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  2. On Thursday this week the forecast was looking good, very low winds even though there was a 2m+ swell running so dragged myself out of bed at 3.45am. While having a coffee before heading out my son, 19yr old, came out of his room, he had not been to bed as he was too busy playing games online and asked if he could come for a fish with me. BIG Yes to that question as he does not come out very often and I love the Father/Son time. Readied the boat, launched and were pulling away from the Roseville boat ramp at 4.45am, before the sun has even started to come up. Headed to the front of Balmor
  3. Awesome thanks for the reply
  4. Thanks mate. I dont fish dusks or dawns (and probably miss a lot), however at nights - if wind or rain starts in the middle of lure session for bread and butter species - I can start packing my stuff - otherwise it will be just a casting practice. Whiting is mostly just a bycatch at night for me on lures.
  5. I use Mono all the time. Never used Braid. I have never had a reason to switch. When it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Cheers.
  6. Hi, There is a Manual on Google that might help you,other wise ring GME. i have found them helpful.
  7. Agree with those above saying we caught plenty of fish on plastics (Mr Twisters etc) long before braid or graphite rods came about. If I could add one thing, it would be to concentrate on using curly tail grubs, as they have a good action without requiring a lot of rod work, taking the need for a lot of sensitivity out of the equation.
  8. Always fun when a plan come together, even if it did take some time before they started hitting your lures. Well done
  9. Sounds like a productive little session and a 36cm whiting is a great fish. Well done. It's always good to have a bit of wind chopping up the surface. More important than dawn or dusk IMO.
  10. The ramp and the park were all updated during the winter. You shouldn't have any problems.
  11. Great report. Well done.
  12. Fab-i dont disagree with what you are saying about dopes in general-but they have always existed-it just seems society today wants them protected from their own stupidity-witness pedestrian lights in the ground for people who cant take their eyes off a screen walking around, or the Xmas pack i got from my work- it contained some "fragrant candles"-the marketing and HR depts seem to be a pack of SJW green types at this new company i work for-but i digress-The candle-And this is no BS-has a 10 line sticker on top of it explaining candle safety-FFS. Anyway back to my point-and its this-I dont nee
  13. Unless it's under warranty I doubt you will find anyone who will repair it, it's the throw away era now, so, unless you can find something simple yourself, it's time to go shopping.
  14. Hi all, taking my 7yo son out tomorrow morning to fish around tascott,is the ramp at Koolewong an easy launch? I have a 3.8m tinny,Look to be heading back around the bottom of the tide will it be OK? Cheers
  15. Mine just died without explanation as well. 9 months old. Working fine the other week, went out yesterday and she's dead.
  16. You'll still catch fish, the only issues with glass rods and mono is it can be a bit more difficult to get a hookset and it's really difficult to get the subtle action if you're specifically targeting bream. I started out the same trying soft plastics on the glass mono setups and caught plenty of fish before I switched to graphite braid
  17. The effort paid off with some action after a long break.
  18. We have a blast regardless mate.
  19. Just go and have FUN Fab. Any day spent trying to catch fish is a good day. Go with an open mind and you may return with wonderful memories. Cheers mate, bn
  20. Good thanks. Keeping busy. You're changing schools aren't you? Hope the fishing is good where you go to. bn
  21. After almost 4 months without fishing, and a few recent forum wading topics/posts, I decided to wet a line and feet on Sat morning in my regular Sydney estuary. The beginning (perhaps fish still slept 🤔) was very quiet, and I have gone through a fist of small topwater, sinking HBs and some SPs without any action. Then wind picked up and fun has started! Some - missed, some lost, some landed. Only one legal though - 36cm whiting. All was caught on 2 micro poppers - the rest was ignored.
  22. I'll make do for now with what I have and see how we go.Like I said if we get into it I'll slowly invest in better gear.
  23. You forgot the biggest thing i see people lacking these days ......Common sense and using your brain.It's going to become a lost art very soon if you take the time to smell the roses and observe the dopes that exist in our society these days. Like i said it's family and friends that suffer after the fishos pass away.
  24. I have a bit of range of glass/soft tip rods however all they have use only on a kayak. I find 2-4kg glass tip rods are too soft for working the lures or even setting the hook. Also precision ( cast direction and distance control) is very low due to whipping - therefore would not use them close to structure (e.g trees , boats, mates etc). Therefore I use at least 3-5kg and usually 4-8kg glass tip rods as they are stiffer and allow to feel the lure better, and allow better control over cast. The downside is their weight (and therefore sensitivity) - so not quite suitable for l
  25. I'd be mentally noting the plan of attack getting out if I got washed in long BEFORE I even put my gear down ready to start fishing.I would have plan A,B and C firmly etched into my brain.
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