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Avoca Beach

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G day Raiders,

We decided to go fishing at Avoca this morning and so we did! We Arrived at Avoca beach around 7am and the swell was not looking good at all as we walked down the ledge the finaly got to the spinning ledge and it did not look good at all with the swell comming up and waves going on the ledge it was all going bad! So then we said to stay at the first corner untill the sea's calmed down and maybe catch some Blackfish there as I was fishing I saw Ray! :thumbup: and it was good to see Ray again it has been a long time no see! so then as we started berlying up hard the swell just kept on getting bigger and bigger! a few hours past Nada then Ray went home. As the swell started to calm down we had lunch then went to the spinning ledge my favourate ledge! I started berlying hard but no fish. I berlyed hard again and noticed a saw Baby Blackfish down deep :thumbup: A very good sign! then Ray come back for another fish! :thumbup: he check the ledge then moved to another spot or about half a hour during that time the Trevally to going CRAZY but we couldnt catch any in our berly trail, then Ray came by to see if we got anything I berlyed again and a wave came up then down deep was a few blackfish down deep I got exited and started changing my bait and as a turned around Ray was on! We were going crazy!!! And finaly popped up a Blackfish FINALY!! Since that Ray I so Very Kind and Generost he gave it to us :biggrin2: I started berlying then Ray was on again!! a few mins later came up a good sized Blackfish I got so exited! And Ray was catching them all! I tried and tried to catch one then Ray I on AGAIN!!! I could see in the fight that it was BIG Ray took his time and played with the fish then..... :1yikes: I was shocked how big and Fat this Blackfish was strait away on the brag mat and I couldnt believe my eyes 43cm!!!! :D It was the biggest Blackfish I have ever seen! A hours past and my Dad caught 2 and I 0 but still at the end of the day Ray gave the Blackfish he caught to us and plus my dads Blackfish all up was 5 Fat Healthy Black fish!

I'd Like to say thankyou to Ray for your Genorosity of giving your Blackfish! :biggrinthumb::thumbup:

Enjoy the pics!

post-10205-030527800 1318677234_thumb.jpg

Sorry that its upside down no shadows

The pics are too big but there will be more pics of this sesh soon!

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Well done Team Bangus,

Sounds like after all the bad conditions you managed a few, way to hang in there.

As always Ray way to go mate, your Generousity is much appreciated by all!!!! wheather it be in sharing your Knowledge or your catch needless to say your a Top Bloke:thumbup:

I look forward to heading up your way in the coming weeks and hopefully I get a chance to say G'day.

Team Bangus, I look forward to seeing a few more reports from your end as the weather warms up, I am just about ready to start getting back into fishing so who knows I might put up a few myself time will tell,



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He guys, yeah that was a fun arvo, Hey Robin you should reduce the file size of the other pics and put them up too.. :thumbup:

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