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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from this arvo. Had the opportunity to get out with Woodsy for a couple of hours after work today! The champ had already caught a heap of livies before he picked me up so we headed straight for Broughton! Drifted the sisters with plenty of bait present but no fish so we moved on! Hit our next mark and the bait was present again but no real takers! We persisted and I managed a couple of pannies which were returned and Woodsy had a couple of enquiries. There was only enough time for a couple of more drifts before the southerly hit and a change of sp was all that was needed. Cast out and got nailed, this thing used every bit of the current and put up a good fight until it was well netted by Woodsy! A couple of pics and time to cast again! Next cast, I barely had time to put the bail arm over and was absolutely hammered by another red that nearly ripped the rod out my hand. Tried to wind and set the hook but unfortunately this brut got the better of me! By now the wind had kicked up strong and it was time to pack up! Great couple of hours on the water with Woodsy that was very much needed to clear the soul. I gave Woodsy the fish as he supplied me plenty on my dry spell last year! 😝 Thanks for reading...... Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi Raiders, It's been a while since I've been on here (and also a while since I could get near any water to throw a line in) but thought I'd provide my first report. Headed down south today to the Hacking after having the afternoon off work and decided to chase some squid. Got down there just as the tide was starting to roll in, turned out to be some very windy and rainy conditions which wasn't anticipated given the forecast I'd read this morning. Casting straight into the wind for the first 10-15 minutes was proving a problem to get any sort of distance, so I moved around to try and get some shelter from the rocks and on my second cast the first one struck. The guy on the left of the photo measured a 25cm hood - thought I was snagged initially until it start to peel some line. From there on, things quieted down for about an hour before I got my second squid (the small one on the right). The other two in the middle followed about 15 minutes later in quick succession with one of them coming out very angry and tried to paint my clothes black as soon as it hit the surface of the water and got close enough to see me. Had me questioning why I was wearing a white top (idiot!). The red jig seemed to really do the trick today! Anyway, dinner sorted for tomorrow. Most likely going to quickly sear these guys on a super hot BBQ and cook them Greek-style. Olive oil, lemon, dried oregano and garlic!
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    Hey Raiders, I've been off the air for almost two months - a combination of being away on an overseas holiday and then getting quite ill - but I'm happy to report that's all behind me. Anyway, back to the fishing report, the weather gods were predicting a smile for Thursday 28/2 so my dear Mrs (Maria) and I decided have a go, get out on the water and try to re-fill our quite empty freezer....and what better way then to target our favourite bread and butter species -- flatties off Broken Bay !! We launched from Parsley Bay, and raced out to our proven flathead grounds between 6-11kmout east of Barrenjoey. I wont go through all the details as they pretty much followed my previous posts "Tight-lines Tuesday" and "Wet-a-line Wednesday"... but thats how "Throw-a-line Thursday" came to be. For this post I'll just try and tell the story through some photos and commentary. I call this one: "The LOVE of my life !" ..... Maria of course - seriously what were you thinking !!! She was a total trooper - she had not been feeling well for most of the week and was seasick most of the day, but would not call stumps until we had filled the esky. The next one: "The only place to be?" ..... We found them ! Time to call stumps - Maria's first Rat - yes she scored the oddball fish again ! ... let the fun begin ! ...and some seriously good fillets ready for tucker.... For those that need stats: Bait - salted pillies, frozen slimies and yakkas from the previous trip and soft plastics fished on a 2 hook paternoster. Water deep blue with temp 27C (seriously different to the -25C we were skiing a few weeks ago!). Action - we'd get a bite going, but then it would go dead. I was bitten clean off so there was something toothy harassing the fish. We moved several times. Lots of pickers and yakkas. The bigger flathead fell to SPs or whole mackerel heads. We boated 12 large flathead - 3 at 60cm and the rest 45-55cm. Plenty of fillets for the freezer. Cheers Zoran PS - In case anyone is interested, Maria and I spent a few weeks skiing in BC Canada which was fantastic, but I had picked up a flu virus on the flight over, got through that over a few days but was prescribed some cold and flu meds for the cough. But the cough did not go away so I was prescribed more cold and flu meds then back in Oz I was given a dose of antibiotics and more cold and flu meds .... finally after 6weeks, and an array of xrays, blood tests and swabs ... we discovered that I had no virus or infection but was actually having a reaction to the cold and flu meds - they were causing an asthma like attack (hence the cough and wheezing) and drove my blood pressure to dangerously high levels !!! So there... lesson learnt for me. I was one of those 1% that actually experienced the side effects -- so from now on if I get the flu - its gonna be whiskey sours and honey for me.
