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    I’m in awe of the majestic beast who towed my packraft from pool to pool for several minutes before I was finally able to land her. I was on a family camping trip and with young kids, fishing windows were short, up before dawn 2 days in a row, and back to the tent by 7 or 8am. Not a hit the first morning, then I convinced my wife and kids to come out paddling and trolling in the packrafts for an hour or so during the day, hoping to get my son onto something, but still no interest. The 2nd day I decided I needed to hike further to find less pressured water, so I set off in the cold, well before dawn, hiking, paddling, wading and general boulder scrambling, stopping briefly to cast surface lures along the way. I found some nice water but I still wasn’t confident it had enough depth for natives to hold up during the day so I continued on. I covered a fair bit of ground and after a long shallow stretch and a more major rapid, experience told me a deeper pool wouldn’t be too far away. A bit further and there it was, I decided I shouldn’t waste the premium bite period on surface lures, given my limited time and no interest the day before, so I opted for a sub surface offering, Into the raft and after about 5 casts I was thinking how good the water looked and it was only a matter of time, but there was still doubt in the back of my mind. I saw a big tree right on the edge of the river with some rock at the base and possible undercut bank so I cast at it, 2nd cast having just clicked the reel into gear I got hit on the drop and all hell broke loose, the fish immediately took off across the pool and came to the surface with an enormous boil and tail slap that had me thinking oh F$#% this is the one! Over the next several minutes I was towed through 3 pools and the narrow channel connecting them, doing my best to cushion the lunges and powerful runs as she pulled line with ease. She was in control, I was just along for the ride! I was just hoping everything would hold and she wouldn’t find any timber, at one stage the line made a guitar string like sound, but I had her on a short leash and was able to apply some pressure and she swam clear. I spotted a sandy beach and did my best to slowly paddle towards it one handed whilst maintaining pressure. Eventually making it to the beach I jumped out and started to get things ready, but she wasn’t quite done, I maintained patience and didn’t rush, it was a massive relief to finally get the lip grips in and I had quick celebration. Careful handling, a few quick pics and holding in the water as much as possible in between and she swam off strong! A memorable encounter I won’t be forgetting! cheers, Gus
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    G'day raiders, Headed out Anzac Day morning 6am from Drummoyne for a flick around the harbour. We were met by a spectacular sunrise as we stopped at South Head for our first crack at some Squid - a fitting moment to remind us just how lucky we are to enjoy this beautiful country. Things fired up right away as we boated 3 green eyes only to unfortunately drop a few more near the boat. Within the next 5 minutes we got busted off twice by what had to be giant cuttles by the sheer weight and power of the tugs on our 1-3kg set ups. Happy with our quick half hour session we made our away along south head towards bondi with two livies out the back hoping to snare a nice king. Not much action along the coastline so we scooted over to the reef outside north head to see if we could pick up some fish for the table. Fresh squid strips were the order of the day as we got a nice mixed bag of maori/crimson banded wrasse, sargeant bakers, red rock cods, jacket & a nice 55cm grey mowie. A quick few casts of a 3g yamashita live into the wash behind us & we topped off the little session with a beautiful giant cuttle. Much debate over the quality of some of those species on the table but my mate on board was licking his lips. A chef can always see things some of us fishos don't! Another crack at the kings at the centurion wreck was our next point of call. We picked up 5 good size trevs which were sent back before a double hook up of rats on light gear got the blood pumping. Both came in just under at 62cm & 64cm so a sashimi starter was unfortunately off the cards. Two more kings at 60cm and 62cm were landed and sent back into the drink. Boat washed and beers cracked by 3pm as we enjoyed the afternoon and the feed to come. Doesn't get much better than that. A few photos below of our catch & subsequently tasty feed. Cheers, Dan Chef's Table for the night: - steamed wrasse & morwong with chilli, soy, ginger and shallots. - cuttlefish ink linguine with cuttle meat & zucchini flowers - grilled red rock cod in a sea urchin sauce - zuppa di pesce (fish soup) featuring the bakers and jacket with fregola pasta, tomato and some added mussels/vongole
