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    Hi All, I've learnt a lot from this forum over the years so thought I'd share a few tips on what's been working for me when targeting Sydney Harbour bream on topwater lures. It's an extremely addictive and accessible way to fish if you live in the city. Once you've cracked the code you'll be hesitant to throw much else for bream when targeting them with lures. Most of my experience is based on my local waterway which is Blackwattle Bay / Rozelle Bay. I also have no boat or kayak so fish exclusively from the shore. The same bream rules apply for where to find them - look for structure, bait and current (pretty sure this works for all fish FYI). The foreshore along BW Bay is full of bream at all times of the tide - don't be discouraged by what time of day either. I've caught them at all times, but in a place that gets as much foot traffic as BW Bay, you'd probably be best to start on early morning / late arvo. Obviously fish when you can, don't wait for the right conditions. You'll learn stuff even when you're collecting donuts 😉 The lure I've had most success on is the classic Bassday Sugapen. I use the 58mm and the 70mm - less hits on the bigger models but they work as well. Try to stick with the clear colour ways but a darker silhouette would go well on an overcast day. Also got them on the Berkley Scumdog (cheaper) and the MMD Splash Prawn but neither of these get the same nibs as the Bassday. Whatever you choose USE SCENT! It works. I don't care what anyone says. Also beware of touching the lure after you've applied sunscreen. Bream hate sunscreen. You can change out the rear trebles for some assist hooks (make your own or get the Atomic or the Ecogear ones). Bear in mind if you change to assists on the 58mm it'll sink a bit and go sub surface more often. Keeping your rod tip up on the retrieve alleviates this mostly. Still works but it's better with a smaller no.10 Treble. The 70mm handles the assist hooks just fine but if you wanna save a couple of bucks just change down to smaller trebles. You'll want to have a light setup for this - I fish 4lb braid and 4lb leader on a 6.5 to 7.5ft 1-3kg rod and a 2500 sized reel. I don't think the fish care what brand your fishing gear is. To nail the retrieve you need a really soft tipped rod. As wippy as you can get. The retrieve seems to be the key for getting them to bite. The slow and steady method is NOT what you want. I'm finding a really erratic walk the dog retrieve with lots of pauses is what gets them interested. Wind steadily and shake your other hand until you see the lure flipping side to side really fast. Retrieve for about 2-3ft then stop suddenly. A lot of the time you'll have a boil behind the lure or a hit straight away. If the fish just has a swipe then keep twitching until he hits it. I've had bream come up 5-6 times before they smack the lure - gets the heart pumping way more than it should for a bream 😂 Another invaluable nugget of info came from this vid. Don't bother casting to the same fish or in the same spot over and over. If a fish has a look and then leaves the lure, he ain't coming back. Move another 10m away and cast somewhere else. This is part of the advantage of BW Bay and Rozelle Bay. You can walk for a good km or two along the water and cast the whole way. Keeps it interesting casting in new territory and structure all the time. Trust me 99 times out of a 100 that bream that boiled behind your lure 10 casts ago is not coming back for another enquiry. Move on. Anyway hopefully that gets a few folks started. I'd been fishing the same area with plastics for ages without a lot of success until I started doing the above. I've caught more bream in the past month on topwater than I did in the past year on plastics. Whether that says more about my fishing ability than anything else remains to be seen. Have fun ladies and gents. Seeya on the water! If you're down by the bay and see a bloke fishing with a red baseball cap it's probably me. Say hi! Niall
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from up here today. Headed out with @back cruncher and his brother Paul early this morning. Left in total darkness knowing there was a 2m plus swell but we had faith in the Haines and arrived to pick up some livies. There were plenty of them but very reluctant to bite. Well, we’re throwing plastics anyway, so let’s go! Got to our first mark and the swell made it almost impossible to fish properly, so after I landed a rat king we moved. The drift then took a few different paths but we managed to work it out and I came up tight on a good fish. Phewwwww, something for the box. Same drift and I landed another for the esky and things went quiet. Changed areas and Mick picks up a nice panny. Changed areas again due to constant weed and finally Paul comes up tight on a panny. Still plagued by red weed we move again and first drift, Mick comes up tight and lands the next size model and fish of the day! We kept working the area, hoping to get Paul his first snapper on soft plastics and on our last drift, bang!!!! He loads up and into the esky it goes! Considering the swell and overall conditions, pretty happy with the days efforts! We seemed to have done better than most. Thanks again for the day Mick!!! cheers scratchie!!!
