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  2. Nice raider spirit fellas Look forward to posts 🐠🐟🎣
  3. FYI Zoran way back we had a hacking of the site and a complex site upgrade that removed lots of posts and disturbed things. Apologies if missing posts.
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  5. I will dust off my Steelite and Avley and re-spool them. Thank you so much for this post
  6. What can I say? That is such a great photo of such a nice fish. Well done !
  7. The price of a proper welding repair will depend on how much preparation is required to do the repair if patching is required will be considerably more. Your bet bet is to do it properly pm me for more information
  8. I wouldn't complain about catching Trevs they are great fun and are under rated on the table by most. Nice catch
  9. Cheers Scratchie - look forward to getting out when this is all over.
  10. jenno64

    Bate Bay

    Nice work Yowie How do those flatties compare on the plate to duskies?
  11. Nice haul, how was the water clarity on Saturday?
  12. Great post, lots of info to continue the tradition. Thanks
  13. If its a TX(UHF) your using then you wont be able to contact marine rescue or other boats for that matter, fact!! UHF is a different frequency to VHF so the 2 cant talk to each other! I think you need to gets your facts straight before posting incorrect information @Rebel. Of course if you want to take out a UHF radio on the water to talk to another boater who you know has a UHF radio then depending on conditions you could talk to them but as mentioned if you want to get rescued then no one in another boat or marine rescue will be listeneing. All I am doing is just stating the facts dude
  14. You are dreamin. My radio works well any where. I don't need your crap.
  15. Gladesvile is still quite a long way up, you can get them there but really you need to go to a big pier like pier 8. Ives steps. These wharves seem to be the ultimate spot for yakkas and where the bait is the kingys are, i would not go further inshore than birchgrove for kings unless you actually hear that they are busting up further inshore. Prioritise small yakkas inshore and use 5/0, 6/0 live bait hooks. I prefer bridle rigged because more hook is exposed
  16. While GME radio's are great quality & Australian made TX model radio's are all UHF not VHF. If you want GME VHF marine radio your looking at the GX models.
  17. If you buy a good brand like the hand held GME TX Models you will not have problem. Mine is over five years old, same battery. Never missed a beat. Cheers
  18. keep your eye on disimilar metal corrosion-this can still occur with aluminium rivets.
  19. Hey MD, Count me in for most weekends to launch our kayaks on Sydney Harbour. I'm also looking for a buddy to go fish together with my kayak. Just PM me when you're willing to go.
  20. I had some welding done on my plate boat, and i was pretty happy with the work. It was expensive, but I had a lot done. You might be looking at $100 One the small boat, I had a small hole. I cut a small piece of aluminium that when over the hole, one for each side. Drilled them put sixaflex between them and then pop riveted it. Seems ok to me Your boat sound like it is in between my two. If you want to give it a go, try the rivet method and see how you go.
  21. How big is the hole? I've used JB weld for a small hole (say 1mm x 3mm) on the bottom of my tinny. The hole was from when I unknowing lost a poly roller on trailer & the post rubbed a hole in the hull!).... I fixed it about 8yrs ago and doesn't leak a drop.
  22. Suggest you PM @antonywardle ... from memory he had a few welds done recently. Cheers Zoran
  23. I usually use those cheap Daiso sabiki rigs ($1 each) and just add a sink on the very end of the rig. Tiny pieces of chicken breast and happy fishing.
  24. Thanks for the replies it is below the waterline on the underside of the boat. Would anyone know the approximate cost of getting it welded?
  25. Boat and land based sabiki bait collecting are different scenarios. Best advice you've been given was in one of the replies. To make it simple, land based: Cut sabiki in half so you have 3 hooks (and you now have two sabikis from each packet). Smaller is usually better in the harbour (down to size 8 hook or even smaller); the simple tiny glow bead, red tie, fish skin ones are often hard to beat. Either use under a small bobby cork with appropriate sinker at end of rig. Let chop and boat wash etc "jiggle" the rig. Vary the depth of the jig under the bobby cork till you start catching. You can also do a slow stop start retrieve with the bobby cork rig if static bobby cork isn't working. Or tie a lightish metal lure at end and cast and retrieve, varying the speed and depth of the retrieve. A bit of burley usually helps. Heavy sinkers and "straight up and down" sabiki jigging is a boat thing.
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