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There ARE some nice Flathead in the Georges River

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Had a lovely lazy day off today, so went for a flick with the usual suspect, hplarttellek, a long term but shy member who hasn't posted yet.

In true hplarttellek fashion we got started "early" and got on the water about noon!

Thought we might drift the holes and drop offs for a Jewie around the high.  
Drift?  with the wind we would have been going slower trolling at 2000rpm.

I did manage to pick up a 48.5cm flatty for dinner, on a 4" squidgy wriggler, as we were crossing one drop off.

We had to move to get out of the wind and slow the drift.

Plan B, tuck in behind a large headland .....drift around some nearby flats and what do you know, old mate hplarttellek says "Bugger I am snagged!   no wait, get the net!"

About 5 minutes later I get to see this submarine coming up, thought it was a shovel nose shark at first, but no, its a Dusky flathead, all sandy coloured and HUGE!  another ten minutes to get it calmed down enough for the net and in it comes...... 97CM!

Posting photos soon, just need to edit out two grumpy old buggers swearing a bit, no I mean a LOT, and the video files are way too big.
What do you guys use on a macbook to edit iPhone videos?

PS, I think this means he now holds equal second place for a lure caught flathead, what do you reckon Jenno64





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Not bad for an early start. :)

Can't wait to see the pic/video. 




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Great result Chris and  hplarttellek. It must be a real cunning fish to have survived to reach that size. Hope u guys are travelling well. bn

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