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daniel ogden

Test Spot

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Hi all, am using my tinny for the first time and jjust wanted a quiet spot to test it for the maiden voyage. I live in camden so anywhere within an hour give or take 10 minutes. Thinking a quiet ramp to the georges river. I will be going mid weekso shouldnt be to much of an issue. Will have a fish so mybe somewhere with some bream or bass? Thanks guys


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I would go to to the 2 closest ramps without the boat and observe what happens. Most other boaters are willing to help and will quickly recognise a novice. Make sure you put the bung in, and go slow first time good luck.

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I haven't used it or even know if it is open but there is a boat ramp at the end of Hollywood Drive in Lansvale, It should be protected from wind and not have tidal flow/current issues. I also has a beach next to the ramp to walk/pull the tinny up onto. It is in Lake Chipping Norton so should be calm and have bream and flathead, possibly still EPs. If not there is Davy Robinson ramp near Flower Power off Newbridge Road, Moorebank. Once again i haven't used this one either but imagine it would be more subject to wind and tidal flow. It also has a smaller beach. If you want to drive further i can tell you that Oatley Boat ramp is pretty user friendly. 

All of these boat ramps will be slippery, especially at Low Tide when all of the slimy bit is exposed. The three most important things to remember when launching boats are the BUNGS IN, the HANDBRAKE ON when you get out of the car on the ramp and NO KIDS IN THE CAR ON THE RAMP EVER.


1.At Home - I put the bung in at home, you can practice start the motor at home if you are worried about it and you are about to drive an hour to the ramp. Dont forget the keys and or killswitch for the motor and the winch handle. Also if you are driving an hour from home you probably want a spare tire for the trailer and an appropriate jack and wheel brace. Go through your safety checklist for required gear for the boat. Don't be afraid to do things like stick Post It notes saying "Handbrake" on your rear view mirror in your car for the first few times, or have a tag on your boat keys that says "Bung".

2.In the ramp carpark - undo tie down straps and remove motor brace or block or whatever, make sure the motor is tilted up. Do not undo the safety chain or winch cable clip yet. Tie a rope to the front bollard of the boat for handling it once you push it off the trailer, if it is a bit longer (over 10m) it gives you more time and control in some situations but can be more awkward to handle. Make sure everything is in the boat that you need. But no people in the boat if its only a little tinny. If you have removable tail lights and number plate etc. for the trailer it can come off now. Just be aware i have heard stories that if you have a the number plate for the trailer on a board with your tail lights and you leave it in your car while you are out fishing then you can be booked for an unregistered trailer as it technically doesn't have a number plate on.

3. On the ramp- I always have my car window down and seat belt off when on the ramp in case the unthinkable happens. I dunk my trailer wheels right in and just make sure i wash everything when i get home but some guys keep the hubs dry, it depends on the person and the boat. I would back down far enough so the back of the boat is touching the water. If you like you can tie a big loop in the loose end of the rope to hang it over the winch post so you don't have to hold it while you push the boat off the trailer. Now you can walk your boat to the beach or jetty and tie it up, drag it up the beach, put the anchor in the sand while you park the car. I would start the motor before you set off from the beach so you do not drift away if it has trouble starting.

4. Retrieving the boat - do everything in reverse order, don't forget to put the ratchet on and safety chain from the winch post to the boat before driving away from the water.


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Very good post and advise from Captain Spanner.

I will just add one little thing, if your winch has a detachable handle don't leave it on the winch after the boat is launched or retrieved, put it in the car. I have found several winch handles where people have driven off from the ramp with the handle still on the winch, it don't stay there long.


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