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    Set off midweek from Apple Tree Bay , before sunrise and with picturesque tendrils of 'sea smoke' on the water. It's a 12 km paddle from the ramp to the Hawkesbury River proper and it takes me the best part of 3 hours to make the journey and catch some live mullet in the Bays for bait on route. I use a copy of chart AUS204 to identify the holes and likely jewfish haunts and slow drift the areas with a heavy sinker close to the bottom and a long trace line to a circle hook. On this occasion the unfortunate mullet was around 15cm long and nose hooked. Got the strike 1 hour before high water slack and the beast dragged me around for 15 minutes before I could use my short gaff on him.It is hard work in a skinny kayak to put the rod in the holder, grab the fish by the gills, cut the line and put the fish in the hatch but I did it without going for a swim and with no one around to see me make a mess of the operation. My last good jewfish was way back in May and I was beginning to think the fish had all left for the Winter.
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    Apologies for the lateness of this post but life sometimes gets in the way! Anyhow headed out last Sunday up to Broughton with a mate with the intentions of casting plastics for some tasty red creatures. Seeing as the swell was huge all week I had some wishful thinking about the snapper jumping all over our lures as everything got a good stir up previously. Got the first spot just before sunup and anticipation was high to say the least. A lightly westerly was pushing us slowly over reef in 10-15m. After a hundred cast or two and multiple drifts and not even a touch it was fair to say our bubble was slightly burst. So with the sun up our confidence took a hit but we also had a tide change at 9am so we were looking forward to that. We decided to go to another area in slightly deeper water and drift over that and see if anything was hungry. And first cast my mate comes up tight on the drop. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and the adrenaline starts pumping. Interesting to see low light period not producing even a hit and 10 mins before tide change we were straight on. So my mate is getting worked over with some big head shakes and this thing is pulling drag. But he manages to get it off the bottom and gain some line back after some nervous moments. After about 5 mins we see colour so he backs off the drag and it looks like a good fish. So I grab the net to get the celebrations started and the fish has other ideas and turns his head violently to get back to safety and the line goes slack. F%#+**%#k!!! I look at him and he’s proper devo as that looked like his PB fish by some margin. The end of the leader is all scuffed up so I’m thinking the fish was in the nasty stuff during the fight and it gave way a metre or so under the boat. His drag was backed right off so I don’t he did the wrong thing but you win some you lose some. So after gaining some composure back we do a big loop to start another drift and while my mate is retying his leader I give the 7 inch zman coconut ice (thanks scratchie!!) a cast and let out some line. So I’m looking at my mate and feeling pretty bummed but also slightly excited that there’s fish around. So much so that I don’t even notice my line zipping across the surface and my mate yells at me YOU’RE ON!!!!! I turn around and flick the bail arm over and my line starts peeling off and my rod buckles over. The first run was big. I thought I was a goner for sure. Somehow I was still connected so I started to try and turn his head and after a few pumps he runs again so I decide to cup the spool thinking it’s my only chance to not get reefed. The line goes slack and I’m about to about to curse myself when i figure out the fish is coming back towards the boat so I wind like a mad man and catch up with him. Back and forth the fight goes and I’m starting to win and get him closer the boat. I’m white knuckling with adrenaline and we finally see colour and this thing looks like a monster. Easily my biggest snapper and he surfaces and straight into the net. After a bit of yelling and yahooing we get it up for a photo coz I wanted to release it being such a big snapper. Unfortunately after swimming it for a good 5 mins it wouldn’t kick off as I think it’s swim bladder was just too bloated so I decided to keep it so it wouldn’t go to waste. The fish went 79cms and I weighed it back on shore with help of a pro prawner and his digital scales and it went 4.68kgs gutted, gilled and scaled. I thought it would have been at least 6 kilo whole but who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️maybe not. The fillets fed 8 people over a couple of nights so it didn’t go to waste and was certainly a great feeling to be connected to such a powerful fish. Thanks for reading