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    Left the ramp at 5am for 1 mission and 1 mission only, successfully hook a kingi and get it in the boat for my cousins first king(and let him fight it). Grabbed some Pillies on the way to the ramp and as soon as we got there we headed to spot x and gathered some squid, one decent squid in that spot and off we were to another spot, got 6 squid out of that spot and 3 were humungous so we had enough baits for the day. Fished for more squid cause there was still 2hours till high tide and nothing. 2hours later headed to the kingi spot near north head and as soon as we got there every boat was hooked up, dropped a bait in 14.2m and BOOM the rod buckles like a freight train hit it and unfortunately lost that fish as my cousin wasn't that experienced with kings he didnt know they ran straight to the bottom and he got cut off. Next fish was a massive ray and maritime came near us and took a pic of us fighting the machine on the end of the rod and posted it on facebook, hook pulled and off it goes. Next bait was a hard fighting kingi and the rod almost slipped out of my cousins hand😄😄. Pulled it up and this was the result. 58cm was the length and released it. Next bait dropped and if we hooked up it was my brothers fight and we did, quickly tought him how to use and overhead reel and 2mins later we had a king in the boat. 57cm was length and released it. Next was my turn and always save the best for last and landed this 60cm rat. Fishing was quiet soon after and headed to one white drum in the harbour and bait was dangling from the boat and a king came topwater and we were on.. for 1 second. Kings were everywhere on the sounder and 1king soon after. Called it a day as we had no more bait and actually forgot about the pillies so we left and headed back to the ramp.
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    Great thread @GoingFishing thanks Sam @wazatherfisherman as a youngster in the late 60’s we used to camp every Christmas holidays at Windang council caravan park. Many fond memories there. We used to go at night to the lake at Primbee with all the Dads. They used a big dragnet while we wandered with our scoop nets and Primus lamps! The Mums would have big pots ready to boil the prawns. We ate prawn salads, prawn sandwiches, prawn omelettes etc for days on end. @kingie chaser I had a resident once in a nursing home that was sad and uncommunicative. I found out he was an old fisho and I took an iPad and showed him pics and stories from fishraider. He started to respond and smiled. It was amazing how happy he was looking at all our pics in the record section. Reminiscing with dementia patients is rewarding sometimes for them. It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I discovered that fishing wasn’t just putting a bit of prawn on a hook. Enter swordfisherman with his expertise, experience and unrelenting encouragement. I have caught tons of different species of fish, using mostly lures as I hate the mess and smell of bait. We have fished in interesting overseas destinations. The thrill of my first marlin on a stand up stick (no chair for me) still sits in my memory and I love reading the FR reports and vids on these captures. We took on this FR forum and developed a community of wonderful humans from all over Australia, NZ and the world. It had about 50 members and now almost 40,000 with thousands and thousands of guests. The forum is now owned by Deckee and I remain as the Community Manager. Recently retired registered nurse with management, educational and an inaugural CHIA (certified health informatician) I instigated lots of educational meetups and great FR weekends. We ran MROCP classes and I even sat the exam and was awarded a licence! I used to love sitting around board room tables with men and dropping in that I owned FR. Suddenly they all wanted to chat about PB’s, boats and checked out pics of captures!! A real ice breaker. FR and fishing has broadened my horizons. It’s not just a man’s world Thanks to every member, visitor, guest and all the fantastic mods past and present for sharing their experiences and of course my mentor Stewy. Thanks for reading this very long post. Donna
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    With this time of year the fishing everywhere firing its hard to make time with work and wife commitments to get enough time to fish. With a horrible strong wind warning forecast I asked my mate from work if he was interested in a flick down the local. Launched the boat at Gosford at first look and had a look around the deeper parts of Brisbane Waters for an early jew around the tide change for nil luck. Quick move to the flats and we managed to find a variety of fish including Flathead, Bream, whiting and a few legal estuary snapper, all taken on soft vibes. With a feed in the livewell we cracked a coldie and hit another spot I’ve pulled some bigger lizards. Didn’t take my mate long with a bigger 5 inch plastic and he’s calling it for a better fish. Few nice runs and he had his pb of 80cms in the boat. The wind getting up we called it a day to have a couple more coldies at the sailing club. Not a bad few hours throwing lures with three lizards over that 65cm mark boated.
