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    A great morning crabbing at Lake Illawarra. Mrsswordie bagged out on these beauties. Swordie is almost at his bag limit. A couple of flatties has made it a great trip.
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    Hi Raiders, Went down to the local Jetty with my daughter yesterday to let her have some fun with some little snapper etc... she did well bringing in bream, taylor and snapper, but when something took hold of her little piece of prawn and ran 50m, nearly pulling her and her kids combo into the water, I realised she was in trouble. Unfortunately it ran into some moorings and snapped off... Luckily I had my Stradic 4000 there just incase, so seeing they had a taste for prawn, i floated out another piece and straight away was on... a quick fight, with a ferry full of tourists watching and had a just legal king... was surprised at how many of his mates followed him up too!! anyway was a great way to spend a Sunday morning with my daughter. As you can see from the photo, she was pretty happy too! Mrollo
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    The ramp at Tunks on Saturday was pretty busy and only roadway parking left at daybreak. Trolled around Dobroyd and Washaway for 3 nice Tailor in quick succession but then lost contact. Tried the troll around North Headbut no takers there. Headed out through sloppy seas to DY wide and started the drift at the hard stuff drop off where the snapper hit every drop but unfortunately they were all about 25cm, so stuck to the gravel patches. The seas smoothed out a bit and we kept a few small spikeys and then managed 5 larger bluespots and marbled flathead. Got a medium sized cuttle which may mate likes for Kingfish bait. Coming back through the harbour noticed the charters pulling Kings so anchored and used the cuttle for bait we got 6 between 65cm and 73cm but lost a few to the reefy bottom as they were hard to stop. A few months ago most seemed to be around 62cm but they must have grown as they were a good size and only 1 less than legal; went back. They liked the fresh cuttlefish. Picked these out of the ice for a quick photo.
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    Hello, fellow Raiders. Went out early today as the forecast was for a sunny day in the low 30s. Was on the water by 8am and a few others had the same idea. I was second to launch and saw that the guy ahead of me was headed downstream. He was taking his time, crawling along (maybe he didn't know the river?) so I scooted past him in the most courteous manner possible. Just as well really as he took ages getting to where I pulled up, at my new best spot. I tied up to a snag and put cheese on 1 rod and a juicy yabbie on the other rod. I cast in close to a good looking snag and set about arranging the landing net, lip grips and terminal tackle box. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one rod move...a bite? There was quite a lot of shade where I was fishing and the water was a bit murky...and quite a bit lower than usual. I focussed on the two rods and sure enough, there was an enquiry on the yabbie. Now, this is a bit strange because I've had about 15 yabbies in the garage since the season started (Dec 1st), I've been out probably 30 times and this was the first interest in the yabbie bait. With no further warning, the rod doubled over and it was game on. I'd only been fishing for a few minutes and had a nice Cod in the net, half a cm undersize. I unhooked the fish and noticed that the yabbie had moved up the line and was very much alive. I repositioned it on the hook and lobbed in at the same spot. Within about 2 minutes I had another Cod of 52 cm in the net...on the same yabbie. Alas, it had gone and the Cod swam away, no worse for wear, probably wondering how the yabbie managed to pull it out of the water. LOL. So months of no interest whatsoever in yabbies...to 2 Cod caught on the one yabbie. Strange hobby this fishing, eh? Ended up with 10 Murray Cod and a small Trout Cod in 5 hours. Pretty good session and any time spent in paradise is a reward in itself. Here's a few pics of the day...till next time Cheers bn Small Trout CodThe "lucky yabbie" that scored 2 Cod...
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    somebody get a fire extinguisher . onya boys
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    get rid of yellow for sure but make sure you go with a matt finish or you will still get glare and reflection...rick
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    Hi fair dinkum how ya going mate... Definitely come to the right place for advice on boats and fishing that's for sure alot of good guys and girls willing to help along the way As for the inside of the boat I'd get rid of the yellow I done one before was white on the inside and had grey aluminium checkerplate floor... Helped with the glare also like in my freedom sport it's like white with flicks of other colours I'm guessing to break the glare... But yeah heaps more safer things to do than have a canary yellow boat Anyway cheers and good luck with it Omally
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    What a lovely pic and a beautiful little girl! A future fishraider for sure
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    Top job there Swordies. Any day fishing is a good day. I'm just back from 5 hrs at the river...another good session. Cheers, bn
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    Fished a local bream n flathead comp yday 1 hit on sp for7hrs of sunburn 1 fish 63.5 flatty hard day at the office biggest for comp was 78cm biggest bream 43cm
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    Not bad guys... Looks like a nice meal yas have going there ☺️
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    Top stuff Swordies!! Beats cleaning out the gutters like me!!!
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    Well done, good to be on the water A. Frank
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    dont keep them with other plastics or put them in another tackle box (unless they are the z-mannboxes)
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    You can also try using a small stinger rig trailing the plastic, you will hook more squid this way , if they are chasing your plastics !! Just use a treble on a small length of leader, and attach a swivel to it, clip it above the jig head !!! Then if the Squids disappear, unclip it !!! Great_White
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    I enjoy the smell. Reminds me of a good days fishing.
