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  3. us fisherman have all lost good tackle at one time just have grin and bare it.
  4. Life goes on the next lot will be better. Cheers.
  5. PaddyT


    mates got a 18footer , its a nice stable boat, fairly moderate V so its not a boat you can charge headfirst into the sea with but sure its fishable, comfortable and stable.
  6. ive got the Gosa 6000 attached to a Terez spin stick-its very fast, seems as tough as the rest of the Saragosa's and the handle is a cracker for spinning-its been catching tuna,macks and kings for a couple of years now-no servicing-no need.
  7. I had a thunnus 12000ci4 for bait fishing off the rocks. I sold it as it was a chunky reel and didnt hold much line. Was a bit heavy compared to similar size reels without the live baiting mechanism. Also the live baiting gearing was a pain to service and put back together. (No one ever mentions that)
  8. Still think for switch baiting the control given by an overhead is much better than a spin reel , line capacity is another issue , down size the Inters to Tiagra 30 LRSW which hold about 500 M of 24 kg and you are ready to rock and roll- as for Finnors for real heavy duty-nope aint going to happen.
  9. The Thunnus are fantastic reels but are a little cumbersome for spinning lures repetitively. The saragossa is a solid reel that will feel and probably be tougher and feel like it has stronger gears than the stradic but once again wont feel as finesse as the stradic for constant spinning. I have a 5000 FK stradic and find the drag sticky (on all three of my spools) but it is nice to cast and retrieve. For bait fishing i'd consider Thunnus, for repetitive spinning where weight and speed is a factor id go stradic 5000, for big fish, slow spinning (jewies off walls etc), jigging and bait fishing/bottom bashing i'd consider the saragossa in a 5000 or 6000 depending on your requirements for retrieve rate (gears ratio) or line capacity. I have no experience with the daiwa or penn stuff sorry. I always get shimano reels for the warranty and after sales service i have found fantastic over the years.
  10. MURRAY G


    Just would like to hear some thoughts on the Trophy 2003 to 2007 models walkaround style 20 to 23 ft im seeing a few in boatsales petrol and diesel they look nice but are they a good offshore rig are they stable at rest how do they ride etc cheers Murray
  11. Coming North From Tunks Park ramp there is an old red hulled sail boat on your right near Quakers. Should find the wreck between the boat and headland, holds schools of yakkas on the right day. Only legal fish I have caught there was a Watsons Leaping Bonito, I think Seaforth is more reliable for legal kings.
  12. I use 6 or 8oz drop sinkers. May be a little heavy but I got them cheap a while back and the bait doesn't rise up too much when moving.
  13. Great report nice feed marlin north and south of Sydney the water has been shitty for weeks you picked the day had same problem with bolts pulling through the ply on similar style seats changed to Relax helm chair much better
  14. Chartreuse a winning lure colour i find there. Mate Ive hooked carp up to metre long, there pretty much un-beatable on the light gear they run you into the bridge, also lost a brand new baitcast outfit i foolishly left unnattended. I use a six kilo outfit, light running sinker and quality no.6 circle hooks. Tin of sweet corn for bait throw a small handfull every half hour and thread some up the hook leaving barb exposed. Watch the rod carefully the bite is subtle when i detect the bite i lower rod when the line starts to take off I lift and set the hook and the fun begins. Enjoy and have fun.