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    The planets all aligned for me today and I actually got to go fishing, after a long time between trips! 😎 Rather than head to Broughton, I thought I’d try out the front for a change as I’d heard reports of water temps of 24.5 at Little Island. With the warmer water moving in, I thought it was time to try for a marlin... but really, I just wanted anything to break the duck! I left Little Beach ramp by 6 and headed to Mrs Murphy’s to catch livies. All I could find was sweep and mado, so I ducked over to Cabbage Tree Island and filled my tank with slimies and yakkas in 10 or 15 minutes. Shoulda gone there first! I then headed to Little Island and tried flicking plastics for snapper. Found slimies and tried a few different drifts but no luck. Trolled twice around the island hoping for a bonito but, again, nothing. I then trolled a couple of skirts out to the 100m line, planning to troll along it for a while before heading to a reef known as The Vee for the tide change, when I would troll bridled live baits, hoping for that beakie. Saw some fish traps and worked that area for a while - picked up over 20 dollies but all 50-55cm, so all released. They were a lot of fun, though! It was then I saw something and at first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Initially I thought it was a shark - a big dorsal fin cruising along but then it dived and came up and blew air a few times... I think it was an orca! Very strange at this time of year and the first one I’ve ever seen! 😎 I grabbed my phone to shoot video of it but I got a double hookup on dollies and dropped my phone! I then headed to The Vee and trolled a couple of live yakkas around (the slimies died in the tank). No marlin to be found, so I then did a bottom bash - one just undersize red and an undersized flathead. I then headed towards the big island and spotted some working birds and bait breaking up all over the place. Picked up three small bonito on small trolled skirts and also two slimies that hit the skirts - one as big as the bonito and the other not much bigger than a pilchard. With the wind picking up, I headed for home, arriving at the ramp at about 3pm. A long day and not a lot to show for it... but, boy, it was good to be out there again! I was in my “happy place”!
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    I’d planned a trip to take the boys bass fishing at Lake Lyell but after receiving a hot tip about big yella schools on flats and trees at Windy I couldn’t decide what to do so I did both. Loaded the 2 sleeping boys into the car at 4am hoping to get some first light bass action at Lake Lyell. Fished from 6am to 10am over and around the weed with lipless and bibbed crankbaits. Caught plenty of redfin mostly small but a few decent ones for a feed no sign of a bass. Arrived at Windamere around 11:30 with usual stop at the playground for the kids while I get the boat ready. Then headed to the spot where I had been told the fish were stacked on a large flat. Motored around thinking I had been lead up the garden path for a while until I came across the right spot and as described fish were everywhere. Started fishing vertical with black 3 inch gulp grubs which had 2 fish in the boat quickly. Unfortunately that was the only 2 black grubs I had in the boat. The fish weren’t interested in other colours or yabbie imitations. After and hour of no fish I tied on a black Jackall Transam. First cast missed a fish and caught two from the next two casts. Then the boys had had enough and wanted to go home. So after 10 last casts and 2 more fish landed we headed for home. Disappointing not to land a bass but a fun day overall. Cheers, Trav
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    For those who been fishing off Sydney know how hard the season has been with strong currents and horrid weather. A little bit of footage I put together from fishing 🎣 hope y’all enjoy 😊
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    Just had this photo sent to me, caught last week off the rocks around from Bundeena, also a metre fish sighted this arvo off the jetty... Time to fish some livebaits after work tomorrow Cheers, Gareth
