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    I went out yesterday morning with a friend of mine. We started by gathering some live bait from the bait station by Little Box Head, then came inside by Lobster Beach to drift. We had live baits and a cut bait out the back I was casting ahead of the drift with soft plastics. We were only on our second drift when my rod - which had a live slimy on it - folded over. I grabbed it and lifted the tip to set and I thought I was on. I started bringing it up and there was a lot of weight on it. I got it up to the surface and my mate got sight of it - a huge flattie. Then it opened its mouth and was gone. It was not actually hooked - it had just been holding the bait. I brought in my now dead livie to re-rig, but told Jas to keep his livie down because that same fish might take it. And then it did. We were drifting towards the channel and a ferry was coming so I was a little concerned, but then in a stroke of luck the sea anchor caught the yellow 4 knot buoy and stopped us drifting into the channel. Jason brought the fish in and it was a cracker of a croc. We measured it at 80cm, snapped a quick photo and let the old girl go with big grins on our faces. We carried on like this for a while and had a few hits, but were struggling to connect. I decided to anchor up in front of Half Tide Rocks so I could make some coffees. I had a very frustrating stretch with 4 hits on my plastic in 5 casts without connecting. After each hit I would drop the tip, then give it a few jigs to try and draw a second strike, but it was not happening and every time when I wound in the plastic was pulled down the hook and needed to be straightened. It was going quiet and I had suggested we move up stream a bit a s the boat traffic in the channel was becoming a pain. We had pulled in the lines and I was about to go lift the anchor when I saw a huge bait ball on the sounder. I told Jason to drop a line down again an I put down the plastic for some @flatheadluke style vertical jigging. It was a good call Jas came up tight and it took off on a run. I said straight away - that's not a flattie. I was right. After a couple of runs and a few jumps we boated a nice salmon. It even came with someone elses hook and leader hanging out of its mouth. We removed both hooks, took a photo and let it go. After that we headed up past The Rip Bridge to one of my spots. We tried a drift and towards end of we were getting bites. The wind had come up quite a bit so I preposition and then anchored at the end of the drift. Jason pulled out a nice flattie and a lovely bream. I pulled out two lumps of weed, half a cockle shell and a pair of pliers. At this point I was feeling a bit crap if I am honest. Putting a mate onto fish is the next best thing to catching fish - but it is a distant second. I had even changed tactics as I could see bait was winning the day. And then I came good with a couple more position changes I brought in the next three fish - all good table size flatties - and a new personal best for starfish! LOL. We closed out the day with a drop over by the rip bridge but were just getting baited by little fish. We called it and headed back in. Took a while to get it but we did end up with a great feed. The three on the left were mine.
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    G’day raiders, “And another ones gone, and another ones gone and another one bites the dust”. Im sure that’s how the song goes! Well that’s what was singing in my head today! I managed to sneak out with @Woodsy1 today with the promise to be home early! So we didn’t muck around, filled the live tank in 20mins and straight off for our first drift. Conditions looked promising and we got a couple of touches on our first two drifts but nothing solid. Marked a stack of bait but no takers! Time to change tact! Decided to anchor and burley up and throw weighted slimie strips, no joy! Change again! Decided to cube yakka and throw slimie chunks for burley. Well, cast out and smack, I could barely get the rod out the holder, then this thing woke up! The runs were long and the weight immense. I managed to turn its head and get it where I wanted but I could feel the abrasion of the line. Woodsy clears the lines and grabs the net and pop! Devastated 😢 We work the area for two pannies and time to move. Next spot first drift, bang I’m on again but straight away spits the hook, I wind the slack and tea bag it, boom loads up again! A few solid runs and pop, gone again! We work the area and nothing else but bait. So we try the same tact and anchor up. We throw slimie heads, chucks of yakka and squid but nothing until Woodsy loads up! And boy did this thing run! King for sure I call as he plays it out. Massive weight and close to the boat it takes a massive dive for the bottom and pop!!! And another ones gone, another ones gone, another one bites the dust! Well, that was our Xmas eve! A great song and great memory of lost opportunity but a pleasurable day on the water in great conditions and with a great mate! Thanks for the day Woodsy!!! Cheers scratchie!!! The tokens........
