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Offshore today

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Finally broke the curse of the season and got a little Striped on Sunday in the shoalhaven comp. Only a small fish around 50-55kg so he received a tag and was sent on his way.

Short fight on 15kg of only about 20 mins. Saved his energy to give us a hiding at the side of the boat and add a few battle scars

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Not quite today but Sunday 23 April - offshore Batemans Bay.

A very quiet day without turning a reel. Dodged the occasional shower whilst doing laps of the canyons like 2 others as well. Bird life virtually not existent and pretty well nil as far as baitfish was concerned. Water temps fluctuated between 23-25.  

Back at the ramp everyone else was saying the same which made us feel a bit better knowing we weren't alone!

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Went wide today, weather odd to say the least. Noticed a bit or lightning to sea on the way to the boat. Harbour had a light.souwester on it. Went through the heads around 4am and was hit bit a rather sloppy se swell. Wind got stronger straight southerly up around 20kn and pissin rain. Stopped for a while at the nine.mile to rethink but continued on didnt get any better, but lightning hitting the water in our intended area was a bit unnerving and some strikes to close for comfort. Tons of sauries followed the boat light, many bouncing of the side of the boat lol, Love the way they appear and their blue colour. Water temps at 23.7 and the current is raging south at 3.5kn. Amazing thing was no life except a huge school of dollies easy 15-20kg swimming with the boat. We threw everything at them, no takers. Tried to freegaff but just out of reach lol

 Rain died, wind died and by daybreak we had passed through it and were way over the shelf. Swell had dropped to almost glass. Couldnt find what we came for so came home.

 Heres a last late shot of the tail end of the school.


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Gday all , went wide today for a drop a Browns. Anyway cut a long story short , no fin around. 

 Virtually a handful of boats around, gues they all got scared off by the various weather reports lol. Left the heads at 5, to pitch black and what seemed two swells coming at us the main seemed se which was easy 2M at times. Bit of wind around had 10Kn of westerley early and it stayed with us the day changed fo sw out wide. By 11 wind had died. Not a great deal of current out wide . 8-1kn dead south. Inside 200M current is everywhere at a knot, then drops inside the 12 and got worse as did the wind closer to shore.

 Radio very quiet although someone was yakkin about a dead whale off Broken Bay with a few good Noahs on it. Speaking of whales saw around 20 today all inside 80M coming home.

 No reports of fin anywhere.

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