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  2. TK01

    wooli advice

    Thanks a lot Rick I found some gps marks for the area you shared in another thread, so thanks for that too.
  3. masterfisho7

    Photography Course

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  5. GoingFishing

    sharks, again

    If your fishing from the beach a 10 foot rod rated at 5-8kg in my opinion isnt ideal. The hardest part of landing any fish whilst beach fishing is that final stage where its in the waves/wash and ul want a rod with a bit more stick for that.
  6. pugzthugz

    sharks, again

    I'm going for sharks on the smaller side perhaps a metre or under, however, I can't control if a big shark comes along.
  7. MJGough

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Nit yet I haven't. The beach is always a pain when in comes to lugging gear. Backpack might be the go but who knows, maybe this would work. I am hopeful we will see some mind blowing examples here. They can be a real "why didn't I think of that" deal.
  8. rickmarlin62

    wooli advice

    Snapper n jew are at peak now up there comin into nov we used to spend two weeks in nov heaps of reds trag jew samsons out wider in 50 mtrs and kings layed on at nth solitary beaches are also good for jew n big bream
  9. dirvin21

    sharks, again

    how big are the sharks you intend chasing? You generally don't need a particularly heavy mainline for sharks just a long heavier leader to prevent bustoffs from rubbing on the sharks body
  10. SickWolf

    whiting rigs?

    With paternoster, if ur holding the rod u can strike when u get a bite, and it allows you to fish multiple baits on one rig, but with running sinker, it’s designed so that the fish takes it, doesnt feel any resistance (say, a person or a sinker) and takes off. So with paternoster, its less likely to keep a fish if you leave the rod because the fish might spit it out or be more skittish.
  11. pugzthugz

    Breaking rods?

    Awesome, what capacity line and what rigs do you normally use?
  12. geshy

    Breaking rods?

    Iv caught sharks with that exact rod.. only bronzies around the metre mark though had no worries with them
  13. pugzthugz

    Breaking rods?

    Cheers, are their any rods you would suggest for sharks off the beach for perhaps under 50$?
  14. pugzthugz

    What do you like about fishraider?

    I like how if you want to find something out you can ask the exact question rather than combing the internet looking for somewhat relevant information.
  15. pugzthugz

    sharks, again

    I'll keep this short, is it possible to go shark fishing with a ten-foot Shimano rod rated 5-8kg. I know ideally, it should be more like 20kg, however, I would assume that Shimano's quality would count for something and that they would suggest a lower capacity than its actual breaking point. cheers 🐟
  16. fishingwithfrighty

    Manly Dam advice

    Anyone fish the dam recently? Bass specifically?
  17. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    The area in question circled
  18. garfield28

    Stepped Transom

    Hi all, Just a couple of questions regarding my transom. I have a 5.2 savage escort, think its a 91 model, I was looking at installing a new sounder this afternoon and I took of a piece of plastic chopping board I was using as a transom saver, I put that on nearly 4 years ago now, I sealed all the screw holes with sikaflex, I also sikaflexed the whole back of the board and sealed the edges once I was finished. Today as I undid the screws I noticed a bit of water coming from behind the board as I was loosening the screws off. Once the board was removed the holes appeared to be a little wet, so I got my drill and drilled into them a bit and I wasn't brinig out any board whatsoever, but to be honest I cannot remember if I did now the very first time either though, but what was coming out was like the fiberglass was like a wet paste. I only drilled within the hole itself, I never tried to re-drill the hole bigger, just put the drill bit in approx the same size as the whole. I think I have had some water seep in, and I'm not real sure how bad the damage would be, and not sure on exactly how to tell either. My question is from the pics, the area circled, because of the shape, would it be wood within that area or only fiberglass based on the shape? The actual part that the outboard is bolted to feels sturdy enough from what I can tell, I have also tapped around it and from what I can tell it sound the same and not hollow. If however I have a problem with this area, how hard is it to repair a transom based on the shape of it? Of all the pics I could find of re-paired transoms I have not seen one like this shape, so I'm scared that it cannot be done and the transom shape would have to change? Any advice and pointers much, much appreciated. Thanks Geoff
  19. zmk1962

    outboard motor that hasn't been run for years?

    Bear, I would definitely have the impeller replaced or make sure the dealer did this as part of their service. Also make sure the lower leg oil was replaced. My honest opinion is that, while it is most ideal that outboards are used frequently - they are actually quite robust - as long as the basics were covered when they were used (ie they were flushed out when in salt, did not have water in fuel etc). If this motor had 200-300hrs use and then was laid up - I'd be really concerned - especially if it was laid up out in the sun and weather where the rubber components are likely to perish. But even then, thinking to my 1999 model black Merc that has only ever lived outside and has baked in 45+C weather - I have never had to replace cracked fuel lines or tubes, and I'm still running original lower hub seals etc. So looking at a motor that had only done 17hrs and then sat in a garage?? Honestly, if the basics that @Stanton44 has highlighted have been taken care of, I'd ask for the thermostats to be changed - check for salt build up -it should be negligible if only 17hrs use, I'd have the compression checked out, then if she kicks over and fires up - when settled into an idle make sure there are no knocking sounds (no bearing issues)... if all that checks out then I'd say she is pretty good. If you can get someone to test the alternator/charging circuit ...then that will give you piece of mind that the electricals have not perished... all the better. In my experience outboards are generally pretty robust - and sitting undercover is a bonus. I guess the negatives are stacked up against the dealer - Brooker out of business, popular belief that idle outboards can be trouble etc etc. I smell some bargaining power in your favour if you like the rig. Cheers Zoran
  20. zmk1962


