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Taylor's Arm Nambucca River pre work session

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my mate rings me up first thing in the morning we go for a bass cast before work in the arvo..... easiest decision I've ever made by the time i got to his place the canoe was loaded and we were on the water within 50 minutes of the call.

Slow start first pool producing nothing then about halfway along the second pool a hit and a small bass first for the season 


not big but a fish

heading further up spot a nice catfish feeding up in the shallows keen to show off my latest technique cast the cranka crab in fornt of him and he was on it my mate couldn't believe it


catties on lures just never gets old

A bit further up and Andy gets a hit it runs as usual then suddenly it just goes like no tomorrow eventually after a major tussle out came 2 bass on the same lure 49cm and 46cm still can't believe it 


now the cheeky bugger is claiming a 95cm bass

feeling inspired we kept paddling for a few more small bass then I cast up into some shallow sticks its funny big bass can come from the most unlikely places and whilst having a daydream the rod nearly came out of my hands and after the ensuing frantic struggle to save being stitched up out came a solid fish


a beautiful 44cm fish a satisfying way to start the season 

thats it for my first proper bass session of the season hopefully more to come soon

cheers for reading 



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1 hour ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Nice dave  not sure about 95cm though  pretty freaky gettin a double on bass...i gotta get up the coast im goin stir crazy  ..rick

the fish are sitting here waiting for you

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How good is that!!!! They are great fish on their own, but 2 on the 1 lure. Magic.




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