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    Hey raiders, For the uninitiated... yes you read that correctly, flathead on topwater. After seeing some decent success online and on a few of doclures' podcasts I thought I'd give this crazy trend a try. Picked up two crossfire 115 lures and tried my luck a few times in the past week. They are sort of like the bent minnow lures but a larger profile and a very slow float back to the surface. Finally had success yesterday afternoon when I landed a 57cm lady. She looked very healthy and even scored a nice aerial display as she took the lure! Gear used was my 7" Daiwa TD Zero rod, stradic ci4+ 2500 reel spooled with 8lb kairiki braid and 12lb FC rock leader. Fun fight, she had a few decent runs and was safely released to swim around another day. Definitely going to keep at this new trend. I'll keep you all posted on any further success! tight lines, chris
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    Snapper fri arvo blackies sat arvo carp sun morn luv my comp wknds
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    Hi, this is my first fish report. I fished the airport side of Cooks River from 4PM-6PM today. I was casting only about 10m out from the land. It was my first time fishing using a soft plastic. There is a lot of places to cast from along the river, but most places require you to step in some mud to get close enough. I was inspired to fish Cooks River and using soft plastic by watching Shroom's videos on YT. I landed an awesome Flathead about 15mins in. I didn't get to measure it, but it was about 40-45cm. It was released as i'm told you shouldn't eat anything from Cooks River. I had some other "bites", but did not catch anything else. I used the Zman Grub 2.5" in Watermelon Red. Thanks
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    Hi raiders, Had the afternoon off work today so thought I'd sneak out for a quick afternoon fish in the Hacking with the main goal of targeting some whiting. Got there at low tide to start pumping some nippers and with a few in the bucket, I was ready to go. The afternoon started quite slow with only a few sporadic nibbles on the incoming tide. Down to my last two nippers so decided to move around the point and saw a little drop off near the edge of the sandbank that I thought may have been worth a try and boy was it. Within a few seconds - WHACK! I was on. At first I thought I'd caught a smaller model as there wasn't much fight but as soon as it got onto the sandbank, it took right off which lead me to loosen the drag out a little. After a few good little runs, in came a 41cm whiting. Dispatched quickly, bled and straight onto ice. The only decision now is, salt and pepper whiting or if I get it on to the BBQ over coals with some Indian spices (a new recipe I've been wanting to try for some time now).
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    Hi Slurm same as Green Hornet I also have a preference for the A series- you don't need a drag for what you intend to do. Like he suggested, the 12' rod is better suited for your purpose as it gives you more options re casting and clearing line above the wave-break. Gary Howard rods are great and purpose built (as are the Alvey rods) If you can find an old Snyder or Butterworth 6144 (6 wraps of glass, 144 inches-12') they are exactly what you're after also. If you go slightly heavier in line class, say 12-15 lb mono you will have a good all-round outfit. Sometimes you will need a bit heavier sinker or a larger bait like a Pilchard/Garfish if you want to chase Tailor etc
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    Hi Admis, The best thing you can do is use that search function and check out the fishing reports section after introducing yourself as Donna said. Searching and reading through reports and anything to do with the area is your best bet, unfortunately with fishing it will never be a case of "this spot will land me a Tuna at X time and X day", it never works like that. And even if it was a specific spot that someone has always bagged up at it can be a secret from that person, (everyone has there own spot X) You need to go explore and don't even take a rod with you. Scratchie has put in what seems like 100+ years of researching Port Stephens and seems to be the guru of Port and has years of experience and info, but honestly due to you being Landbased i would physically walk around and explore, look at the water, the tide, swell etc. have a look at how many fisherman/fisherwoman are there and what they are catching, what are the using?? I did this myself for almost 3 months before i started to even take my rod to the landbased Locations around Lake Mac. Your own research will pay off, you never know you might find a spot that no-one has ever fished from before. Use topographic maps and satellite images via google maps to check that you can safely get to a spot and remember to always wear a lifejacket near any rocks. Good Luck
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    Hope that you and everyone else in your region come through this with a minimum of problems Dave. The devastation thus far has been horrific. Unfortunately fires are a regular event. I do hope that something positive is learned from this situation to help minimize impact in future events. These (mainly volunteers) are true heroes and we all owe them a massive debt. bn
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    Make sure you keep track of the "brownie points" Baz, there is often a level of forgetfulness when the BOSS comes to honour the deal. LOL. Sounds like things are still firing up there at PS, so don't wait too long. You don't want to get there the day after Jeff has caught them all eh? Cheers, bn
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    Yeww!! . How did long did she go Jeffery?? See you guys soon, hope the weather gods play ball
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    I grew up in Valla, northern Rivers in bushland. We burnt off regular but the area still went up. No RFS then , no local brigade to help. Just us and nearby relos beating the flames with wet sacks and shovels. All of us got out there.
