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LED marine 12v strip lights red

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Can anyone suggest good LED red colour 12 volt strip lights for my 14 foot open tinny? Water proof marine grade cable. Any pics would be helpful.



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I got mine from eBay. Not expensive but I got 2 rolls of the led strip about 5m long each. It has adhesive backing but my boat is fibreglass so I installed each length under each gunnel and dobbed silicone about each 0.5m to keep it in place. 

The strip is fully enclosed in some sort of clear soft rubbery material and I soldered the joins and then heat shrunk them as well  

The LED's I got change colour with a remote but I just leave them on blue, that suits my boat. 

Sorry about the odd angle of the photos it has changed the rotation after I uploaded? 





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Thanks for sharing. I have the same problem uploading my photos they get spun 90degrees.

That looks like a solid job. Nice work 👍 

How do you toggle the lights on and off? How did you connect to the battery? Do you find the blue light affects your night vision? Do you need a head lamp still?

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Thanks Luke, 

My boats a Centre Console so I've got a switch panel on the dash/helm where I grab power and have a dedicated switch for the "deck lights" it's even got a little name tag on the switch. 

Re blue light : because my deck is white I guess any colour light will be reflected well as you see in the photos but put it this way, I am going to mount a small overhead white led light on my TTop so I can tie up rigs at night. It's not enough light to play with fishing line at night for me ha ha. 

From memory the kit I got comes with a remote that you might be able to turn on and off with as well as change colours or have a light show so it may negate the need for a switch but I didn't want to have a lost remote in the future that's why I hard wired the strip to a switch and left out the remote. 

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Does this make it easier to view? The remote could be good, change the lights to red when some jetskier goes past at mach 12 5 metres from you!



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