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    It has been noticeably busy on the waterways of Brisbane Waters of late - as always this time of year. So @flatheadluke and I hatched a plan to kick off New Years Day with a dawn session - figuring that a fair portion of the boaties would be sleeping off a big night. I met Luke at his place at 4:45 am and we headed straight to Blackwall ramp. We were on the water quickly and it was a truly awesome morning. The plan was to mix up a couple of styles. We went out first to get some live baits with a plan to put one down looking for big flatties while we drifted. It did not take long to put half a dozen yakkas and one slimy in the tank. We then headed over to the flats in front of Ettalong flick plastics and put into practice some of what I learned on the soft plastic charter I did on Boxing Day. I hooked the first fish on a plastic pretty quickly near Half Tide Rocks - a easily legal flattie in the mid-40s range (didn't actually measure it). Despite it being well past high tide and not a lot of wind the drift was still taking us in so we re-positioned a bit further out to drift back in. We were flicking away when the live bait rod folded over. Initially I thought it was snagged but when I lifted the rod I let it run a little then struck and was on. Up came a great flattie - my first on a live bait. It measured 63cm which makes it my second biggest. We shifted around a few times. I managed one more keeper. Then Luke took over and caught the next fish. I also managed the smallest flattie as well - a little throw back that took a lure not much smaller than itself! After a while out in front of half tide rocks we came inside to try the channel between Wagstaffe and Half Tide Rocks. We were spot locking next to the sand bar and casting up onto it and retrieving over the drop. Hard to believe we did not hook up here. We could see bait all around us the same size and colours as the plastics we were using. Luke also had a good flattie following his lure through centimetres of water but just couldn't draw the strike. Exciting stuff. We finished off back where we started the session and Luke managed another nice flattie. All the fish were caught on Z-main 4" paddle tail shads in a white sparkly colour - though I did drop one fish on a darker curly tail as well. All up a fantastic start to the year.
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    Set off with DezM yesterday in search of my first kingie. Started the day looking for some bait. Soon boated 3 squid and off came the heads and we started trolling just past the spit bridge. Soon got a hit on the rod. Was a strange fight I didn't think the fish was on then I did then I thought I is dropped it. Dez was sure I was hooked up the whole time. I'm used to bites then a load in the rod. Anyhow after a brief but exciting fight first King on board celebrations and high fives all around just under legal but I didn't care. Have told Dez he now his to get me onto my first jewie!!
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    It is a beautiful morning out on the bay. Swordie and I decided to take advantage of the perfect weather conditions. Jonno and nbdshroom were out also and followed us for the adventure. We met a few other raiders here too Earlier today we grabbed a few squid at Kurnell and headed across the bay to catch kingies. This is my first try and I sat patiently waiting for a tap, tap, tap on the end of my line. Suddenly zzzzzzzzz and boy don’t they pull. Cheers all round. Gee isn’t this fun! I will keep casting this squid out and see how I go. So far me 3 and swordie 1. All pics mine so far
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    Hey guys been a while since my last post, been a while since my last video. Went out on the 30th to chase down some Blues, Ended up having an awesome day on the water with 17 crabs in total and one bohemoth of a crab, never seen any crab this big. Spent alot of time and effort making this video and spilled the beans on how to catch these beautiful crustaceans all feedback would be greatly appreciated. please like and subscribe to my youtube channel for more content!!
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    There's been plenty of rat kings in all areas around Montague island. Though most are only 60cm there are a few bigger fish among them, trouble is the rats are to quick getting in first. Fished with a light snapper outfit, 3000 stradic and had a ball on fish after fish using Zman lures. In less than 1 hr I managed to release 15 kings and get totally destroyed by three on a solo session. Headed back with my son who suffers seasickness who managed three before becoming sick ( another very short session). A few striped marlin being tagged and I believe a good sized blue marlin was also tagged on Saturday.
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    Tell me about your best silver trevally story in the harbour. Down at Neutral Bay wharf one night (about half a year ago) I was using my light setup, with a small green luderic hook and a tiny piece of bread, then I noticed a bream looking fish swimming towards my bait, I was freaking out thinking it was big bream. After it inhaled my bait and I stuck it turned and I saw, a 64cm long silver trevally! Later released after some photos.
