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    With the predicted forecast and a strong wind warning I only had a small opportunity this morning before the sun came up to target some squid, wasn’t putting the boat in today. Took a handful of jigs, the Bream rod and 10lb leader and found the squid were on, as soon as the sun came up they were gone and the wind started ripping through. Managed to land four good sized eating ones, squid cleaned and I was back in bed by 8 am.
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    Today started off as any other day. A mate, my misses and I decided to go to a fishing spot that not many people go to. (It is technically private property, but the owners are cool if we drop off a fish or two.) I had bought a cheapo fishing rod from kmart the night before and thought it would be a great idea to see how it goes. We got to our spot and dropped our lines into the water. My misses as per usual was reeling in fish left right and center while my mate and I exchanged top shelf banter while pulling in snapper the length of a whole avocado... Half an hour into the session I experienced something I very rarely feel. A good solid bite and a bending rod. I fought this sucker for at least a solid 30 seconds, 30 seconds to at least a minute. When It came out from beneath the rock I saw it's head, thinking it was some sort of weird deformed flathead I squealed with excitement, but that feeling was very quickly replaced by sheer terror as it's head broke the surface of the water and I heard an unholy gasp of air. As I pulled it out the water I saw it starting to inflate itself. My mate said that it was the biggest puffer he had seen, so i grabbed my phone and took a photo to post it here. I reckon it has to be at least 35 to maybe at a stretch 40cm. I caught it on basic banana prawn from woolies. Once I unhooked it, it was around the size of a football. I used the butt end of my rod to push it back into the water. It rolled down and bounced off a small rock and plopped back into the water. I almost wet myself laughing at the sound of it rolling along. I don't think it is near to a record on the forums, but it is by far the biggest puffer I have ever seen. The rest of the day saw me catching plenty more snapper, wrasse, a few blackfish, a rock cod and a few flatheads. It was a really good day.
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    G'day Spool. The fish will be there, particularly in the areas youre fishing...jetties, weed beds, flats etc all provide fish with a structure for cover and/or feeding. What may help if youre not doing it already is... Burleying with whatever baits you are using will help tremendously. Tides are key as well as low light periods - an hour prior to sunrise as well as before sunset and an hour after dark. Ive found the bite drops off significantly after dark (depending on your target species), but its still worth fishing...itll just require a more targetted approach species-wise. I.e. noahs, jews, bream etc. Id suggest pick a target species for an outing and stick to it for best results. Winter theres a tonne of fish around. Luderick for example, although theyre a year round option we target them more in winter as the warm water pelagic actions slows down. These guys will require more specific gear and fishing methods so feel free to ask members. Plenty of blackie gurus around on FR to help u out as well as previous posts. Heck, feel free to tag along next time i target them n ill show you if youd like. I fish the harbour and rocks. Bream are good and flathead can be caught...theyre in a "hibernation" mode as the water cools off but they can still be caught easily enough. Live bait, strip baits (e.g. bonito) works well...SPs even better and can cover more ground. Leatherjackets are an option too, theryre around in plague populations sometimes. If you after something bigger...winter kings are an option as well as larger jewies. I have seen a few big kings up at the Spit - coming right into the burley trail more often than not. Havent targetted them...yet hehe. The stones are great this time of year with luderick, bream and drummer being the main targets. Again...depending on your target species, unweighted baits give the most natural look and will tempt more bites and larger fish too. As an example, i very rarely fish for bream with any weight nowadays. Its all unweighted...bonito strips, luderick gut or live prawns and nippers. Made a huge difference to how many fish i catch as well as the size too. Thats my 2c anyway...hope it helps and keep us posted how you go on your next outing. Dont give up. Itll turn around for you. Edit: ill add...like with lures, always take a variety when you go fishing. What works one day may not work the next. Always best to go that extra mile and cover tour bases. Its also good to have a few back up spots...especially when rock fishing. And important to note certain spots will fire at certain times. I.e. high (leading up to or running out) and low (falling/rising). It pays to travel and keep a fishing diary...youd be amazed at the patterns you can discover and how you can make it work to your advantage.
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    Geeze We used to get them nearly a metre long out at the peak, at 60cm they were small ones. From the rocks that one was fair size. Frank
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    Same as BN's, "Australian saltwater hedgehog" was my first local catch too, many moons ago at Balmoral .