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    Hi all spoke to my bff late sat night and decided to hit the bay to test his new daiwa saltiga rod and my new Saragossa 8000sw the forecast was not good at all for Sunday 3m swell with over 30kph winds plus 40% showers got to the ramp around 8am and the car park was empty only half a dozen trailers not looking good at all had a quick look and the water was choppy and the wind was blowing around 20kph cant see any other boat in the water at all anyway still decided to have a look and see if we can handle the conditions plan a was to catch some livebait and try the kingy spot got to the bait spot and was surprise to see a 3m tinny with two blokes so we anchored near the other boat and started to burley got around half a dozen yakkas and half a dozen bream just around the 20cm mark that went back to grow more with 6 yakkas in the tank decided to check the kingy spot and see if it’s fishable passed mollipoint and there was not a single boat in sight got to the kingy spot and the swell is more than 2m took a while to anchor and setout two livebait Saw around a dozen surfers nearby and a lone rocks fisho with his wife and son after about half hour the anchor came off so decided to move back to safer grounds which was plan b put two yakkas on float and started to burley It didn’t take long until we got a kingy on board the boat The kingy took the chicken fillet on a 10lb trace with size 4 circle hook the kingy measured 50cm so back it went to grew more the live yakkas went off and after about 5mins we got a very fat salmon on the boat my bff finally christened his daiwa rod hoping for a hoody but the salmon fought hard and did a couple of jumps and a couple of runs which was awesome to see but no match for the rod for the next couple of hours we landed 4 salmon 5 kingys up to 60cm a dozen slimys and half dozen yakkas wind started to blow harder so decided to pack up around 3pm it was a bit rough heading back to the ramp with plenty of potholes all the way it was a good day even though the conditions were not so ideal hoping the kingys will be all legal by the end of next month thanks for reading
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    Had a short session last Thursday with mixed results, only 5 small (rats) in the 57-63 size (no keepers). The Tuesday before, again lots of rats, but kept 5 in 67-70 size, (released 22). The crew RICHARD and PETER - great guys. harbour has been really firingfor Ki it’s this summer, but I’m perplexed where the big ones have gone, I’ve only caught 3 over 80, hopefully we’ll get a run of the bigger winter ones coming in soon. 2 of the “crew”
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    Thought I might head to the Harbour (Northwood) for a quick soft plastic session on the way home from work yesterday with my 1-3kg Shimano AX 7ft (kids rod) with a Shimano Sienna 2500FE running 6lb Fireline braid and 12lb leader. Never had a single fish on a soft plastic. Got about a 35cm flattie and as I got him in, slipped on a wet rock and dropped him in a 4" x 10' gutter where he spat the 3" Savage Gear Fat Curltail in Motor Oil and the bugger just swam off before I could scoop him up again. Kept flicking for another 20 minutes or so with no luck, so moved down about 50m. About 6 casts in hooked this lovely beast. On 6lb braid and a 2500 reel, it was good fun! Had to remind myself to stay calm and let her do the work to tire herself out. All the while cursing at my braid not to bloody snap! Once I saw her, I knew it was a PB for me. Got her in and was happy to have dropped the 35cm specimen to take her home. Needless to say, I am now converted to plastics! Went 55cm and tasted divine with some chilli, garlic, ginger and lemon. P.S. I gave 2 weeks notice at work on Wednesday, is it wrong to now do half days and fish EVERY afternoon?? 🤣
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    Hi all, time for a second post, here goes... 5am launch out of Parsley Bay, headed to West Head bait grounds, but the schools there were really on edge, I’m guessing the Kingies were probably about. Found livies at the Valiant wreck and headed for the BB Fad... Trolled mixed skirts from about the 50m mark to the fad, or at least where the fad was last week! Has it dragged or is it gone, does anyone know? So no Fad there, lures back in the water, and off to the Terrigal Fad. Following (roughly) the 100m contour. About 2/3 of the way there the Striped Tuna (Skipjack) started belting the lures and I iced a couple of 7ish kg modles for sushimi and retuned another dozen to fight again. Arrived at the T Fad to find a sizeable but courteous crowd and when I got my chance threw a 30g jig on 20lb leader looking for a nice dolly, instead it’s another tuna, although a lot more challenging on the light stuff instead of the game rods. Trolled home with no (marlin) luck. the water was 27 almost back to Broken Bay, where there were huge schools of slimies and yakkas at the colour and temp break only 2km or so out. 36 trolling hours this season, no beakie fish, but I’m still lovin it😀 And remember if you’re heading out, log in with Marine Resce, it’s a BIG ocean out there👍