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    Was looking at the forecast at the weekend and started thinking that Thursday was looking like a real good day, low winds and not too much swell. The next thing I get a text from zmk1962 asking me if I wanted to join him on his boat for a run out … I mean is the Pope a Catholic, of course I do. So we agreed to talk on Tuesday to finalise the plan. Well Tuesday rolls round, a quick check of the forecast and we both agreed that it was no looking too good. Trip cancelled. Wednesday I get home from golf late afternoon, check the forecast for Thursday and it has gone back to good again. So I decide that I will take my boat for a run, unfortunately Zoran had made other plans so I was on my own. Thursday the alarm went off at 4.30 and I was buggered if I could find my motivation button, so rolled over and slept till nearly 5.30. Fortunately, then the motivation kicked in and I was off. Boat on the water by 6.30 heading towards the Heads. I stopped a couple of hundred meters before North Head, set up a couple of bullet head lures and a soft plastic and with the 3 lures out the back trolled out past the heads. Well so much for flat water with no wind, even though there was little wind the sea was like a washing machine. Lumps and bumps everywhere…. I trolled along towards Manly keeping well clear of the rocks and did not get a single hit. A very uncomfortable 1/2 hour so time for plan B. Got to a 20-30 meter deep sandy area and dropped down 2 lines each with a 2 hook paternoster rig, 1 with 5/0 circle hooks and the other with 4/0 suicide’s. I left the rig with the circle hooks in the rod holder and held the other. Before too long I had my first hit. I reasonable Flathead just over 40 cm on the hand held rig. Back over the same drift and hooked up on the circle hook rig. Another nice 40+ Flathead. Then the same rig hooked up again, a Trevally. Then again on a huge slimy. It was a real lively slimy which managed to wrap both rig together and I ended up with a huge tangle, the joys of fishing braid! ! !! I knocked the fillets off the slimy for some fresh bait, re-rigged and went again. Next fish was on the suicides, another decent 40+ Flathead. Then a Rock Cod which took a liking to the fresh slimy. After that I got a couple more nice Flatties, a small throw back one and a good sized Sargent Baker. It was nearing 12.00 and the Southerly was picking up fast so with 5 nice fish in the ice box I decided to call it a day and head in. Interesting point on the fish, I reckon that I would have caught all 5 of the Flathead within 50 meters of each other. I truly believe that they school in small areas as I have often found this to be the case. It did not turn out quite as planned but at least the boat got a run and I am looking forward to Flathead for dinner tonight….. Think they will be pan fried, then served with garlic mash, peas & sweetcorn. Sorry, no pictures this time, but I am sure that you have all seen a Flathead before 😊
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    So we're headed off to Canberra for Christmas at one of the daughters' places and (naturally) you think about what you can give to the grandkids, who have everything already. Being an old fart and a male (read: devoid of ideas) I thought it would be kinda nice to teach them how to tie various knots, as they all enjoy fishing. So I have flattened the barbs and snipped the points from some hooks, gathered some sinkers and some swivels plus some line and scissors. Now here's the dilemma. They can find any amount of information on this subject on Youtube...may have already done so??? Eons ago the oldies would pass on their life experiences to the younger ones and a "bond of mutual respect was formed". Can't help but feel that this type of teaching /learning is going by the board today. So I'm going to give it a go and will take a rod or two...plenty of Carp in Lake Burley Griffin. Wish me luck. bn
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    For my Dad's Christmas Pressie (and mine) I shouted him a charter trip with a difference. (Site rules - that is all I'll say about the charter, but PM me if you want more info) It was just the two of us and the whole trip was in Brisbane Waters and focused on targeting flathead on plastics. My dad had never fished with plastics before and being from NZ (where they don't have flathead) had only caught them a couple of times on bait with me. I've caught a few flathead on plastics but I do have a bad habit of going back with the tried and true drifting techniques with bait when I am wanting a better chance of a feed - so it was good to force myself to do something different. Dad was stoked to get the first fish of the day and his first fish on plastics. I landed the biggest of the day - which we released after a photo. We spent most of the time fishing on the flats between Lobster Beach and Half Tide Rocks. Our most productive period coming when managed to spot lock just on the edge of a big bait school and we were dropping casts around the edge of it. While doing this we saw something bigger harassing the bait. Dad switched to a fast retrieve and was rewarded with a nice Aussie Salmon. It was great until some dumbass came in and anchored in the middle of it and scared all the bait away. We still ended up with a great catch 13 keeper flatties, a nice salmon. Several smaller fish and the big girl released. We got back to the marina and I had the pleasure of watching someone else do all the filleting. Absolutely my favorite part of a paid trip. My little esky that I had brought to take the catch home in was half full of fillets and the salmon. We chucked half a bag of ice on top to keep them cool for the short trip home. And then, as we walked down the jetty we had an absolute disaster. The handle on my esky snapped and the whole thing dropped onto the jetty and then into the water! I was quick but not quick enough to save it all. I grabbed the esky and managed to get a couple of the fillets that had fallen out, but could not do much more than watch the others sink to the depths. We lost the salmon and more than half of the flathead fillets - ending up with 11 fillets and 7 pairs of wings. Devastated! Still a great day and enough for a great feed - but not much left for the freezer.
