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    Mulloway - such a nice looking fish, regardless of the size. Those leave passes... I find I have to get a whole day pass. Otherwise, I know I’d be back late and future passes could be revoked! ?
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    Thought I'd have a go at the drummer yesterday (northern beaches) before the southerly front came through and pushed the swell up too much. I haven't fished for them since last winter so wasn't sure if they would be friendly or not . They weren't on fire but I did score 2 nice fish amongst a lot of pickers that I think were sweep and mados. I was using 25lb flourocarbon leader for the first time as the water was pretty clear and there wasn't much wash. I normally use nylon leader. I found the flourocarbon OK but it didn't have much abrasion resistance and chaffed through without much pressure. Any other Fishraiders had this experience? The larger of the 2 fish went 47cm and both were well conditioned with a lot of fat in their gut when I cleaned them. Cheers Phil
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    Today I went on a charter from Sydney. The boat and skipper along with his deckhand were great. Despite all the effort they put in the fishing was very hard. Some snapper, mowies and sweep were about. One notable catch was fellow Fishraider Pompom. He caught a very very large cuttlefish on a whole pilchard. Very kindly he donated for my evening dinner. To make up for it the were a few pods of dolphins and plenty of whales about breaching.
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    Bit of a late report Made some last minute plans with swordy after he called late Monday afternoon saying he got some new soft plastics to try, he sounded pretty excited, so we decided if I could manage a leave pass for Tuesday morning, we would go out and try em, somehow I managed the leave pass, and met stew at the boat ramp for a flick for jews. Stew had a few hits on the new plastics, but missed the hook ups, but we continued on between spots, until we finally managed to hook up to the little fella below. Tried for a bit longer, but decided to hit up another spot for some perch and bream, so off we went. Managed a few at the other spot before the leave pass expired, stew dropped me off at the ramp, and left him to it until his leave pass expired. all in all a great day out, and thanks to Stew for taking me out yet again. Cheers
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    Could have lost them in summer! Could do with closer fads! Seriouly, what a nightmare!
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    Popped out for a late afternoon early evening session. Normally we would use soft plastics but my daughter had just been given a new snapper outfit and micro jigs. Thought I would run a little test by setting up three outfits, one with plastics and one with a baited double hook rigs how we used to fish and of course the new micro jigs setup. I used two rods while my daughter used just the one micro jig outfit, jigs were 20g, water depth 62m and very little current. Let's firstly get the soft plastic out the way as this only managed one fish over the 2 hr session. First fish landed was by my daughter who had great delight in giving me heaps as I was using two rods and three hooks, she also gave me heaps about the orange $5 pants I was wearing ( wanker pants, as she named them ). Bait was freshly caught squid ( heads ) and due to my daughter pulling the hook on her next two fish I slipped ahead with two snapper. The banter cooled down and experiments in jigging and twitching soon had the micro jig hooked into around 7 species of fish but still no snapper on her board. Not sure why but after around 7 or 8 fish on the bait ( all small rubbish apart from the two snapper) the bait rod simply shut down. Even trying some different actions with the bait I simply couldn't coax another bite for the second hour. The micro jig seemed to really come into its own in the last hour as the sun started to set, maybe the luminous stripes were the key or just perhaps my daughter had worked out a jig technique which the fish couldn't resist. All up the micro jig splayed my catch in both species and quality fish.
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    I had to ask the road works question, a good mate of mine has a very similar pair that he wears when we play golf and I alwayd take the piss out of him.. :-)
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    You guys are often doing "comparative fishing" experiments and providing heaps of good information for the general audience. Keep it up! As always your pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and no RSI to consider. Cheers, bn (o/s).
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    Weather looked great so locked in a trip for Monday. Not quite the winds we were after with 10 knots of Northerly on top of left over NE slop but away we go. Launched at Shoal Bay, looked like it would be interesting on the low tide. Livies were easy, tank full of slimies in 15min along with a few for cut baits. Bashed Out to 80 fathoms, very sloppy. Ran through a couple of current lines but temp was constant. Arrived wet and well tenderised. Rigged the rods with traces sinkers and bait, noticed we had drifted 1.2 kms in 10 minutes, obviously lots of current. Ran back to the mark and scored a king and a nice 2kg red first drop, looking good. Hard work over the next few hours but scraped a bag of reds to 4 kg, a few great kings, big goats and a weird yellow cod? Much better run home, entertained by the whales along the way. Low tide meant Shoal Bay was a no go with a shipload of sand on the ramp a car and boat already stuck so split to Halifax which wasn’t much better but managed to get out first attempt. Long day, hard work (felt it on Tuesday) but good fun and a great feed of fish. No pics, I was flat out all day. One pic of my share of the vacuumed fillets!
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    Down on the south coast out from Narooma. No road works, just thought at $5.oo a pair for hard yaka work pants was good value, my family are certainly get their value out of the pee take of them.
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    dont ever stop trying, Put the hours in down south or even Longy, it will happen. yeah mate, pigs and a bonito
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    I love fishing with artificials as much as possible but of course you have to match it to the mood of the fish so bait is my 2nd choice depending on the target species. Also just on the plastic, like if you are fishing with bait you have to change it up to what the species like so shape & colour matter. If I cant get a bite on one colour I change it till I find what works then if that doesn't work I will change the style & go through that process again. Still I am sure you had an enjoyable day, especially watching your daughter pull in a great fish like that. #proud dad
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