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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from this morning. Headed out with fellow raider Woodsy and hit Broughton Island. Went straight to my favourite spot, had a nice drift, nothing! Current raging north. All the bait seemed to be stacked on the northern side of the structure so we tried that and bang contact with a nice snaps! Next was woodsys turn and a pb on sps for him! Moved a few areas looking for them and finally found the mother load. Nearly every cast was a keeper. Woodsy even managed a nice pearly as bycatch and upgraded his pb. It was a sensational morning and the fishing was red hot. Just glad to be back on the water after a month! Thanks for the day Woodsy! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Still a bit early but they are on, headed out of bellambie this morning, Tired 2 spots for zero. I then headed north towards the humps and found a patch, stuck with them most of the day and had a ball. Most fish caught on Pillies and the the two Larger fish on plastics, gulp jerkshad 5 inch in white . go get them Boys
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    Bit of a late report Made some last minute plans with swordy after he called late Monday afternoon saying he got some new soft plastics to try, he sounded pretty excited, so we decided if I could manage a leave pass for Tuesday morning, we would go out and try em, somehow I managed the leave pass, and met stew at the boat ramp for a flick for jews. Stew had a few hits on the new plastics, but missed the hook ups, but we continued on between spots, until we finally managed to hook up to the little fella below. Tried for a bit longer, but decided to hit up another spot for some perch and bream, so off we went. Managed a few at the other spot before the leave pass expired, stew dropped me off at the ramp, and left him to it until his leave pass expired. all in all a great day out, and thanks to Stew for taking me out yet again. Cheers
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    Thought I'd have a go at the drummer yesterday (northern beaches) before the southerly front came through and pushed the swell up too much. I haven't fished for them since last winter so wasn't sure if they would be friendly or not . They weren't on fire but I did score 2 nice fish amongst a lot of pickers that I think were sweep and mados. I was using 25lb flourocarbon leader for the first time as the water was pretty clear and there wasn't much wash. I normally use nylon leader. I found the flourocarbon OK but it didn't have much abrasion resistance and chaffed through without much pressure. Any other Fishraiders had this experience? The larger of the 2 fish went 47cm and both were well conditioned with a lot of fat in their gut when I cleaned them. Cheers Phil
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    Popped out for a late afternoon early evening session. Normally we would use soft plastics but my daughter had just been given a new snapper outfit and micro jigs. Thought I would run a little test by setting up three outfits, one with plastics and one with a baited double hook rigs how we used to fish and of course the new micro jigs setup. I used two rods while my daughter used just the one micro jig outfit, jigs were 20g, water depth 62m and very little current. Let's firstly get the soft plastic out the way as this only managed one fish over the 2 hr session. First fish landed was by my daughter who had great delight in giving me heaps as I was using two rods and three hooks, she also gave me heaps about the orange $5 pants I was wearing ( wanker pants, as she named them ). Bait was freshly caught squid ( heads ) and due to my daughter pulling the hook on her next two fish I slipped ahead with two snapper. The banter cooled down and experiments in jigging and twitching soon had the micro jig hooked into around 7 species of fish but still no snapper on her board. Not sure why but after around 7 or 8 fish on the bait ( all small rubbish apart from the two snapper) the bait rod simply shut down. Even trying some different actions with the bait I simply couldn't coax another bite for the second hour. The micro jig seemed to really come into its own in the last hour as the sun started to set, maybe the luminous stripes were the key or just perhaps my daughter had worked out a jig technique which the fish couldn't resist. All up the micro jig splayed my catch in both species and quality fish.
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    Using a combo of google earth and the stocking data from NSW fisheries found a promising little creek that should hold loads of brown trout. Brownies are a bit of a prize around the Dorrigo-Ebor area as there are only a few streams with decent populations of brown trout. The weather turned it on with a beautiful 10 degrees and a breeze that made it feel like 5. The creek was not what I expected instead of a flowing stream it was a series of overgrown swampy pools. Thinking there can't be any trout here had a cast under the bridge and straight up the biggest wild brown trout I've seen followed my lure right to my feet, atleast there were fish. Hiked upstream casting the pools which was very difficult, most of the pools were only a couple of metres long and surrounded by shrubs. a view of the creek it's running up the right hand side of the photo saw plenty of fish as a worked my way along mostly good sized fish too it was just near ipossible to get a decent cast in finally after many pools and frustrating follows and miss hits came up tight on a fish a beautiful brownie the picture doesn't quite show how densely overgrown this pool was the fish came out of had a couple more follows but no more fish landed next season I'll head to the creek again with either lightly weighted soft plastics or bait which I think will suit the creek better cheers for reading Dave
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    Weather looked great so locked in a trip for Monday. Not quite the winds we were after with 10 knots of Northerly on top of left over NE slop but away we go. Launched at Shoal Bay, looked like it would be interesting on the low tide. Livies were easy, tank full of slimies in 15min along with a few for cut baits. Bashed Out to 80 fathoms, very sloppy. Ran through a couple of current lines but temp was constant. Arrived wet and well tenderised. Rigged the rods with traces sinkers and bait, noticed we had drifted 1.2 kms in 10 minutes, obviously lots of current. Ran back to the mark and scored a king and a nice 2kg red first drop, looking good. Hard work over the next few hours but scraped a bag of reds to 4 kg, a few great kings, big goats and a weird yellow cod? Much better run home, entertained by the whales along the way. Low tide meant Shoal Bay was a no go with a shipload of sand on the ramp a car and boat already stuck so split to Halifax which wasn’t much better but managed to get out first attempt. Long day, hard work (felt it on Tuesday) but good fun and a great feed of fish. No pics, I was flat out all day. One pic of my share of the vacuumed fillets!
