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"jewfish Adventures"

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Sorry this is very long but I hope you enjoy reading!

With much skilled gained from reading the forums and knowledge and advise gained by asking professionals like jewgaffer etc I thought it’s finally time to try for a Jew as I have only ever caught one at 48cms while targeting bream on 6lb…. :1fishing1:

During the last month or so I have targeted the Jew 5 times with great success catching 6 jewfish.

Usually I go fishing with mates at drummoyne.To waste abit of time catching throw back bream and whiting etc .But this time my mates say to me “hey sami,lets go somewhere where we can catch fish”


So off we go to Balmain…we got there and my mates are getting into small tailor then upon further inspection I notice lots of squid in the water and we quickly chop or rigs and put some squid $2 squid jigs on.

Cast after cast after cast and NOTHINGGGG.not even interested.So I put a small soft plastic on and there going for it…what to dooo??? No solution

So we head home empty handed again…. :mad3:

TRIP 2 20/12/09

Wasn’t really a fishing trip but more of a bbq near the water. So before I leave I grab my brothers beach rod and a small rod for squidding and I also grab a small wooden squid jig my dad brought from the markets for $2. Get to drummoyne and one of my mates goes “hey sami,lets go squiding by the time they get the bbq going” “okay no worries” I say.

So off to balmian we drive and my mate takes out a Yo Zuri squid jig he just purchased for $27… so first cast and my mate lands a squid…me”oh great I’m not going to catch sh*%#$T” :1badmood:

After I rig mine up first cast and I’m onto one...Second cast and I’m on again. So after about 30mins after much tangles and snags lol I ended up with 5 and my mates only 1.

Then the boys call me saying “if use want to eat COME NOW” so where off the drummoyne.finish eating and we cast out for a “jewie” then the waiting game begins……..well not for long my mate decides to pull his rod in after 5 mins…..and again…..and again….and…again… so now his lost 4 squid while I still got mine out there.

Then I notice some quick taps and a grab the rod and strike and pull this beast in……hold on its gone…no its still there...It’s a massive flathead about a meter…BOYS GET THE NET……………………….WHAT NET? Ohhh Sh*&$t and you guessed it 35lb line gone PINNGGGG……

TRIP 3 27/12/09

“hey sami,lets go catch squid and go for jewies” okay no worries.

We get to balmian and my mate catches the first squid on the first cast again. And I follow him with my first and so on till we had 9 in the bucket. I caught 8 of them and now my mates curious”what’s that jig you’re using?” So now the time is 11.30pm and the boys really want to fish. So off we go to drummoyne.we get there and there are 20 people on the wharf. Let’s go chiswick….another 20 people. So I quickly say follow me to a spot in gladesville.we get there and we a greeted by a great gentleman fishing for jewies.so we set up and we cast and the waiting game starts again…….NOT FOR LONG….my mates decides to pull his in after 5 mins :@ and continued doing so after losing 5 squid and getting snagged he finally gives up…I get a attack on my rod so I go to pick it up and fight the fish for about 2secs then PING………..35lb line snaps about 6inches above the hooks. So I ask the gentleman next to me what pound leader he is using and he says 80lb?????????? :1yikes: Jesus crist where am I going to get 80lb from. So I go to my tackle bag to have a look and found nothing but noticed some line on the ground with hooks. It looked about 50lb and was about 1.2m with hooks still attach…Hmmm so I quickly retie the hooks and rig it and cast out one of the 4 remaining squid. So mine is in there for about an hour now and I get up to check my bait and I noticed abit of weight “oh great seaweed” bring it in and there’s a little jewfish on it..it measured 43cms so back in he went. Cast out again and continue the waiting game. Then 2 of my mates say “this is sh*t where going” then about an hour later my rod bends all the way down and I’m into a good fish…boys grab the net get ready. I fight the fish for about 5 mins and we net a nice healthy looking jewie. Measuring 60cm..this was at 1.06am I quickly rig up another squid and give my last squid to the kind gentleman next to me and we both cast out. Then at 1.20am my rod is doing the exact same thing…5mins into the fight we net another jewie measuring 61cm….and let me tell you I didn’t expect these fish to pull that hard, I was honestly expecting them to be bigger. But now we have no more bait so we head home happy after teasing my mates that left earlier on lol… :biggrin2:

TRIP 4 29/12/09

Again we bored at home…friend call me “what you doing tonight” I reply “nothing…want to go fishing?”