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    That's not a puffa fish...…..............................…………...this is a puffa fish ? Caught this one in Yowie bay about 3 years ago, weighed in just over 3kg on my manual scales. Its a good thing you didn't net yours, it was a bugger to get out when its the size of a basket ball ? Thanks for post & bringing back a similar funny memory
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    So just spent the long weekend up at Forster. Arrived Friday and left Tuesday, so managed to get a fair bit of fishing in. I arrived Friday and the plan was to chase some bream off the break wall. Went to the red spot and brought a few whole fresh mullet. Headed down around 5pm with the turn of the tide around 6pm. So decided to would also chuck out a bigger slab in case a Jew case around. Was not to confident in the jewfish since in 12 years I have never got a Jew off the break wall and when ever I use bait I normally just get rays or sharked. Anyway put the bait out and started to play with my light surf rod. In the corner of my eye I saw my other rod get two big hits and the drag went. Straight away I thought shark. Picked up the rod and set the hook and there were big head shakes. Everything up to here felt like the typical shark fight that I have had plenty of times. More head shakes and was I thinking to myself it’s just a matter of time before I get bit off. Then everything changed. The fish was nearly to the breakwall and I saw a big silver flash. Knowing exactly what it was now the heart was pumping. There was a little bit of panic thinking to myself how was I going to gaff it by myself. I got it to the surface and there it was with my heart still racing. Lucky there was a little gap in the rocks and was able to guide it into the area. After about 5 attempts of gaffing it and thinking each time I stuffed it I landed it. 12 years of going up to forster for holidays fishing for jewfish and the hours put in I was rewarded. Not the biggest. It went 78cm. After that it the rain started and thought I had my Jew so decided to call it a night The next morning I decided to fish the breakwall on the Tuncurry side fishing towards the beach for some tailor. Unfortunately there was no swell and no wash around and the tailor we’re not around. I ended up just getting the typical rubbish fish. Shovelnose sharks, banjo sharks and stingrays. So not much happened. On the Sunday I decided to try for some flathead. With it being winter and cold I New it would hard work to catch some flathead. I walked the shoreline from the park next to repspot ( for those that know the area) around the wharf to under the bridge and in the marina. I knew it would not be easy so I used light gear, 3lb main and 6lb leader and really slowed down my retrieves. So covered the area in about 3 hours and manged two flathead around the 40cm mark. The rest of the day the rain was on and off so tried to stay out of the rain. Monday morning the weather looked alright so I decided to try and tick off another goal. I have never caught a jewfish on a plastic and that has always been the goal off the breakwall for me. With the top of tide around 8am I got to the breakwall around 6:30. Again I decided to fish light. I was using 20lb main with 30lb leader. I was thinking that might be to light with all the rocks around but went with it. Rigged up and got to the bottom of the wall. There were already a few boats drifting the walls with live baits and lures. I started to throw around the plastic and after about 30min I got a big whack and the rod buckled over but as quick as that happened it was over. Worked the lure the rest of the way in thinking what ever it would follow it. With having the hit I was excited because that was a start. I casted out again and this time again bang. Only difference this time it stuck and the line screamed off the reel. The fish took a big run and I wanna able to turn it and had it coming in nicely. Now and then it would try to run but nothing to big. Got it near the wall and saw the flash and again the heart was pumping. The fish decided to take on more run straight down to the rocks and straight away I thought the worse. I managed to turn it again and got it to the top. I wa able to net it and I had finally done it. I got a jew on a soft plastic. This Jew was bigger measured it on went 101cm. So I had finally caught a Jew on a plastic and I hit the magic meter mark. After that I was happy with the trip and did not do anymore fishing. The long weekend turned out to be the best fishing weekend I have had. Just glad I decided to go up to my little holiday van. I normally just stay in Sydney and fish for hairtail this long weekend but decided to mix it up and it was worth it Regards, Noldty
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    my mate bought touch screen bad move don't like working with wet fingers like fones stick with lowrance my hds5 works at browns get bigger hds..rick
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    Oh yeah. I am well aware. I used the longest hook remover I had and resisted the temptation to kick it around like a football.