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    So I thought I'd head out early to catch the 2 hours run in before high tide and try to nab a couple of flatties. Got down to the Cook's river breakwall at Kyeemagh at around 0730 with my 7' 2-4kg rod and Daiwa 2500 reel which is spooled with 14lb Fireline and an 8 lb fluoro leader, rigged it up with a 1/8 oz jighead and loaded on a 3" ZMan MinnowZ in bloodworm colour and cast in towards the bridge on General Holmes drive. First cast at 0740, 3rd cast around 0742 and I was on! Line came screaming off and then it stopped, I thought I was onto a flattie at first, but then zzzzzzzzzz.......line came screaming off again and towards the pylons. I then reassessed and thought either a kingie or a jew. I abandoned the jew idea after a number of good, strong runs and not feeling as if it was tiring and settled on the idea that it was a kingie. A couple of guys came and had a look as I had been playing this thing for about 15 minutes, I threw one of them the keys to my Commodore and asked him to get my landing net out of the back for me as i didn't think I would be able to land it on the gear I had. Good bloke whoever you are, thanks. Another bloke came down to the rocks with me ready to assist with the net. Anyway, managed to land it after 25 minutes, kept it going right towards the ocean as much as I could, there were a couple of hairy moments there. Ended up with a nice kingfish, coming in at 72cm on the tape. Machine guns thumping in my chest and a couple of nice frays on my leader. Lovely early morning surprise. I had a few more casts after that but couldn't stop thinking about that high octane half hour, so pulled stumps and took him home. Happy fishing to all
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    Had a couple of hours to kill this mor so went for an hour chasin squid on local headland two casts two squid then nothing it was like a switch was thrown with an eye on the aproaching front i got to car with 5 mins to spare before it flogged down rain ps there you are scratchie a report hahahaha
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    My tackle for the day: ***************************************************************************** Rod: Deepline Logical 60 Number 8 slow jigging rod Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500 slow jigging reel Mainline: Number 1.5 high quality braid Sunline Leader: Flurocarbon 22 pound leader Sunline Jig: Deepliner 180 slow jig Hooks: Slow Blatt number 1 assist hooks x 4 Excellent eating fishing, steamed well with ginger and shallots, plus some good Sake!!!
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    Hi All, This will probably sound like both a fishing report and an Oscars acceptance speech. After nervously watching the waves and wind conditions leading up to Friday last week Mark, Mat and myself made the decision to head offshore in the hope of getting big kings. A launch at Terrigal, a bit of manoeuvring around the swimmers at the boat ramp and we were at the bait grounds. We found the yellowtail pretty quickly and started filling up the bait tank with some nice large specimens. Running out to the fishing grounds we spotted both whales and dolphins. I dropped my head at the wrong time and missed a sting ray jumping about 2m out of the water. When we have fished the area previously sometimes the kings have preferred live bait and other times jigs have been killing it. We took a bet each way Mat dropped a live bait and I started with a jig. Due to the wind Mark concentrated on keeping the boat in position against the wind. It is about 140m deep and with the drift it was a challenge getting to the bottom while keeping clear of the boat. After a few drops I had a big hit and then realised the line had snagged the motor. Took a while to unwrap but unfortunately I lost the line and jig. We kept switching roles so everyone had the chance to hook up but it wasn’t happening. I had a second rod set up for live baits and started sending live baits down. I lost two live baits after feeling some bumps. Mat spotted a ball of fish about 110m down so I wound my line up from the bottom. The jigging braid with its line colour changes every 10m made it easy to judge depths. A little while after line started peeling off. Tightened the drag and I was on. We kept Mark’s bait nearby mine in the hope of a double hook up but no joy. Mat was wondering if the king was actually legal as I was looking pretty relaxed and didn’t seem to be struggling. The gear I was using was a NS Black Hole Amped Jig S-52 rod PE4-8 rated for 200-400gm lures and a Saragosa SW20000 with 80lb jigging braid. It had weight so I was sure it was 80cm at a minimum. My two biggest fears were pulling the hook or being sharked. I deliberately didn’t go super hard as I could afford to let the king take some line without panicking it. At this stage the advantages were mine. It took about 20m of line but I was confident I was still at least 10m from the bottom. I kept the pressure on and kept bringing it towards the surface. At 10m below the boat I was expecting the king to spook so I backed the drag off (really didn’t want to lose this fish). It ran but as I was able to keep it away from the boat I still wasn’t stressed. We could see colour and it was big. A few minutes later Mark netted it for me. Was my best king to date but had a cracked the meter? The measure on the boat went to 90cm and the king easily cracked it. It looked to be a metre based on a visual assessment but I couldn’t be 100% sure and my tape measure was in my other fishing bag. As it was the only king so far it went in the esky. On another positive our fear of being leatherjacketed hadn’t happened and Mark also hooked a leatherjacket which went in the esky. We stopped for a quick photo opportunity at which point I realised how broad the shoulders were of the king and how heavy it was. We were visited by some small whales and an albatross. Mark hooked up the line I’d lost and back came my jig (I’d rather have lost the jig and kept the line as it costs $110). With no more hits we made the decision to head in via some other marks on the GPS. I dropped a live bait and lifted it about 5m off the bottom but managed to snag up on something odd. There was some give but I couldn’t get the line back. We drove it off and I was very glad just to lose part of the leader. Damn that Amped rod was strong. One of the yellowtails came back with slashes along its flanks. Short while later a couple of barracouta came up. Time to move on. We got the boat back to Mark’s and out came the tape measure. 