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Sydney and Norah head

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I've just moved over from London and have started fishing the harbour, fished a couple of weeks ago  on the jetty at Clifton gardens ,two rods out on sliders with livebait and my spinning rod catching bait 

after an hour missed a take on one of the live baits , on inspection just one small puncture wound on the  bait but something definitely had hold of it as it took line on a run 

then about 11am had another hit , this one was hooked and landed what I believed is a tailor 

apart from a flathead and a flounder that was it for the day and I packed up about one 

Fished again this Monday evening  on a beach north of Norah head 

had squid , prawns and salted pilchards 

first cast small flathead then three port Jackson sharks on whole squid , also had a fiddler ray, two small stingers ,three tailor and a 2kg bream which took a 6/0 circle hook, all fish returned .still getting used to measuring fish as we weighed everything in the uk 

fishing is a bit different over here to my usual carp and beach back home , but I'm here now full time so I better get used to it lol waiting for my first king and jewie 









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I'm a little bit lazy so I release 99% of fish I catch ,would rather let them go than leave them in the fridge and end up giving the neighbors cat a dinner 

however I do have a John Dory on my wanted list and if I get one it might come home with me 

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you're doing a pretty good job of getting to know the local wildlife :) and, of course, you must have noticed, if you do get homesick, there is no shortage of carp in Australia .....

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That's a solid tailor for the harbour and a horse bream there mate.  Looks like u are adapting to the local styles very well! Nice work 

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Welcome to Oz and Fishraider pompom. Seems that you're not finding the fishing too difficult here mate. It's a great place to be and the fishing opportunities at the coast are almost limitless. Cheers, BN

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Let me know if you want to try some of the other beaches on the coast. I live near Norah head myself. 

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