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    Hi Raiders, I hadn't been Kayak fishing in a long time, so decided to dust off the kayaks and head to the central coast. With uni starting again, it is hard to find the time to fish, so any chance i have to get out is cherished and enjoyed. Left the house after the morning traffic had subsided a bit and made the journey to central coast. Got there and started setting up and rigging up. I was using a mix of baits and plastics to target some flatties. I used either squid or pillies on a paternoster rig and also worked some squidgy bloodworm wrigglers and some berkley gulps. I drifted over an area that I have caught flathead from before, fished for about 2.5 hours and mainly caught undersized ones. By the end of the session managed 2 legal Flathead both going 40cm. One was caught on a half pillie and the other on the bloodworm wriggler. Not as productive as some of the other trips but still managed a feed. And it was just nice being out on the water, I love boat fishing and land based fishing but sometimes kayak fishing can be the most enjoyable. Its just a different feeling being so close to the water. I did record the trip and edited a little video, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Haven't edited in a while so I am a bit rusty. Cheers
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    Hi All, I would like to thank you all for your input, in helping to buy a new motor. The advice was really great and appreciated. I bought a new Stacer 449 Seamaster with a 60hp 4 stroke yamaha. So far so good .Different to my old Haines 16C. In finishing I would just like to say, I didn't realise my previous post would get out of hand, but the advice was good. Donna, in one of your previous posts you commented, people come to Fishraider for information and that is what I did. I had no knowledge of the current outboard motors of today, but I do know thanks to the help of the people on this Forum. Thanks again. Cheers.
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    So I had the bright idea to paint one of my el cheapo squid jigs with fluropaint to use at night I think I may have overdone it a bit
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    I posted if anyone would join me for a session of Hairtail and kindly members replied with good feedbacks and information. The day started well, did all my home chores and family matters. Arrived at Akuna bay set for launch and testing all my electrical but trolling motor would not start wasted 1 hour. Peddled out to Jb took me 75mins. So many boats. Disappointed a party boat anchored at my hot spot. Dozen drunk men screaming, swearing and music so loud you hear them a mile away. Anchored 100m away from them and these guys were so abusive. It annoyed me crazy but there were having fun. Sounder showed lots of fish the whole time I was there and I think it was hairtails. Cast my first rod and preparing 2nd rod the float disappeared fish on. Dropped and missed many hairies but had I good time out there caught 5 total and a yellowtail. Tide changed around 9.30pm and bites gone off. Tides is going out but sounder showed lots of hairtails but there have gone deeper water from 5 to 6m to new depth 9 to 10m. Not a single bit for half an hour. My mobile rings strangely normally dont get a single here. My daughter calls and says are you ok and replied why? Its blowing so hard at home be careful out there. I take her advice and started packing up. It was very calm night no wind in Jb, as soon as anchor is up wind picked up getting choppy. Struggled from shark rock point to Cottage point open waters. In the middle of bay got blown away, for 20mins top speed 0.75km/h Got to Illawong wind was behind me and pushing 4km/h no paddle no peddling great. Total voyage time 120mins. A good exercise and good feed catch night. Loved it.
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    So we left the ramp at 6:15 for a dedicated squid fish. And it was FREEZING. Got to one of the spot and cast for about 15 min and nothing we were casting a rod each and each had a sleeper rod as well, but the wind was pretty low so not much drift so the sleepers weren't getting hit. As the wind picked up so did the squid. This winter we seem to be getting a lot of aircraft carrier size squid, but today 12 small to medium only. At one point my friend had a double hook up with his active and sleeper rod going off. I left my casting lure out while I helped him reel one of his in, no sooner had I done so then the lure that I had just left out hooked up as well. In the end it was about 50% catch to the sleepers and 50% to the casting rods One the way home we put the squid in a bag like a whiting scaler bag and towed to for a few km, seems to clean the squid about 55%, but gets rid of all the ink in the process. Unfortunately we lost a few of the heads from the bag, so next time will just have to catch bigger squid. Oh well we live and learn. Got home, they were great in the Fog Dog batter, why is it so hard to get a hold of??
