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    Bent split ring

    Ah - because I usually put on two split rings. I find that the added freedom of movement keeps the fish better hooked than if I only have the one ring. Especially with fish that jump to throw the lure. In this case, I was in a rush to get out and instead of putting on two of my own split rings, I just attached one to the ring that came with the lure. At $2 for the rigged lure, I guess you canโ€™t expect much in the way of quality on the split ring. Lesson learnt...
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  4. Nice result ๐Ÿ‘Œ About the split ring, the split ring is actually attached to the hook so no idea why there was another one that is a smaller gauge? The bent one doesn't even look like it's steel
  5. Thanks @wazatherfisherman yes the 10lb was great for the bite, but did get well bricked by what Iโ€™m sure was a larger model ๐Ÿ‘ next time
  6. Well done AVR! Reckon they look mean and angry critters any size. They are certainly addictive, although the larger models know every dirty trick in the book. 10 lb mono is definitely sport-fishing for them. Look forward to seeing more success from your next go and you'll enjoy eating one too.
  7. That can't be taken for granted. Look what happened to Argentina. It was one of the top ten richest countries in the World early last century, just behind Australia:
  8. Thought I would provide an update related to this stream, especially since everyone provided such great advice, especially @wazatherfisherman. My first few drummer today both on Cunje, both release safely as under size, slighly lighter tackle, straight 10lb mono, ball sinker to hook. Great fun thanks again, very much hooked on this style of fishing aim is to upsize for a feed next time. ๐Ÿ‘
  9. We live in one of the best countries in the world, yet we still complain. Sad really. Just proves that some people just cant be satisfied no matter what.
  10. definitely no shortage of problems with Sydney but boy I love Sydney harbour, the northern beaches, the eastern suburbs and the inner west. And the food - seriously the best in the world IMO
  11. Yowie

    Port Hacking

    They are there, just a matter of telling them to take your bait. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ
  12. Yowie

    Bent split ring

    Nice fish. Some of the split rings are not up to scratch, you need to change them for something better.
  13. All good KC - it was written as a chance to vent and you took it.... This topic is also interesting as it is one of the reasons for my problem in the first place...
  14. OK, sounds good. I have a smoker so will give that a go next time I get some. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Nice work Yon - tough little suckers that punch above their weight
  16. Still chasing the local salmon school as they swim around the Waverley beaches. Had an early spin session today and noticed that even though I was hitting the school from all sides, in the middle, shallow and deep I wasnโ€™t getting any hookups. After a 10 minute test, I casted out my lure and the tip of my rod flew into the water with it. I hadnโ€™t been paying attention and it had come loose. I felt like a swim anyway so I went in after it and surprisingly after it was back on, I was able to retrieve my lure. I was just trying to get my lure back when something grabbed it and RAN! After my adventure yesterday, I was ready this time and had my drag on a bit turf here than usually (but still pretty loose). After about 5 minutes battling what I was positive was a big salmon, it was almost at my feet on the edge of the rock platform I was on. It was a massive, healthy, fat salmon! Ive been having trouble landing the big ones, so Iโ€™ve been trying to let the waves do the work for me. Unfortunately I mis-timed it and the wave sucked him back as I pulled up, which basically pulled the hook out. I put the lite straight back out and hooked up a more normal 2kg-3kg salmon. Landed without issue and as I got him up I noticed that my split ring was completely unravelled! See the photo below - needs to be seen to be believed. Had to run off to work after that, but the kids ate the fish as sashimi as a prelude to dinner! Hard to believe how much power these beasts have! A part of me is actually happy when they win the battle. Makes me feel like itโ€™s a more even match. When I win they get eaten - I guess thatโ€™s the way of the world.
  17. Yon

    Back to form

    Thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement folks! Makes me want to write more reports! @GordoRetired they are a sustainable, healthy and fantastic eating fish. Several ways to prepare and cook them. Couple of ways I do them; Note - the second they come out of the water, I brain spike them, then put the knife through the fleshy part behind the gills and *gently* put them into a rock pool to bleed out. Donโ€™t throw them around as they can bruise. Cut around the top of the head and around the pectoral fins. Head comes off and guts pull out. The collars are very easy to cut off this way. 1) Collars go on the BBQ with some olive oil. Dash of salt and lemon and we pick the meat off 2) Knock the fillets off and cut out the red meat. The loins make incredible sashimi. Leave some red meat on for more flavour. 3) Hot smoke the fish whole - amaaazing 4) Bake the fillets with any sauce youโ€™d do an Atlantic salmon or monkfish in. Holds the flavour very well 5) Poach with skin on and when cooked, peel the skin off. This is a more fishy tasting fish though. The poaching water will become a bit gelatinous after doing a few filets and tastes great as soup PM me for lots of other ideas. Mostly my kids eat it raw before I have a chance to cook it.
  18. I don't know where you get your figures from .It was substantially lower in the US and the UK (by about 20%) and they were more affected by the GFC and didn't have a mining boom. Japan with it's falling population had 2.4% unemployment. And I mentioned there is a lot of underemployment, in fact our underutilisation rate is a whopping 14%
  19. My father bought his last house in Sydney for 120K then sold it for 900K, & even then they knocked it down & rebuilt so it was a 520Sqm bit of dirt for 900K ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Crazy to think how someone is going to be able to get into the housing market in Sydney now & as time goes on if you dont have 2 or 3 incomes?
  20. It doesn't cancel out the other negatives I mentioned. And that's really false wealth when you consider that we also have the 2nd highest household debt in the World and that the IMF and OECD say that this is a threat to our economic stability. It also means we have a whole generation locked out of owning a home. All the mortgage debt is a drag on consumer spending too (and we have the double whammy of stagnant wages).
  21. If you purchased a property in sydney in the year 2000 for $400,000. Chances are that property is now valued at least over $800,000 You don't consider that a benefit? You dont seem to be worse off to me. Ps...up until Coronavirus. Australia had one of the lowest unemployment rates in th world. The raw figures dont agree with u buddy
  22. Well the overcrowding comes into it way way of Sydney growing by 100,000 people per year. Even Infrastructure Australia says we can't build our way out of this and there will be more congestion and loss of amenity. The building and planning industry aren't directly causing this but rule No 1 for these industries is to promote the population Ponzi whenever possible. PS: how do most of us benefit from this growth? For a start we are here because we like fishing and this sort of population growth and what goes with it is unambiguously bad for the environment. Aside from the congestion I have already mentioned it gives us stagnant wages, high underemployment, infrastructure deficit and unaffordable housing. The Productivity Commission 2006 says that the only people who benefit from high immigration/ population growth are the immigrants themselves and the big owners of capital and that the rest of us will be worse off.
  23. With such a significant non compliance with height....i doubt it. Some developers can't help but "have a go"
  24. PM sent. Will be interesting to see if this gets passed as its 35 meters higher than any other biulding in the area. Maybe you can make sence of it?
  25. So if 5 adults live in one apartment and each of them own a can u possibly blame the building/planning system for the overcrowding of vehicles ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ as always, the problem starts with human behaviour. There is alot of science that goes into developing communities and suburbs.... the general public dont understand it, and some do but don't care. There will always be those few dozen or even hundreds of unhappy people who dont want to share their neighbourhood with others but the fact is the vast majority of citizens will benefit from the growth... and those few unhappy ones can continue to be unhappy ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  26. Nice work as usual Yowie. Its my mission to get a legal snapper & whiting in PH this year ๐Ÿ˜„
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