Salt water proof case for phone?

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Does anyone have any experience using waterproof phone cases with salt water? I know that mixing technology and salt water is like mixing cacti and balloons, but I need to be able to use my phone at the end of a kayak session to arrange transport home. I would probably leave the phone in a couple of layers of zip lock bags the whole trip, but it's still a worry that it will get ruined when I pull it out to make a call, or if I flip the kayak. It would be great if someone could recommend a good waterproof case that has been tried and tested with salt water, or perhaps give a word of warning to never bring my phone with me in the kayak if applicable.

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I've been using LifeProof cases for about 5 years. Phones have been swimming in the ocean, bush walking, and skiing with no worries at all. They're also slim and light compared to most anything else with the same capability. I use the ones with the screen protector built in. Highly recommend. 

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How about TXT messages  - probably no need to get the phone out of the zip lock bags?

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