  15. Hey Raiders, A quick post to signal I'm back !! Returned to Oz just before the weekend after a few weeks travelling ... hence the long silence since the last post. I knew the boat was fully fuelled and we had salted pillies and frozen squid in the freezer. So checked the weather report as soon as the wheels touched down and spotted Tuesday was a go for a trip to Brown's - Maria was quick to agree - so we had our fishing trip sorted before we were off the plane ! Keen to wet a line - just a tad. Plan was to launch from Roseville, race out to Brown's and deep drop to see if the Blue eye had started their run, and then troll around for pelagics if we hit our oogly limit. The winds would start to pick up around 11am so that was our cut off to start the trip back. Spent Monday checking the boat, running the motors and packing the Tanancoms and the Trolling gear. Found thermostats had seized on the 200 so raced to McGraths Hill to pick up a set - installed that, motors purring, all good. Just a niggling problem with the RH windscreen washer tank leaking water - hmmm not critical - fix that sometime during the week. 6.00am at Roseville and on the water. Only 2 other boats launching - a pro and a local. A big trailer was already parked there otherwise the car park was empty. Lots of rowers in middle harbour made for a slow trip to the spit, but then the trip out was glassy as - sitting on 45- 55km/h with just a few rough patches. 7.30am at Brown's. Three boats there. Positioned ourselves on the North mark, and set up the deep drops. Observed our drift - current North to South (4-5km/h), water blue 21.8C. Spent the next 5hrs covering Browns with drifts. The action was slow. Good news, we scored a Blue-eye each so were quite chuffed with that (the container length is 60cm). We had two rigs bitten off on the retrieve at around 150-200m, and Maria's blue eye tangled with my line on the retrieve - so quite some time lost re-rigging. With the strong current it meant we spent a lot of time repositioning for drifts. All in all we never broke out the trolling gear. Having overstayed the 11am cut off the trip back was going to be a bumpy one with the winds and cross chop as forecast . Averaged 30-35km/h and there were definitely lots of bone jarring potholes on the way back. Infact so many that Maria literally fell out of her seat ! Well, the bolts pulled through the seat base - she was launched with the seat intact around her and crashed down into the rear deck area. Could have been bad, but fortunately she is fit and flexible and apart from some bruises all she has to show for it is a big grin - and the fact she caught the bigger blue eye ! for me... another thing to fix. Guess its time to replace both seats. Cheers Zoran
  16. You should invest in an egi side bag. Shimano makes ones with little compartments (Sephia bags) where you can put in single jig in. Or you can get an holster and make compartments with some bargain store items. Current I am using an Egi-Oh holster, I've created my own compartments where I can fit up to 8 jigs. However I most likely dont carry that many. I don't bring a bucket with me as I would most likely place the squid in a rockpool and then to bring back I would use the larger Ikea Zip lock bags (most likely I will leave a bucket in the car). Leader, scissors, clips all fit into the holster. This allows me to easily rock hop, as i do not place anything on the ground and I'm alot more mobile, it also allows me to change jigs a lot quicker and there is no need to leave anything on the ground (other than any caught squid), as everything is within my arms reach, also no need to turn any backpack around to grab anything as the holster is on the side of my leg. If I have a donut session, its not much hassles for me as I've carried minimum items and not weighed down with anything. Only item carried by hand is my rod/reel. This is the holster I use: And this is the Sephia one, you have different sizes for them: There are other makes too but the Sephia is the only one I am aware of that has compartments (which is very convenient), and as mentioned above, if you do decide to get one but not a Sephia then you can easily make those apartments using cheap items. With this, I have no concerns about the wash or wind taking my items as it is attached to me. Just one less thing to worry about.
  17. I've got a 2017 80hp and on a trip to Jervis Bay we went 130k's and used 33 litres of fuel if that helps. Should have still been covered by warranty under the reasonable durability provisions of the Australian Consumer Law.
  18. I've got a 2017 80hp and on a trip to Jervis Bay we went 130k's and used 33 litres of fuel if that helps.
  19. Awesome man, I've got heaps of cranks in my bream collection so I'll throw a few things around this arvo and see if I have any luck but you guys have given me hope there's some fish in there ! I'm just stoked there's somewhere 5 mins away I can throw a line in! I've never actually caught a carp or even attempted to fish for one. Would a carp snap me off on my bream gear?
  20. Thanks for the heads up on the Saltist. I know it has cast gears as opposed to machined also so I am leaning towards the other two. Cheers
  21. I said the 4000 Saltist as it has roughly the same body size as the others. I’m really tossing up now between the gosa and slammer. Probably can’t go wrong with either. Cheers
  22. Mate I have a thunnus 8000 and love it but am really after a solid salt water reel that I can fish with a locked drag. I will take a look at the Clash. Cheers
  23. Some old HIFI speakers had very strong magnets, and can be found at dump shops for next to nothing.
  24. Welcome to fishraider @Malik_Syd look forward to some posts from you
  25. Sorry to hear of your mishap, I’m a bit of a jig addict my self & if it was me I’d be telling work of some family crisis that just popped up & try & get down there today before high tide with some snorkeling gear & scouring the foreshore, I like Franks idea 👍 as well. I have some doubles of hayabusa & Yamashita lots still in packets or unused, I’m willing to part with for under $10 a piece, if interested PM me & I’ll post some photos, I think I might have 1 or 2 red hayabusa in my collection as well
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