Shore fishing NSW Central Coast

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Your name: James

Your Location: Central Coast

Fishing technique: Shore fishing - any style, any target species. Choose your favourite and I'll watch and learn. 

Availability: Weekends only

Preferred location: Central Coast

Provide your own gear? Yes

Provide your own boat? No


Looking for some help getting started on the right foot. Just getting back into fishing after moving to Oz from the US about 5 years ago. Used to fresh water fish inland lakes, but so far tragically hopeless in salt water.


Maybe starting with some basics like burley, catching bait, how to decide what tackle to use, maybe some technique. I'm sure there's a hundred pointers you could come up with before I even finish getting out of the car. 

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mate there is a fair few people that fish the central coast, I try and get up there when ever I can. what part of the central coast do you fish??

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I live near Gosford so I've been out to the Entrance a few times, Wamberal and Umina a few times. Anything less than an hour from Gosford is fair game. 

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