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    Hi All, Just looking at the current record for Aussie Salmon on lure at 72cm. Unfortunately we did not measure this Salmon my son caught but I estimate it was well over that. My son is 145cm tall. This was taken before Christmas in the Hacking on a metal. We caught two others after this which were only a fraction smaller by our estimate. I guess records don't count without a tape measure?
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    Was very sceptical about how the harbour would fish day after the Sydney to Hobart harbour circus, but decided to go anyway. it was a bit sloppy and windy, but I was chasing 12 more kings to get my 500 target for 2019 - I’m glad I did. “Steve” and I boated 13 between us, (all rats, but were fishing light gear - 15lb after the first few were boated). All on live squid, which were pretty easy to get. Yakkas, were another story, tried all the usual spots and only got a few in the livie tank. We got a triple hookup and boated All three - and released of course. None to take home as biggest was 63, but a good quick session and Kingies are tough fish, recover well and swim away hard - a joy to see.
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    $10 the lot and an extra $10 for the undies 😂😂😂
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    Baitcasters have been topic which have come up recently. It could be a good excuse for a Fishraider get together and a chance to learn basic and advanced baitcaster techniques. A bit like the Soft Plastics lessons organised a few years back. I'm self taught (plus YouTube and talking to people) several years ago but would love to see how others use them.
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    Killed it Jeff some nice fish guys
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    Great little session today with some new crab traps. Couldn't get the high tide but the low paid dividends. Great conditions and empty ramp! Picked up a dozen keepers including a buck the size of a muddy. Sent home 2 stingrays, one shark, a few baby snaps and three heavily laden females. Great family day on the water. Cheers
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    Hi All, The above is on the 15.03.2020. All donations go to a very good cause. Entries are now open. Cheers.
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    What charter were you on ? I was out there also, never bother with livebaits and mostly fished with small jigs in the 80-100g. Personaly I think the way all those boats follow each other about is why they don't have the greatest success on bigger fish. Very few seem to use there electronics to find the quality fish, perhaps simply because many tourists are happy to just catch small fish and charter operators loose less gear. We had constant hook ups of fish 85+ for the entire morning without loosing a single fish to seals. After my daughter had finished working on the charter boat in the morning I ventured back out for another afternoon session, where once again we had a constant double hookup of catch and release. Unfortunately the sharks clocked onto us and landing any fish at all became almost impossible by late afternoon.
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    No. If you want to keep a big one, do so. I usually don't keep many over 60cm. Many years ago I ate one that was 86cm - it was a bit chewy and not much flavour, so I don't keep the big ones. As I have spent much time catching and eating fish - about 60 years - I have tried many fish species, and their different sizes, to find what is good eating and what is not. Around the 45 to 55 cm mark make for good eating. I have released many large flatties over the years from Port Hacking and there are still some big ones there. Just keep releasing them. The largest male flattie I have seen was about 65cm.
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    The myth that flatheads change sex is untrue. However the females do grow larger than the males. So the larger models are more likely to be female and therefore good breeding stock. Make a decision you are within the law to keep a big one.
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    Hi all, was in middle harbour near the spit bridge (western side) and found a bunch of suspicious looking seagulls bunched up and floating on the surface. No bust ups, no hive of activity, just a bunch of birds sitting on the water. Looking very much like a bunch of fishos sitting on a gold mine - and oh boy were they! Setup a drift to end up passing through them, killed the engine and dropped a couple of yabbies (my favourite) down on poor man downrigger rigs. The sounder looked promising - bait clouds moving by with solid arcs around midwater. We drifted over where the birds were and... Zzzzzzzzzzz! Rod buckled and reels were screaming (using 2500 and 3000 reels on 10-15lb braid, 3-6kg rods). During the drifts we also hooked up using 20g slow jigs as well as the trusty 6" slapstix (copies of). A memorable session on light tackle!
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    Good work fellas, I’m missing the snapper already. Woodsy
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    Great write up Waza. We used to use the exact same method of getting them in Lake Wollumboola as kids.
