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Simple Deep Fried Bream

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Hi Raiders,

Thought I'd share with you tonight's dinner recipe. Bream for me has been tough, I really don't enjoy eating them whole, they're OK baked and I know a lot of people love them but it's not really for us. Managing the bones with toddlers is also impossible.

So I filleted them tonight but left the skins ON. Now normally I don't like skin, but fresh bream skin is pretty much flavourless to me. There ain't much meat on Bream either so removing the skin is out.

I don't own a deep fryer, but a small (say 18cm) pot with about 750ml of olive oil will do the trick. Expensive I know but it's worth it, I get 4 litres of good olive oil for $22 so this works out to be about $4. All I did was pat dry the raw fillets, add salt, pepper and sumac and then rubbed some rice flour over both sides while on the plate. Cooks in about 1 minute (I did two batches), this was 6 filleted bream.

While the oil was out I deep fried a couple of zucchinis (before the fish) and then quickly deep some potatoes (that were boiled).

Absolutely delicious! You can pick the skin off after it cools a little (I didn't bother).


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Cool will give this a try i normally catch and release bream and catch allot around that 40cm mark just haven't found a nice way to eat tgem lkl

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Pretty much same way I cook frozen fish from coles/woolies deli. Yours would taste better though being fresh ;)

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