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    Bloody oath they pull! I was literally just about to reel in my line too to check of my bait was picked off by the little peckers I saw swimming around and then bam this guy hit and I thought I caught a monster. I was using light tackle too so it made it much more exciting. Glad to have landed it.
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    Hi all, as you may know, im an avid fishing gear collector and always excited to see what comes out from the big players as well as the china market. I've received two reels recently that i wanted to share some info on. Have yet to put them through their paces, so that will need to wait for another time. The two reels are the Seaknight Treant II (not the first, but the second) for USD$25 and the Piscifun Storm for $USD35. Both in "3000" size (more like 2500 in shimano reel and spool sizing) PM me if you want to know where i bought them from. The thing that caught my eye was that both shared almost exactly the same feature set and specs, except for drag power (which is in itself always questionable). Notable features: Sealed carbon fibre drag stack. Not only is there a flanged rubber/plastic gasket, but there is also a metal ring with o-ring rubber looped around it 6.2:1 gear ratio 6kg (storm) / 11kg (treant II) of max drag (on what is a shimano 2500-equivalent sized reel) - take this with many grains of salt 10 + 1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings (bearing galore, more doesnt always mean better) braid-ready spool (i.e. flat rubber ring around the middle of the spool for the braid to bite into - no need for backing). direct drive screw in handle (as opposed to the square insert-style handle) Build quality: The physical dimensions are exactly the same between the two reels, though with different detailing in some areas and the same in others. Given the same feature set and very similar physical appearance, this suggests these are rebranded off the same mass-produced design - which is not a bad thing if the execution is done well! The finish on the Storm is matte, which I think gives it a much more premium feel. The Treant II has a shiny finish, with the "galaxy" sparkle paint that the Shimano's of 2016/2017 have (think of the Sienna FE series and Nasci). The Storm looks and feels much better. There is no play in the handle, nor is there when triggering the anti-reverse (i.e. suddenly turning the other way). Both feel equally smooth (though nowhere near as nice as the Daiwa BG). I've read of some poor quality control issues for the Treant II (not a surprise given their price), im fortunate to not have QC issues, that i know of. There is no flex in the body when squeezing the roller bearing and the bail arm - though will need to put this through its paces in high-drag situations. The spool and spool lip is nice and clean of scratches - anything that may damage braid coming on/off it. No line capacity rings, which would've been a nice and easy touch to add. Performance: TBD - need to put some hours into using these reels. My intended use, given the size, is to put some 10-15LB braid matched up to a 7' 5-8kg rod and flick for snapper (kingie would be nice). Updates below. Price: As stated, these are fairly cheap reels - buying overseas means wearing the 10% GST import tax so dont forget that, though coupons and cashreward schemes can cover off the difference. I liken this price to the trusty Shimano Sienna - reliable and smooth, though without the water-sealing and other features described above. Overall: TBD if i would recommend buying these reels until i can actually test them on the water. For now, i'm impressed with the build quality and (advertised) feature set. Time will tell. The impressive drag number needs to be considered in the context of the size of the reel - would i really be putting on that much weight on a 2500/3000 sized reel with 15LB line on a 5-8kg rod? Probably not... 3-4kg is probably max in a practical situation (and that would only be if you knew you had a solid hookset which is not always the case). Storm or Treant II? TBD, but i think the extra USD$10 is worth it for the better "feel" and so far, lack of known QC issues. The storm comes with two spacers to adjust the line lay, the treant ii does not. Watch this space. Update 7/08/2018 - Storm: Have used the Storm on two outings on 5-8kg and 3-6kg setups (15lb braid). Biggest fish was a 58cm flattie - handled it just fine but was more like lifting a dead weight rather than a proper "fight" >< Observations: 1. Rotation: Bit stiff on the turn - noticeable startup resistance turning into a smooth rotation. Potentially fixable with a reapplication of grease. 