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    Headed out the front (in close) Brissie waters targeting kings. Filled the tank with livies on the way. Trolled bait, threw all types of lures and after 90 minutes I gave up. Water was 21 degrees - might not be hot enough.... had a few drifts on the way back and @kiwicraig and his dad stop by to say hello which was nice👋 Got three legals and as many undersized throwbacks. Happy to score a feed. Hope you all did better. Luke
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    G'day Raiders, Had a quick bass bash this morning on Broughton mill creek. Have been itching for a bass fish and they didn't disappoint with 4 fish in the first 4 casts. Almost every cast had a hook up, hit or follow for the first 30 mins. Targeted the best looking snags first and after pulling a few fish from each it died off a bit. Ventured further up the creek and landed the biggest of the morning at approx 37cm Well over 10 bass landed and countless hits in the 1.5 hours or so. Love how even a smaller bass can pull like a freight train. Fishing from a crappy yellow yak that is in no way set up for fishing was a bit of a challenge and with the rain setting in I was soaked in no time. Will be back to try the other end of the creek hopefully later in the week hopefully with one of my yaks. Most bass caught on soft shell cicada and a couple on a hard cicada (can't remember the type but can find out of anyone wants to know) 2500 diawa reel and a 2-4 rod. Cheers Rah
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    Gday Raiders Havent been out these holidays as much as id like to have being busy with kids and family activities. The kids have been having a ball at the beach and a recent visit to dinosaur forest walk in scenic world in the blue mountains, highly recommend it for anyone with little ones. Had a chat with with some friends and due to limited availabilities we decided to do some land based fishing during the night so we headed over to The Entrance which i havent visited in a very long time. Between three of us fishing with worms and prawns from 5pm to 1am we managed 17 nice whiting ranging from 28cm to 37cm being the biggest specimin. Plenty of throwbacks too. Interesting no flathead or bream about, only the whiting. Overall it was a pleasant trip with lots of fish, good weather and good company. I have forgotten how relaxing land based fishing is compared to fishing off the boat which can be hard work. On a downer, it is mind boggling how heavily fished the entrance is, there must have been hundreds of people lining the beachs and lakes and thats ok, but what is concerning is from my observation of the people 50m either side of us, alot of undersize fish are being kept. This is not a new problem to the entrance as i have heard this dozens of times before. With so many people fishing in close proximity and so many undersize fish being kept surely there is something fisheries could be doing about this?? Thx for reading. Sam
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    Happy New Year! Managed to tear the young one away from the iPad for a quick session off the beach at Bateau Bay. Using live beach worms he managed a few throwbacks before landing this cracking whiting. He declared it better than ‘Fortnite!’ Tight lines for 2019!
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    2018 is all but gone and it's time to reflect. The past year has seen many changes to Fishraider. I would like to acknowledge the commitment of Donna, Stewy, Mike, and the Moderators in keeping this site vibrant and significant to the Fishraider Members. As we move forward into a new year, I think it important that we all examine our interaction with the site. What do we put into the forum and what do we get from it? There is no doubting the benefits of being able to access the huge knowledge base provided here. The contributions of members, past and present, has provided this base. I hope that we all make the effort to ensure its continuance. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, your Families and your Friends. Keep safe and look after each other. bn
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    Welcome to fish raider Bobby. the common spots are Gosford rail bridge, paddy’s channel, Woy Woy Raul bridge, st Hubert’s island bridge, the rip bridge, half tide rocks, lobster beach and box head. Woy Woy bay fishes as well as the rest of the system and can be good when it’s windy as it’s quite protected. There’s a small beach at horsfield bay which is good for a swim this time of year when it’s hot. There is also a 4 knot zone around parks bay and some flats and drop offs which are good lure fishing territory on a rising tide. also have a look at Lintern channel near Davistown and Saratoga for crabs this time of year. Best of luck and I look forward to some of your reports.
