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Sydney and Botany Bay Water Police - put these numbers in your phone

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On 25/10/2017 at 10:13 AM, TheFoosh said:

 Thank god. Sick of seeing idiots blatently ignoring posted signs and putting the safety of others at risk.


A number of persons have been raising PWC concerns with me of late at various events and when interacting at the boat ramps. As always, this summer Maritime and the NSW Police will be patrolling our waterways, but as with everything they cannot be everywhere at once. If you are experiencing problems with the minority of PWC users who conducted irregular riding and poor behaviour contrary to the rules, please make a note of the registration, call  13 12 36 and press 1 for PWC complaints. It’s vital that the members of the public or clubs report these issues as the information collected aids in the tasking of resources into areas that see a high volume of poor behaviour. At the end of the day the public are the eyes and ears of the water ways and the information provided helps. 

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