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Hi Raiders,

I've been working my way through literature learning how to identify different common species, but what I don't see very much of is detailed information on which fish are desirable for a feed as opposed to just whether or not they're poisonous.

Is there a post/article/resource that someone might recommend for me?

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You can buy waterproof fish charts that have both fighting and eating qualitys. The book Sea Fishes of southern Australia has star ratings for how good they rate for the table ( there's also a northern Au book) they are by Barry Hutchins and Roger Swainston.

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There is a book called  Complete Fishing Bible, quite common as was re-issued a plenty of times, high chance to find in a local library or in a bookstore. The book should rate eating qualities for most fish species.

Also, some of the free Android fishing Apps also have  fish eating qualities details. Easy to download and check.

I do not rely on those ratings anyway as sometimes they can be almost opposite.  

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