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    Haven't managed a lot of saltwater fishing in the last few weeks, mostly just quick sessions with some random catches. Did a flats session down at Lake Cathie (south of Port Macquarie) chasing flathead on plastics with plenty of small flatties having a go, A big prawn went sipping arcoss the water so decided it was time to dust off the poppers, first cast first decent whiting on a popper for awhile, the hits came thick and fast just couldn't seem to hook up, then over a shallow section a solid whiting came from nowhere and inhaled the popper right at my feet, a skinny fish but good length going 41cm. The next session a quick pre work, casting the pathways around Nambucca, the water was crystal clear maing the bream very cagey. Kept getting hit by leatherjackets coming out from weedbeds trying to eat my plastic. With a bit of experimenting managed to snare one A pretty little yellowfin leatherjacket, haven't caught one for years, with a bit of practice managed to work them out just letting them pic up the plastic and swim off then strike hard manged quite a few jackets including a fan-bellied also got a solid yellowfin jacket pushing but dropped him back in the water pre photo, after the jackets found a baitball sinking a plastic through it got the familiar tap on the drop resulting in an average bream For the final 2018 saltawater session started having a cast around the marina at Coffs Harbour not a lot of action mostly just "happy moments" chasing my plastics in big schools After a tonne of casts a tap on the drop and into what I assumed to be a decent bream when I glimpsed the fish thought this bream must be on steroids but as it came bankside it turned out to be a spangled emperor a first on a lure heading back towards home pulled in at my favourite roadside spot, "the tree" and first cast a nice bream confidance beaming......... and then nothing tried big small hardbodies and plastics for zip, moved to the next tree again first cast was hammered but didn't hook-up, rolling the plastic back in it was crunched right at my feet by what I assumed to be the angriest moses perch I've ever seen but as I lifted the fish my jaw nearly hit the water RED SATAN on a bream plastic, only small but a prize at any size and my last fish of 2018 that's it for 2018 hope you've all enjoyed reading my 2018 reports as much as I've enjoyed writing them cheers Dave
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    Hi all I've been looking around for a while at my options for upgrading my boat. For the most part, I've been fairly happy with my Safari FG, but as I started spending more time outside fishing, than inside, I found that my FG boat a little limited. Mostly, I wanted more room for fishing, and higher sides so when I take my little fella out, I wouldn't have to worry quite so much. I was pretty happy with my trailer and my outboard, so it was just the hull that I wanted to reconsider. To get more room, I either needed a new hull, or I'd reconfigure the boat to have a pod on the back and remove the engine well, make the transom full height and remove the seats to give me better access to the batteries, or just replace the whole kit. I wasn't in any hurry but I spent some time looking around to see what was out there. I went and looked at a couple, but they didn't seem to strike a cord with me. Then I saw an ad for a Stessl 5.8 metre plate boat, and it was local. I went and had a look and instantly, I thought that this was the boat for me. I had a couple of weekends away, and next thing I know, the ad was taken down so I thought that I had missed out. I sent the guy a message and he'd taken the ad down because he was fed up with idiots hassling him about the ad. My wife said that if I was interested, that I had to take someone else to have a look at it. I got a mate to come along and we went and had another look at it. He couldn't see too many things that needed attention so we ended up doing a deal and next thing I know, I've got a massive boat in my mirror when I'm driving home. I spent a lot of time getting the trailer right, then the next steps were figuring out how the hydraulic steering worked and then deciding about getting my engine moved over. I spent some time asking @zmk1962 for advice, and he was helpful with tips and encouragement. I also bored @kiwicraig and @flatheadluke with update messages and they were also great with their encouragement. Despite the heat, I was able to get my teenager out of bed to help me with the engine move. My wife was great with helping get all the bolts lined up and didn't mind that her hands turned black with the silicone that we used to seal the holes After the work was done, i spent some more time tidying things up and then it was sea trial time. The trailer was easy to back and the boat was easy to off and handle. We idled out between the moored boats and then went to put the throttle down and see what she could do. Unfortunately, the control wasn't in an ideal place so that all that happened was that I could only move it a little way before it was hitting the side and wouldn't go any further. I had taken some tools because you just never know, and I was able to move the throttle so that I could work around this until I got back home. She hopped up on the plane pretty well, and then my mate had to start teaching me about checking the trim. @zmk1962 had tried explaining similar things when I was driving his boat, but this time, what he said, and my mate said sunk in and I could understand it. I'm guessing that the new boat is a little more sensitive so I'll need to practice and pay attention. I went out and did a lap of Lion Island before coming back to the ramp. Got a top speed of 56 km/hr and that was comparable with what I was getting from my FG boat. A few days later, I had 3 blokes in it, and I still got the same top speed. Initially, I was a little worried that my 90 might be a little under powered, but i'm pretty happy with it. Back at the ramp, the boat went on to the trailer with no issues (other than a guy in a BMW jumping in front of everyone and causing some grief). I'm looking forward to getting out in her a bit more and maybe chase something bigger. @kiwicraig, @flatheadluke and I are planning a fishraider FAD's trip. I've got a few more things to tidy up and move before I say goodbye to Two Blues, but PM me if you want a bare hull and a trailer. So if you see a Stress Free boat out on the water, give me a wave! Thanks for reading.