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    Mulloway - such a nice looking fish, regardless of the size. Those leave passes... I find I have to get a whole day pass. Otherwise, I know I’d be back late and future passes could be revoked! ?
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    with a question like that il give you this answer in the saltwater somewhere .rick
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    Two new kids tv shows start tomorrow on channel 7(2) 7am, Get Arty and Get Clever. Both my girls feature in the first Arty show but not sure which Get Clever show they will be in. For those of us who get up early to watch kings do tv 😉
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    We had been thinking of doing a Luderick trip, cause we hadn't been dabbling in the dark arts for quite some time, So when Stewie rang with " I've got some great weed man ", It was on. Arrived and were set up ready to go just before daylight with the last few hours of the runout tide. We could hardly see our floats for the first ten minutes, and were not sure if we were getting downs. Soon enough we found out for sure, they were on.... a red hot bite for the first 1/2 hour, slowing to a steady pace till bottom of the tide. We had bagged out by 10 o'clock. What a cracker of a morning! Was such a beautiful day on the water we decided to stay and practice some catch and release for couple of hours. The bite was a lot slower on the run in, but there was still some good fish being set free to fight another day. (and boy can some of them fight. LOVE IT). Stewy decided to experiment with some new float set ups. After a few trials and some choice words, I'm here to say some of them poor floats may never see the light of day again! He was back with old faithful and once again hooking up. His fishing brain must never stop. Did,nt take too many pics but sent a few to Stew to post ( It takes me too long---dont ask ) Thanks again Stewie for a great day fishing. See Ya Deano.
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    Over the last month I’ve been fishing berowra creek from the ferry up to the scouts hall fairly regularly in the kayak. I’m compiling a large report as the fishing has been really good on the flattys and bream working either strike pro blades, 4.6gm in shallows and the 9.6gm in deeper water around the boats. My other go too lure has been the 100mm squidgy biotough wriggler in bloodworm which has nailed me a lot of flathead over 40 and a cracking bream I got today that went 43cm. Its all been a major learning curve for me after a disappointing bass season, and I’ve found it most productive working mangrove edges and the drop offs from the sand flats. One day from memory I had a hot bite for thirty minutes where I waded the flat and was getting fish a cast. Today I launched at the ferry on the west side (around 9:30) and worked around the moorings to start the day. Was frustrating to say the least, snapping line, and then losing a 70cm+ flatty next to the yak in the first half hour was hard to take. Was pretty quiet for a while with the drop of the tide so I made the decision to work up the creek to the begining of the flats where the waters quite deep and lots of weed beds. This paid off with some good mid 30s flathead around but was highlighted by a 43cm bream I caught on previous mentioned squidgy wriggler. Was a very solid fight and had my fears I’d pull the hooks on it, quick picture and I released him for another day. Called it not long after this to finish the day on a high, back in time to start work at 4. Thanks for reading. Will put up another report after the weekend.
