1327808310_thumb.jpg

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