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  2. Welcome aboard. All the experts are here. Cheers.
  3. Yeah definitely landbased! Thanks for the advice! Will try and work my way around the area and figure out the best spot to learn! This is so dang comprehensive! THANKS SO SO MUCH!!! it must have taken you ages to type this out! Time to try them all out in the near future! Man, its so encouraging to see such a responsive and generous community of fishers out here:) Hopefully soon enough you'll see more post from me with fish in hand!
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  5. Not gonna lie I only have a rough idea of whatever you said thanks to scrolling through google the past couple of days :') Thank you so so much for taking time out to offer your advice, youre a legend! Can't wait to get out and try my hand at it all too soon! Maybe one of these days you'll see some of my posts up on this site!
  6. Drive by wire has been around for a while now & is available on things like motorcycles, cars, & according to this Mercury have been using it since 2010 Its all relative, the person who won the 80 Mil powerball last night is probably now looking over what super yatch they are buying & probably be using that Yammy as a tendor 🤣 Be nice eh!
  7. Great stuff, Jeff, Mick and Brandon! Good idea to get out before the big low hits. 🤔 I’d planned to fish yesterday or today but I’ve been pretty crook, so stayed home and I won’t be going to work on the weekend either by the looks of it. Had another COVID test yesterday and results quickly came back this morning - negative. We’re in for some big seas from Tuesday onwards, so it might fish OK after the big blow (and after school hols)! Spent an hour or so up on the roof making some repairs so I don’t get any more leaks when the weather hits - now I’m knackered and need a rest! 😂 Can’t wait to get out there again!
  8. Talk to Riley at the tackle shop next to the boat ramp (RSL). He can probably tell you what's happening around and about. Good luck, Gods country up there!
  9. I have a fly rod at home that’s never been used. No reel for it. I’m not sure what weight it is but I might try that
  10. G’day raiders, Got out today with @back cruncher, his mate and my son Brandon. We were in two minds wether to hit seal rocks or just stay at Broughton. Well the weather decided for us and Broughton it was. The first spot we hit usually produces and Mick managed to land a legal king. Not a touch for the rest of us, so we decided to move on! Next spot Mick was on again, this time to a decent snapper and into the esky. I then came up tight but it chewed through the leader. We reset the drift and I finally managed on for the box and Mick pulled another. Then the live rod goes off and Jnr was to quick for everyone and sets the hook. Decent fight and up comes a solid king. We moved around a fair bit but couldn’t find anymore fish. So after plenty casts we decided to head home! Always a great day on the water and it was good to see Mick getting a few after a fair break! Tight lines, cheers scratchie!!!
  11. That would explain all the boat anchored near Bantry Bay..
  12. Slapstick’s seem to be a killer lure for a kingy been wanting to try them for a while now
  13. kingys would be my guess
  14. Hi On my last trip out, I noticed that my rocket lanuched had come apart, so I took it down and decided to tidy up the paint work. I also wanted to see if there was anyway of improving my travelling light. I found a rocket launcher clamp that is designed for just this thing, so I put it on and attached a fold down light. I can't decide if the lean on the rod holders is now too much. Its a bit more than it was originally, I think I put them on the other way around this time. It does mean that putting the rod in is now easier. I've got another light clamp, and I'll add my anntenna to it, so after a water test, I'll consider a change. I used some etch primer, and I realize that painting aluminium is not always going to be sucessful. but the paint that was on it looked rubbish. the clamp can move around a little bit, so atm, I've put silicone underneather. I might end up putting in a screw too. cheers
  15. You could use a 6-7 weight fly rod with a spin reel attached. A few years back young Gianni broke the Fishraider record with such an outfit.
  16. Thanks Jeff, good to know i guess. I also give the engine a good squirt on almost every trip.
  17. About 2 summers ago we had a whole lot of kings move into Middle Harbour. They were frequently hitting at least 2 bays I know off as there was a good school of bait fish in both of them. There were a group of us hitting those areas shore based whenever we had spare time. We found the tide didn't matter. We had a bit of action at the first dawn (sun starts sending light over the horizon) and then at the second dawn (when it got over the hills) and this would continue till about 11am. This was happening daily for several months so wasn't tide dependent. Word got out (damn the application fishbrain) and it started to get busier and busier. On one morning there were at least 10 of us on the wall alongside the water. As a group I think we were pulling in 20 to 40 kings daily (all shorebased). About 1/3 to 1/2 of the hook ups were on squid. Slapstix and 3" minnows probably picked up another 1/3 and the rest were on a combination of hardbodies and surface poppers.