102cm and I’d finally joined the metre club. Mark’s wife was cool enough to let Mat fillet the king on the kitchen bench. Those fillets were big. It was an awesome day with a couple of fantastic mates. It was two days later sitting in the car on the way to the fishing shop (had some braid to replace) I realised how big an impact chasing that king had had on my life for the last 15 or so years. My first proper introduction to kings was a pre-production video by two Sydney mates showing how they caught kingfish. With a couple of mates (Chris and Tom) I lost my kingfish virginity in middle harbour with a 61cm fish (when legal size was 60cm) and a second one within an hour. I was hooked (so to speak) and I wanted to learn so much more. I bought more kingfish DVDs and learned to catch squid. Fishing around Sydney harbour I made a great group of fishing buddies (Todd, Ollie, Mat, Tom, Andrea, Andy, Felix and quite a few others). As I got better I helped a few people lose their kingfish virginity (Marnie, Eric, Ollie, Nano, Bronwyn, Vlad, Tom B, @anthman, @big Neil, Hannes, etc). I’ve had a lot of fun researching gear and wandering through shops looking at what might work. With a group of mates we bought some Hobie fishing kayaks and have also headed out on a charter or two. I work with 2 Finnish guys that have both cracked the 1m barrier. I watched one of them, Mikko, fishing a stick bait off the ocean rocks tease up a king. The fight was a brutal tug of war which the king lost. 1.2m and 15.6kg and it left me re-evaluating my gear. Gave me an excuse to head into the shops to get a Saragosa and another NS amped rod. During kingfish related discussions on Fishraider I’ve made some good friends (@Mike89, @wazatherfisherman, @savit, @HenryR, @krause, @big Neil, @Ragnar and others). There have been magical days on the water seeing wildlife in their natural environment. The pursuit of the kingfish has given me so much joy and allowed me to put the occasional feed on the table. This was a pause for reflection and certainly not the end of a journey as a I’ll continue to chase them with a passion and I still have many kingfish goals on my list – the biggest being a 1m plus king from the kayak with a fly rod (my holy trinity, my golden goal).
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    managed to get in a few sessions over the last couple of weeks, After the QLD tri working so hard for fish I wanted to turn a few numbers and no better place than the oyster racks, conditions looked good with not to much breeze or current, and literally first cast without even turning the handle, a hit that set the mojo every rack produced either a fish or a strike on plastics and hardbodies working along spotted some smaller fish feeding at the surface on the racks cast a cranka crab at them as sson as it hit the water a pack of solid brutes appeared grabbed the crab and casually swam with it when the line tightened things got a bit ugly, bream really go hard on a locked drag after avery scary tussle a better quality fish was in the net a beautiful thick 35cm, biggest one I've landed this year and in solid condition , ended up with a good little session of 14 bream landed even sight casted quite a few working the edge of the racks, most of the fish were better than average size in the high 20's to low 30's with the one btter quality fish not to end the day had a few casts landbased on the way home for some GT's not much size but lenty of numbers cpule of days later hit the Hastings with Amy on the kayaks searching for flathead we saw loads of fish but the bite was a bit tough did end u with a few fish each the biggest 55cm a couple made their way to the dinner plate To finish off headed for a pre work session at Nambucca near the breakwall, the water was beyond clear and the fish very spooky, but with some persistence managed to fire up a couple of bream watched this guy get competitive and engulf the lure the crystal clear water makes it exciting working along the breakwall amongst a school of blackfish and other stuff there were bluefin trevally working along started casting at them, and casting and casting some more doesn't take much to get them to chase but takeas a lot to get them to bite. They are a very frustrating species the trik is to get their attention by twitching the lure and really increasing the speed when they get close and after a LOT of casts this guy nails it at my feet, took some good runs before coming ashore he measured 36cm a new pb a good sized bluefin this far south continued casting and after another eternity a smaller specimen but really well coloured we only see bluefins every few years so I'm always really pumped to catch them had a couple more hits and misses but that was it for the bluefin effort hopefully the end of winter and spring will keep producing cheers for reading Dave
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    Last wednesday was out chasing snapper off Long reef no luck but remembered a bloke saying a good flattie drift off narrabeen drove about halfway up near some wrecks I think (show as +++ on my chart?) in 35mtrs got fish every drop paternosta with bait all keepers took three home. On the way out slimeys in abundance just off south head. On the way back some king fun at seaforth took a live bait 3 mtrs from the boat
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    Just a heads up that the bluefin have been making an appearance out from Bermagui over the last few days again. I haven't been myself, just going off other peoples catches. The kings are still biting well at Monty even with the constant flotilla of comercial boats targeting them each day.
