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A bit of background before the pics......

I built this boat myself during Jan/Feb 2004. The plans were obtained from these guys... www.bataeu2.com ...located in the states. They sell all sorts of plans and have a great forum for builders to swap ideas and get support. :thumbup:

The boat is a GV13, they call it a 'garvey'

She is all of 4m long with a beam of just under 1.6m and a shallow draft of about 150mm. I put her on the scales as a bare hull soon after construction for a mere 135kg!

The hull is 6mm with the seats/bulkheads/transom 9mm marine ply. There is also some solid timber bits....western red cedar and maple. All this is put together using epoxy resin and the "stitch and glue" technique. All the seams are biaxil firbreglass taped and the exterier hull is covered in biaxil fabric. This boat is very strong. The paint is marine polyeurathene and wears very well indeed and is easy to touch up.

I used the plans to obtain the hull shape but I modifided the all interier and bow/gunnel finishings to suit my needs. I also made sure the boat had plenty of positive floatation in all the right areas.

The hull is rated up to 25hp but I run a 15hp Suzuki injeected 2st. With myself and a small gf and gear It does just on 20kts off the sounder. This suits me fine though as funds allow I will grab me a 20hp honda 4st... I love the quiet life you see. :biggrin2:

The boat handles very well and is stable enough to easly walk around on the seats to cast.

Some pics......




She is called "Annie B #5" and I love her so.


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Here is my new toy. One for the family. Stacer 4.6 Sunmaster, all the goodies Hummingbird sounder, live bait tank, 50 E-TEC. Very happy. Taken it out on 3 sePerate outings and done heaps of running, used 19 bucks in fuel so far. These motors are good. Great boat. Thanks Huett Marine nice work.


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Here is The Black Pig. Fat and ugly like it's owner. It's an ex Navy 31' Noosa Cat with twin Volvo Penta 200hp. Plenty of fishing space and a big cabin to sit in out of the rain. Basically we just love it !


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Well here she is.. the "Shimano" its my other brothers boat, but I am fixing it up slowly and we are going to share it.. I can use it whenever I wish... which suits my wallet better at the moment :biggrin2:



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