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Hi all,

I'm looking at trying some Game/Bill fishing and just purchased a new game fishing outfit. After reading many FR posts, I decided on a Tyrnos 50LRS matched to a TCurve Revolution Offshore 24kg SU troll. I decided on this outfit due to the cost factor, if I had unlimited funds it would have been the Tiagra with a custom rod. I also decided on Momoi Hi-Catch mono line as it seems to be the going line with FR gamefishos. My question is if I get 24kg line spooled on the reel I can get about 600-650m on it and if I get 37kg line it drops down to about 500m according to my tackle shop.

Now what's more important for a beginner game/bill fisher, extra length or strength????

I already have a Tyrnos 30 on a 15kg Shimano Backbone Elite with 24kg Platypus lo-stretch on it(probably overkill for the outfit) which I will also try and use when trolling.



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Hi, Mate is your fishing going to be predominately in Sydney chasing fish,if this is the case i would stick to 24kg as it will be sufficicient. If you were chasing Bluetooth Tuna you may be required to use the higher 37kg down South. And yes the 150m will be handy, Breakages etc .


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Tyrnos 50LRS matched to a TCurve Revolution Offshore 24kg SU troll

I think you have picked a great rod. I just bought three for fishing the Sea of Cortez, which we do every year. We got sick of lugging a rod tube through airports. I haven't given them a workout yet, but I'm very happy with what I'm seeing so far, and Ian Miller knows a thing or two about designing rods. And you can't beat the price.

Not so sure about the Tyrnos 50. I don't like wide reels much - I'd prefer to get a Tyrnos 20 and load up with 65lb (30Kg) Spectra Braid. It's more expensive but it really lasts forever and you get both length and strength. I'm still happily using some that is over 12 years old. On a rig like yours I run it with a 20ft wind-on leader of 80lb (37Kg) Fluoro. I have also run it with about 50+ metres of mono topshot, but I'm moving to the "all braid" approach to see how that works out.

Braid isn't for everyone. If you go with Braid, the downsides are:

1) Never, ever get an over-run - they are really, really hard to get out.

2) Be much more careful - this stuff can cut off a finger without any trouble.

And, realize there is no stretch, and fish accordingly.

Now, the most important thing - what drag are you going to put on the reel? With that rod, I'd set it at around 16lb (7Kg to 7.5Kg). That should work for most fish around Sydney, and your rod and reel should both be able to handle that.

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G'day mate,

24kg plenty and the extra Line is of huge importance. Even a small stripe can take 400m before you blink let alone a biger marlin. I've been down to my last 100 m on ma y occasions and I ha e well over 800m on my outfits.

Never fished braid on these reels but if others have give it a go. I'd probably get my fingers sliced off I I ran it on an over head. I fish braid only on my stellas for trolling. V effective as you get loads of line.

Good luck and tight lines

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