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    hi raiders, hope everyone had an excellent xmas!!! decided to fish botany bay instead of sydney harbour today due to the sydney to hobart race got to the ramp around 4am with two of my bff (best fishing friend) plan A was to troll the heads the wind and swell looked ok from the forecast which was not 100% accurate more of a 50/50 guess work anyway decided to go straight to molli point which was plan B and catch some bait the wind was starting to blow when we got to molli point and decided to anchor around the reef but one of my bff started to get seasick swell was around 1m so decided to troll the south heads which felt like forever to get there swell was getting bigger and bigger as we get near the south heads so decided to turn back to molli point when we got back to molli point one of the rods went off with the rapala longcast in pilly/sardine color and after about 5mins we landed our 1st fish for the day a 60cm kingy which went back to fight another day one of my bff asked me if he can go back to the ramp coz he was really gettting seasick seriously so trolled back to the ramp to drop him off decided to troll the 3rd runway from end to end for zeros so decided to head back to molli point half way down molli point towards the beach two of the rods went off one with the rapala longcast in pilly color and one with the halco dd redhead after about 10mins we got 2 bonito in the esky trolled molli point 3x more but no more takers so decided to anchor at the reef hoping to catch anything that we can take home plenty of throwbacks around the 25cm mark (trevs/snapper/flattys) were using pillys and prawns for bait hooked one pj and one banjo on pillys after about 1hr decided to troll molli point again for zeros so decided to go back to the ramp where one of my bff had fully recovered got home around 3pm thanks for reading
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    Been catching a few flathead in brisbane waters recently. Also been manging bream and whiting on Poppers amongst the flats. Sorry one of the photos is crap and the other 2 uploaded upside down.
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    Hi all, ive just signed up to fish raider after many years of reading the forums as a guest(learnt a lot here, thanks guys) just curious if there are any Raiders located in the shoalhaven like me? It appears a lot of you are Around Sydney an further north Just looking for some more fishing buddy's that are keen like I am, and are happy to share what they've learnt, like I am ,and any body that would just like to chat about the shoalhaven system and their experiences, my fishing focus has become mulloway lately after becoming proficient (enough) with the bread and butter estuary species, I now only fish for jew with soft vibes and the good live baits(yakkas squid small slimies, tailor and occasionally mullet) have fished the same steep channel edge (a known spot)high and low day and night to no result(bar a couple of 85+ flathead) the chase continues jim
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    Just a little report from last night up the beach. High tide was 9:45pm so drove down around 7:00 to find a spot. The Nor-Easter was still blowing pretty strong but thankfully it died right down just before dark. Had a bait out by 7:30 (beachworm) and fished till 10:00, jewy bit just after 9:00. Was the only bite all night making it a pretty slow few hours! But always worth the wait. Looked like it had been attacked as some stage too, he had two puncture marks and a pale white patch about half way down the body. Still released fine Not sure where all the bream and whiting are hanging out but haven't caught one for weeks.
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    I think he's pulling your leg.How the heck would he know that none of his trailers he had sold over the last 20yrs with non Japanese bearings hadn't had a bearing failure?You can't compare a quality bearing that has been poorly greased and maintained up against a poorer quality bearing that has as your comparing apples with oranges.Now you lubricate,fit and preload correctly both a "perceived"lower and higher quality bearing and the higher quality one will have less wear over a given mileage as the machined surfaces are just that much more precise and smooth.Cheap "poorer quality"bearings are ok for the local ramps when your doing slower speeds but when you have Westies like me and others lugging their rigs at 110ks for long trips a quality bearing is superior.You know what kills bearings quicker than anything regardless of quality?Lack of use.
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    Hi all, i've been enjoying this forum for the last few months and have taken on quite a few tips as we regularly fish around Sydney (mostly Pittwater) out of our explorer trophy. i thought I might throw my 2 cents in here in this topic, as I currently work for a trailer parts supplier and have gone through a bit of a trial by fire as were regarding bearings etc. the easiest way to work out which bearing you have is to check your axle. if it's round 39mm (mostly, but not always unbraked) then you use Holden bearings. if the axle is square, either 40mm or 45mm then they"ll be ford bearings.i would guess these 3 axle types would be 99% of the boat trailer market The type of bearing you use doesn't relate to the type of stud pattern you have . also , just a comment regarding the suggestion about using Japanese bearings. I have come across this comment a couple of times, most often west of the dividing range, but never in Sydney. I asked a major boat trailer manufacturer in Sydney about this. His comment was, that in his almost 20 years of manufacturing he had never used a Japanese bearing, and more importantly, NEVER had a bearing failure on one of his trailers. He is a very fastidious and meticulous manufacturer and believes that as long as the bearings are greased adequately and correctly, and maintained in good working order then there won't be a problem. A perceived higher quality bearing won't be superior if poorly greased or maintained. Cheers
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    I did my discs, pads and bearings as well as changed the steel cable a little while ago and bought Timken bearings from Supercheap. They do have some other el-cheapo brand but Timken wasn't that much more.
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    Took my daughter and her friend out for a quick session today who had set themselves a $20 rod challenge. They picked up a couple of fun little graphite rod reel sets from a local tackle store and were keen to see who could land the best fish of the day. Plenty of nannygui and some nice little snapper had the rods bending double, unfortunately all the kings they hooked straightened the soft plastic hooks. An afternoon in the kayaks had them catch and releasing plenty of bass on the little rods up the back of the Tuross river.
