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    G’day raiders, Well all I can say is yewwwww!!! As most of you know, I enjoy a bit of snapper fishing. Haha! So today, I planned to head out with Son no1 and hit Broughton for some snapper! Today is my only day off before 7 days of work, then holidays. So we were going rain, hail or shine! Left little beach at 445 and arrive at the sisters at first light. A strong southerly swell was getting up and a moderate westerly wind set our drift. First drift I land a nice 55cm snaps but that was it. Couple more drifts, donuts! Then we headed to north rock and my son comes up tight. A nice 50cm model to add to the esky! After that nothing!!! Probably put another 100-150 casts on many drifts for not a touch! Time to move! Went to an area with a bit more turbulent water for two drifts and 50 casts nothing! I said to the boy, one more long drift and we are out of here! By this stage, he had pretty much given up and let his sp drift behind the boat but I kept casting. Knowing we were soon going to hit the wall where I’d seen the bait pushed up before. One long cast and I let it waft, next minute bang, this thing hits it with so much force that I nearly lost the rod but then pops off! Devastated I wind in the slack and give it a twitch. Then boy did I load up! Zzzzzzzzzzz this first run was probably 100m plus and heading for structure! Those that have fished with me know that I set a tight drag but this fish didn’t care. So much so that I thought it was a shark until I felt telltale tail beats! Good fish good fish I call to the boy! I played this fish out for a good 15 minutes and then we get sight of it! OMG, it’s huge! Very calmly and collectively we worked together and got it in the net! Then in the boat and I’m sure you Sydney folk heard our cheers! My pb anyway and 95cm of soft plastics caught Broughton Island snapper! Yewwwww! After that we decided to call it a day and headed for Home! It’s amazing how one turn of a reel can change your day and to never have a defeatist attitude! Well that’s my day and record I’ve wanted for ages! Goal met! Location: Broughton Island Gear: shimano ultegra 4000 Sahara 7,2 4-7kg rod, 20lb power pro braid, 20lb black magic fc leader, nitro tt 1/4 5/0xh jig and 7inch camp pearl gulp Time: 9:30am Tide: falling mid swell & wind: 1.4m south and 10knot wsw cheers scratchie!!!
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    Ok not quite true we managed an undersized flathead and a rock cod.☹️ Sorry didn't take any photos of the fish 😕 Always good to be on the water though.
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    Not a report but wanted to share this large lady caught off the beach at Sans Souci. Little one "helped" reel it in (she just put her hands on top of mine). Her excitement was a better highlight than the fish! Didn't measure it but judging by the size up against the little one, I'd say 60-65cm. About 2kg. She was very brave and adamant to hold it, but obviously didn't let her. I did let her touch its back after it stopped thrashing around and helped me release it back to the water, and she loved watching it swim away. We taught her that the really big fish we put back in the water so they can make more baby fish. After we watched the flattie swim away, she said "good bye! Make babies please!"
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    Not as big as scratchies fish but close. Fished off moreton island yesterday with the wife and dog. Did a few drifts for a small pearlie. The wife started feeling crook so i manned all four rods on my own. I had 2 heavey paternoster rigs out, a floatline rig and a 2ounce jighead with a 7inch gulp in white on it. Was constantly feeding line out on floatline and plastic rig and while checking the bait on the paternoster rig my 7inch gulp gets smashed. My previous record for snapper was 60 so i knew this fish was a fair bit larger. I fought it on 30lb braid and 30lb leader for around 10 min (felt like 2 hours) until it appeared from the depths. For the first time ever i actually loosened the drag as it got boatside and my wife came out from the cabin and netted it. Super stoked and was smiling from ear to ear. It went 5.5 kg. My photo is now on the wall at the grandview hotel.
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    Hey Raiders, Some of you know that I am passionate about many things in life - probably just as much as I am about my boating. Thought I'd share this. Relates to my skiing passion. It's my life time goal to be just 5% as good as this guy. Enjoy ! Cheers Zoran
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    Headed out around sunrise. Around Jibbon Point there were a few waves crashing over the rocks, so it looked a bit fishy. Threw out a small metal and hooked a just legal tailor, would be good for bait. Some more casts over the next 15 minutes produced 3 more small tailor, obviously no bigger ones in the school, so the tailor were now going to be dinner in a recipe I have. No fish jumping at all, it was just blind casting towards the rocks to keep away from the waves. Headed out into Bate Bay, and after a bit of moving about, found the flatties. Again like last week not big, but no undersized ones today (some were just over the limit). Wind not too bad for a while on the drift. A bit of swell from the S/E. A few feeds for mum and the gang, and myself and family. Later on had a swim at Wanda Beach, frigging cold water around 16 degrees - had to make sure my jatz crackers had not fallen off. Some good waves in the surf.
