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    I know the guy who does the size and species estimate after an attack, He's originally from South Africa and has been studying shark attacks for decades.He has an amazing collection of jaws of great whites, bull sharks and tigers of many sizes, and others. His estimates of the size of the shark, and he always emphasizes they are estimates, are based on the size and shape of the wound(s): the arc, or curve of the bite mark(s) is a good guide to the size of the jaws (matched to his collection) and hence the size of the shark. The type of wound is an indicator of the species of shark. The type of wound signifies the style of teeth involved and hence the type of shark. Simplified,a great white leaves a clean cut and a bull shark leaves a nasty ragged cut because of their different shaped teeth. The way they bite and the way some sharks twist and shake their head when they bite is also something of an indicator of species involved in an attack. Location and water temp can also aid the determination of species. He's not a book boffin.
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    Fished Glenbawn again yesterday - took my other daughter's boyfriend, he doesn't fish much and we managed to get him his first bass and yellowbelly, and he christened a Loomis rod he won from a tackle shop in Tamworth a year ago! I've offered to mind it for him but no joy there. 5 bass with 2 at 40cm, both on the surface and 3 yellowbelly including this 51cm model so I was pretty happy with the day!
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    Post pics of your boat here Heres my Quintrex Hornet Wildfisher 445
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    Went out to Middle Harbour on Friday night to have another crack at my first jewie, and even after having about 5 yakkas bit clean in half I couldn't get a single jewfish or kingfish to take the hook. Despite that, I had a great day of fishing and caught this stonker of a trev: Didn't have a tape measure on me, but using my rod and measuring that when I got home I measured it at about 58cm, considerably longer than my previous record of 42cm. Got him on my second cast of the day with a 42mm blade, after getting a small flathead on my first cast. It was a hell of a fight with 6lb braid and 8lb leader, at first I thought it was a big breeder flathead before it did some huge pulls and head-shakes as it approached the jetty. Very happy with my biggest fish of the year so far. A great close up of me and the fish:
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    Hi better late then never but i ducked up to Port Stephens last week with the Missus and after talking to a couple of fishraider gurus in Scratchie and Rick (thanks to you both for the tips)we decided to head to Broughton for a day, We started by anchoring up and burleying for a couple of hours using live slimies/pilchards/ prawns and soft plastics managed a few just under sized snapper and few flathead the livie didn't get touched unfortunately.Then we had a few drifts between the main island and north rock once again got a bit of little stuff and i hooked up and dropped a little king at the boat on a plastic im guessing around 60-70cm. After that we had a quick troll around and landed a 71cm king (my 1st legal so im pretty happy) on the special gold $7 kmart lure Scratchie might recognize it sitting on the eski,Then we done a quick drift past the sisters and got a dozen or so little flatties only one keeper at 43cm and then on the way back in got a couple of calamari near Jimmys beach they went on the dinner table that night yum. So over all had good day out just wishing we had a bit longer up there only got the one pic so i will chuck it up. Cheers, Longy
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    1-3kg rods are so much for fun than a 2-4kg rod. I own 4 2-4kg rods but i always pick my 1-3kg. Couple of rods on the top of my head are the gen blacks itchy twitchy or scratchy 2pc. and tcurve revo inshore has 2x 1-3kg rods, a 7'3" and a 6'"6. thats my 2c. flame away if anyone disagrees
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    Hi Aardvarking, I'd suggest another approach to your initial issue. Contact the people at Shimano in Taren point and then get an extra spool or two for your Stradic. You can set up one spool for ultralight and the second for your normal fishing. No leader change required. Years ago I took it to the extreme. I bought a Shimano Symetre 1500 back in the good days when it came with a spare spool. Even better was that the body for the 1500 was the same as the 2500 and the spool capacity (and handle shape) was where the difference was. I liked the reel so much that I bought another two at a really good price. I now have a glut of spools with different line ratings. The extra bodies live in the cupboard till I need to service the primary unit then one comes out. I have had to retire one but I should still get plenty of fishing with the remaining Symetres. I store the spools in baby socks to stop them banging against each other. As for the second part of your email now that you have a reel looking for a home I'd suggest looking at the Shimano Bream Finesse (I am totally biased). They do a 1-3kg as well as the 2-4kg in various lengths and well within your budget. I find them to be a very responsive rod. Regards, Derek
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    Hi Again All; Firstly I want to apologise re the gentleman that made the observations on the bite. I saw him on the news last night and he is certainly NOT a book boffin. BUT no apologies to the media!! It seems the great white has taken over as the medias favourite A few years ago any shark that was sighted was "a "12 foot grey nurse.:" Any reptile sighted was a "6 foot black snake." Hopefully in the media these two veterans have ben given a well deserved retirement. I have been involved in motor sports as an official for over 40 years. And I can assure you any serious racing incidents I attended were NOT the ones reported in the media. A bit of sticking to the facts would go a long way. Cheers. OLdfella. .