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    Mine are the cable and lever brakes and had the Ford bearings. i even upgraded the pads to stainless steel backing pads as the std ones didn’t last long in the Saltwater
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    Changed to singles on all my lures after an unfortunate release with an angry bonito. Another advantage is you can use larger gauges than the trebles you replace - rough guide treble size + 2 to 3 - do a search on single lure size for guides. I havent noticed a significant decrease in hookups & they are much easier to handle.
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    90% sure a brakes trailer will have Ford Bearing but best to check the numbers or buy both and just return the set u don’t use.
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    Will be out in the boat tomorrow with the $20 outfits, plenty of ripe bananas ready for another session.
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    Oh Man ! .... I saw that same thing at Parsley Bay ramp several years ago - from memory it was a brand new white Haines Signature - the wife and daughter were in the boat when it was launched 2m short of the water. What was worse than the initial bang and crunch sound ? The sound of the hull being winched back up onto the trailer dragged across the ramp concrete corrugations ---- !!!!! Feel sorry for them. Just take the extra few seconds and undo the hitches when the stern is in the water. Cheers Zoran
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    2nd that waiting another minute or 2 to detach isn't worth that hey... Poor guy or girl that's devastating specially a glass boat ouch
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    I keep the chain shackled in addition to keeping the strap hook in the bow D-ring. Double insurance . I used to just keep the strap hook on but I've been told that this isn't good enough. It really doesn't take long to release the chain shackle and the hook once ready to roll off the trailer.
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    most blackies are caught from concrete footpath souther side of channel west of bridge..depending on how the channel is running sometimes the rock shelf south side near ocean run out tide..if they are there you will see others fishing....if in a boat there is acres of weedbeds to fish over..burley heavy and try string and cabbage..rick
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    It contaminates the friction material on your brake pads.
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    This is what the kit you need looks like mate.
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    Those hub/bearing packs your looking at are for unbraked trailers.You can get them for braked trailers to suit yours also.But be aware the bearings generally sold with them are low quality rubbish.I have seen some online with good quality Timken bearings which is what you want. The hubs for unbraked and braked trailers are machined from a block of solid steel and the hub is part of the discs(rotors).The only thing removable on hubs is bearings,races,seals and wheel studs.The Main hub is a solid chunk of metal. A good option is buy the hubs online and fit quality Timken,SKF etc bearings after discarding the cheap bearings that came with the hubs.
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    anyone else who would be familiar with the area?
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    maybe try to find an mt8144..possibly a Wilson...rick
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    I'm looking to head up there aswell, looking to fish flatties during the day and hoping to try for my first prawn. As fishoo said I'm into any and all infor. Thx
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    @Stapo is the entrance prawning guy ontge site. Maybe search some of his posts.
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    Hi guys, I head up to One Mile Beach at Port Stephens each Christmas for 3-4 weeks. We have an on-site van there and over the years I've lost a few good fishing buddies who have sold up. I love to get outside chasing Snapper, Kingies, Bonito, truckloads of nanagai, basically anything as long as it "outside". My goal is to get out to Allmark and jig for some kingies, however that seems to be a bit too far for my 525 Stacer Easyrider. Anyone heading up over the next month with a boat bigger than 5.25m want to team up on a few trips? Cheers DD
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    Hi everyone, My boys and I went out for another fish in the bay on Monday. Our first stop was at the yakka grounds at the end of the breakwall to gather some livies. There were a few small bust ups there and yakkas were hard to come by. I threw an un-weighted pillie tail into one of the bust ups and was on. After a short fight that ended up going around my anchor rope, I pulled in a 67cm King. Straight after this a couple of seals turned up and the bust ups stopped. We decided to head over to the oil wharf and soak some baits. We managed to catch some small trevs and small snapper, and a couple of nice flatties here. As the tide turned we pulled up anchor and re positioned ourselves to the other side of the wharf. After putting the berley pot in the water we hooked 3 bream, two were throw backs and the other went 30cm, another nice flattie also came aboard. After this the trevs moved in and we caught lots of legal ones and turfed a heap back. We got bored of trevs, so a move was made to Molli pt. More trevs were on offer here as well and frankly we were sick of catching the same thing over and over. Luckily for us as the sun started to lower on the horizon, some nice size tailor moved in and the trevs left. We had to change our rigs to gang hooks and whole pillies as we were getting bitten off prior to doing this. On a few occasions when a tailor was bought jumping to the boat some big grey shape would appear below it. No idea what it was but it happened on a few occasions. At one stage I got out my heavy rod with stella 20sw, I tied on an 80lb leader and a large hook, then placed 3 pilchards hooked through the eyes and floated them out. About 10 seconds later I was on to something very heavy and going like a steam train. I had him on for about 5 seconds and then I was bitten clean off. I re-rigged and this time put a 40cm live tailor on the hook. He swam straight down and then he came up toward the surface where the rod buckled over and I had another strong but short run. This time I was bitten off as I was lifting the rod out of the rod holder. Again no idea what it was, maybe a shark. Anyway we probably caught around 20 or so tailor and let most go. They seemed to bite like crazy then go quiet for 5 mins, then bite like crazy again. This went on like this for awhile. We then left them on the chew as we went home. We had a sizeable bag of fish and let a lot more free throughout the day. Our bag was shared amongst our family and some senior citizens from the home next door that always ask me for fish when I'm going out. Here's a few pics.
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