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What did I see?

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Hi guys,

I am not a Game Fisherman myself but I saw something and my mate tells me I am dreaming. I was fishing for Snapper in 30m of water off the Sea Cliff bridge. Was getting my bait stolen and was getting upset. Saw a big work up of Gannets so i edged over being respectful and I got pretty close. I threw out two 1 ounce jig heads with bait on them (Squid Tentacles). Let them sink for 10sec and then POP POP they were both gone, line cut. They were cut at pretty much the same time. Then i re-rigged and looked down and their was a Mako about 1.2 - 1.5. We have caught one before at the same spot on light gear so I thought I would try. jig Jig and pop I saw him come and he cut the line. 

Then. I sent down a flasher rig for snapper. On retrieve I wound in super fast to avoid the wee Mako. Water was crystal clear and I saw two fish following it up. One was another Mako, bit bigger and the other turned near the surface and I saw it's tail with the distinctive yellow spikes coming off it. It was a decent size about 80cm - 1m hard to say as i mainly saw it's tail. I tried to quickly retrieve the flasher rig again but the Mako followed again. I only had soft plastic rods with me and I thought I would be wasting my time. So I left to avoid the Mako's. I don't like catching them as think they are too beautiful to kill. 

Told my mate and he reckons there is no way YF would be just off the bridge at this time of year. What did I see? Chunky fish with clearly visible yellow dots going up the tail. This was yesterday afternoon around 3.30pm. 

Tell me I am dreamin or verify I am not dreamin and this is probable of possible. if I am right, then look for Gannet work ups off the Sea Cliff Bridge or North of. Is there another type of Tuna or species this could have been


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I seen longtails at port stephens two weeks ago and by sst charts the waters nearly the same down your way..besides that we catch yfin off the rocks up and down the coast so there is nothing stopping them from being there especially if there is bait...they have to eat...rick

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Some of the things witnessed at sea are truly breathtaking. What an experience. Sorry about the lost lures

id agree with rickmarlin. Whilst it certainly isnt common it isnt impossible or unbeleivable as it has been documented to catch them from the rocks. 

One thing i do know for sure, the predators follow the bait. Wherever they go. 

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You arent far from Bandit there-a lot of Yellowfin came of that reef back in the 80's before the inshore run dissappeared, and most of them got caught May-July

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