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    Always see someone standing on the Rhodes boat ramp so decided to have a quick flick today before the school run. I've had pneumonia for the last month so desperately needed to wet a line. Blade got snagged under the railway bridge and I lost it. Tied on an Aldi prawn on a weedless hook hoping it won't get snagged. First cast this 54cm lizard either followed it in or took it right next to the jetty. Not a single bite for another hour. Lots of bird action upstream from the bridge and with all last week's rain I take it it's Taylor chasing bait fish. They never came within casting distance though. Walked to the park on the corner hoping I could cast to them without getting fined but by that time they had moved up Homebush bay. Fun hour before the school run.
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    G'day guys. I've been waiting for the bream-action to recommence after a slow Winter for breaming. I hit the Georges River upriver for a quick blast with the light stuff (6-8lb 7' rod and 2000 reel with 6lb leader). On this uncommon occasion, the bream and flathead were hungry and I was able to get my fishing fix for the week I was working around bridges using a Zman Grubz in bloodworm which the fish seemed to not be able to refuse. I got a decent spiking from a bream and a bit muddy shuffling around the muddy bank but it was all worth it. A darker flathead. A sign of an upper river fish. Some bent rod action... It's a good sign especially after the slow Winter and I can't wait till the weather warms up a touch. 😎 Looks like I wasn't the only one getting muddy! I hope you enjoyed the read!
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    G'day guys, I'm back again with another report where I get into some strife (including smokings lol) on the Parramatta River once again. Using my 2-4kg 7' foot rod and 6lb line and leader which I had intended to chase bream with, I ran into a school of legal kings inshore and it was mayhem for a short half hour. I was doing my usual repertoire of small hops and letting the lure hit the bottom when I got a super solid hookup as a kingfish took a liking to a Zman slim swimz in midnight oil (new release colour this year). It hit the ground running and there wasn't anything I could do but hold on and hope. It wasn't a surprise when the fish got me tangled on a rock out on a dropoff and I was mentally resigned to simply waiting for the moment the line would snap... except it didn't! I thought that was tense moment but it escalated. It suddenly freed itself off the rock and went for another blistering run and I had my heart in my mouth! Not sure whether to feel relieved or even more worried at the handicap (leader all roughed up from the rock) I was now burdened with, I just tried my best to carry on. Finally after a tense struggle of trying to land the fish, I was able to land it to my relief! Thanks for reading guys!
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    My Grandfather's old fishing creel. When he died in the early 60's it was given to my Dad and when he died it became mine. My Mum said her father used to love going fishing at Port Philip bay on the jetties. As a kid with my dad he always took with us fishing. I must have sat on that hundreds of times with a rod in my hand catching reddies and trout I reckon as a kid. Probably close to 90 yrs old I think it is.
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    My youngest hit 15 today and opted for a trip out fishing rather than school "funny that". After walking the dog, chatting with neighbours and having to fill the car and boat with fuel it was 11.30 before we launched. Raced out to Montague, yes raced like you would on a 15 year old boys birthday!!!!. On arrival there were 30 odd Pro boats leadlining the northern end ( only one locally regestered boat ). A couple of locals who had made the early morning effort to gather live baits had been at it for 6 hrs with no fish even though the pro boats were pulling a few. Anyway, spotted a few fish on the sounder and started to jig, third drop and my lad was onto one. He doesn't normally fish due to seasickness so this was his biggest ever king and boy did he like it. Did a couple of photos when he'd suddenly felt sick!!!!...didn't matter as the job was accomplished so headed home after just 10 mns of being out there. No not kingfish for dinner, tonight its pizza!!