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    Can't keep a good man down Rick. Defo not your most memorable day on the water but they all count towards that perfect day. which happens now and then. Tight lines mate, bn
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    Awesome fish and great bait conversion ratio:)
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    Just helping a mate out who left the pump turned off in the biggest tank. Killed kings, sharks, snapper etc (all the big stuff) . To be honest I stayed back and let them have a crack at it themselves to see how they would go, looks like I will need to head down with the rib to try for some of the bigger fish.
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    Your jig may have not been getting right to the bottom. When this happens use the plastic to bring them up and even better if you can bring them to surface then present a jig to them. Have caught loads of squid doing this.
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    Hi Brett. I'm a bit further south on the Tweed. 9 mile, Fidos & Danger reefs all hold big GT's. 9 mile would be my pick. I've seen some horses landed there on big poppers.
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    That’s gold! Glad you had your stradic just incase! cheers scratchie!!!
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    I for sure am not nearly as good as many other anglers at catching quality Flathead on soft plastics but here are some tip top tips to lead you in the right way. Flathead are a very lazy fish, often making them are very rare catch on bait, as they often wait till the bait reaches them. This is why soft plastics can be much more effective as you can simply deliver the food to them. Think of a human, why get up and drive to pizza hut and you can just order one. The typical flathead outfit: 3-5kg 6-7ft graphite rod (3-5kg because you will often find Jews like to hop on as well ?, also ep's depending which area your fishing) spooled with 8-12lb braid,with a good 2 meters of 12lb fleurocarbon topshotted. This will keep you safe for flatties and will allow your outfit to also be used to target Jews and many other small pelagics. The number one rule is, the lighter you go, the more bites you'll get. And braid, is a must! As you will often find that as you commence your retrieve you will be hooked onto a fish without even knowing it had already engulfed the plastic. When to fish: Fishing around tide changes and fishing the runout tide is the best go, nevertheless flathead can be caught all day, many target them at night producing good quality fish. But as I said, flathead are easily accessed all day. What to look for when fishing:The typical flathead country consists of drop offs, sand, and mud. Another key point is if there is plenty of baitfish around, which will often come with what I stated in the previous sentence, and some tailor. If your fishing off a boat and have a working sounder, water temperature plays a big part. You'll find many pros deciding between on fishing spots just because the water temp is a degree higher. Not because there will be no fish, but because there is a much higher chance of them congregating in one area. Where to cast: Flathead will face into the current, leaving stray baitfish lost in the current and easy target for flathead. This will mean you would probably want to cast your lure and retrieve it the opposite way the current is going. This is not a key aspect but could play apart of catching a flatty, people often say a lure retrieved with the current is much more natural looking underwater. As I said earlier, look for drop offs surrounded by weed beds, baitfish and sand. Although many quiet places are also fond of holding some flathead. Flathead will also like color change in the water. DO NOT BE DETERRED BY DIRTY WATER, flathead are an ambush predator, like perch, bass and mulloway, they would prefer murkier water as this helps their ambushing ability. What soft plastics to use: Do not stray away from using large plastics, to flathead,it means much less effort for a more appetizing meal. Match the hook size to the plastic size, but a general purpose flathead hook will probably be a 1/8ounce with a size 1/0hook. 2/0's are still perfect don't be afraid to go big. I like using the TT LURES HEADLOCKZ Jigheads as they clinch onto the soft plastic much better. And I'd definietly opt for Zman Plastics as you'll find tailor will sometimes get in the way so the durability is a must. Flathead will take anything, from prawn imitations, grubz, even a simple paddletail. For god sake if you dropped a metal lure at their face they will probably take it. This is how I choose my lures: -At night when there is light (e.g. full moon, lights) use dark lures as this will create a great silhouette. Think of a flattie staring up at a lure, as the light shines around the lure casting a big black tasty figure. Bright lures could still be a choice -At night and there is no light(also murky and dark water) opt for brightly colored lures. -During daylight, and good water quality, opt for natural colored lures. Don't be afraid and not go out on a fishing trip because you don't have natural lures, the bright and funky ones should be able to get out a bite. Good lures to start at: zman slim swimz in pink, I caught my first flattie on a gulp saltwater pogy 3inch. Zman 2.5in grubz. Other4 inch swimmerz should do the job. The retrieve: Right as your lure hits the water, engage the reel and keep very wary of your line as flathead will often take your plastic on the first drop. You can very slowroll the plastic just above the surface or, the most familiar and probably the best retrieve is a double hop. When the lure hits the bottom, use two hops of the rod tip and wind in the slack as the lure falls to the ground. Depending where and what lures used, you might come across, mulloway, estuary perch(ep),bream, tailor(pesky bastards), trevally and also kingfish and salmon(most likely during sunrise and sunset hours). Thanks for reading this article and I hope I helped you on your way to that cracking flathead you've been dreaming about. Stay safe out on the water and tight lines! P.s I caught my first flattie on sp with the braid connected directly to lure(murky water, still wouldn't recommend it because big flatties have abrasive mouths) because I didn't know what a leader was ?
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