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  2. papafish

    Kings in Parramatta River Drummoyne

    How do u manage to fish at the wharf... So many boat come past.. I fished night there n has got good size beam, what time did u start champ
  3. scoggs1


    Hi everyone, just wanting to know if anyone has fished at Yarramundi river and caught anything, also what is the best bait or lures to use, many thanks Scott
  4. 61 crusher

    La Perouse/Yarra Bay/Moli

    Good first report, sounds like you did quite a few k’s
  5. 61 crusher

    Great news re Jyndy trout trip

    Hi @Ragnar I hope you get some, might have to put on some ski gear by the sounds of it, at least you can stay warm around a 🔥 fire, good luck
  6. 61 crusher

    Kings in Parramatta River Drummoyne

    That’s a great couple of sessions & photos, nothing better than seeing a feeding frenzy right at you feet but can be frustrating at times, good on both of you for hooking a couple each session, what was the bait they were munching on I’ve caught Kings & Cobia west of Gladesville bridge & seen metery’s of both species past the bridge
  7. 61 crusher

    Sydney Kings or Hawkesbury snapper

    Nice report & mixed bag I’m assuming a good burley trail helped, that’s a great session, well done 👍
  8. Toss up between chasing Kings in the harbour again or trying the Hawkesbury for snapper. Tne Hawkesbury won and the weather and sea was brilliant. After getting a swag of livies at West Head we headed for flint and steel - the results were a mixed bag of 40 fish including 12 snapper 8 black bream, a dozen tailor, 2 squid and a 1 50 cm hammerhead on a soft plastic and 2 Kingies.
  9. bessell1955

    First report in awhile

    Did you only catch the one?
  10. bessell1955

    Kings in Parramatta River Drummoyne

    Wow, do they normally go that far up Parramatta River?
  11. masterfisho7

    La Perouse/Yarra Bay/Moli

    Nice report
  12. Blackfish

    Treasure hunting

    Your certainly accumulating a great collection of Rods and Reels. I can see a Museum soon.
  13. Ryder

    Treasure hunting

    Cheers Gordon, Ive already been asked to 'donate' it to a good friend's collection. 😂 Which I still might do There was no mention of fishing gear in the add, but when I saw that honey yellow....... worth a look.
  14. Defishensea

    La Perouse/Yarra Bay/Moli

    Launched kayak at La Perouse at 6am. Set up two trolling rods hoping to hook a couple of tailor, which I’ve been catching a bit lately around Yarra Bay. One lure further back and deeper, one shorter and shallower. Headed across Frenchmans, then Yarra and out to end of Moli. Then back across Yarra followed by over top of FAD. No hits after that, so pulled the hard body lures in at about 7.15am and drifted flicking a SP for flatties from few hundred metres off Yarra drifting down towards the beach. Got pretty close to the beach and was running out of water and time and began to wonder if it was to be a donut session, as had to head home pretty soon. Then, hooked a tailor on the SP I was targeting flatties on, which was funny, as I had just paddled round trolling hoping to hook tailor, but caught one when I started targeting flathead. Trolled one lure from Yarra back to La Perouse. Briefly hooked something, although lost it pretty quickly. Good to hear the drag scream though.
  15. wrxhoon1

    Batteries. Switch off or disconnect?

    I switch mine off with the isolator switch. Only my bilge pumps and high water alarm bypass the switch. Looks like you have two fuses there that are permanently powered , bypassing the switch, i'm guessing one is bilge pump , the other?
  16. wrxhoon1

    Searay for offshore fishing

    They are not really made for fishing they are more like family boats . If you going to trailer it you have the over width problem as well, they are 2.59 mtrs wide .
  17. Ryder

    Anglers Omnibus

    Thanks guys. Ive picked up a few later editions at vinnies, they are still a great source of information. Rebel I found this one. Sil Rohu The man himself at a weigh in.
  18. campr

    suitable line for 15kg rod / 12kg reel

    Get some scales and see how much (or little) pressure you can pull through that 10ft rod. Unless your built like the Hulk, you will be surprised how little pressure you can apply. I think 50 will just cut down your casting distance and increase warer drag. I would use 30lb tops. Ron
  19. back cruncher


    Hi all...marlin trailers at heatherbrae will have everything you want...
  20. Blackfish

    Treasure hunting

    Awesome find mate. 👍
  21. Slawman

    Sydney Harbour meander

    We were swinging at Kingies today however I have hooked all sorts of stuff at Colours. Last week we got a Barracuda and a Sargent Baker. You can also get onto squid when they are there.
  22. Ragnar

    Great news re Jyndy trout trip

    Hey 61 crusher, I hope the weather turns out better than it’s forecast down there this week mate, I think it was even looking like snow on Wednesday! I’ll be down there spinning the banks and soaking a few scrubbies over the weekend with my old man, we’re staying at the caravan park near the clay pits as well! Nice to know about the hatchery stock getting released! Be nice to snag a brooder 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  23. blaxland

    Sydney Harbour meander

    Nice report just out of interest what do you get at the colours when its firing
  24. Ryder

    Treasure hunting

    Hi Raiders, My continuing hunt for a Sportex rod goes on. The particular model I'm after, 663 is highly sought after and very rarely parted with. My strategy has been to check online auctions, the tip buy back centre and second hand stores. Today I tried something different, garage sales. Here is a picture of the add. See the rod? Only 15 minutes from home in Artarmon, it was worth a look. Luckily it was still there. One piece and so long it was jammed up against the roof. Maybe because it was hard to get out nobody bothered to take it. The light wasn't great, and me without my glasses but I could see the pattern in the fibreglass I was pretty sure it was a Sportex. How much, $10. SOLD. It had a long fish measure sticker on it and when I got it home I noticed the was another sticker underneath. A little heat from a hairdryer and the top sticker came off to reveal... The full length of the blank is 10 ft. I has a 12 inch wooden spike added taking it up to 11 ft. I'm not really sure it's a blackfish rod, loaded up the bottom half looks a little stiff and the reel seat is covering the spot where the model number is normally written. Any ideas on which model it could be would be much appreciated.
  25. masterfisho7

    Snapper fishing at night

    All my snapper i got during the day when got dark no action like the lads have said lots of rubbish moved in but also i had Mulloway come to the bait
  26. Tysh

    The entrance

    The blackfish are starting to show up in better quality.. weed is harder to find.. these were caught on soft weed
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