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    Gday Raiders Headed out today with the hope to bag a few reds and pearl perch off coogee. Arrived at the ramp 530 and we were on location at first light. Tried a few spots between 40m and 70m with no luck. Not even any marks on the sounder which was odd as we usually drift over a few fish every while. Made the call to change locations and headed to dee why wide. On the way there i passed over some new reef structure which was holding fish so i doubled back, deployed the sea anchor and dropped the rigs. 30 minutes later on the 4th drift about to lose hope the rod buckles over for a screaming run. A nice fight ensues and up comes a nice 65cm snapper. I dont usually do photos with the fish but today i couldnt help myself haha... (ps yes im a panzie i wear a neck scarf all through winter). Marked the spot to come back and give it a try at first light. A couple of minutes later dad was onto a fish going 36cm. Hung around for another hour and then finished the journey to dee why where we picked up a few flathead. I tried something new today with success. When fishing for snapper in deep water i like to fish with whole pillies but the usual rig with a ball sinker is not ideal for deep water and i like to be able to change lead weights easily. So i improvised and had a single paternoster style snapper rig with two hooks off one 30cm dropper about 1.5m up from the sinker. Loop the line over the tail to keep the pillie in place for longer. The 65cm snapper fell to this rig as well as 6 of the flathead. All in all a good day ! Thanks for reading Sam
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    Squeezed in one last fishing trip before my holidays end and decided to try my luck at Wyangala again. Went with the same tactics as last trip swimbaits early as the sun came up and scored a 90cm cod at first light in around 3m of water on a Jackall Gigantarel in the carp colour. Next fish a solid 77cm cod came a few hours later on a deep diving crankbait fished close to timber. Fish weren’t as switched onto the crankbait today so fished a chinweighted Jackall Gantarel in the carp colour around timber and got a 88cm and 99cm cod. Had a few other hits on the crankbait and Gantarel that didn’t connect so it was a great day again. The water looks to have dropped over a foot since a was there 2 weeks ago so I was happy to see the fish still active. I fished a similar area to last trip but managed to find better quality fish which was great. Cheers for reading, Trav.
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    So many great memories from time spent with my dad fishing to fishing with my kids. One memory that sticks with me like it was yesterday happened May 12, 2012. I took my now wife to the river for a picnic/ fish. I said I’d show her a spot I had been catching a few cod recently. As we ate cheese and biscuits and drank a bottle of wine we threw a few lures around. Chloe soon lost interest but I kept casting while continuing to eat. After an hour or so of casting I wanted to cast under a willow tree on the far bank that the fish had been coming from but it was just out of reach so I was getting a run up and heaving a bassman mumbler as hard as possible to reach the sweet spot. After a few running casts a cast landed right on the money. Hop...pause...hop...BANG! Instantly I knew it was a fish bigger than Id ever hooked. I yelled for Chloe to grab the camera as the beast of a fish swam up and down the river totally in control of the fight. I still remember the laughter as I shook uncontrollably when the big cod came to the surface for the first time. I fought the cod to a sandy bank and after a few quick photos and measure she was set free. My first meter cod a beautiful 104cm fish and a memory that will stick with me forever. To share that moment with my now wife was extra special and Chloe only now realises how rare these encounters are and why I was so excited by it. Cheers Trav.
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    Father and Son fishing. Favourite so far!
