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    I finally bit the bullet and invested in some higher quality gear, the sienna started to pack it in so went for a stradic matched up with a 7"6 balistix rod. Of course as soon as I get soem new gear it floods so had to wait for the river but finally the water cleared up enough. The bream were on the chew for a change with lots of hits and misses but finally one stuck and the new rig up was blooded shortly after working some rocky edge lure gets nailed again this time a nice black spot almost required surgery to get the lure back but he was released unharmed managed another reasonable bream from some very nasty shallow rocks then after some bycatch of small flatties and pike it was off to the tree to try and find some more bream second cast and another bream caught a couple more small bream they were really having a go in the tanin water working along the sunken timber the lure was smashed I really like the drag on the stradic being so smooth I can fish much heavier drag and not pull hooks, after a terrifying tussle around the timber out came a solid moses perch another 27cm specimen they really pack a punch at this size that concluded the blooding can't wait to get out for another go cheers for reading Dave
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    Hi all, Had the pleasure of spending a week hiking through the Western Lakes in Tasmania stalking browns on fly. Long story short, the fishing was hard with numbers down on last year. The guys I was with reckon we saw 50% less fish than any other year. Happy to take their word as they have 30 years of annual trips between them. Low water levels following a hot, dry summer appear to be a factor as we found a few almost dead fish in some of the higher, almost dried out tarns. All fish caught on dries (adam's parachutes) though we did fish wets early in the trip as it took 3 days before the first scale was turned. Some of the sight fishing was awesome if not infuriating, with the biggest fish of the trip around 5lb with some bigger fish lost. While the fishing hurt sometimes, the scenery more than made up for it with plenty of wildlife to make up for the fish. Here's the highlights:
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    G’day raiders, Its been a while between posts. I have been out fishing but mainly just catching a few flatty etc. I did hook up to a marlin the other day but got busted off. Today, I manage to get out with the nephew and Jnr. We headed straight to Broughton Island and fish the sisters. Had the place to ourselves for the whole morning. Fished with sps only for snapper and managed a few with a couple of good ones! Plenty of bait there mainly yakkas, but underneath them were the snaps! Caught a pearlie on sps too! Then we went and picked up some flatty for lunch. Nephew started feeling sick so we decided to troll one of the islands. Landed 5 bonito in 5 mins plus a just undersized king! Headed for Home and was back at the ramp in no time due to the glass like conditions. Great day on the water with the team! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Firstly make sure you know where the sanctuary boundaries are. Secondly the bar is quite narrow and often has surfers right in the middle of it, it can get a bit lumpy at times. Launch and retrieve at low tide is very shallow so don't drop to boat in with the engine trimmed right down. There are several places big mackerel are regularly taken, some just put the front and slightly north. The mackerel can be just off the headlands a few km to the north. I tend to head out around North Solitary, there's a great little bay for snorkelling on the north end of the island ( sanctuary). Just north of the main island is a small island with a big bommy at its northern end, this often has all kinds of fish ( last time I was there we kept getting every rod hooked up on small yellow fin 8-10kg). There's a long reef that heads east from the southern end of that little island that is a mackerel and wahoo hotspot. The offshore side of the big island is almost impossible to pull lures along without something smashing you ( often big mack tuna or kings ). If you hook small kings in this area just keep them in the water about 3m under the boat as this often brings the bigger 20kg models to the boat. If you get live bait then cobia are also through this area and at the southern end of the island. In all honesty I've never had to work hard to find fish in that area, in fact you often see tuna busting up from the break wall. If you have charts you will note there are so many reefs in the area and most have something on offer. The downside can be if the water goes green or dirty the fishing drops dramatically. The fad is normally excellent and we often see big wahoo and sharks in that area too. If you sound the bottom close to the fad you can normally find good numbers of trag ( haven't failed yet). Just one thing, when you get through the bar head a little north before heading to the island as there are some shallow bommies about 500m out, these often have crab trap floats dotted about too. I would normally head up around this time but my kids all have things on so I might have to leave it untill snapper time. The pub has good food but groceries are quite limited from the service station shop, saying that they have everything you need. Almost all divers work, with red and whites always a favorate but literally most will catch fish there.
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    A lot better with the pelicans at shoal bay ramp, although the goannas were coming pretty close!
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    Mate what can I say. Cracking haul.good effort. ??
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    I super glued them!! Haha No magic involved but the flatty jumped off a few times!
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    Try 1stmatemarine http://www.1stmatemarine.com.au/ they're a fishraider sponsor. My mate's used them and highly recommends them. I'm pretty sure they'll come to you as well. cheers Richard
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    Nice work scrathie. Catching a feed is always a bonus but the real joy is just getting out there & having fun with the young ones.
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    My advice is get the cheapest kayak that will do the job for you and spend the extra on a really good, light paddle. You're gonna swing the thing thousands of times in a fishing session so comfort and lightness matter a lot. The kayak you can replace with a more specialised model as you get more experience and a better idea of how you use it, but if you buy a great paddle to begin with, you’ll be able to use it with any kayak.
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