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    Was out and about with with two of my kids doing a little photography ( while the eldest boat tart headed offshore ). Target species for the day was to of been snakes and lace monitors, didn't do so well finding snakes but we did manage to find 5 lace monitors. My kids probably got better shots than me as I tried to stay back to let them get in close. We were lucky enough to be following one when it picked up the scent of a dead seagul, which it tore apart and ate pretty quick.
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    I was just in the shed before here rebuilding a carburretor for my Father in-laws line trimmer actually.$6.95 and 15min of my time beats $80 considering he's a pensioner any day.And ready to install.
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    On the weekend? And here I was picturing you in the shed at 11pm, looking for a tube.....hahaha. Just joking.....I know how much you like fixing things.
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    I will.When I'm free on the weekend I'll try to do it and try it out.
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    Good insight, I certainly like the idea of that sudden power of drag change. I'm sure it will no doubt greatly help in setting a book! fish mostly from the boat, I find braid and mono both serve two different purposes. When trawling I prefer mono due to stretch. i used smaller reels when chasing flatty a with plastics, but I have been doing a lot of drifting with plastics these days. I have found I can cover more ground doing so. Some of my videos on you tube demonstrate this. I don't do to much bait fishing these days but I thought having a bait runner handy may help out on the off chance I might want to set some bait.
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    Hahaha...your a legend Fab!
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    I use everything to get to help plan my next outing (twice a week mostly) but you have to check on the day as weather is very dynamic and forecasts are at best an educated guess. Lately Ive been using meteye on the bom site http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/meteye/?loc=NSW_MW004. coupled with seabreeze.
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    I have seen people make the mistake of attaching rod holders on tinnies with rivets and seen the result of ripping them off the boat when a big fish hits with a heavy drag setting. Attach holders with bolt and locking nut and using largest washer that will fit under nut.
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    Ur living the life Jon. Nice one. bn
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    there is always the use of a storage facility..locked behind fence and secure......people have boats stolen off the street...read crime topics on this forum....rick
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    luv the last foto looks like a cigar hangin out its gob haha
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    This is Seabreeze forecast as Rick says it can be wrong but if you spot check the “live” conditions further down the page it can give you some assurance if the days forecast is progressing as per the prediction. Next week is a write off so Mrs and I are hitting the water early tomorrow for a sesh. Cheers Zoran
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    I'm only on here for the free chocolate we all get sent each week
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    Yep I only use the Evinrude XD100 oil
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    just standing there looking for them doesn't mean they aren't there..my local jetty holds squid..some nights you catch heaps some none..daytime never..bait can hide under jetties or they may be 40mtrs out over reef..if you want instant bait head for a shop or look around and fish for them like everyone else has to...none of us has been handed spots that work all the time..we have to try different spots at different times..its called learning and is part of fishing...rick
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    Buddy they are good spots to catch bait. there is no secret spot you can go to and catch anything whenever you want. your fishing in the wild. fish move, if your not enjoying the hunt then head to the fish markets lol.
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    Hey Scienceman... as I mentioned I am very interested in stuff like this. I do carry an awl on board (which I use for bait rigging but could also be used as an ikijime) however I never really knew where exactly to spike the different fish species - very much a hit and miss approach. But since you shared the correct name for this technique, I googled it and found a free iphone app (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/ikijime-tool-lite/id704317893?mt=8) which had all the info for common species. Very useful. THANKS SO MUCH !!! Cheers Zoran
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