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    Omally, We moderate this site best can to maintain its integrity and overall keep it a family friendly website. Part of that is to uphold the site rules. If you’ve been asked by a site manager or moderator to not post something then that is not up for discussion on the open forum. Please pm one of us your concerns and we will try to resolve any issue. Lets leave it there and allow Pete to have his thread answered. Regards scratchie mod team
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    Thanks Donna—. Much appreciated. Just need someone now with local knowledge and we’re up and running. Sending a photo of Jacko — my best mate— as we had lunch yesterday in The Dugout at the home. Not bad for 95,! He had the schooner of V B and I had the softie. cheers
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    Scratchie no need to thank me mate I had a great day [even the way I ended up]. I think I may be converted to the plastics now. We had the fish with a lemon pepper crum, first time I had pearl it was beautiful. Woodsy
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    Hi Everyone, Haven't posted in a long time. Have been caught up with work. Thought I'd put up today's landbased session which is a little different to my usual style of fishing (kayak/boat). I was supposed to get to my spot in the port hacking river by 630am. It takes around a 30min hike through bushland. This didn't happen. I arrived at 10 o'clock to get the start of the runout. Conditions weren't great. High winds and side rain, but this settled down after a bit. Started off using soft plastics (squidgy prawn) with 6lb braid and 8lb mono to start as I've caught some good bream and snapper here before. Straight away I get a good hit on the descent and reel in a tailor measuring 38cm. I try again several times but get bitten off everytime (seemed like there was nothing else there except tailor). Switched to a rapala and cast after cast I was bringing in tailor (6 in total from 36cm to 42cm). They were all released. Suddenly on a retrieve something else hits and gives a much better fight. So good in fact that it broke my rod (there must have been some previous damage). Brought in a good bonito at 58cm. Given that my rod was broken and no further fishing was to be done I kept the bonito for the table and headed home. All up fishing time was under an hour. The drive and hike took 3hours. Thanks for reading. Joe
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    Berley?...... Also do you move about once you know the spot is dead? If you're struggling Ill take you on a tour...
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    Sorry, no pics, but I got 5 nice whiting in about half an hour yesterday, at the start of the runout tide on the sand banks east of the bridge from the northern shore. Was using pipis from a for-humans seafood shop (about $3 for a double handful!). Fished the last of the rising tide for no result, and was starting to think of home when suddenly every cast was bites ahoy. Largest went 38cm, which was a bit of a struggle with the ultra-light gear - krappy Kmart rod with a 2500 and 2kg line. Eating notes: I've always liked really fresh sand whiting (I'm from WA, so the almost totally white ones) as sashimi. But when I did that with the smallest of these yellowfins for entree, it was a little too al dente for my wife's taste. I could see what she meant, it was kinda chewy, but the 3yo daughter wolfed it down so good signs there. Obviously the panko crumbed fillets from the rest were superb, so no big drama.
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    hi guys if the marina you pass has a green flag showing you can stop at there marina free of charge for 1hour or more and use there faciltys for free. i no of at least 3 in sydney harbour that have joined the program it is called the better boating destinations you can look them up on rms site they are saying they have 19 marinas in sydney harbour signed up .cheers dunc333
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    Took my boat to the local dealer yesterday for a routine service on my 60 ETEC. He rang yesterday to say it’s running well but needs a new solenoid, under warranty. Left it overnight as the part needed to be ordered. Well, it didn’t come in today, so I am boatless for a few days. I could have picked it up and used it on the weekend then take it back next week but I’ve lost my voice and am pretty crook with a cold, so I thought I’d rest up... but... I’m going stir crazy! I stopped in for a look at a breakwall near home this afternoon. Good to see the luderick are looking active. Then I spotted a few squid moving around. Headed home and grabbed a rod and some jigs. Got one nice fat one, then lost another and that was it. Also lost a decent bream on a Squidgie. It’s a good size but I’m torn. Do I cook it, or try and convert it into a snapper or a jewie?! ?
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    Hi Raiders I was really keen to give the new rod a go, I matched it with with a little Shimano 2500 with 4lb braid. Simple rig size 1 ball sinker, swivel, 30cm 6lb fluro to a no.4 longshank hoping for whiting. A little disappointed there were no live worms left at Narrabeen Bait and Tackle, I settled for dead and added a bit of S factor. There is a nice gutter formed at the north end of the beach, running just north of the Pines up to the car park. Even at low tide it is very obvious. The lagoon itself is well and truly closed. No kidding, I was on first cast. Nice little dart about 20cm. I could see the take just watching the rod, it's really sensitive. 3 more darts followed in the hour, missed a few and dropped what was most likely a flattie.
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    Hi Raiders When I took the old Glassmaster to the rod builder I took along another old blank I'd been sitting on for a while. I found it in an antique/ junk shop in Huskisson last year. All the bindings were shot, the grips were gone, but the action grabbed my attention. It's a real noodle, light and whippy as can be. I showed it to some mates who reckon it's a very early Sportex in wood grain finish. Jim, the rod builder was pretty excited when he saw it, he loves Sportex rods and from the pattern in the glass he's 90% sure. I wanted to have it made into a rod I could use for Blackfish in the estuary and Whiting and Bream on the beach. We kept the original wooden butt cap, added cork grips and reused the original bind on reel seat. The seat was reversed so not to interfere with a sidecast reel
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    Yeah, why not? There’s enough for an entree. I’ve never cooked any squid I’ve caught before. Always use them for bait. I’ve just made the rings. Kept the head, tentacles and flaps for bait (cryovacced). ?
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    Thanks Dunc333 .... this was news to me. Just looked it up and there is an interactive map for Syndey Harbour. Here is the current link: https://appln.transport.nsw.gov.au/mapservices/proxy/boating-destinations/map.html
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