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  2. Peter Nelson

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

    Good to hear your getting the boat wet again Baz 👍
  3. masterfisho7

    Sydney Harbour Fishing

    Well done some fine eating fish
  4. wazatherfisherman

    Sydney Harbour Fishing

    Nice feed there well done. Great to see the jackets and Luderick are still there. One of my first Luderick areas when I was a young bloke. As a matter of interest the different spots were called "the reef" -out front, then as you go into the bay on eastern side "bung rock" the rock in the water, "the shoe" horseshoe shaped rock, then the really long one was "floaties" which used to be the best 'jacket spot at the southern end of the rock
  5. trigunner54

    Sydney Harbour Fishing

    Haha thanks, about 20minutes or so from St James, so not too bad
  6. Loomesy

    Windy roach, zander and pike

    Hi Jani I spend a lot of time in Finland for work and will be baclk in late December or early January. How far are you from Tampere Cheers Loomesy
  7. Yowie

    John Dory Fishing

    Briefly, my experiences from many years ago was to use any small fish as a livie. I did catch a few on dead fish fillets, and one on a large squid head sitting on the bottom. Dory will swim into shallow water to catch small fish, and I have caught 2 that turned side-on to swim into several cms of water to catch the fish, only to find they cannot swim backwards, so it was a matter of picking them up by hand. My best catch in Port Hacking with one of my brother's was 10 Dory in one morning between us. (many years ago) One year the Dories in Dolans Bay were under the 30cm mark, as small as 28 cm, so they were released, but that has not been done too often. As for the large ball sinker, I only used pea sized sinkers directly above a 5/0 suicide hook. The larger yakkas had their tail fins trimmed off to slow them down, as I watched the small Dories swimming like mad to catch the speedy yakkas. Have observed Dories trying to catch sea mullet longer than themselves, they did not catch any but they were persistent and kept trying. In Gunnamatta Bay, most Dories had small whiting in the stomachs, whereas in South West Arm, the predominant fish eaten were small blackfish. Other places were a mixture of everything that swam past.
  8. leonardgid

    Sydney Harbour Fishing

    nice catch mate , bit of a walk from the station i would say ,
  9. trigunner54

    Sydney Harbour Fishing

    Managed to have a day free for a fish on Friday and decided to catch a train to Macquarie Chair in the late mornings. Was using a stem float with small long shank hooks and peeled prawns to target leatherjackets (what i normally get at Macquarie Chair). Wind was pretty crappy as forecast said it would be around 35km/hr , made fishing pretty difficult with the float bouncing around the whole time. 2hours of fishing with heaps of soaked bread as berley and only fish caught was a wrasse 😕 didn't seem like i was going to bring any fish home as normally after berleying, you would be able to see large leatherjackets just a metre away from the wall. I Decided to take a walk to the opposite side to see if the water seemed calmer and to my luck, it did and was a lot calmer. Spot now was near the walkway and on small rock ledges. First cast in the new spot, and first cast in after berleying, a brown wrasse almost instantly. Fish was released and float goes in again. this time, float goes down almost instantly and line starts peeling off as i hooked on a large fish on 6 pound line. Couldn't really see what fish it was, only saw the float moving side to side as the fish kept running for 2minutes straight, stopping occasionally to turn. Finally it gave in and got it up the rock soon after. Measured at 40cm, a silver trevally on light gear is always very fun!! the fun didn't stop there as after a few more brown wrasses, I caught a 30cm+ luderick on the peeled prawn and soon after the leatherjackets came in. Only caught 3 despite the size 8 long shank hook as they either bit the hook off or somehow stole the bait. All in all, a great day and came home with some fish for once, after some donuts trying to catch luderick with green weed previously. Also found the biggest parasite i've ever seen inside one of the leatherjackets, was full of eggs and after opening the trevally's stomach, it was filled with prawn heads (from peeled prawns) and a small mullet.
  10. AlwaysLearning

    Port Stephens - Slow Day

    That's me! No worries mate. Wish me luck. I wish I could hang around till Wednesday and tag along but alas i have to head back to sydney tomorrow night. As for the skylight, sounds like they should be ok without you. Hope you find a few good fish this time.
  11. JonD

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    I had a Formula 15 which was a very capable small boat. I towed min up around the NT, Qld, South Aus and all around NSW, it was used on rivers to 50km offshore. Yes it was open but warm clothes fix that minor detail, being able to fish right around the boat really does make these little boats hard to beat. I removed the 90 two smoke and replaced it with a Yam f70, sold it for $22000. When looking at any small boat I believe there's not that much difference in the handling of any tinnies simply because the difference between a 14- 16 degree hull.
  12. JonD

    Croaker with 50 LB

    Cracker of a croaker, you would have to be buzzing after that one.
  13. kingie chaser

    Any activity off the Peak lately?

    Hi fella's. heading out in the morning & wondering which way to go. Have a number of things in mind but would love to find a winter large solo king or 2. Anyone been out there recently & is it worth a shot at this time of year? If not any good suggestions? Cheers.
  14. Hateanchors

    Advice needed for buying a fishing boat

    For what you described at the beginning, I would recommend something a bit bigger than a 4.6m. I would stick with pressed alloy but get 5m minimum. Also, just my preference but in boats under 5m I feel safer with a cab or runabout style when going outside. Less chance of waves swamping over the front in big seas. Plus you have protection from spray and wind.
  15. campr

    Inked at Hacking

    Sorry for the late reply. Caught from boat but most within 5 to 10 metres from land so within reach of shore fishers. Will get a couple of feeds with heads wings and smaller ones ending up as jjew baits. Ron
  16. mrsswordfisherman

    Windy roach, zander and pike

    Love your singlet Jani it is great to see you fishing Jani and your boy is doing great. Shappo00 hope for some reports from Holland too
  17. mrsswordfisherman

    New china reels

    That is very helpful anthman
  18. Hill373737

    Salted bait?

    I salted pippies for years mostly as a back-up in case I couldn't get bait on the beach and I think at times, especially for bream, they were better than fresh because they were tougher and smelt more .... its a pity that due to the abuse by a few people, you can't take pippies off the beach anymore. I'll always choose salted pillies over frozen although haven't made the effort to salt my own.

    Winter Jewfish land based hawkesbury area.

    Using fresh squid, yakka's (fillets), live mullet (when I can catch them). 10ft heavy beach rod (10 - 15kg) Snelled 5/0 or 6/0 two hook rig on 40 - 60lb leader. Land based.
  20. mrsswordfisherman

    Winter Jewfish land based hawkesbury area.

    No probs but try doing a search on here. There are heaps of posts and articles on Mulloway.

    Winter Jewfish land based hawkesbury area.

    No worries, bit new to this page so will do so in future. My Bad 🙂
  22. Fab1

    What size boat fits

    I thought id be looking at around 4.5m boat or if i put a swing away drawbar like Zoran says id fit bigger. Thanks for checking dimensions as it will be a little while yet before i make the final decision if ill sell mine and take the plunge.
  23. Rebel

    New Reel

    Hi, I received 5% discount on the reel. I told I was a Fishraider member. I did the same thing again this week ,Dinga gave me the best price. This is the best time of the year to buy fishing gear. Cheers.
  24. Toilor3000

    Jervis Bay mystery fish

    Cheers guys great Id. The pic on the national museum site is a fish in a cormorants beak that doesn't look much like this little guy but searching Heteroclinus roseus much better pics and positive Id imo
  25. mrsswordfisherman

    Winter Jewfish land based hawkesbury area.

    Thanks @ReganI have moved this to Fishing Chat
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