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    Got 6 in an hour corn kernels no sinker size 6 hook go well on 4lb line
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    Not meaning to hijack Rick's post just wanted to say good on you Scotty, hope you and yours are also safe. Thanks for your service and every success when you do get to go fishing. Everyone fighting these fires are hero's to us all
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    The fish your describing are native species, the fact that they may be around what you would call not usual habit just a part of evolution. Species move following food or warmer currents. https://bie.ala.org.au/species/urn:lsid:biodiversity.org.au:afd.taxon:43e13442-afd0-443b-96fb-9a462eeea542 The day I can catch Coral trout in Sydney I will rejoice & probably go out & buy a bottle of Penfolds Grange to enjoy with if for dinner 😁 But your right in that if you do catch a species like carp then I believe its against the law to actually return it, & if its some unusual or foreign species then report it to the DPI or equivalent body. Id be more worried about the crown of thorns star fish consuming the Great Barrier Reef or the cane toads reaching Sydney, also the effects on the country from introduced feral species like pigs, foxes. cats, dogs, goats, rabbits, deer. And I certainly wont be donating any money to some Tsethar Buddhist group, Id rather donate to our farmers or another needy Australian charity where it will actually have a good effect for us!
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    I believe mono is the way to go when starting out. The stretch it has is more forgiving than braid. Also, it will break closer to it’s stated breaking strain, unlike braid, which will usually break over. In my mind, I like the idea of knowing if I’m fishing with, say, 6kg line class, I can push it to that and then I start looking at 2:1, 5:1, 10:1 captures etc. I like to use Platypus Pretest, which should break at or under the claimed breaking strain (which is important in line class fishing for points, e.g. ANSA/IGFA - probably not a concern for you but it is a nice challenge). Once you’ve gained some experience with mono and can tie your knots in the dark (try blindfolded), start experimenting with braid. It is great for lure fishing, as you can feel what the lure is doing better. I like to use mono off the beach and, IMO, 6kg line is all you need off the beach, unless you are specifically targeting big mulloway. Even then, you’d be surprised what you can manage on 6kg line if you are careful.
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    Haha that was a good call. That's exactly the plan...finish everything by December 1st and leave marlin season free
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    A stacer 429 rampage with wide gunnels fishing by yourself in an estuary. Boy they’re a lot of fun - I can think of no other vessel better suited to one man estuary fishing. And I prefer it to offshore fishing (and all the unavoidable hassle that brings no matter how large the boat or how many crew).
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    I've only been on a CC Formosa 520 once, it was offshore & the swell & the wind direction meant I put on my full wets very quickly & I still got drenched, wasn't a very comfortable trip to say the least. I can see it would be amazing in certain situations & in good conditions. Very nice boat but after that experience the cuddy's(is this the new tern for 1/2 cabin?) look very good to me & what I would steer towards myself for my next move in the boat world. As you say scratchie its all personal preference but you have to get the opportunity to experience time on these vessels to get to know what's right for you 😁
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    Hi Will, Firstly the spinning reels are usually the same design for both winding styles. That is, you can switch the handle from right to left or left to right to suit your preference. You don't need to specifically buy a right or left handed spinning reel. Some exceptions to this are bait casters and overhead reels which are predominantly right hand wind. I fish with a couple of Finnish guys. They are right handed and fish with the handle on the left hand - like most other Europeans I know that fish. We've had a friendly ongoing argument on the topic for about 4 years now. Short answer is there is a theoretical advantage but in practice I haven't found it to make much of a difference. Arguments for fishing right handed but with left hand wind. You are not swapping hands. You cast with your right and don't have to swap hands to wind. Some people feel they have better control twitching with the right hand. When fishing in snags with species that pounce on lures you have a better chance of reacting quickly to the strike rather than fiddling around swapping rod hands. I cast with my right, swap hands and reel with my right. In my case, when I cast I flip the bail arm and swap hands extremely quickly just as the lure hits the water. Not had problems missing strikes so far but I don't fish a lot of snags. I sometimes fish metal slices for which you need a very fast retrieve - I do this far easier and quicker with my right. Couple of people I fish with have been winding so long with the left hand that they can just match me for winding speed. When fighting the fish I prefer the dexterity I have with my right hand. I might do a couple of quick winds then use the right hand to assist the left pulling the rod up and then quickly switch back to winding as I'm dropping the rod. My counter question to the left hand wind business is "why are most baitcasters and overheads right hand wind". In the end if you want to switch it will take a while to get used to winding with the other hand. Regards, Derek
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    Congratulations put that one in the photo album at the top for now
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    Abs, try Balmoral headland or Middle head or Canae, if the yakka’s are not around your normal haunts. I always burley (bread or pollard/ bran or soaked Chook pellets). Was out on Mon & Wed and got heaps (little “Kingie candy” size - heaps of squid also. pm me if you want more details