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    Been at Windamere for the weekend. Bought the Benji as he’s on school holidays. Says he doesn’t like fishing, so the mission catch fish and enjoy . Been windy and the water is cold closer to 13 than 14 so I’ve been up against it, finally got a result.
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    G’day raiders, Its been a long while between posts due to many reasons but not from a lack of trying! Anyway, headed out today with @Woodsy1 and we were both pumped just to get out on the water. Left early and tried for livies but only managed 1 slimie and a few yakkas. Then it was time to head to the sisters for a snapper drift. We worked the area for a while for nothing! I messaged @rickmarlin62 to see how he was going and he said it was tough going! I replied, same here! So I changed locations and met up with him at north rock. Quick chat and he said he’d dropped a good fish at the boat but not much after that. Things were looking bleak. We sent out our livie and continued to drift and cast our sps ahead. Zilch! Reset the drift, sent the livie out and bang, we loaded up! Woodsy has a good fight on his hands and much to our surprise it’s a mako! Quick discussion and this one was coming home with us! Yelled out to rick for a quick check on size limit and we’re good to go! At least something for the table! Rick came over and another quick chat and we both headed for COD rock! We worked a different area and after some idiot drive up our drift, then basically circled us, it was time to move! Tried multiple drifts for no result. Then we attempted a flatty drift for donuts too! Things were now looking dire! I made the call to go back to north rock and as we rounded the bend the wind and swell had kicked in and all the boats had left. First drift, bang I came up right and pulled a nice 45cm snaps. Second drift, the wind had increased and I came up tight again but dropped it near the boat. We reset the drift and the wind was now pumping. We were drifting between 2-3 knots and not really conducive to flicking sps but we persisted. I called for one last drift and told Woodsy I’m using my last garlicker gulp as they only catch big fish. Would history repeat itself? And with one big cast, bang zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This fish absolutely smashed it. It used the max current to give a massive account of itself. But after some great team work, it’s in the net going 71cm!! Happy as and the wind now blowing at 30km plus we headed for Home! Really really hard work out there today but we at least managed to hit our target! Thanks for reading, cheers scratchie!!!
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    Windy weekend, not that a weekend without wind is worth heading out anyway at the moment. My eldest girl was down the coast catch and releasing bream with good success, locally the comercial guys were returning with a handful of wrasse and rock cod. Headed out in the bush locally in search of wildlife with my youngest again and her little piglet, wasn't long before we found a few .
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    I’ve been out three times in the past week and each time I’ve got good squid, both in size and number. last trip (Saturday) 9 were boated, 2 annoyingly lost with lures returning with bits of the candle attached (need to be more gentle in future). They appear to have moved off the deeper sea grass beds and into the shallower kelp and there are a few “Crakens”amongst them, but also some little ones. A month ago there were quite a few little cuttlefish coming in also, but haven’t got any in the past 4 trips. WARNING - one of my buddies was squidding over near the “Toilet rolls” ( big white circular appartments in Many bay) and was issued a fine. This is / was an excellent squid ground, but not worth it. Nearly every time I go out on Sydney harbour I am checked by Fisheries, Maritime or water police - I am always compliant and have always found the services polite and positsive, but they are very vigilant. Pickles
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    Gday Raiders Headed out today in tough conditions. We got to rose bay ramp at 6am with only two boat trailers parked....i started to wonder if i had misread the forecast. Early morning rolling swell of about 1.5 - 2m with westerly wind which turned southerly around 10am. Conditions eased off and got a little better around midday. We started off fishing a little reef wide of north head in about 70m and got one flathead, a big squid and some red spot whiting. Plenty of birds working the surface along the 50m line but whatever fish they were following were moving very fast, so much so that by the time we positioned the boat upwind of them wed only get a cast or two before they were out of reach. Eventually got sick of the washing machine conditions so headed for the calmer waters off manly/queenscliff. Here we managed a few flathead again, but couldnt keep the tiny flathead off our baits. We then moved to the reefs along the south side of long reef, here we picked up some snapper with two coming onboard that were keepers. Moved again to another reef in deeper water and found some flathead sitting along the edges, picked up a few then the bite turned off. Headed back to the reef off north head in 70m and came across a nice school of snapper boating another 4 legals and a few more flathead with plenty of throwbacks such as XXL mowied and bakers. All in all a niced mixed bag, though we had to move around and work hard to find the fish. Heading out again tomorrow for another bottom bash wide of long reef. Cheers Sam
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    Winding new line on to your reel is easy but getting the old stuff off can be a pain. My little hack is to use a big gal flat head nail and a power drill. The flat head stops it running off the end - can strip a reel in minutes.