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    Well, now armed with coffee and a keyboard, here goes. For me, my greatest fishing memory is elicited every time I see the picture below. Let me set the scene. BB, (before boat), back in 2008 / 2009 we had been taking our daughter 'land based' fishing at Hastings Point on the Tweed Coast in Northern NSW on and off for just over a year. I'd 'target' the always biting small bream on the western side of the bridge (young kids, attention span vs entertainment factor). Using a half prawn, small hook and very light sinker, I'd bait up, cast out, and hand her the rod. Which to our 'surprise' she ALWAYS seemed to have caught a fish. She'd reel them and in, and we'd repeat. So, fast forward to May 2009, our daughter 4 at the time, and we're down there again, but due to some other people fishing in our usual spot, we were fishing on the Eastern side of the bridge. With the bream confined to the Western side, I changed up the rig and hoped for a Flattie to show up while her attention span and excitement of going fishing lasted. A few casts and a few nibbles, but nothing caught, so her excited was going fast since I had set the expected of plenty of fish on previous visits. So, I put on a whole prawn and cast out into a drop off on the Northern side (we were on the Southern bank). Now, keep in mind, this is with a 2' 'ugly stick' combo we'd picked up from a shop. A great little combo and at a good price at the time, that little rod did a lot of work. Reel never missed a beat for years, and the rod outlasted her desire to use it (kids grow, so she wanted a bigger rod like her cousins etc. - ah 'rod' envy starts young hey?) And, so, within literally a second of the bait hitting the water, it was struck, so I handed her the rod. I did not know at that point what was about to unfold. Otherwise I might have thought twice! So, she starts to hold the rod, and wind, and says 'dad, I got something' ... so I encourage her to wind it in. She starts, but it starts to pull her.... A bit panicked, she pulls back on the rod, and gets some ground, and instinctively winds as she gets the slack. Yep, the full on pump and wind in action! Over and over, she would pull back, and wind ... and all I could do was watch and encourage, with a smile the size of Sydney Harbour bridge. After a minute she started to tire, so I just encouraged her to keep going. A few people had started to notice the 'action' now, and her little rod bending so heavily. She keep going, and in the next minute the fatigue on her little arms was showing, but she had made good ground so I told her to just walk backwards up the sand ... which she did, and in about 20 steps, she had the fish up and onto the sand out of the water. Stoked!
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    A friends son likes fishing but his dad not so much so today I took them out on the boat hoping to stretch his arms a bit on a kingie. Fished for livies at Balmoral but kept getting other species and only got one yakka. Wind picked up a bit and youngster started looking a bit green around the gills so went around to the red yacht past spit bridge. Gave the youngster a 4kg setup and minutes later he was on. 58 and 59 cm kingies later and the lad was beaming from ear to ear. Glad I could give him his first kingie even though they weren't keepers.
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    My grandsons have been very keen to try and catch a dolphin fish, with several trips aborted because of weather being not suitable. Yesterday the weather gods smiled on them and they got to go out wide. Launched from Grays Point at 7:00 am tried a couple of spots before we managed 10 live yellow tail baits. Moved out to Jibbon bommie for a while trued for kings while we checked out the sea conditions, a little bit of north east slop left over from the night before. Time to go younger one was a little concerned when we went over a couple of hollow waves and the boat landed with a bang as only a tinnie can. After about 5 Kim the seas flattened out and a much smoother ride. Saw plenty of dolphins on the way. Couple of stops to refresh the bait and we arrived at the fad, couple of boats but not much action visible. Stopped about 100m before fad and baited up the lines, a 3kg and a 4 kg mono outfits. Both live baits deployed and I cast out a Pilchard on a 3 kg out fit. Tripple hookup on light gear fish going in all directions around each other, carefully going under and over each other managed to land all three fish. Mine went straight back the boys both landed there first dolphin fish. Stayed about hour and a half boys landed plenty and kept 4 each 65-70 cm. On way back in came across what we think was a pilot whale it stood out because it was white. We could not get close enough to get a photo it was moving north fast and very shy. Stopped at the flathead grounds for a quick drift and kept enough for a meal for those who don’t eat dollies. Back home boys want to know when we can go again. thanks. Bruce