Before you know it there at my house waiting quickly grab the gear and were off.

Get to balmian to catch squid and what do you know it, I only get 4 but it’s still good enough. Get to our spot unpack and cast in. Put a small squid on a 9ft rod and the bigger one on my brothers 12ft…wait…wait and the 9ft goes off quickly reel it in and it’s a nice bream. Then I pull mine in after I noticed lots of little taps from peckers.change the squid…recast and wait….it’s now 1.35am and before you know it the rod is going off and I quickly grab it and fought the fish as it got in closer I say “Boys grab the net”……………”WHAT NET” :ranting2: so I quickly launched the fish to the side and bring him in..He measured 65cm and was nice and healthy…so now with one big squid I cut it into strips waited 30mins and packed up and left for home.

TRIP 5 6/01/10

My cousin and I decide to go out as he wants to get into jewies.

We did the usual balmian stop and this time we get 7 squid and were off. We get to our spot and we both cast in. An hour passes by and now its 12.45am and we got nothing. So we both decide to change bait and cast back out. As we reel in we both feel weight as it comes close were both hooked onto stupid catfish...new bait and cast straight in. I tell my cousin just wait until 1.30am and I bet we will get something..now time passes and its 1.40am and the sound we love hearing goes off ZzZzZzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my cousin is into what seems like a big fish…and this fish was pulling hard on a 7wrap snider glass rod with a Daiwa Emcast real on some heavily set drag. And as it comes closer it spits the hooks and we are left speechless……then 10mins later my rod goes off but nothing compared to the fish we just lost, I fought the fish and brought him in. He measured 67cm and was one of the fattest jewfish I have ever seen….we cast out again but didn’t wait to long and we left for home...Again very happy anglers :1prop:

TRIP 6 8/01/10

My other cousin says let go for jewfish. I say yes lets go. We go to get squid and end up with only 3.So were off the try to catch some jewfish. So we get there and the place is filthy I was honestly so disgusted .so a quick clean up and we rig up, cast in and wait…………..10mins later my cousin is onto his first jewfish and we bring it up and it measured 46cm..Not bad for a first. Mine is still sitting untouched after an hour.

Then In the middle of the water as we are just looking and waiting. A massive splash out of nowhere…I look at my cousin, my cousin looks at me, we look at the guys next to us, they look at us………..”WHAT THE FU*^&$K WAS THAT” I mean the splash this thing did was as big as a splash someone would do doing a belly buster in a pool. It was unbelievable. What would use think it was? I was thinking a dolphin……… in gladesville…. :S maybe a bullshark I don’t want to think it was a jewie because it would have to be 1 big jewfish. So after that we didn’t get no bites and we off to home.

Now I hope you all enjoyed reading this story/report sorry I made it so long.

Just like to add the gear I was using. a 12ft shimano rex hunt special with a okuma baitrunner loaded with 30lb line. Just a cheap combo. The hooks I was using are gamakatsu 6/0s. My hook up rate is 5/5 besides the snapping line.

And again I thank everybody on the forums. Without the forums I would still be a trying to catch one doing all the wrong things.

Now I wish I have motivated the young ones the way I have been motivated and wish use all get out there and try to get into them. They are really on the bite at the moment.

Cheers Sami

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mate you've been on some fishin trips and congrats to your success

bet the jews taste even sweeter :thumbup:

ps i read the whole post well done


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Great reading. I wish I could get out as often as that.

I went to the Balmain East wharf on friday night for 2 squid, then back again on Sat night for zilch. I was there for about 5 hours!!

I suspect that thing you saw jumping may have been a ray. They tend to jump clear of the water to get the parasites off them (so I'm told), but I've only seen it happen offshore.

Two Blues

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Great reading. I wish I could get out as often as that.

I went to the Balmain East wharf on friday night for 2 squid, then back again on Sat night for zilch. I was there for about 5 hours!!

I suspect that thing you saw jumping may have been a ray. They tend to jump clear of the water to get the parasites off them (so I'm told), but I've only seen it happen offshore.

Two Blues

balmian east wharf has gone too quiet lately and thats why i havnt been going for them since the last time.

pretty wierd about that jumping thing...could have been anything

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