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smoked tailor with vegetables

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3 tailor filleted, skin and scales on

4 medium potatoes thick sliced


carrots x 3

1 whole garlic



Use ice slurry on boat as brine by adding fillets and then a handful of sugar over fillets. Leave 4+ hours.

slice potatoes thickly, add to oven bag with smashed garlic, dried herbs and seasoning. Place in oven and cook.

while potatoes cooking, remove fillets, pat dry paper towel then leave covers in fridge for one hour+.

after potatoes are cooked, remove, add fillets and smoke until cooked (time depends on heat but 200degrees will take about 9 minutes). Use indirect heat.

while fish is cooking add broccolini and carrots to direct heat.

serve hot and enjoy!!



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Wow, a very comprehensive report there Luke. Long time back a mate used to smoke Tailor (oak shavings) we had caught and I reckon they come up pretty good, done that way. Thanks for sharing the info mate. BN

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I just smoked a couple of tailor myself

same same fillet leave scales and skin on

brined in 2 tablespoons salt 1 tablespoon brown sugar 600ml water

drain dry and smoked in fish smoker with the metho pot underneath 

bluegum saw dust inside the box under the fish rack

took some to work to share with the boys now one of them is buying a smoker for himself

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@Houdini nice 👍.


If your colleague HS a gas burner BBQ with a hood where he can turn some of the elements off it might be cheaper and easier to use that instead. Just need some untreated smoking wood chips that's it.

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