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    Well I have so many favorite memories it would take a fortnight to write them all up. I grew up in the 50's and none of my family were into fishing so was on my own. My earliest memory's was riding my push bike over to Menai ( from Enfield ) where my sister had a house up in the bush, I would go down to the ferry and wait till the ferry came in and would run onto it with a bucket and collect the Garfish that would be trapped on the gangplank of the ferry. I would fish on the Lagarno side for Briem using cheese for bait ( yes even back then ). Then as I grew up a bit more another sister lived in Lurnea and I would visit here and go down to the Liverpool weir and fish for Mullet, this was the early 60's I met a guy who I became friends with who also liked fishing, we would go down to Tom Uglys and hire a wooden boat with a single cylinder inboard motor, you would start it by turning the huge flywheel, we learnt lots together, we are still best mates. I bought my first boat before I had a drivers licence and my brother in law would drive it down to the river and me and my mate would go fishing and arrange a time for him to come back and collect us. Once I got a licence I started going all over the place and fished all different conditions. I bought a 15 foot half cab and started going outside and getting bigger fish and more species, I traded that for a 17'2" pongrass waverider in 1972 with 120hp Johnson on the back, this was the boat that I caught most fish in. ( still parked on my front lawn, different motor now and haven't used it foe several years but it is centimental to me ) Caught my first Marlin in it was a 244lb Black at the banks off Jervis Bay. I have had many different boats over the years from 12' tinnies to a 28' Bertram and at one stage had 5 boats, got 3 now. But my favorite story and memory that I like to tell people is. I was over holidaying in Britain 1992 and a friend owned and operated the Killin Hotel in the highlands of Scotland and I dropped in to see him, had lunch and he had the rights to a section of the river that ran beside the hotel, he offered me a chance to have a fish and I took him up on the offer. First time in my life I have touched a fly rod, first cast I done OK and he gave me encouragement, second cast I could not believe the result the line came tight and I was onto something, first felt like I snagged up but as the rod began to buckle and jerk all over the place I realised I had actually jagged a fish, well after I don't know how long up come this huge Salmon , didn't measure or weigh it but it would have gone easily 85 cm. Mate kept it for his restaurant and it gave me a memory I will never forget. I haven't touched a fly rod since. Just that once in a lifetime experience will do me for my fly fishing . Well hope I haven't bored you to death and if anyone actually reads all my ravings I thank you for doing so. I have heaps more I could tell. Like Waza a lifetime of fishing and learning and we still learn something each time we venture onto the water, you never know it all. Frank
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    Time spent fishing with dad from the age of 7 or 8, mostly out of his 1969 Quintrex sportsman runabout(which he gave to me & I still use today) at Nelson bay, collecting bait like pippies of Bagnals & pumping for nippers, then jumping in the boat & running over to across the bay to put in the poddy mullet trap & chasing thousands of soldier crabs down the beach, no need buying bait in those days. Also him trying to teach me how to fish for Luderick off the old breakwall at NB. We also went on a camping trip up the Myall in the same boat to the top lake camping along the way up & back, good trip but nearly ended in tragedy when we nearly sank on the return trip crossing the bay at night in a storm. Now that he is 91 & in a nursing home with dementia those are the memories that come back to me, more than any achievement or particular moment of my own.
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    Hi Guys, only recently joined and first time posting on this forum. Arrived to nelson bay around 11pm Saturday night, checked weather all seemed fine and hit the bed to be ready for a early morning. Woke up and headed to the petrol station then tackle world which was conveniently open at 6am for a bag of pillies, some spare hooks and sabiki jigs. We dropped off the boat at little beach boat ramp around 6:45am and heading to cabbage tree island for some live bait (slimy mackerel) which was pretty easy, we were pulling up 2 on average every drop. Headed over to the FAD which wasn't extremely busy and landed us some dolphin fish, 6 legal and kept for dinner with around 4-5 under sized thrown back. After a few drifts the birds got on to us and started stealing our bait then headed off to north rock to try for snapper. I managed to land a 40cm snapper and my mate landing a 32cm one. Pretty happy with our catch we headed home with our dinner sorted. Monday morning we docked a bit later roughly 7:30am headed shoal bay to try squiding, we managed to get one but broke off. Then on to cabbage tree island and got ourselves some yellow tail. We planned to stay inshore and aim for Flathead or jew fish but were unsuccessful. We called it quits and headed home. When we were pulling the boat in we seen some guys cleaning a 1.24m jewfish they caught in the bay on a live yellow tail.