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    Chris. A lot of members are becoming a little upset with the way you conduct yourself, quiet frankly you are acting like a spoilt little brat with little respect for what you are being told. We all want to help you with any questions, and it's good to ask questions cause that's how you learn, but you need to show a little more respect for what you are being taught. Lecture over and I will help in any way I can, but please use more manners in the way you reply. Frank
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    With the close of cod season and the warmer weather starting to be more frequent it was time to test the waters of Windamere to see if the yellas have started to move shallow. Arriving at first light it was clear to see the dam had dropped considerably since I was there last. Starting the morning fishing the transition from a steep rock wall to a more gentle sloping bank the first fish a nice 55cm model hit the deck within minutes. No more action from this spot despite seeing a few fish cruising on the sounder. Moving onto the next spot a small rocky point where a couple more fish hit the net coming from under a tree on the side of the point. The next point again produce a couple of fish from under a tree on the side of a gentle sloping point. A bit of a pattern had emerged the fish were on points as expected but appeared to be relating to timber. The next few spots either produced nothing or single fish showing the fish haven’t moved in shallow in big numbers just yet. At least not where I was fishing. One thing I did notice was the lack of fish cruising in deeper water off the points like you see when they are there in big number. It was good to dust off the light gear and put the heavy swimbait rods down for a while. We managed 10 fish by 1130 and struggled to boat another 3 fish for the afternoon with the strong wind making conditions tough. The plan had been to try a few different techniques to see what the fish would react too. It soon became clear that the ever reliable Zerek Fishtrap or Jackall Transam were the lures to stick with accounting for 12 of our 13 fish the other fish was a suspended fish caught on a black gulp grub. It was a fun day out and As the water temps start warming the fishing should only get better.
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    A friend and I decided to go on a fishing trip to the mid north coast. (Land based) We stayed at Dunbogan and the number of potential spots was outrageous! The locals were great help, and the people at the local tackle shop were simply amazing. night 1 - we tried the breakwall on the dunbogan side. Caught a lot of port Jackson sharks and stingrays and had our lines cut off several times and we weren’t sure from what night 2 - north haven breakwall - plenty of huge runs and bust ups, only managing to bring in stingrays and port Jackson sharks. After chatting to Brooke who was amazing help at North Haven tackle, we learned there’s a grey nurse shark breading ground just outside the break walls which explains the bust ups and she gave us plenty of spots! Night 3 - perpendicular point, just off the rocks on the western side. More luck here as we pulled out some huge tailor’s but again the biggest runs we had were port Jackson and a massive stingray! Night 4 - breakwall at port Macquarie. There was an abundance of life here as we got there in the late arvo, dolphins jumping, spotted a shark and saw plenty of decent size bait fish near the rocks but sadly no hook ups worth mentioning only another stingray! Night 5 - wharfs around dunbogan. Hooked up a shovel nose Shark and big stingray. Decided to get out the lure and I managed to catch my first fish on one which was a pretty big pike! We went up intending to do a lot of beach fishing and sadly did none of that! There were too many easily accessible land spots around. 12ft beach rods with 30lb braid and 50lb braid with one rod rigged running clip sinker to 1m 100lb trace and size 10 circle octopus hooks. The other rod set up with a patanosta rig. Fishing for jewfish but only one or two of the huge runs we lost gave any signal of being that. For bait, we were using frozen yakkas that we caught down in Sydney a few days before the trip, a couple of slimy mackerels and a Taylor or two live that we managed to catch during our session. although we didn’t catch our target and land that first Jew, it was quite a fun trip but we are left wondering what can we improve to finally land the Jew. in terms of times we were fishing, usually an hour or two before and after the night high tide, and one of the sessions just ended up being an all nighter all the way to the morning low tide which is when the tailor where on in very good numbers. Cant wait to get back there for another trip and we’ll definitely be hitting up the beaches on that trip but if anyone has some advice based on what I’ve said, I’m all ears. would also highly recommend this lovely part of nsw as it’s so tranquil and abundant of sea life.
