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Terrigal Skillion 2/05/16

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G'day raiders!

Went for a flick of the stones this morning as I havent had a chance for about 6 months now and had reports of pelagics still schooling up in strong numbers along the coast.

Arrived at the spot around 8am after a sleep in and set up two nine foot rods. One heavy for kings and the other for the smaller stuff.

First cast trying some new plastics from Samaki I hooked up to what seemed like a very dirty fighting salmon but as the fight went on I was starting to think Kingy.

After the mystery fish rocked me and I free spooled him out (twice) it seemed pretty much beat so I put some curry into it and up came a little rat King...beauty that's a good start!

Things went a bit quiet for about 20 minutes before I noticed a school of frigate about 150 metres out cruising towarda the shelf. I sprinted back to tie on a small 5g metal and was soon rewarded with a small frigate.

The wind picked up and I was looking for some dinner so decided to give squidding a go. I used a small yamashita in the pink back colour and proceeded to pull 5 good sized calamari just in time for lunch.

Sorry no pic. of calamari or frigate...you all know what they look like!



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Nice work mate

Good to see the pelagics are still at the skillion

They aren't coming into the haven anymore

Were you squdding at the skillion as well, I find it too rough to fish there?

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Thanks guys,

Sam- it was right out the front of the skillion. It's very calm there this week, the swell is under 1m and the wind is blowing at your back and very lightly at times.

As for the pelagics, I definitely don't mind if they stay around a little longer! [emoji1]

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