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  2. 4k and 5k FK has the same body, the only difference being the spool and the handle knob. I like the knob on the 5k but I got mine at first release so didn't have 5k just yet, but the 4k in regards too spool size has always been more than sufficient enough. I agree with Jon with the reel being Jack of all trades. I tend to use it in my where-ever (Wharf/Rocks) situations previously.
  3. I have Fk and ci4 models. My 4000ci4 was going ok even on long tale tuna and albacore etc until I broke ( kids broke) the foot getting at of the holder. My new version ci4 3000 is beutiful to use and was intended as my snapper reel but lack of snapper has meant its been getting flogged on a daiwa black weasel bream rod chasing kings. The fk 5000 is the reel I would personaly pick as my favourite all round reel, it can handle well from both the boat and shore and be a jack of all trades so to speak. The price of the fk dropped when the fl recently came on the market, but in saying that I was offered the new fl 4000 at $230 in store. Many of the street tackle stores took up the issue of online stores undercutting what actual shops could buy them at and won, hence how I can get the latest version at such a good price. The ci4 3000 with the daiwa black weasel cost $300 from a walk in store (call it loyalty rewards!!).
  4. i ordered it and it came with free shipping in the Fk4000
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  6. ci4 are prone to stem twisting. so if you are after a 4000 to throw slugs off the rocks or big snapper off a boat. i would choose an FK over a ci4 for the bigger size
  7. Just noticed that another store has them for that price as well.
  8. It seems like the large “ Snake” store has them for that price. But not in NSW by the look of it. I have found them a bit like that, advertise a cheap price for a item but only a couple of stores have them.
  9. Welster

    Rear step

    I am a bit like Noel and kind of scooter my boat away from the beach before hopping in, I've looking steps Frank very handing skills you have.
  10. The FK is what I catch most of my snapper with in the 4000 model. If they are now $199 I’m buying a few of them!! cheers scratchie!!!
  11. Fk bit tougher as Hagane body and smoother drag as it has the rigid support Drag., Ci4+ lighter (not meaning that is isnt tough in general though). Ci4+ would be smoother and less inertia as it has the MGL rotor and slightly better balanced. Theres like a 35g difference in the 1k model and then about 50g in the 4k. Other then those both pretty much the same specs Depends what you want to use it for. I used to use the 3k Ci4+ for my egi outfit and light lures but can still land decent fish on it. And then I use the 4k FK for fishing baits or heavier lures and kinda just skull drag them in. There a little flex in the handle of the ci4 where I dont really get that feeling in the FK.
  12. closer to the sea the more kelp
  13. hey mate I have a 2500 Stradic FK and a 2500 Stradic CI4. I find the CI4 to be much lighter than the FK but performance wise I find them relatively the same. I prefer the feel of the FK solely because it balances perfectly with my light set up better than the Ci4. In saying that, they are both gun reels and you cannot go wrong with either.
  14. The CI4 is lighter otherwise they're much the same I've got 2 FKs and can't fault them
  15. Hi Jay , How did you go with the nextgen10? I ordered a Biggame Pro10 which should hopefully arrive by the end of this month. Are you thinking going out anytime soon? I will be launching from Sydney Harbour but would be keen to try Botany Bay as well. Thanks, Miguel
  16. Haha! Very clever. But 10 minutes after I caught that fish, Rick rang me after I sent him a photo! Lol 😝 so he already knew, that I knew that he knew where is was caught! Haha haha haha 😂
  17. Hi All Seems like the stradic FK is on sale for $199 and if i had a option of purchasing a stradic FK for $199 or a CI4 for $199 which one would you go with and why. All my fishing is in saltwater and that will be form a boat or the beach
  18. Cheers for the tip, perhaps we were only around seagrass. Any advice on where it is more kelp than seagrass? The only area I'm familiar with is near West Head, but assuming there are more kelp beds around?
  19. I knew @rickmarlin62 would ask you some probing questions. Lol. He KNOWS that ain't whiskers. He was testing your honesty when he asked you. But you also know he knows it's not whiskers and you fessed up. Oh the mind games us fishos play! Gotta love it. Mate you can just about hide behind that fish. And you still got done by bigger fish. That's just mind blowing. You're not really a "scratchie" more like a "catchie"😆
  20. Hey folks! Anyone had any luck with squid in Pittwater recently? Was very quiet when I was out last 2 weeks ago. Tried a few of the usual bays and around The Basin etc but to no avail. Wondering if they have become a bit more active yet. Or maybe we need to try some other spots...
  21. Great shore based session! Do you put the hook through the tail or head of the nipper and what size hook did you use? Also, can any fellow raiders around Lake Macquarie PM me some places to pump a few nippers?! I imagine Swansea way might have some good spots?
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  23. frankS

    Rear step

    Noel. That is one use I never thought of. Think the most common use is to allow people to climb into boat after skiing or tubing etc. I will be using it to launch boat from the bank where there is no pylon for boarding. Frank
  24. Some flats near Kinchella that you can access off the shore could be worth a try if you’ve got any nippers left
  25. Hi Tony, Yep the sharks were the same when I was there. Fortunately there were enough fish to keep the sharks and anglers well fed! I did a similar trip to Swaines Reef off Gladstone a few years earlier and the sharks were even worse. I have to agree, the sharks have learned that once a boat stops an easy feed is not far off. The Monte's is a special place and hopefully I will get there again. Cheers. Dave
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