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    The ocean and inland water ways certainly can throw some real mind blowing stuff at you. Over the years ive witnessed some of natures most amazing sights. Earlier this year i encountered a pod of almost a thousand dolphins, i remember my very first kingfish off kurnel headlands, hands shaking and adrenalin pumping. Schools of salmon so vast that you could cast in any direction and my very first mahi, the colours took my breath away. Ironically, my favourite fishing memory comes much earlier than all of that and before i got into boat fishing, i was about 9 yrs old, never fished before and dad had taken us on a family picnic to apple tree bay inside ku ring gai national park. I would say it was the day that i got "hooked" on fishing forever. I remember the kookaburraas swooping down and stealing my pilchard bait, later i caught my very first flathead and screamed out to dad " i got a shark i got a shark". Yes it was a very big deal haha. Later that afternoon as i continued to fish i turned around to grab another bait and ended up petting a 1.2m goanna which was feasting on my bait. Fresh pair of undies please. From that day, every trip to the beach would consistently see me exit the car leaving a smoke trail behind, bait in one hand and rod in the other, pretty much up until home time. One of my biggest hopes is that my young ones grow up to share this passion. So, whats your favourite fishing memory?
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    Alright guys, Lock this date in: 21-23 June 2019 Friday afternoon: Meet at the Anna Bay Tavern @6pm Saturday morning: Meet at Little Beach boat ramp @5am Meet back at the ramp at 3-4pm for a cold beverage. Sunday: Late breakfast at Shoal Bay for anyone interested. More to come tomorrow!!! But those are the dates and regardless of attendance, I’m going fishing! You are all welcome to tag along! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Great topic and like many other fishraiders I have loads of great memories. The ferry wharf in Gunnamatta Bay (circa 1965) where, as a 6 year old I was responsible for catching live bait ( slimeys ) for my dad and his mate with my new, all plastic fishing rod. I think they paid me threepence each fish! In my early teens, fishing & camping the Murrumbidgee river below the Burrinjuck Dam with two of my brothers and my Dad. Chilly mornings by the side of a misty river eagerly awaiting the next take from a prime brown or rainbow. Exploring the surrounding hills and feeder streams, collecting yabbies and cooking over the open fire. My first trip to Broome and the experience of the incredible abundance of fish life. Big Spaniards, A Spinner Shark leaping clear of the water just meters from the boat, turtles and sea snakes drifting by, GT's so big you just couldn't get them to the boat before the sharks got to them. Schools of tuna literally everywhere. Fantastic! The special fishing gifts and pearls of wisdom my father would bestow on me. I have three brothers but I was the keen fisherman and that was our special bond. Sitting on the end of a wharf with the kids, on a summers day, baiting their hooks, untangling their line and reveling in their excitement when they catch a tiny bream and of course throwing them back in ( the fish , not the kids!) Wading the sandflats at Bonnievale in the heat of summer with my fly rod. Half submerged in the warm water sight casting to whiting and flathead. Felt like paradise and time seems to slow down. The first trip outside the heads in my boat ( I was a land based fisho until about 6 years ago who suffered crippling seasickness - how I got over that is an other story ) That was a real accomplishment for me and it put me in touch with more reliable places to catch fish. Many more ofcourse but those are some of my favourites. Cheers Jim
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    I always loved & was drawn to the water as a Rugrat but didn’t get to fish as we lived inland in my birth country of South Africa. My first fishing experience which got me hooked was at aged 11 when we arrived in Sydney there was a wharf near school, I used to watch an old Italian man catching yakkas, one day he gave me a hand line to use & before long mum was suspicious as to why I wanted to leave for school before 7:30, before long I was catching handfuls of yakkas & the odd fantail, mince meat was his bait of choice, 1 1/2 years later we moved & I had a say in the area we settled in because it had a wharf nearby😃, at age 13 I was fishing under fig tree bridge one hot humid Saturday with my trusty JW black queen outfit using cooked king prawns which I pinched out of the fridge, the bite was quite slow & being peckish started eating the bait but saved one for the hook, tossed it out dead on high tide into the muddy water no more than a minute had passed when my rod buckled over & line was screaming off, saw the back of my spool a couple of times in the ensuing battle which seemed to last forever with a lot of head shakes , I managed to get the fish to the sandstone wall twice with huge tail swirls at my feet, nearly beat it went for one last run under the bridge & being inexperienced instead of standing my ground I moved & tried to poke my rod tip around the concrete pylon which was to short & parted ways, I was gutted & on a high at the same time,for weeks after I was dreaming of me riding my bike home with a big jewfish tied to my old Malvern star, my friends & family got sick of my fishing stories because I became obsessed with fishing & that was all I could talk about, that was Christmas 1973
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    My first trip out was with my Grandad and Nan, Forster 1972 ? From the long gone BP boatshed next to the swimming enclosure. My older sister got 15 flathead and 2 flounder, Grandad got around the same. I caught 1 Blue Swimmer and freaked out when I saw how big crabs get. I was 4 years old. Back at the cleaning tables Pa filleted the fish, and my sister and I threw the frames to the pelicans. The boatshed dog snuck up and swiped some of the fish. I can still smell the tables, old wood but just smelled like fresh fish.
