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  2. are you busting off? or pulling the hook? If you are pulling the hook then up the size to a 4/0 which is what i use for live herring for jew- a two hook rig misses less too, but still fish with the reel in gear, your best chance of hooking up is on the hit.
  3. Nice job mate, some nice fish there! Well done Adem
  4. What an awesome session big flatties, kings and Jews. It doesn't get much better.
  5. Had a cracking afternoon kayak session on Friday after an early launch on the lower Georges. Collected only a few poddies in the morning and trolled them around on the run in for a while heading upstream to a better bait spot. Loaded up a bag limit of nice sized poddies on the top of the tide and started fishing the flats for not much action. I waited for the tide to gather some momentum about two hours after high and fished the deeper water. First fish was a fiesty flatty around 65-70cm that slipped out of the lip grips and jumped out of the net with a spectacular vertical leap. I was thinking it wasn't going to be my day but I was wrong and in the next 90 minutes the action was insane. Next fish was a king on my lighter rod that gave me some stick for a couple of minutes. Was stoked to measure it at legal! Following drift produced a double hook up with a 60cm mulloway and while I was releasing it another king smashed my bigger rod. Next up was a nice flatty just over 60cm and another rat king to follow that was released. Shortly after another double with a smaller flatty released whilst the heavier rod went off with another king. With only a few dead poddies left I headed back to the ramp and had the bigger rod smashed by a 72cm flatty which I took into the shore to video the release. A memorable session and all while I was being buzzed by huge cruisers and cowboys on jet skis. I'll post some links to my Youtube channel soon.
  6. I mean what type of hook not the size?? Suicides or circles will be best, will generally hook through the corner of the mouth. With flathead it also pretty important to keep their head below the water line for as long as possible until your ready to net it, as soon as they breath air they with thrash & can throw the hook easily. Best of luck for next time.
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  8. Great bag over the two days....enjoy the feed:)
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  10. What area are we talking about? What hooks are you using??
  11. Not missing the fish they just pop off
  12. fish with your reel in gear and then you wont miss them
  13. I did the Monte's a few years ago on a live aboard charter. By far the best fishing I have experienced anywhere!! Too good to only go there once. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Well done and great pics. Cheers......... Dave
  14. I have a Daiwa Demon Blood 962 MH with a Fin-Nor Lethal 100. I use 15 lb Mono. Works for me.
  15. Great Report. Keep at,youwill win in the end.
  16. Hi all I have gone out to a local spot for 3 weeks in a row now fishing live baits for Jewfish and flathead and I have started to find a pattern. All my action weather it be death rattles, baits bitten in half and runs have been an hour either side of the tide change. So far out of the 4 runs I’ve had, I have lost 2 to human error, lost 1 to leader strength and my 4th run produced a stingray. The fish that I know of so far have been a stingray and a flathead that would have been over 70cm that was lost right at the wharf. Heart breaking to lose fish that put up such a good fight and after I’ve waited for 4 hours for just one run but I know it’s all part of livie fishing. It’s definitely worth the wait as a fish hooked on a big live herring is usually a good one. I’m planning to go out again as soon as I can and hopefully on my 4th attempt at a big flatty or Jew I can land it, take a few photos and release it again to grow some more. I’ve started to find a pattern to these fish and soon I know I will land one. Tight lines SaltyGreek
  17. Hey Admis My family and my cousins used to go up to Port Stephens every year during the marlin comp in February. We used to fish for Garfish from the wharf at shoal bay as well as from the boat ramp at soldiers point. I’ve heard Stockton beach holds some big whiting although I never tried beach fishing in Port Stephens. You could try fishing break wall at the marina during Easter for long tail tuna and kingfish Hope this helps
  18. Very nice Taz, do you brine the fish before hot smoking?
  19. I have a Shimano Raider Travel Shore Spin. I think it's just over 9ft. The four piece construction makes it easy to transport as well Matched with a 4000 reel.
  20. G’day Rod where abouts you fishing? The fish are there, ive found once you find the flattys they are in good numbers you just may need to try a few different spots, we managed over 40 fish a week ago when the water was 23, fished this week and the water had dropped to 19.5 and only managed a handful. Pm me if you like more then happy to help with a few spots!!!
  21. the vessel will be garaged in between use and maybe hit the water 5-10 times a year, and will be painted. So not overly concerned about it going yellow, Id be surprised if it did after a few years.
  22. Thanks for your reply mate. I think the A series will be the way to go!
  23. Hey raiders I've lurked here for ages and decided to join. Started taking fishing seriously in Dec last year. Since then I have spent my life savings on it. I'm based in the central coast but fish everywhere in between there and port Stephen's. I'm aboard purple haze, feel free to holla or join me for fishing
  24. Wilson live fibre 10'6" 4 to 6 kg. matched with a 4000 reel, (Stradic for me) 15 lb braid. Perfect !! Howard. PS 5 gram may be a bit light ? 10 up would be ok !!!!
  25. TAZ

    Telescopic Rods

    I had an Alpha a number of years ago and caught plenty of trout on it. The fish dont know what rod and reel you use. And I have been seriously considering getting another for the back of the car just recently myself.
  26. Ok, so I lost my picture of the actual fish when I caught it, 5lb brown, along with a crashed stolen car mounted on a tree stump. Got deleted somehow that days pictures. But all not lost, just add the tail section which was eaten baked, and head, binned, and use your imagination. 😁 Just now smoked with some Tasmanian oak chips and about to be eaten. Caught on a 3" green gulp minnow grub and 1/8 jig head.
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