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    Hey raiders sorry for the late report but been super busy Uncle recently purchased and new boat and rings me saying he’s keen to hit the fads I’ve never been more then 2kms offshore so to say i was stoked would be a understatement so $200 of skirts and and tackle later.... 5: 30 am start port kembla boat ramp Boat in water and a 2 min drive away from the boat ramp we arrive at bait grounds , within 30 mins and first light we had 25+ yakkas Headed out to the five islands and trolled them around within a hour half we only had 3 undersize kings biggest going 63 so we decided was time to hit the fads straight out the the fads were we are met with say 30+ boats sitting well off the bouy like 800m , so with only 1 boat doing drifts past the bouy we settled with that, livies down ready to go so I started top water sticking baiting nothing for 15mins then out the Connor of my eye I see a school swim past the boat some of decent size some tiny my rod goes off and after a little fight I had my first mahi mahi (56cm pictured)in the boat what beautiful fish! The colours are amazing the fight not so bad ethier after this they kept comming in biggest going 65cm ,10+ fish boated 3 keepies , we decided we would head in for lunch on the way home we slow trolled a Yakka back past the island as and picked up a fat 68cm king back at the boat ramp by 11 mahi shashmi is amazing! Better then kingfish in my opinion cheers tdogz Tight lines
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    Haven't been posting for a long long time. Anyway. Just wanna make a post cause I thought it was one I don't think I would get again. Woke up at 4.30. Got to our spot up normal at 5.30. Started fishing and straight away there were surface action of Taylor's and salmon. Once they disappear after 30min. The kings where smashing bait fishing like a all u can eat buffet. It was just me and my mate at first. Then came another 3.. And then follow by a fellow fish raider here by surprise. All up I caught 5 king just around 58-63cm just undersize!! One would be at the 70cm.. My mate scoop it into the net and we lift it out of thr water and it slipped through a hole on the net and then the line was cut!!! I was like wtf.... And follow by another burst off. All up between 7 of us. We would have caught over 30 king fish. And they were there from 6.00 to 10.30 when we left thry were still around!!! So disappointed that we didn't landed the legal wx_camera_1550957754639.mp4
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    Finally, with a nice break in the weather the crew took the opportunity to troll some lures and try for this so called stick face 🤷‍♂️. Well no stick face to seen with these glamours conditions however, the crew managed a consolation prize a 14kg bull. As well a good feed of crabs so not a bad day fishing 🎣
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    I have been grounded for a while with the birth of our 2nd child I was not allowed out but I finally got out yesterday and the the wind around Lake Macquarie was uncomfortable in my little boat so I just pottered over to Bolton point and found a bit of cover just as the tide started going out I have been trying to crack the plastics code for a year now and not been very successful, so I was trying a few things to see what happened I was throwing plastics and vibes and even a cranks crab around even trying to figure out how to work the sugapen and was getting nowhere, while I was undoing a knot in the braid I threw over an old prawn that I had in the freezer for a year on the spare rod it was a last second decision to bring the old bait bag from the freezer as I have been leaving the bait at home on purpose for the last year to keep me trying on the plastics It was only about 5 mins and away she went and dinner was in the boat kinda makes me feel I have been wasting my time and money for the last year trying to learn the plastics.