    I'm not sure how @blindmullet does it, but I have used whippy rods and handlines as a youth (low funds = improvisation) to catch both mud crabs and blue swimmers. Grab a nylon stocking, put some sausage mince (like a third to half a fat sausage) in to the stocking and tie it so you have a ball of bait at the bottom then cut the stocking so you have 20-30cm dangly strands - the more the better. Hook the ball of bait onto a flathead rig (running sinker to long shank hook) and lob it out onto the crab grounds. Leave a bit of slack line and watch the line being taken - give them plenty of time - let the crab tangle itself in the stocking. If your using a whippy rod, keep an eye on the tip, you'll get a nice bend when the crab picks up the bait and starts to move off with it. Do a test lift - if you feel weight chances are they are tangled - if not drop back down. Reeling in - best to do a quick smooth motion to get them up off the bottom and keep them off the bottom - if they are tangled its a pretty easy landing, if not, but they are hanging on remember they rarely let go until near the surface - so keep a scoop net near by. On rare occasions I have even had them hooked through the little mandible near their mouth - go figure! BTW, it gets interesting when a ray or eel goes for the bait stocking or not....hahaha ...the memories of youth! Cheers Zoran
  21. frankS

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Mitch it is creations such as yours which I hope this thread will generate interest in, I'm sure there are many different styles of fishing trolleys, and I hope to see a few here. Frank
  22. zmk1962

    Navigation lights

    Yup... I took a conduit flange and glued a stub of conduit into it (so it protruded about 20mm out of the flange). Then using a bandsaw I split the flange and stub of conduit down the middle. Placed the two halves around my light pole, slid it up into place and used a s/s hose clamp to tighten it into place. Imagine this upside down with a 20mm tail of conduit out of the bottom for the hose clamp. The flat top gave me plenty of surface area to bolt a plastic sheet (which I cut from stiff waterproof plastic flashing). Experimented with different sizes / shapes until the shadow was where I wanted it. Cheers Zoran
  23. kingfishbig

    Show us your fishing buggy

    Have you tried it on the beach MJGough? I suppose you could let some air out of the tyres like the 4WDs do!
  24. Hi Rick, Still after some GPS marks of Swansea   Fishing for 

    Snapper and flathead

    Cheers Richard


  25. MJGough

    Show us your fishing buggy

    (Thought it would be easiest to just copy my other post to here, thanks Frank) NOW, the opposite end of the spectrum is my caveman-like creation. Enjoy. I was fishing a few times a week with the Mrs, 2 kids and a baby and ended up with a heap to carry to and from our favorite spots, often along dirt tracks or off road. I looked at buying a caddy but they were a bit pricey and didn't do it for me so I knocked one up in an hour or so with a few bits and pieces and some stuff I had lying around. Provided you have a bunch of stuff flying around like me you will need to buy very little, if not; $25 big pneumatic wheeled trolley from bunnings $15-$25 appropriately sized heavy duty plastic storage tub with lid $8 Occie straps $7-$15 worth of PVC pipe (appropriate size and amount you need) $3 packet of cable ties Total $75 at most Super simple. Cut your PVC to length, as many as you need, cut a notch in them for the reels so the don't spin around. Drill 4 holes through your box per length of pipe. Run your cable ties through and secure your rod holders. Done and dusted. My tub holds a bait bucket full of bait, all my tackle and spare line and gear, some rags and some other little bits and pieces (sunscreen, aeroguard etc) Esky for your food and drink for the day. Secure them to the trolley with your straps and you are sweet. I have wheeled this set up a few KM's on a muddy dirt road with no dramas, all very secure, holds a tonne of wait, and the lid is plenty thick to hold the weight of the esky. I often strap some fold up chairs on too. The big wheels are great over rough terrain. Though you folks here might enjoy my shonky little DIY trolley, looks a bit odd but definitely a life saver and makes family trips a whole lot easier and quicker. Packing the ute is a breeze too. Cheers.
  26. frankS

    Breaking rods?

    It states 6-10 kg so probably not what you are looking for. Frank
  27. MJGough

    Super easy fishing caddy

    Thank you. 100%. That grew old really quick Its fun with the family when you are set up and in the water but a mission to get everything to the spot. This way we have all wee need (usually more) and can venture a bit further without getting fed up with carrying everything. I considered making sonething similar with an old electric golf cart, maybe one day. I guess the benefit of this is all the components just strap on and still can be used individually for whatever reason. I took the tub in the boat the other day and it was perfect storage. Can use the trolley to move everything in the garage to make room for a bigger boat one day too haha.
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