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    nicely done. It's good you got enough for a full feed. I hate it when you catch only enough for a partial feed
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    The Hairtail got me when the gaff man swung it my way- I was trapped in the corner of the boat, got me on the arm- one of the ganged hooks 'stood up' saving me from severe injury, but bled like mad until the slime applied. Eel got me when I put my hand in "the drink pool" we used to put cans of drink in- some idiot put the eel in there with line wrapped around it, took my full weight on my rock plate to get it off my finger
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    Thanks guys, main reason for evac is to avoid being trapped with no power water or communication RFS crews are stretched as it is so a good chance help wouldn't
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    Small stumpjumper hungry cod
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    Plus one green hornet 20lb on jew is fine never had a jew take more than 200mtrs off the beach on 20 and landed em up to 37kgs
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    Hey @jot1975 I was a student nurse there at PHH and lived in. We called it the Nurses Beach and we all sunbaked, drank and did lots of stuff there when off duty. Here is a pic of the nurses accom and beach views.
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    Wouldn’t surprise me about 5 or 6 years ago in the middle of summer with my two daughters we were coming back in the afternoon near south head after hooking the last dolly less than 2km off shore I left the spread out for a Kingy or a bonito & we came across a hammerhead & followed it south & as we turned 500 m from south head cliffs & less than a km from the harbour entrance was a black marlin riding the swell south unfortunately the boat being so close caused it to go under before I could get the lures in front of it. A bit earlier that year I was fishing a deep hole land based west of Gladesville bridge & had a bust up within casting range & hooked up to what I thought was a kingy but as I was about to lift it up I noticed it was rather skinny & had a blue & yellow lateral line like a rainbow runner & unfortunately the hook let go. In the mid 70’s one hot dry summer I came across some sea cucumbers around figtree bridge in the lane cove river, I think they are a tropical species
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    Taa mate will stik a report up if i go
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    Great work 👌 But do yourself & the fish you have to return to the water a favour & get yourself a measuring mat over the tape measure.
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    Hi all...I’m glad I watched that video.thanks.
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    Hey jeff msg me whiskers locality il be up there in two wknds lol
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    the single yak setup would be ok for estuary creeks etc.... personally I would never take a sit in yak offshore simply because you can't get back in if you capsize the tandem wouldn't be suitable for a single paddler as the weight is too far on the back or front (looking at seat placement) for a lot less money you can get a really good quality single kayak, if your really keen on a sit in the oldtown vapor 10 is a great kayak if you're set on fishing wider bays and rougher conditions you need a sit on with a bit of length I'd suggest go to a reputable kayak shop and have a chat to them
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    Hello Raiders New to the forum only discovered fish raider in recent months. Would like to introduce myself and the family to the community so this is my first post. A bit about myself, my name is Dan (Dan0) I'm 54 and from Sydney originally grew up around Balmain and Leichhardt, (whatever happened to Balmain High school?) but have resided in Brisbane last 14 years or so with my ever supportive wife and kids 6 and 8.. Have loved being on or near the water all my life. Used to hire kayaks at the Spit and windsurfers at Balmoral. Fished around Iron Cove and surrounds. I remember my first ever job as work experience was working at Drummoyne Boatshed, standing on a barrel on a tender reaching up polishing brass portholes sun shining, gentle breeze- I thought it was the best job ever at the time. Have dived around Sydney and hung around most beaches, Though I love the water haven’t been a huge fisho(s) until about last year when the wife said “ time to go fishing with the kids and create some memories” I read that as go buy a boat, so I did and scored a 43 year old 5m half cabin for a bargain price - owner said still runs perfect... Aaaanyway, after a few minor hick-ups we introduced the kids to boating and fishing and they loved it. My son Michael caught his first ever fish just recently. The biggest win though is wife loves fishing - YAY! So now we are trying to fit in learning more about the fine art of fishing and hope to devote some decent time to fishing / boating so here we are. Kids love bream and whiting (and little crabs) but I am keen on catching something bigger. Incidentally in the 6 months or so we’ve been out fishing we have caught about 6 fish - all released lol so hoping to improve on the stats. Usually around Pine River or Bribie Passage both on the boat or off the beach. Have been across to Moreton Island = 1 small cod. So needless to say we are all amateur fisherpeople but keen to learn. Have picked up a few pointers here and there already like don’t use bread, don’t play the radio loud, don’t let the kids swim where your fishing, don’t leave bait in the boat overnight etc. (Incidentally I am looking for a bigger boat). So hope to catch up with like minded people and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Kind Regards Dan
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    Somewhere far away from the ramp. Frank
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    Great stuff. Stary night that bottom picture.