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    I travelled over 50km yesterday with 4 very good anglers onboard, we targetted different spots from 8am -4pm. We fished in waters from 1m -65m for a grand total of one small snapper and two foul hooked wrasse. Fish could clearly be seen in the shallower water as well as be seen on the sounder in the deep water. Unfortunatly days like this are far more common than the good ones and we spend quite some time on the water. We also fish using high end electronics and quality light tackle and yes we have good catches which may seem regular to many people but we work pretty hard to catch them. Plagues of leather jackets worked their way through at least 4 packs of plastics, so there were plenty of fish, unfortunately not what we were after. Much of our trip was traveling close to headlands or along the back of surf looking out for schools of salmon which are normally very easy to spot, we found none. Eventually all feeling defeated we gave up. Today we are ready to try again as this might be the day, that's all you can do.
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    Welcome to fishraider David! There’s plenty of knowledge and experience on this site! Pose any fishing related questions in the “fishing chat” section and I’m sure someone will have your answer! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    I enjoyed the excitement in your report. Sounds like a good session for you all. One of those was the very first fish I ever caught in Australia, a long time ago. Wierd the defensive mechanisms which some marine life possess, eh? Cheers, bn
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    Careful with those big puffers Steve, they can bite hooks clean in half! We spotted one at Cremorne wharf on our recent fishraider trip with Big Neil
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    Just throw some sand in. You’ll be surprised! Also, I admit if there’s other fishos there, I’ll try and fish downstream of them and use their berley! ?
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    Monavale Pool and the surrounds has weed right now mate. Its a pretty reliable spot if you're in the area. You can fish off the rocks surrounding the pool as well
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    Thanks buddy Will do and thanks for the info! Yes, I have noticed weed around some of the markers. I have thought of that but what if you need to burley them up? Cheers and thanks Jim
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    Hi Kracka, Welcome to Fishraider. That's one big lump of a carp! I look forward to reading your reports. Cheers Jim
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    G'day big Neil. Thanks. Yes hopefully some more reports to share soon...besides the blackies of late. Hopefully a few jewies (if im lucky) or some big Noahs in the weeks to come. Just hanging for a chance to get somw time off work ? story of our lives i guess... The photo is of a Siamese Carp that i caught in Thailand. Went in at 23kgs. Tonnes of aligator gar, redtail and mekong catfish up to 30kgs. Fiji...not much from there unfortunately. A big barracuda, a missed wahoo and a few whiting like fish. Truly a beautiful place to visit and the locals are just as great.
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    Forcast today was pretty bad, arrived at the ramp at 9am with no other trailer or car anywhere in sight. Headed 25km north and 6km out for flat glassy conditions, even marine rescue workers once again advised us not to go out. Anpther day of strong westerly tomorrow, so another close to shore trip planned ( hopefully snorkelling with dolphins ). I used to find the forecast and poor weather pretty frustrating but since owning the little rib, poor conditions just add to the fun, gone from 50hrs per year to 300+.
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    Hi Kraka; Use one of those nylon pot scourers you buy at the supermarket. Also very good to take the silver off hairtail. Make sure though you use a brush ( old toothbrush is ideal ) to remove the blood from along the backbone. If the drummer and blackfish have been feeding on brown weed failing to do this can result in the fish tasting bloody awful!! Cheers. Roger.
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    I think you hit it on the head. Land based fishing is definitely leaner in Winter
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    It may be time to rethink your fishing and consider the seasons. You should find out what winter species are common in the areas you fish and change your tactics to suit. Winter species include Luderick (black fish), John Dory, trevally, salmon, squid and snapper. Some of these may be difficult from shore. Good luck. Ron
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    If you're going to let a fish run with bait. Use circle hooks. Just incase it swallows the lot.. dont want to gut hook fish....
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    Species like bream that frequent the spots you are at are pretty cagey critters & you have to out smart them. You could try unwanted baits like peeled prawns making sure the bail arm is open & there is no resistance on the line because if they feel an resistance on the take they will drop it. Let the line run for a bit before you strike. Also lures like vibes, small SP's like bloodworm/prawn wrigglers with small jig heads can also produce. You don't have to always use bait! Hope this helps
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    Berley?...... Also do you move about once you know the spot is dead? If you're struggling Ill take you on a tour...
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