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  2. You need the Long Range operators certificate of Proficiency from Australian Maritime College Tasmania. I run Marine rescue courses. As to the second channel, it all depends where you are. 72, 73 etc. You should contact the nearest Marine Rescue unit to where you fish. They will tell you.
  3. had a big run of small jelly prawns up here a couple of weeks ago, the fish got a bit fixated on them
  4. Sounds the go should be good bait
  5. Jdanger, Wow 43 Bream on Fly is unreal. We have a lot in common. I will PB you with my Trout plans this year as NZ is off the agenda. If Australia trout cracks off I will keep you posted. I have some spies out on the job. Geoff
  6. The last few days have been frustrating strong winds, big swell and lots of rain, rain and rain. Everything improved today and I managed a short beach fish, nothing spectacular but I managed a few. Couple of throw back blue spot flathead, couple of toads and kept 6 yellow eye mullet. Eaten them in Tassie and Vic and they came up good. Fillet skin bone and roll in flour, they should come up good. Fished south of Narooma the place is a Mystery. A photo will follow when I get better reception Bruce
  7. Salmon Haul Bay at Cronulla would be my choice especially landbased. J
  8. @Blade While those orange dots around the Wally's wharfs are not in but are very close to the shiprock aquatic reserve just be aware that its there if you didnt know already. Its a no take by any method reserve. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/marine-protected-areas/aquatic-reserves/shiprock-aquatic-reserve
  9. the more dots = the more success i had from personal experience https://imgur.com/xZzz3VP
  10. Hi Raiders With the weather not playing along I haven't been able to get the boat out. While I wait for the weather to improve I am looking to improve my squidding and hopefully catch a feed or stock up the bait freezer. Any tips on good land based squid locations on the Port Hacking are appreciated. Cheers Blade
  11. It is important to get your license for VHF as you are on commercial channels and don't want idiots interfering with their work channels.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I have noticed “jelly” prawns around in huge numbers just before this current spate of rain. if Raiders are waiting for the prawns to be running (Whiting, bream kingfish etc), they have started. I scooped up several hundred in three or four sweeps of the net just before first light at the boat ramp each time I have launched in the past month - only small, but they’ve started.
  14. Me too mate - glad it’s sorted so we can get those big Kingies in on Monday
  15. Well done - hope you’re keeping (at least the heads) for Kingie baits.
  16. Nice catch, some real good Kingfish or Jewie baits there 🙂
  17. Nice leather jacket. Good eating too 🙂
  18. Thanks again for the number Dieter! I gave him a call yesterday arvo and he only uses the bearings I mentioned earlier that you can purchase online! Gonna get them installed by him next week. Bring on the Marlins 😁🤙
  19. You could also investigate the the north reef area Plus the artificial reef off Swansea- https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/resources/artificial-reef/newcastle-offshore-artificial-reef If your willing to head out a bit further the DPI FAD counld be worth a try, they usually bring them in for winter & not sure if they have been re depolyed yet but you could ask- https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/resources/fish-aggregating-devices Also I am not sure on the accuracy of these spots but hey they could be worth investigati
  20. well...still not getting anywhere...much. i sold the troublesome mercury last weekend, gone for a loss but glad to see it gone. it got down to a possible strip down of the powerhead, nope, stuff that. as soon as someone mentioned two piece press fit crankshaft, certainly not! johnson outboard is in teh shop for seals , water pump and general look over, so its going to be good for a few years yet. Good old 1984 model just keeps running, and powers the mini boat very well. just waiting for it to be ready to fit again, then back out on the water to test the negative tilt brackets,
  21. Sorry i dont think anyone on here likes powerfish crap on our site try drifting due east of nobbys on the old dumping grounds 40 50 mtrs the dredge boats dropped their spoils out there if not try anchoring in close and burley for reds n bream nobbies bar beach merewether
  22. Hi Jim hope you're well, great to see Vic coming out of lockdown. Nice clear picture, nothing beat a dawn session on the rocks.
  23. yeah definitely 2.8metries around the south of newy, theres always a bust up happening
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