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Headed away last weekend to try to track down some cod. I usually prefer to go in the warmer months but was really keen to explore a new area despite the cooler weather.  

It was cold and we started fishing just after dawn with surface lures, then our trusty spinnerbaits, fished downstream a few km's from our packrafts without a hit, switched to big and small spinnerbaits and then the same in divers along the way and kept methodically plugging away as the day warmed up nicely.  By mid afternoon it was time to start heading back and we'd had just one very non commital tap from what I suspect was a small carp or golden pecking at the blades.

On the way back we passed a couple of locals walking the bank and fishing the way we came, we were surprised to hear they had managed a couple of small Cod in a short time on chatterbait style lures. So we switched to something similar and my mate managed a 53cm cod within half an hour before following up with another smaller model. No more fish in the next couple of holes, so we swapped back to surface arriving back at camp an hour after dark.

We packed up the next morning and decided to check out some other possible spots for future trips, I was encouraged to have a few casts from the shore and as luck would have it I was onto a nice 52cm Cod within 5 or so casts. With some renewed confidence I spotted an accumulation of fallen timber downstream and made my way down to it, hooking another within a short time, I could feel the line in the timber but I went hard and managed to get him out and then over a few final sub surface logs. 

A good trip turned into a great trip with a few fish and some good recon for further exploration.








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Good on ya mate, persistence surely pays off. Cod are such a beautiful fish, and you've captured the scenery quite nicely too!



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Great report Lizardboy. Persistence pays off when Cod fishing, eh? The beautiful countryside along the rivers is a bonus. Chatterbaits are always a good bet when the water isn't too deep as they retrieve fairly high in the water column. Nice photos captured the environment really well too. Good luck next time you head out after the Cod. Cheers, BN

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Awesome work mate!!! Quality Fish!

Hopefully getting away this weekend to do the same thing.


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