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    Hullo All; Must be getting old and cranky. The report in the media on the lady whose leg was injured at La Perouse. (1) How the bloody hell did they know it was a " great White."?? (2) The so called boffin even gave the size of the thing!!. 3.4 metres the " expert " said. In the old measurement that is near as dammit to 10 feet!! If it was a 10 foot Great White it would have taken her leg off and not even burped!! About time the both of them got out of the textbooks and into the real world. Personally I would think it was a small Bronze Whaler or something similar' Soapbox now packed away Time for a beer. Cheers. Oldfella.
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    Just an older tinnie, still with most of the paint on it. Nothing fancy, I don't want to stand out like dog's b#lls so that everyone can see me. The previous one was almost paintless and 42 years old, held together with waterproof silastic but some of the holes were getting too hard to repair.
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    Hi all...it a good ramp from what i cann remember,it get shallow quickly up stream though.
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    Alworths a good ramp mate my uncle lives a stroud rd and uses it all time with 6mtr glass boat...rick
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    In the laws of averages that crappy day brings you closer to a TOP day. Hope it's soon mate, bn
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    Sounds like a normal trip at least you didnt break a rod or fall over on oysters sounds like you need to catch something to take away the pain..rick
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    If you swim at dawn or dusk there is always a risk. It's feeding time for everything!
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    Good idea Oldfella, and if a beer doesn't help, have another. Old media saying..." never let the truth get in the way of a good story". Enough said, eh? bn
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    Yes on both counts. The flatties especially like the border of weed and sand, and they'll hit the surface lures too. Anything more than ankle deep should be fair game.
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    Hi guys, the crew from team baitcatcher and 1st mate mobile marine have been chasing some marlin. just some footage hope you all enjoy
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    Without my daughter here to quote me some exact figures, the taking of the odd marlin isn't such a bad thing as the striped is pretty good to eat, especially smoked. We haven't ever kept one but we do often get a chunk from other people. Similar to dolphin fish they grow very fast, so not some old timer like a 35cm bream etc. The numbers really seem to be very good too with many boats tagging multiple fish each day. Like you I don't like seeing them killed as they look so spectacular but I do have to just say to myself they are food like anything else we kill to eat.
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    Hi Jon Im putting myself up for adoption and was wondering if you have space at home for one more..... great report, great result ! I know you and your family are huge advocates for the environment. That good fishing karma must be just floating around you wherever you go!!
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    Holy moly. I caught a flathead once
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    Went fishing with Brett this morning absolute top bloke!! Had the best day out on the water caught plenty of flatheads had some laughs and learnt a lot cant thank Brett enough
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    Don't know if you can still get them but I've still got my original "Dick" filleting knife I purchased 30yrs ago, Still going strong and holds an edge brilliantly. Haven't seen them in shops for years though.
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    DAMNNNNN theres some nice boats in this thread i dont want to put my first boat i only purchased the other day well here it is little umm 11-12 foot trimcraft with a HUGE motor on it 3hp yamaha HAHA no need for rego or license so its good in that way i guess.. hopefully taking it out next weekend for the first time... bit of a downgrade from towing and taking my mates 17 stejcraft with a 90hp johnson on it :| but its mine and its a lil tinnie for up on the hawkesbury so bring on the fishing
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