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    Hi All, Having finally replaced my old reel that was seizing up (dropped it in the harbour a year or two ago) with a shiny new Japanese import, I was excited to get out there and break it in! I hadn't gotten out for a fish in a while, but in previous months I'd found the harbour ferry wharves quite productive, particularly on Sunday mornings when the ferries have a late start. I arrived at the reasonable hour of 7am to a beautiful scene and began flicking a plastic around. After an hour with not a single touch, I switched to a small bit of bread on a size 8 blackfish hook, about 2m under a small float. Still no luck, so I decided to abandon the float and switch to a simple rig with a tiny ball sinker to a swivel, with a short leader to the same hook. This time I set the bait much lower, at around 4-5m. The bite suddenly came on, perhaps in part due to the approaching low tide. First up was a small bream that was swiftly released. Shortly afterward, I felt a few gentle tugs before the rod loaded up and the drag began to sing. It was a heavy fish, but didn't seem in a great hurry, as it slowly took off downward and away from the wharf. I began to wonder what I had hooked, too slow for a kingfish, and the tugs prior to hook-up and sluggishness suggested to me that it was possibly a flathead. However, I then began to feel definitive tail-beats, and now suspected it was a solid silver trevally. As I worked it back towards the wharf, I could feel my heart thumping in my chest... would the tiny blackfish hook hold? Would I even be able to land this beast? Soon I could see colour; monster trevally! Several times, it would try to make a dash under the wharf, and I had to put my hand over the spool and drag it back out. Finally, after several attempts, I managed to get the fish in the net! Just shy of half a meter; not bad! I decided to keep that one for a feed, and after humanely dispatching and gutting it, another bit of bread was baited up and set down beside the wharf. Another solid hook-up! This one made a few short, strong runs, and then was worked into the net fairly quickly. A beautiful 39cm Bream specimen. After brief swim in my hands, this horse shot back into the depths to fight another day. Coated some fillets from the trevally with tapioca flour, salt and pepper, and cooked them in the pan with coconut oil. Delicious! I highly recommend you save the wings on these fish (and flathead too), as it's the best part; sweet, juicy and tender. Thanks for reading! James
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    Noel. I regard you as a mate so please don't take this the wrong way. For anyone to take up your request could lead to displeasure. About 2 years ago a friend asked me to check out a boat for a mate of his, which I was happy to do, the boat was great with no apparent faults and I thought it was a great buy. I relayed my thoughts to my mate and his mate came down from Brisbane and purchased the boat. 3 months later I was informed that the motor had been cooked on the boat and the mates mate was expecting ME to make good the repairs ( turned out a plastic bag foiled the water intake and was driven till the motor cooked ) but the owner was holding me responsible because in his mind , I gave him a bum steer on buying the boat. Anyhow over a month or 2 with back and forth conversations led to me and my mate not talking to each other, so I lost a so called mate over something that was completely out of my control. Not a true mate cause a true mate would have stuck by me, but I am saying BE CAREFUL !!. It won't stop me from doing anything I can to help someone out, it's just one experience I want to share with others to warn them what can happen. Frank
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    Went to work and found the site not ready for glass install, Builder forgot to let me know. Not to worry, took off for a quick flathead sesh and bagged. while gutting the fish a couple starting waving for help, motor would not start. Towed them back to Grays point boat ramp then went back to wallys wharf to where my car was, washed the boat and back home
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    Tough morning on the Central Coast. Lost one about 6am then had one taken by a seal 5 mins later. Then had to wait 1 1/2 hrs to get these 2. 1 on Ec- Jig yellow. Changed to Diawa Emeralda jig 20 mins later to get the other 1. Both jigs 2.5
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    Hi again to answer some of your questions- yes JWalker floats would be ok- make sure the entire body part of the float is under the water though, you only need enough float stem above water to see it- no body at all though as that creates too much resistance and the fish will likely let go of the bait. Use mono not braid, the minimal or no stretch in braid will often pull hooks out and also reduces the shock absorption effect of the rod. If you aren't using a soft enough rod this will also happen. The extra stretch in mono is an advantage. To get your mono to float, simply soak a small piece of felt in vaseline, 'bend' it around your line between your fingers and pull about 15 mtr's of line off your reel through the felt- you'll see when there is a 'coating' on your line. Keep the piece of felt in a small tin or snapseal bag and leave in your fishing bag as often you'll need to re apply when out fishing. Make sure you get vaseline off your fingers before touching your weed/cabbage. Use the smallest size swivels- 12's or 14's, hooks size 8 or 9 for the river- most tackle sellers have purpose made green hooks for Blackfish- the "Panfish" variety (can't remember the brand) are good and have a small eye which is good if using soft cabbage/weed- the Mustad 'needle sneck' have a large eye- ok for weed. Generally almost all short shank hooks in size 8/9 will catch you fish. Leader- 6lb is heavy enough for any Blackfish- you can use fluorocarbon which is harder for fish to see, but I prefer mono, it is better for doing the half hitches on your bait and much cheaper. Use lighter leader than main line so you only lose your hook if busted off/snagged. The ocean rocks around Cronulla will have bait, be mindful of the sea and the slippery surface. Sounds like you have already got a couple of likely weed locations to try.