  18. The valve opens on my motor about 4,300 Rpm, depending on the load on the motor. But the selling dealer, the servicing dealer and the Etec Owners Forum all said to take the motor higher in the rev range to get the valve to fully open at least once each trip. It doesn't mean you have to redline it each time all day, just give it a squirt up to the higher revs and get the valve moving, early models 2008 ect had a issue with the valve seizing, then they added a grease nipple and started tell everyone to make sure you open the valve regularly. It easy to do especially in the waterways I use and who doesn't run top speed for a few minutes on most trips. You can really feel the valve when it open as its like a decent boost to the engine and it changes the engine sound, plus its a 2 stroke and they love to Rev. Here is one I found Here is one where Huett Marine reply to the Exhaust question
  19. Hi Joel Welcome to Fishraider. I too also cut my teeth fishing botany land based, there are a few spots you can try. Along the front of Sandringham Beach, just south of the baths cast out as far as you can to the drop off and there are usually flathead,bream and trevally about. You can also give San Souci a try north of the baths - this spot is best fished when the tide is not running too hard as the tide can carry the baits along with the current. You can get trevally and bream there too. You can also fish anywhere between the rock walls all the way from Dolls Point to Brighton Le Sands for bream and flathead. Another spot you can try is Yarra Bay - Yarra Point, go out to the end and cast towards the drop off. I think this is also pretty close to where the artificial reef is located ( not that you will be able to cast out that far). Goodluck and be sure to post up some reports
  20. Pretty big $$$$, nearly 20K which is a lot of electric motors, but yes i's cool to see.
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  22. Apart from having already done my research the 1st thing I do when I go to a new town/destination is go to the tackle store, buy some bait or some SP's & have a chat to the guy's in the store & ask what has been happening & take their advice on board then just give it a bash based of that. Local knowledge is best knowledge.
  23. Such great advice @Green Hornet. Getting rid of the trebles is the best tip anyone can give a lure fisherman. I have fished fresh and saltwater for longer than I can remember, and have always put a single hook on my lures. When trolling for trout i do use two trailing hooks. Trebles seem to allow the fish some leverage to throw the hooks, but worse still if they swallow them, which salmon often do, that will usually be curtains for them as its very difficult to remove them without them dying. I generally only keep one or two for the table, so its better to release the others alive. Actually spent a few days at a beach just south of Bermagui last week, there were some fantastic gutters and we caught good size salmon every day. Some were so fat, they looked like a torpedo.
  24. that's cool as, its amazing to see how far tech has come in such a relatively short period of time.
  25. I personally find that around the full moon phase they are often aggressive in attacking lures with many hookups coming from hooks to the sides of their faces rather than in their mouths. These facial hookups will pull free when they jump and shake. Holding the tip of the rod down low will often reduce fish jumping when hooked. Something else people tend to forget is everytime the lure drags up the beach through the sand the hooks get blunter and blunter. I carry a small sharpening stone and regularly touch up the hook tips but they only sharpen so much before needing replacing. If the hooks are a little dull and your drag set quite light then getting a solid hookup can be greatly reduced. We tend to hit them pretty hard as soon as one takes a lure but loosing a few just saves getting your hands wet and sandy releasing them. There have been a few salmon over the 5kg size on tha beach over the last few days.
  26. As said above, salmon are a strong fish. They also have quite soft mouths and often hooks will tear a slot around the jaw area of the fish, so when they go for that final jump in the shorebreak they often manage to shake themselves free. First thing to do is to swap your treble over to a single hook. Most of the better brands offer a large eyed, in-line hook, purposely made for lures. If you can be bothered going to the extra effort, add a trailing assist hook and your conversion rate will soar. With this setup you commonly hook the fish on the short hook and during the fight the trailing hook will pin them under the chin and when that happens, they're as good as on the sand.
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