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    We hadn’t fished our haunts on the Hawkesbury for some years and had real doubts about the likelihood of fish. Luderick have been very scarce on the South coast this summer and likewise on the North Coast last winter. I was even more sceptical when I saw how few posts there are on Fishraider. About 2 weeks ago we had a short session in a southerly and produced a few fish. A good start and I was keen to see what would happen in good conditions. Last Friday we fished in glorious conditions and the fishing was good. We landed about 20 fish up to 39cm’s, kept a few and had a lovely day. The average size was very good Fished again the next day with similar results with fish up to 42cm’s. We had quite a few bust offs on bigger fish as they run you around the rocks in some spots. 42 is about as big as we seem get them out. You can go up to 10lb trace with the coloured water and still get busted. In 2 days we saw only one other boat. We saw wonderful sea eagles and lovely scenery. Just the best time. Geoff and Evi
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    I finally bit the bullet and invested in some higher quality gear, the sienna started to pack it in so went for a stradic matched up with a 7"6 balistix rod. Of course as soon as I get soem new gear it floods so had to wait for the river but finally the water cleared up enough. The bream were on the chew for a change with lots of hits and misses but finally one stuck and the new rig up was blooded shortly after working some rocky edge lure gets nailed again this time a nice black spot almost required surgery to get the lure back but he was released unharmed managed another reasonable bream from some very nasty shallow rocks then after some bycatch of small flatties and pike it was off to the tree to try and find some more bream second cast and another bream caught a couple more small bream they were really having a go in the tanin water working along the sunken timber the lure was smashed I really like the drag on the stradic being so smooth I can fish much heavier drag and not pull hooks, after a terrifying tussle around the timber out came a solid moses perch another 27cm specimen they really pack a punch at this size that concluded the blooding can't wait to get out for another go cheers for reading Dave
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    Saturday - Georges River. Footy dads inaugural fishing comp, traps in Friday arvo and then a 6am hooter start with 9 boats, midday finish. Worked hard for 2 fish 41cm and 64cm on plastics and only 1 muddy going 1.85kg. Got beat by a 71 flaty and 2kg muddy, a few good fish caught including a 42cm whiting by one of the boys , great day out on the river with Plenty of laughs. Sunday - Hacking and south 3 of us left grays pt ramp 530, picked up 3 squid at jibbon, trolled for 10 mins for 3 Bonnies , got down to wattamolla for our kings, and hooray 3 in 3 drifts, 66, 68 and 74. Then headed to the 35m line for flatys and caught about 20 ranging from 36 to 43, all male blue spots. Raced back to the ramp by 1030. Another cracker day! Off to JB next weekend, gotta love March.
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    Launched with my mate at Parsley Bay at sunup. There was a crowd but all launching was smooth at first light. Headed out to sea to find a rather large swell as we got out further as well as a bit of chop[. Picked up a few at 45m then went out to 50m to get a few more. Finished with 15 bewteen us mostly Bluespot but 1 Marbled. We must have been fishing a spot where males were in residence as most were male 37 to 49cm. Got a few meals in the freezer now and some frames for the crabs a bit later.
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    The end product! 👍
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    After turning up at my local squid spot to find a crowd i sat back n had a beer n waited for the crowd to die down and ended up with my limit in an hour told baz the good oil on the spot so hopin he gets a few soon stockin up for winter 1.8 yamashitas the gun
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    The headline - "just had to wet a line." I can see it now - Scratchie dragged kicking and screaming to the boat, hands held up behind his back, screaming, "I don't want to go fishing." Nice fish there Scratchie, anyone would be happy with that reddie.
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    ...and here's me hooked up on a rat King in Bantry Bay... (I have pretty much worn this T-shirt nonstop for about 12 months so I am about due for a new one)
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    Here is me last month wearing my Fishraider tee in Noumea reeling in a GT.
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