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    You can use most lighter rated (2-3 kg) rods, particularly if they have a relatively soft action- meaning that the bend of the rod continues from the tip down about 2/3 rds of the rod length. However, there are several reasons why Blackfish rods are more of a 'specialty' item, length being important. Firstly, for shore-based fishing for Blackfish, in most areas, you are drifting your float a reasonable distance from where you're standing. When the float dips under, you need to be able to gather your slack (floating) line quickly to strike the fish, this is more easily achieved with a longer rod- say 9 or 10 ft as a minimum. It's also easier to keep a true line between you and your float by using the rod to 'lift' your excess floating line back into a direct (straight) line, this also is much easier to do with the extra rod length. Casting also is much easier when swinging a float and trailing rig and bait if you have the extra length. Then the more important factor of playing the fish- as Blackfish are more of a 'lunge fighter' and not a distance runner (well, mainly), a longer soft rod acts as a 'shock absorber' the bending action of the rod (slow taper) is the main factor in subduing the fish. Most dedicated Blackfish rods are slow taper, some bending right down the rod to just above the front grip- for the most part you shouldn't be able to break 3 kg line through the rod, or certainly not easily. Don't want to discourage you by saying any of the above, but if you want to get into Blackfish fishing, then it is well worth saving your $ and getting some appropriate gear as you'll enjoy your fishing time much more. My first Blackfish rod was a 9 ft 3 piece solid fibreglass Jarvis Walker "Swansea" which would be considered as an extremely heavy rod to hold by today's standards, first reel a Steelite centrepin (which was very difficult to cast any distance with) yet caught me plenty of fish. Just a tip with regards to weed, some freshwater weed works really well, especially if you make up a decent burley with it and damp sand. Sometimes you can turn the fish onto whatever weed you have with a small constant burley trail. The "better" weed, if you look closely at it's individual strands, is generally round at one end (the roots) and 'solid looking' then either flat stranded or hollow tubular (which becomes 'flat') at the opposite end. Very similar colour and texture to ocean cabbage, just finer. Undoubtedly others may disagree, but I've found that the darker filamentous weed is better than the light stuff. In my opinion, the weed gathered from Mona Vale rock baths (I know it's miles from your area) is consistently among the best in Sydney and it's a very dark green colour. When the fish are fussy or water clear, sometimes they will bite off the 'flat' section/s leaving the round 'root' section untouched. If you start getting downs and not getting hook-ups, remove the 'root' section from your bait. Blackfishing is almost a sport within a sport- a great fish for Sydney fishers as they are available year round. There is heaps of great info here on Fishraider. Hope this is helpful, if you need any info you can't find just msg me. Good fishing Regards Waza
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    Went down to the rocks near Fairlight beach for quick 1 hour flick Got absolutely zero hits on the Z-Man plastics and was about to call it quits and go home with the donut, but ultimately decided to tie on an Ecogear ZX35 for a few more casts First cast on the blade and landed this big 70cm girl. It took me an age to bring her in as I was only fishing with a 4lb leader and I had no net. Ended up having to go in the water and lift her out by hand. Her head was the same as my size 12 shoe. She was pretty buggered after the fight but I got her back in the water quickly after the snaps and she swam away nicely 😊 Col
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    Fishing reel "evolution"- the "Silver Series" from Daiwa were one of the first "external spool" threadlines in Australia. They had 'ball bearings' and a range of features not seen in this type of reel- no more line caught behind the spool like could happen on the internal (in housing) spool type. Bottom left was the 'prestige' range, a Daiwa "Gold Series" this tiny one held about 120 mtr's of 4 lb mono. The one above it is a 1000 series- brand new with box, also had a "snap-off" spool button for quick change. Bottom right was the largest a 7000C made in Japan, still a quality reel made to last (it's about 42 years old now)
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