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Hi Raiders,

Not sure if i already put these pics up, just a few catches from August so far. Winter has been producing some amazingly calm days, with heaps of water visibility. I have been focusing on flathead, bigger bream on big lures and tailor off the stones.

No beans on the tailor so far, but a lot of Pike and the bream/flatties have been playing ball too. 

Most of the lures i have been using are plastics (berkley minnows), jackson vibes, ghillies baitfish, rapala x-wrap (the ones you can cast), samaki vibalicious and atomic hardz.

Enjoy the pics guys!



August Fishing 1.jpg

August Fishing 2.jpg

August Fishing 3.jpg

August Fishing 4.jpg

August Fishing 5.jpg

August Fishing 6.jpg

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Thanks Guys,

Fishing out of a Hobie PA12. Scratchie, iv'e sent you a PM :)

Most fish are being taken on plastics right now, mainly berkley minnows.


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Hi Donna,

I tried to post some pics up on the FB page but posting pictures isn't an option? here's some more from the weekend.


the first is a stargazer, i got the pic right before he completely submerged himself. As for the second pic, can anyone ID the fish? the teeth were stuff of nightmares.



August Fishing 7.jpg

August Fishing 8.jpg

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Try to send a pic via the message on fb

You should be able to post to page - it will have to be approved before it goes public. Try to post and let me know what happens Stan (via fb msg)


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