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    Fished the lake today. I suggest you find the time to prospect your own quieter spot as it gets very busy this time of year. Managed to pull this flathead out. Perfect time to test the new lip grips too. It's my first time owning one and much better than getting your hand impaled by a flathead spike! She was released to harass more mullet. Missed the hookup on 2 more. I haven't found a big difference to the fishing as to whether the lake is open or closed at the ocean end this year. I've been successful in both circumstances.
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    Been itching for a fish so decided to hit the Nepean this morning hoping that it had cleared bit from recent rains. Looked fishable but still bit dirty. Started throwing spinnerbaits but had no luck except for a couple of small bumps. Changed to a black cicada and almost straight away started to see some action with numerous strikes, but no hook ups ? Was starting to think the hooks were too small or the fish were? Was thinking of changing when bang, Im on, only small (25cm) but I just love the way they still smash things on the surface. Stayed with the cicada and got 3 more fish, 1 very small another 25cm and the biggest 30cm. The itch had been scratched. Still getting used to Kayak fishing and taking selfies with bass that don't want to behave. One photo looks like I'm trying to look like the bass. Was using 4lb braid & 6lb leader and the lure was a Tiemco soft shell. Still not sure wether to upsize the hooks? Fished around the Bypass bridge at Camden. Merry Xmas and New Year to all Deano . Sorry about the size of the pictures,
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    Hey thanks for the input everybody. Some really good feedback. Just got back from Canberra today and had a lovely time with family. Some great food and drinks and a real chill out time, except for the daughter and her husband who worked tirelessly so that everyone had a great time. Knot tying report: The 4 grandkids who were there (3 boys, 1 girl) had so many presents between them that it was hard to get them to focus on my well-laid plans. Their parents are extremely busy professional people and so fishing is something done with Poppy or on holiday with their folks. Alas, my estimation of the timing was a little pre-emptive, mainly based on them catching Carp and Murray Cod when they visit my wife and me. I (wrongly) assumed that they had done some reasonable amount of fishing this year. Anyway, not to bother. I had a casting competition where they all improved and claimed prizes for every 10 points they accumulated. No hooks involved but quite a lot of sinkers lost in the bushes and over the neighbours' fences. Knot tying is probably a bit too challenging with their limited opportunity to go fishing. They had quite a few laughs and improved their casting capabilities. One of the things which I learned is that there is no shortcut to gaining experience and the other is that I need to teach one son - in - law and one daughter knot tying. They can then pass the information to their respective kids when the opportunity presents. Meanwhile, I shall keep plugging away by taking them fishing whenever they visit here. Cheers, bn
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    Its taken me a while to get back on the water for a flick so managed to get out & try & find some of these kings that everyone has been onto recently. I was going to get some livies but decided to hit molly point around 6.10am. Plenty of boats anchored up & a couple of yakers. I could see even before I dropped anchor that people had bent rods so I knew they were still there. Pulled up & while I was getting ready to drop & squid bait I quickly just dropped a micro jig to near the bottom to see if the boat motion may entice something. Anyway as soon as I dropped the squid strips & put the rod in the holder a saw 2 rats swimming right by the tinny on the surface so I quickly grabbed my rod that had a joker paddle tail shad on it & they both started going nuts at it but then would back away at the last second. So after making the right action at the right time the tiny king took the SP like 1ft under at the side of the boat, went for a little run but it near swallowed the 1/2oz jug head so gave up quickly. Its so small it hasn't even developed a yellow tail yet 🤣 I didn't get anymore after 10 minutes so went off to chase some flatties & ended up just getting a couple. Didn't bring anything home but just nice to get back on the water after a long spell.
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    I got a plan to do a big "this is my new boat article" in a new thread when she is ready to go. Here's a teaser new boat is white and on the lawn while I fix the trailer. Old boat is on the right. I'll be looking at moving it on in the new year.
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