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    Its a great place my last time there 3 days of nothing the last day decided to head out until midday to try and salvage something ended up leaving near dark the bite was red hot all in sight of the park thats fishing i guess.
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    Very nice .... and that's a Cracker of a GT. The other fish are Excellent as well, thanks for the report.
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    Good on you, you at least had a crack even if the fish didn't cooperate. I recon Fishing is not just about the fish but having a good time and you seemed to ticked those boxes. Nice photos to there BN.
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    I would say - avoid Airbnb . If you do book using them - make sure you have screenshots of what you exactly booked - as it is very difficult to prove anything later.
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    We stayed at tuross head this january with 11 people, great fishing and good swimming etc for the kids. No traffic as has one road in, try calling the real estate agencies down there or as berleyguts said look on stayz, have booked places off there plenty of times
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    Not at all. Terminal blocks or bus bars for negative are just a convenience for additional wiring- so that you don’t have to run back to the battery each time. cheers Zoran
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    I have a Horizon 525 Scorpion, which is similar to what you are looking at and might be an option to consider.
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    Great report and photos.
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    If the "lies" are pointed towards the shallow water, like a flat, the Flathead will be sitting there waiting for small fish and stuff to move off the flat as the tide drops, it would be good to fish from a kayak and cast up onto the flat and retrieve back into the deeper water! don't be fooled by the size of the marks, a quite small Flathead makes a fairly big mark, because they kind of "shake" to bury in and to leave and the mark is a lot bigger than the actual fish.
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    Hey Antony - yeah likewise we need to do a session out soon. Re Gummy, I haven't had a chew as yet, but all the reports are they they are excellent flake. Two fillets (990g each) came of that gummy. So my buddy and I each have about a kilo to play with and try in various ways. Will let you know. Just to close this out, I did have the gummy about a week ago and just now remembered I had committed to report back. Happy to report that they are awesome table tucker. I prepared the fillets as fish cocktail size chunks, rolled in flour salt and pepper, shallow fried in oil with a few whole garlic cloves. Served with two side dishes: a warm kiffler potato / string bean mayo salad and coleslaw. The gummy had firm white flesh, very delicate flavour and obviously was completely boneless. Just awesome tucker. Can't wait to come across a few more. Cheers Zoran
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    Cheers mate i am only 15, so i was extremely excited when i saw it and nearly fell of the shark net!!!🤣🤦‍♂️😲 Put up a mint fight! Had to try to not fall off while skull dragging it to the sand, while it was head shaking! It couldn't have been hooked any better, as i only had light leader and its teeth were nowhere near the leader thanks to the weedless hook straight in the corner of the mouth
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    Apologies I meant to write motor well!! But you have found yet another purpose - slimie catcher ! cheers Z
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    Headed out yesterday with @Woodsy1 and step son! Smacking day out there!
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    36 OR 42 ' Steber moored at Bermagui OR even a old Howard 26-32' . Had a few large boats moored and didn't use them much but now in my receeding years I imagine myself out in my 36 ' er eating prawns and sipping coffee with a gentle sea breeze just pushing along with the tide. Frank
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