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    Like to see them do a historic re-creation of Bondi rescue set in the 70's with the wind blowing from the north east. Reedy to Hoppo " There's a bloke at backpackers that's taken a big one and is going under" 'What a rogue wave"! No a choker from the outlet. Your turn to clear his airways....god luck. What fond memories ......but definitely not a tourist icon back then. Golden rule back then was to stay clear of Bondi in NE's and Manly in Se's. Fished bluefish quite often but never took fish home. Biggest stands of cabbage weed i've ever seen, hence the giant blackies and drummer. but mainly went there for the big trevs, 6lb leader, floating prawns and good timing on the wash was needed to bag them.
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    Either the one near the caravan park, or the one I normally use is the one at Jamieson Park. There are 2 other ramps in the lake but they are only really suitable for small tinnies. What size boat are looking at launching?
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    She has come to the party with the refund. We'll fish the jess sams and maybe looking at bermi later
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    Hi Jon. A mate of mine has a 6.5m barcrusher with a 150 yam which is probably 6 years old. Had over a thousand hours on when he bought it. Has done a few hundred since. Runs well a days game fishing out of batemans bay trolling uses around 60 to 80l or so. Good motors if you get a well looked after one. Cheers Dave
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    Hope that you and the family will be ok Jon. Thoughts go out to the people who will be affected by the next lot of fires. bn
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    Agree 100% with these comments. Windy + surfcam is the most accurate I've stumbled across.
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    Hey Raiders, Need some help from the guru's on outboards. Its been a while since I've had a chance to wet a line and as today was my last day of my holidays, thought I would make a day of it. So, got up at 3.45am and started to pack the boat. I charged the batteries yesterday as I haven't used the boat for a few months. Anyway, all packed and went to tilt the motor up.....no go. Tilt the motor down, works fine. So, immediately thought....RELAY. About 12 months ago, had the same problem and found out it was a faulty relay. At the time, changed it and worked beautifully. Bought a spare as I thought that the other (original) would pack it in sooner or later. So, this morning after looking for the damn thing for 30mins, I find it in its original pack and swap them around. Go to tilt up....nothing. Swap the relays around....still nothing. Listen to it as I'm switching the switch and notice the clicking only coming from one relay and that is for the down. Using my multimeter, put the red on the red wire (86 on relay) and black on the blue/white wire (87 on the relay) (using current/amp function on multimeter) and she starts to tilt up without use of either switch. Tested the voltage to both relays on prongs 85 & 86.......shows 12v. Anyway, 5hrs later....we are still here banging our heads and wondering whether to put some petrol over it and throw a light....grrrrr. If anyone has ANY idea, it would be sooooo nice if they could share some light what could be causing this. Theoutboard is a 1999/2000 Johnson 115Hp Ocean Pro if that helps cheers Dave
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    Great report and Super photos.
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    Yeah prawns and SP's do well there. Fish light in that area and works well. Issue is getting a decent fish up on light line can be difficult. Just remember as I've stated above, its a very steep hill down in the car, if your cars heavy with bad or semi tyres you might not make it out. Id probably suggest you park outside and take a walk to take a look at what I mean. I've seen a few cars go up and then go backwards back down, and some managed to get out on the 5th attempt. Also on top the crest can scrap the bottom of your car. I drive a SUV so its less of an issue for me but you can get up and down in sedans/hatches.
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    Awesome report Dave, thanks for taking the time to do such a detailed one to. Some nice fish there and some cracker Jacks, great work you two.
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    Crikey JD how big are those hoodlums?
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    It's a shame people don't mount their cameras when they are filming poor conditions, the shaking camera angles are hard to watch and even harder to judge Sea conditions. The fact one skipper bailed out of driving and no real comfidence was brought by the second didn't seem to do much to reassure any of the crew. I was in one of these storms 80km off Groote where fish were literally sucked up in the waterspouts and dropped into the 24ft Haines we were in. The seas were big and the wind felt like it would pull us from the boat but we never felt threatened. The fact that these experienced boaters headed straight into the middle of the storm tells me a different story.
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    Can hardly wait till they head off to Port Stephens and leave me alone. Have enough for the missus and myself for tonight. My mate wants to head out for a fish outside this week, and the missus said you have already been fishing this week - not the correct comment.
