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Callala bay please help needed

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Hi all

I am planning a trip to Callala bay down the south coast for the first time with the family and would really love some tips with fishing the area.

I plan on taking the kayak but will also like some land base options as i will be taking my wife, sister and my 8 year old nephew for a few hours fishing a day.

For the nephew anywhere you can let me know of that will get him onto a few fish to keep him interested would be great.

if anyone can tell me if Callala bay is suited to paddling around on the kayak to chase a few flatty and whiting also would be a great help

just read an article on a large mystry fish kill in the area where thousands of fish were killed and washed up on the shore, does anyone know if mystry was resovled and if the fish are safe to eat in the bay

any help would be greatly appreciated



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Mate, Take the family to the wharf about high tide,

set your rod with a small running sinker and a long shank hook

cast out with a prawn and you will get into the weed whiting. Also you will see giant rays cruising past

and heaps of ribbon weed which there is plenty of squid. ENJOY great part of the world.

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Callala Bay is perfect for what you are proposing - as long as the wind is not blowing too hard as it can get rough - in saying that there is always a headland or bay to shelter around.

Lots of flathead and whiting in the shallows and your kayak is perfect for that.

Also agree teh wharf is teh place to catch some fish and keep the family entertained.

Mystery kill was a while ago and due to a toxic algae outbreak - fish are safe to eat.



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Hey mate there is a rock to ur right of the warf I use to fish there when I was a kid so I guess it's Pritty safe if ur there with him i cant remember if u can fish there at high tide though check it out we use to catch reef whiting bream and port Jackson sharks and I heard sometimes they get morwong there. Around the moored boats we have caught a blue whiting locals down there say they are common and also if ur in ur kiyak about 100 meters straight out from the wharf there is a little reef we have caught bream and legal snapper there and be prepared for the smell near the wharf as there is usually washed up weed along the bay at certain times of the year and it stinks real bad anyways good luck

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Great place to fish. take the kayak around to Myola (not far away) and fish the river. Some very good flathead in there. One thing to be careful of are the marine sanctuary zones all over the area. Lots of maps around the place to show you where you can fish.

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