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Vintage Len Butterworth Glassmaster

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Hi Raiders

Im looking for some advice.

I picked up this rod today from the tip buy back center for $5IMG_2018.thumb.JPG.f36f1e0d17b7f9e348519740acc460e1.JPG

It's 11ft long 2 piece labeled 'Estuary'. The first guide has a ceramic insert, the next 4 and tip are all metal. It has a whipping action and I'm thinking it might be a Bream/ Blackfish rod. It's the older style brown sanded blank.

Although its old and two piece it doesn't have a ferrule. As it is the top section sides inside the bottom section only about 4 cm. 

Is this normal or does it need to be repaired.

Any advice appreciated.




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After heaps of research ( funny how much leads back to fishraider) I think the ferrule has gone missing. 

Ive booked it in for a trip to the rod doctor.

The pattern in the glass is really cool, I know it's early and Butterworth used other fibreglass blanks before producing their own. IMG_2023.thumb.JPG.f929e4354d3ae49364376d33893d61c1.JPG

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