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  2. I have fished the lake for a long time with soft plastics and personally squidgies live prawns with the paddle tale or curly tale have worked best for me and my style of fishing there good luck
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  4. Not sure what type of steering you have, I keep mine turned full lock to right or left and keep it that way with a section of plastic channel slipped over the hydraulic steering shaft. Similarly, regarding tilt, I slip two sections of poly channel over the ram shaft.... If you use an outboard support bar that links to the trailer, make sure it is one that has a spring dampener in it, otherwise you are passing all trailer shocks or vibrations straight to your motor mounts and transom. As Noel mentioned, the forces your transom experiences with the motor underway on the water are far greater than any forces the transom is submitted to on the road....unless of course you are travelling offroad for significant distances. Cheers Zoran
  5. Keep at it- flathead aren’t that choosy on lures, if they are there and water temp is over 17degrees, they’ll usually hit what is in front of their face.
  6. Nice work Jeff - smashed the Reddit’s again - you’re a legend mate, well done. A really nice feed and a big girl released to keep them coming.
  7. Hey MacLon, I’ve got a mate who owns a prawn trawler and I get them off him (still kicking). I have scooped them up in the mouth of the Colo on a runout tide when there is new moon (dark) though. Most of the operators will sell them to fishos if you have a bucket and pay cash, but if you approach when they are trawling they (understandably) get upset, so have to wait till nets are up and they’ve finished their run (can mean quite a wait)
  8. Obviously takes after you Dave. Great sport for kids to get involved in. Well done Rosalie. bn
  9. Absolute horse of a red scratchie. Well done
  10. I have an outboard support bar that links the motor to the trailer. The motor always sits upright and it reduces strain on the transom. I thought Polycraft mandates or at least recommends them.
  11. Just to add, the steering, motor mounts and transom get pounded when boating, bungee straps and stuff like that will do nothing, but it does make you feel good.
  12. Pretty common, it's usually just a slight "creep" in a seal, you could block it to stop it moving, or, turn the motor to one side when trailering.
  13. I have a 60HP Yammy on the back of my new Polycraft 4.5, and while trailering the boat I use a Poly chock to support the hydraulic rams as I cruise down the highway. I've noticed that sometimes, although I've trimmed the motor up into a perfectly upright, raised position after retrieval, by the time I get home a half hour or so later, the motor has shifted off to the side a bit. Wondering if this is a problem at all (does this off-to-the-side movement hurt the motor), and if so, what's a simple solution? I've read that some people simply attach a bungee cord from the bottom of their boat steering wheel to the pedestal base of their seat, which stops any sideways motor motion while on the road. Thoughts?
  14. Looks like you will have to ring Garmin helpline tomorrow hopefully only something simple.
  15. I removed it from the dash and checked all connections. 12.8 volts at the plug. No corrosion evident. I put it back together and no change
  16. Ok I uploaded a video to YouTube Garmin 75SV Shutting down problem
  17. I fish the lake quite a bit during summer, Flathead are quite plentiful then, lures, I find smaller dull brownish to be best, if I'm land based (usually have a grandkid or two in tow) I just circle that island on the SW side, always get a couple, then go under the bridge past the Kiosk (good spot to pump Nippers) and start casting from there right to the entrance and always get a few, plus the odd bonus Whiting.
  18. Indeed. Simrad is the likely choice subject to it fitting. Reality is even if garmin was preferred it's not available till next year and furuno too costly. My comments above were just a general rant that there isn't a great difference end of the day with the major items one buys these things for
  19. Definitely a solid lure. The 95mm is a bit of a different beast - bigger splash and with very strong hardware but I casts great and catches fish for sure.
  20. I thought you decided on the Simrad so I put up some measurements for you. It is up to you to decide what MDF you want, one that suits your needs. I would say go to a shop and try them out, rather than read articles and ask others . What suits me or others may/maynot suit you.
  21. If I am planning a trip out fishing I always check on Windfinder to understand what the wind is doing. This url will take you to the area for Lake Illawara. https://www.windfinder.com/#12/-34.5303/150.8776 From there you can select a specific weather station and get a multi day forecast like this one https://www.windfinder.com/forecast/oak_flats_illawarra
  22. I dream of catching Snapper as big as the pair you are holding in the picture, as for the MONSTER that you threw back, Wow, what a beauty. I really must drag my boat up to Port Stephens and go and try my luck at Broughton. 🙂
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  24. Cheers for that will measure away. Speaking of units I found you can easily over think things. Ultimately been tossing up between or at least comparing Raymarine pro 12rxv, Garmin 8412xsv, Evo3s 12 and TZT312. I guess logical thing is first thinking about intended use and minimum feature set you need or highly desire and start the process and once done compare pricing, dimensions etc etc of short-listed units. In having done so to some degree it is apparent that GENERALLY SPEAKING 8n substance there are no clear preferences. Example, I don't want a sluggish unit, I want good resolution display enough that I don't say "I wish it was brighter", 1kw dual channel chirp, some sort of down and side scan/3d for visualising soundings and structure, plays well with things like say Fusion Stereo and vhf (although not critical), ... the usual really. All do this with their speed of processor, transducer options, customisations blah blah The only real notable differences that I could see was garmins gt51 has better depth penetration than other brand specific ducers except for furuno. Furunos dff3d gives great 3d rendering and marking to at least 250m.. other side and down scans probably good to 40m or so Charting also. I'm used to navionics and like it but played with garmin yesterday and do not mind it's charting at all I found it nice and detailed. I also found some use for the 3d and fish eye type styles in the garmin in different circumstances its nice I like the fish reveal and all have shaded relief etc I like the completeness of customisation of furuno and its ui most I have been underwhelmed by raymarine and used to own an axiom but not sure if pro models have improved it much Then there is cost ... all on par except for furuno. If you could just use dff3d for all depths of fishing it may close gap on price... now I'm thinking about it you probably could use the dff3d as your only Sonar why not it provides all info to over 200m... not sure Garmin not available till February not sure I can wait until after summer Then need to consider which actually fits Ultimately it's not really the big substantive things that differ it's the small ui features customisations etc that all add up and each different unit has some pros and cons making them quite comparable which is what makes it a little difficult Anyway that's my crude summary of a rant for whoever is interested and even better who can correct me and point out other things
  25. If you have at least 90mm near the top at the center of the unit and a minimum of 170 where all the plugs go you will be fine.
  26. Yes thanks for that cut out is one thing but need to account for plugs too. I think I need to dial in on unit to buy and then get to measuring everything before I buy. Thanks all for the comments
  27. Check power connection for corrosion and full voltage with volt meter try removing sd card. Then try software upgrade.
  28. For Nss evo 3, 12", you need 80 mm clearance for the unit and that's only a small part near the top . You will also need about 170mm clearance where the plugs fit to the unit about half way down from the top. The unit maybe about 100 mm thick but part of it will stick out. It is best to have a look at one on display. Cut out measurements supplied by Simrad should be fine, they even supply you with a templet.
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