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    Had around an hour and a half or so free sunday so I decided to head out with a mate off Cronulla. I didnt really have enough time to berley up the reds, so I went for flatties. Managed 3 in about an hour or so (41-46cm), with about 50+ throwbacks, unbelievable. I also managed an absolute monster cuttlefish, probably around 4-5kg (the net is around 60cm x 52cm), probably the biggest one I have ever seen, even including when I go for wreck dives! I had the thought of keeping it for future snapper bait though I didnt want to keep such a large cuttle, so back she went. On the way in we went for a quick troll and also managed a 48cm bonito, the photo really doesnt do the bonnie justice. Anyway, it was a good way to finish a decent weekend before the cool weather sets in, cheers.
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    Very hard to pick a favourite from a lifetime of fishing 'joys', so it has to be an early one. My Grandparents had a permanent on-site caravan at Windang (Lake Illawarra) and my Grandma bought the first Aluminium boat with an outboard motor that the Windang end of the lake had seen. She won a big daily double at the races and surprised Grandpa by not telling him, instead having the new boat delivered to the caravan. The boat was bought from Knock and Kirby's hardware at Warrawong and as it didn't have a trailer was delivered by a big truck, along with the outboard, which came sitting on a 2 wheeled trolley. The Windang end of the lake was always alive with fish (and prawns) in those days and you only had to go and anchor in one of the 2 channels, use either fresh lake prawns or squirt-worms and you'd catch heaps of fish. Mostly didn't even bother taking the motor, just unchained the boat from the Casuarina tree next to the water and rowed straight out from the van, which suited my Mum, who used to love taking me out and loved handline fishing too. A cork handline with about 30 yards of about 10 pound line was all you needed. The rig was a small sinker sitting above a half a matchstick for a 'stopper' then about 10-12 inches of line to the hook. There were only 2 kinds of hook (so I thought)- bronzed longshank "Whiting" hooks (which came in larger sizes for Flatties and Tailor) and silver (cadmium plated) "suicide" (octopus they're called these days) pattern, which were also known as "Bream hooks"- I liked the Longshanks because the fish didn't swallow them! Method was simple- peel the prawn, then break it into about 4 or 5 bits, each one only about a half inch long, put it on the hook (it only covered the hook-bend!) and drop straight over the side of the boat, hit the bottom and bring it up a few inches. This rig and method used to catch pretty much everything, you never knew what the next fish would be- That was over 52 years ago and I can still remember my excitement every time we hopped in the boat and rowed out to the '2nd channel' - fish of some sort would soon be pulled over the side, as a 5 yr old, that was about as exciting as life could be (for me anyway) and I guess that started the lifetime passion (obsession?!) I've had ever since
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    Poor and unsafe behaviour on the waterways has been going on for a longgggg time. Social media makes it all the more visible. We have all experienced it and it spoils the experience for sure. Please make sure you let the authorities handle this stuff. It is not worth injury or problems. I am closing this post - see Site Rules as it usually results in some nasty threatening "advice" 2. No posts on illegal fishing activity - for example illegal methods, protected fishing zones, bag limits, undersize fish, vigilante behaviour, pictures of illegal captures mrsswordie aka Community Manager
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    Spotties, Wahoo, Kingies and Cobia, maybe not heaven on earth, but pretty close.
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    Well just to close off on this, I ended up going with a Seaspension setup as I wanted to keep the pedestal setup and not go to a box. I am very happy with the improvement and it has made a positive difference to the ride. Still using the legs on occasion however it is now more comfortable to sit under most situations.
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