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    Hi all, First time post. I just started fishing about 3 months ago and have been out about once a week since, and on the weekend had the biggest catch I've ever had. Fishing just south of the entrance at night, with squid for bait, and caught this shark, has been the highlight of fishing so far. Released it back in the water and watched it swim away. I think fishing is a bit like gambling, once you have a big win you get hooked. Cant wait to throw the line in again and see what we catch.
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    Had a trip down to one of the local weirs this arvo and managed a few fish. Arrived at 4.30 pm to find a nice flow in the river and the weir absolutely roaring with the sound of gushing water. At exactly 6pm I had the first bite on worms...a very large Carp which was looking for an easy feed in the backwash from the main current. Within 5 minutes I landed a Yellowbelly of 42 cms. I decided to cast the other rod further round into the backwash and within minutes had a good bite. Another Yella of 52 cms. Both Yellas were in excellent condition and after 20 mins with no more bites, I pulled up stumps, cleaned the 2 fish and headed home on dusk. As so often happens when the water is still cool, the window of opportunity is very small. Glad to break my personal fishing drought, having been fishless for over 4 months. Here's a couple of photos. Cheers, bn
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    Fished at Glenbawn last weekend, was an ANSA Comp . Dam was at 63% lower than the last time I visited. Ended up with 9 Bass to 400 mm for the weekend mostly on lure on the troll with the one pictured on bait (Live Yabby) It was uncomfortably windy throughout the weekend at time and cold on Sunday night. Overall a good fun weekend though. Off to Wyndamere next weekend.
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    It's rare for me to do the sunrise thing but seeing that red glow first thing is pretty impressive.
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    Well, based on the general Billy Slater and storm sentiment you should all like this photo from the Lockout Protest protest today...
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    After suffering from severe withdrawals, off I went again looking for that bull of a drummer. Armed with a loaf of white bread, fresh prawns, a tin of cat food and alot of hope, I trudged along the rocks with a gale blowing and wondered if: a) I'm stupid b) I'm drunk, or c) I'm an addict. I went for c) and for the next 90 minutes battled everything including a rogue wave that washed away my prawns. At least I had burleyed the hell out of the water! Not to be defeated, I picked up one cunjee and used the famous words of all addicts... "just one more" Boy was I right! The float disappeared, the line was taut, the rod was bent and my heart was thumping. After what felt like an eternity, up came this fat pig. I didn't measure him but my foot is 30cm so I guess he was A BIT bigger than that. A few quick pics and I sent him back into an adjacent rock pool where he took off without hesitation. So after all the commotion, the walk home wasn't too bad and my mind was spinning about getting a bigger model. So my question to the experienced fishos here is "can you catch them in summer?"
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    Thought this might interest a few people. Ive never had much success at freezing or preserving green weed long term. So I grow it outdoors. The long filamentous species grows easily. Well, I'm not sure whether it actually grows, maybe it just keeps alive -but anyway it survives indefinitely and is in really good shape. I had a day a while ago using both home-grown and wild collected weed and no difference in fish-appeal. Main thing is to put it in a bright spot as it has a high light requirement but give it just a couple of hours direct sun - preferably late in the day. Too much sun and the water overheats. We live near the water so I drop a couple of buckets of seawater in every now and again - and throw out some of the existing water. The sea cabbage (Ulva lactuca) is much harder to grow outside of winter. It is much more heat sensitive, plus it has a lot more animal-life on board which will die and pollute the water. Ive had the lot growing in the attached image for a couple of months.
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    I thought I'd chime in with a few from around Jervis Bay
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    Couple points to add... 1. Humans recreational activities and pets are higher on the threat list than rec fishing... 2. The predominate issue or threat of fish species in and around Sydney harbour is habitat. Habitat pressure is from pollution and development. These "conservationist" and i use the term lightly are not tackling the real issues...
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