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  2. I must give thanks to my late inlaws. Without their sensible investments we wouldn't be able to have bought the house. Unfortunately, we've just come back from down that way. So, it looks like November is our next trip down.
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  4. Thanks for all the replies legends! Shimano were actually very helpful in regards to following up a warranty claim so that's a big up in my book. Will consider all of the above in the coming weeks on the hunt for a new outfit. Cheers
  5. Some nice flathead good eating
  6. Nice report mate! Nice photos too! Well done Adem
  7. I caught a couple of fatties in Brisbane Waters last week and one had a crab in his gut and a couple of the small hard bodied yabbies (not pink nippers). Maybe they like crabs this time of year or there just isn't much small fry around to feed on? I haven't seen any schools of whitebait in the bay yet. Fil
  8. Any month that ends in β€œer” is usually good for crabs good luck πŸ‘πŸ½
  9. Thanks Guys, I will pass this on
  10. I have my dream boat but it now needs to be the bigger version a Sailfish S8 Platinum but I do not have $250k which mind you I would pay in a heart beat given the opportunity so I will settle with my 6m Reef Runner. On top of that there is the cost of the truck to tow it Dodge Ram or F250 so throw in another $120k plus the mods I would make to the boat and call it a cool $400k there we go, done and dusted For those who have not experienced a twin hull once you do you won't go back in my opinion.
  11. I have a Horizon 525 Scorpion, which is similar to what you are looking at and might be an option to consider.
  12. Blackfish

    Baby Shark

    I also was thinking Dusky whaler but wasn't sure on the Dorsal, which is hard to see.
  13. 50ft sailing catamaran and 4.6 renegade tender 😍😍😍🀩🀩🀩
  14. If your talking a few cartons I would grab it, any more than a few hundred and I would walk away. using the leg of the motor lift the motor up and down and see if the transom moves or flexes. Lift the floor hatches to see if there is any rot. can you put it in the water and see how it floats, make sure you remove the bungs and drain it prior to then see if water leaks in.
  15. Plenty of boats street parked permanently around SWR so I'd say it shouod be fine, wouldn't leave loose gear in it though As for 4wding there's plenty of state forest past Kempsey depending on how far you want to go there's some wild tracks up around the Kempsey-armidale rd and styx river state forest , limeburners rd going south from point plomer to Hastings river Nambucca state forest pretty much all the firetrails have been destroyed by local clowns to make 4wd tracks
  16. dirvin21

    Baby Shark

    I agree I'd say dusky whaler, snout to long for a bull shark,
  17. Waza

    Lowrance hds9 live

    I have the 7 live using it for estuary and bay work in the Busta and it’s a good clear reading, sorry but I can’t comment on deeper waters atm. I will be buying another active transducer so I can use it in the Kevlarcat too, πŸ‘
  18. Not a bull shark. That is a very snouty shark with very grey colour so I would say it's a Dusky Whaler.
  19. Yes Waz & Jim I know and fished with those pirates as a junior and fished most of those haunts, dived them too .
  20. I saw this on another video.
  21. thanks for the tip. I am in a 5m Signature with all the open water gear. I am thinking a winch might be a whole lot easier.
  22. jebro

    electrical problem?

    thanks to everyone who had comments and advice. the knowledge you guys have is fantastic. i'm glad i found this forum. thanks again. cheers
  23. Scratchie

    Baby Shark

    I was thinking bronze whaler! Not sure though πŸ€”
  24. I posted some photos a year ago. The spikeys have a very long spike on each side of the head, longer than any other flathead of a similar size, plus a smaller second spike. The spikeys grow to around 34cm long. Platycephalus longispinus is their scientific name.
  25. I have 90mtrs of rope in front right side box under bow that i use for shallow fishing and 300mtrs in left side box both have chain and mooloolaba picks attached i also have 75 mtr rope with shorter chain and large sand anchor
  26. I used a similar technique (described earlier in this same post) for many years... These guys were anchored in extremely calm waters so factor that into how "easy" they made the anchor retrieve.... add swell and wind effects, perhaps being closer to a rock face and I'd bet they would have had to hurry much much more on the rope and chain pulling. But generally speaking, it's a good technique to deploy the anchor from the back. Makes it a lot easier. @Stash just make sure you have all the open waters safety gear in place before you start anchoring outside the heads in a 13ft tinny. It can be done, but just be safe. BTW, watching this makes me so glad I installed an anchor winch. Cheers Zoran
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