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  2. Hi BKK, If you can make it to the lower North Shore in the near future I'll be happy to meet up with you as it will shorten the learning curve dramatically. I just don't take any responsibility for any gear you decide you need to buy after heading out with me. It could get expensive. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ There is a PM (Private Message - envelope up the top of the page) function on this website if you want to reach out. Regards, Derek
  3. Outstanding fish well done, I reckon the kids will remember it for a long time.
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  5. yep-when fish are following and not committing an excellent option is go smaller and go faster-gut the first fish you catch and have a look at what they are eating
  6. Hi everyone! Im a newbie, first post. I joined to see if anyone here is interested in kayaking to fraser island. Have recently done it a couple of times for some awesome fishing, but can't seem to convince anyone to join me. Anyway let me know if you do it regularly, or interested, im keen to meet other like minded adventurous fishos.
  7. I had the opportunity to take the kids for a quick couple of nights at Copeton. The weather forcast for Saturday morning looked a bit suspect but decided to go anyway. The weather on Friday arvo was perfect although the fish didn't comply at all we hoped against all hope the forcast was wrong. We were greeted Saturday morning by lovely cold and rainy conditions the according to deckee the rain would disapear early to mid afternoon (and thankfully was right). Around midday i decided I'd had enough of sitting around under a lowered gazebo and set-up a rod for Declan (my young fella) w
  8. thank you is there an articles section on this website?
  9. thank you for your advice however what is the hatch? are you talking about the bait fish?
  10. Hi @bkk welcome Members are giving you excellent info Check out our articles section if you havenโ€™t already for some good reads ๐Ÿ˜‰
  11. Nice feed there Pickles.
  12. Awesome feed! Great weather...doesn't get much better:)
  13. Great work Pickles! Your catch will be worth a fortune!๐Ÿ˜ Would have been a magical day on the briny:) How far out is that sort of depth up your way?
  14. Match the hatch-probably the real key to success with pelagics. An arsenal of a few metal slices of varying sizes, a few long, slim soft plastics and a couple of hardbody poppers/stickbaits will put you on the road to success with bonnies and kings. Speed is important, both these species live for it when it comes to lures, white is an excellent colour choice.
  15. Beautiful report mate and some cracking fish there. Congrats on a great run!
  16. A great day on the water Bob with plenty of "expensive" Flathead to eat. Looks like conditions have returned back to normal. Enjoy. Cheers, bn
  17. Headed out off Sydney heads to 25m Mark (sandy bottom, just off reef) to chase Flatties ($69 for fillets at the moment ๐Ÿ™) Stopped to get Yakkas first and there were heaps and on fire, got 30 in about 15 mins so plenty of baits - Flatties love them butterflied and fillets. The day was magic, a slight southerly, no swell and a good (slow) drift. the Flatties obliged and we got a doz keepers in about 2 hours and headed back home for a short (but productive) day. also 2 rat Kingies off North Head on yakka strips.
  18. Great work Dunc - nothing better than a feed of Flatties.
  19. yeh the 4m rod is mainly used for when i go rock fishing but itโ€™s usually only used for bait not lure yeh ill always check for bust ups bc one time at blues point i missed out on a ten second bustup of kings and that was the only thing i got to see and caught barely anything there
  20. Great report. Good fun out there.
  21. I was looking At navigation chart, the 40m mark, thats more or less just off the east side of Lion Island? basically from Barenjoey over to Box head?
  22. 4m rod - maybe for retrieving only but will be difficult to handle/cast. Nothing wrong with pier 8, just depends on timing of what's passing through when your lure is in the water. Keep an eye on surface activity.
  23. thanks derek i am using a 2.5m lure rod and a 4m bream drummer luderick gear which is for bait. with the bream and snapper gear it is quite similar to my lure rod gear and yet was very helpful. would singles be more effective than trebles tho? i am looking to go to pier 8 for kings and bonitos is that a good spot if conditions are right?
  24. most likely in the sydney harbour like pier 8 blues point watsons bay
  25. would pier 8 be nice at the sydney harbour or blues point
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