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    Hi. I've had a similar intermittent problem, but where the motor would come up and not go down. I finally found it was the spring-loaded plastic sensor that was stuck. The motor "thought" it was fully down so simply wouldn't go down. Might be worth a look? Good luck.
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    No fun to be had catching turtles that's for sure. Carp (on the other hand) can be great fun on lightish gear. Cheers, bn
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    Nice platter as usual Yowie! Interesting about the crabs too!
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    Any species it is a pity really. Seems to be more posts about this too.
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    get yourself a cast weight or just an old lure around the size you intend to use and practice practice and practice some more I spent a lot of time flick casting a weight into a bucket, the main challenge is controlling the speed of the spool while casting you need it go fast enough to cast but not to fast and overrun,
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    Great vid - you certainly had the action for a while at your boat!
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    Great stuff, Jeff! I see a black marlin was caught a couple of days ago in 20m south of Broughton. 😉
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    Great report Salty Creek. Poddies & flatties - best bait ever
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    Amazing catch and even if you didn't find the whiting those worms look fat enough to cook up somehow:)
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    Hey Jon and Family. So glad that you're all ok mate. Be vigilant though, it's not over by a long way. Take care all of you. bn
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    I have a lateo2 110xh thats rated to something similar to 60-150g i think. Bought it was the same reason. But havt used it yet as im yet to find a reel that i like and can afford to pair it with. and always seem to go for my lighter outfit when fishing off the rocks
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    I got over the bridge headin to goro and they shut the road behind me at that stage it was only on bluey side of creek
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    Hey rebel we were watchin the planes dump on it tryin to save rfs headquarters on arizona rd
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    noelm, Have a look at the ABC Website. They have the latest on Lake Conjola.
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    They usually have a spring behind them that are gal but still rust out. I have heaps of 2nd hand grey rollers and springs here if you want some cheapies, used but still usable. PM me if interested I live in Berala. Frank
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    Back in the early 80’s & still at home did an all-nighter fishing after work & the next night was on my way to the second of 3 party’s, pulled up at a set of traffic lights & looked across to a car pulling up next to me, next thing I was looking at bitumen ( forgot to put my feet down) the next morning being a bit worse for wear I took the laundry down & then lifted the laundry basket & proceeded to pee into it, sounded strange & stopped mid stream & quickly pulled the washing out of the toilet, lucky I didn’t flush & it was washing day 🙄
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    Worth doing on any coastal sandflat just look for clean sand
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    The owner has two charter boats, both she manages to dock into a very tight gap in all wind and tide conditions. Years of boating has given her confidence but the big game changer for my kids driving boats was when we got the rib, their confidence level instantly improved.
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    I don’t know too much about how different it could be on the central coast but in Sydney, I use a sabiki rig on one of those Carbon fibre telescopic rods. I fish the Georges river up stream from Como Quite often and I just drop my sabiki in next to the wharf and start jigging. I have managed to get heaps of southern herring doing this and I’m sure it would work on a wharf that’s closer to the ocean which could hold a larger population of yellowtail. I have managed to get a yellowtail once but it slipped out of my hands as I was taking it to the bucket. Even the herring are great for big flathead and jewfish. Hope this helps
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    Fishing late one night, I opened the thermos to have a coffee, and put the thermos down, but it was outside the boat, dropped straight into the water, as I tried to grab it, I knocked my coffee cup off the gunnel into the water too!
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    Hi Arthur, I like to use smaller poddys about 2 inches long max if I'm after a feed. I seem to get a lot more hits than a 3 inch poddy. If u are after big flatties then go as big as 8 inch livies. I use a running ball sinker ( as small as you can get away with)on the main line down to a swivel and 2 feet of 12 to 20 pound fluro. Use a hook to suit the bait and I like to pin the poddies through the roof of the mouth. That is in through the open mouth and out the top. I aim for between the start of the two wight line in the roof of the mouth, The bait can breath but will not drown. Poddies don't like being dragged backwards. They cast well and I hook most fish in the mouth. If you are getting poddies back with no tail or bitten in half it is going to be tailor and Likley not big ones, so I wouldn't be to fussed with the stinger hook( just my opinion). hope this helps
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