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  2. As you say RHE lots of really good info provided here by some very astute and capable anglers. Don't get too carried away with DISTANCE CASTING. Baitcasters were never designed for that usage. They are primarily for assisting in ACCURATE CASTING over shorter distances. If you find that you need to cast long distances to accommodate your particular fishing, use an eggbeater reel and appropriate rod. As mentioned practice is the key to becoming good at using a baitcaster set up. Good luck mate, bn
  3. No it's a store bought one kc. Works very well though.
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  5. Hey again everyone, so I’ve been using the baitcaster and have gotten a lot better then before. I did get some really bad backlashes but it actually was quite easy to take out. have been practicing with the casting, birds-nests aren’t as frequent. I believe I have the vbs braking system in which I currently have four out of six brakes on. so as I get more comfortable with the baitcaster do I turn off more brakes to increase casting distance?
  6. If course you were laughing with me not at me I was up at up at about 5.30 Not need to write scripts, just need a transcript of my life, for example how I accidentally gave my 11 year old daughter alcohol the other day. If you want a sugapen get it from Dinga, great price, service and free delivery
  7. Do you bleed all your fish straight away, noticed in the photo that they all look that way
  8. Yeah that’s exactly what I’m doin I have a veritas it’s a 6-10kg stock and rated 28-67grams matched with a penn slammer 3500 which is AWESOME for the lighter stuff will even handle decent kings off the rocks, I’m just wanting that heavey out fit now for those bigger lures! You should have a look at the abu Garcia veritas if you were ever looking for the lighter out fit ! @Hill373737
  9. Excellent - you should be writing scripts for comedy! As previous responses have said its funny 'cause we've all done similar stuff, but not always got the lure back!! Might get myself a sugarpen - and find a place with no trees behind me to try it out.
  10. Gold, I laughed out loud also. I'm sure if we are honest most of us have had a similar experience. Top work mate. Set out with a goal and U nailed the target. Good luck in the future.
  11. Wife trying it for size😁
  12. frankS

    Fuel prices

    Thanks mate I think my estimate of a average at about $1.85 per litre wouldn't be far off the money. Frank
  13. Lol I think you should post that top bit in here & blame being tired 😜
  14. Great post. I was literally laughing out loud reading your description of the back cast incident. Might have to give the sugapen a go.
  15. If I had my time over, I would buy a lighter action rod as it would have worked better for the 60 gram chromies so I reckon the 10ft heavy action would be a good rod for what you are looking for.
  16. Following Niall's topwater write up, I purchased a Sugapen from Dinga and it arrived on Friday. Early Saturday morning went down to Blackwater Bay. It was quite windy, but this didn't matter in the slightest has a promptly back cast into a tree. With all the jiggling to free the lure and 6lb trace, the line proceeded to break leaving my lure, a fish virgin, in the tree. I repeatedly tried to knock the lure out of the tree with my rod, getting nowhere I was beginning to despair and not think it could not get any worse, but proving myself completely wrong my two piece rod showed why it's called a two piece rod with the top half of the rod also getting stuck in the tree, no longer attached to the bottom half. It was stuck fast and I didn't want to risk damaging it by just pulling. So I proceeded to start jumping and wacking the tree. If I jumped I could just hit the offending branch with the only part of my gear I had left, the bottom half of my rod (I coulda sworn I could hear the Benny Hill theme playing in the back ground). Eventually the part of the branch with my lure and half my rod broke off and fell to the ground. Because I had back cast into the tree, my bail arm was opening and I hadn't closed it, so with all the jumping a wacking the line was slowly playing out into the tree. I had a bird nest in the tree worthy of a bait caster. I retreated to lick my wounds. This afternoon I did topwater fishing take 2 at my local, Tarban creek, there's no trees there you can back cast into. It began quite promisingly with a few follows, but I've read with whiting you continue to work the lure and with bream you pause, question is if you don't know what's following, what do you do? Eventually I felt a bit of weight on the line and pulled in a small whiting. My first topwater fish, my lure was no longer a virgin!! Began casting again when I had a take that began to take line, felt like a monster!! After I bit of a strange fight I pulled in a foul hooked bream, my target species!! Had a few more casts, pulled in two tailor (on different casts), one of them bearly bigger than the lure itself. All this was inspired by Niall's original post. All I can say is mate, if I hadn't already had them, I might've named one of my kids after you. Hope you enjoyed reading, cheers tight lines all Richard
  17. Hi. I've had a similar intermittent problem, but where the motor would come up and not go down. I finally found it was the spring-loaded plastic sensor that was stuck. The motor "thought" it was fully down so simply wouldn't go down. Might be worth a look? Good luck.
  18. yella king

    Fuel prices

    Hi Frank. This may help you work it out. There is an app you can get that`s called petrol spy Australia, it gives you petrol prices anywhere in Australia , you just have to put in a suburb or postcode.
  19. Just noticed my trailer breaks which were totally replaced (hubs, callipers pads etc)less than 6 months ago are now seized up from not being able to wash our boats on level 3 restrictions. Was wondering how people manage to clean boat carpets without water these days, not that I have carpet but Im looking at replacing my boat and most have carpets. By the way, though those to our north have had good rain over recent days we've only had 5mm in the last three days.
  20. Yes. Not using 2 pack. Just going to apply enamel.
  21. Here is the photo. I normally fish 12-20 pound mainly line during day time, but will change to 30 pounds if I do a night session. For leader, I use 40 pound but if I know there was tailor around, I will add another section of 80 pound leader as shown in the photo. Hook size is normally from 2 to 2/0, but will use 4/0-6/0 if I target jew fish during night time using fillet bait. Sinker is 4 oz snapper sinker which has less dragging resistance than star sinkers. Hope you find this helpful. Charles
  22. Video is too large bugger it. it says it can only take 4.77mb
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