2. Gears and shaft: no grinding whilst spinning under load, no indications of an imbalanced rotor. 3. Retrieval speed: great retrieval speed - I believe the 6.2 ratio - will need to measure it with a ruler to confirm but certainly works well for working hard bodied, particularly bobbed lures and stick baits. 4. Casting: casting is straightforward - no catching on the spool lip, line lay is good, bail arm unlocks and locks securely. Outstanding tests: 1. Water resistance: Still need to open up the body, drag stack and roller to check level of water intrusion. 2. Drag and flex: Need to check performance against a "drag peeler" fish - both drag performance and body flex. 3. Conclusion: TBD
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    There's one major reason I'm writing this report up, being the Rockfishing Safety Act. Today was a great day, aside from the power tripping copper I had encountered right at the end of my day, which I'll get to. Not much action today at Browns Point but it's a beautiful spot if you haven't tried it. Be aware though, there is a bit of a hike to get down there. About a 10 min uphill/downhill, uneven ground bush walk. If you're not the fittest person in the world, the way down to Browns Point is pretty bad but it's worse on the way back up lol. The reward though, is that the water is nice and clear (looks great for a swim, a few folks came and went throughout the day for a dip) and it's not terribly snaggy, though there is quite a bit of weed and rocks close to the shore, so if you're casting further out, you'll be sweet. Mrs and I had two rods out each, two rods on the more heavy duty side and two light set ups. Both our big rods got nothing. Tried garfish, mullet fillets, pilchards and squid and nothing was touched with one exception - when I reeled in after casting out about 45 minutes prior with half a squid (head end) on double snelled hooks, I reel it in only to find that the squid, plus the hooks, plus a good chunk of my leader were gone. I'll take a safe bet and say a shark came across it and couldn't help himself. Our small rods is where the action was. We could see about 2m out from where we were standing on the rocks that there were some biggish, black coloured fish swimming around. They were interested in our bait and we did get quite a few pecks but nothing big enough to be able to hook em. I was about to reel my small rod in to change rigs after having it sitting in the water for about 15 minutes with a decent chunk of squid on the hook when BAM a huge hit. I pick up my rod and pray to the fishing god's that whatever it was hit again and they answered my prayers. Another big hit and I got it hooked. Put up a great fight, particularly because I was using light tackle. When it started getting closer to the surface I saw what I thought was a luderick. It kind of didn't surprise me at that point because I have caught a Luderick once before on squid (at Nambucca Heads). This fish kept trying to win the fight by going in to the weeds and under the rocks, fortunately the Mrs had the net ready to go and we managed to land a very nice fish which was later identified, thanks to my friends on fishraider, as a black drummer - my first. Measured in at 35cm and had a great weight to it. Mrs ended up catching two today on the light tackle. First up was a Port Jackson that was heavy as shit and I'd say around the 70cm mark. I was blessed (NOT - I'm terrified of sharks) with getting it in the net, which it barely fit in to. Took a happy snap and off she went to live another day. I'm curious if anyone has ever tried eating one? Reason I ask is when I was at Airlie Beach earlier this year I saw guys targeting and dispatching grey reef sharks to eat. But I digress. Next fish was a weird little red one and wouldn't have a bloody clue what it was but it was returned to the water after a timely struggle in removing the hook from her mouth (we try our best not to throw fish back in with hooks left in their mouths and avoid it as best we can). Threw her back in and she was floating on the surface. We felt so bad, thinking we should have just cut the line, but fortunately she got enough water/air through the gills and after 30 secs swam back down to live another day (and possibly lay her eggs, we think she may have been pregnant). **Word of Warning** Onto to my point about the PoPo and this, frankly puzzling, law regarding life jackets in Randwick council. Now I understand the good intentions behind this law. I understand many lives have been lost when anglers have gone rock fishing. Shit, there was yet another death just yesterday in La Perouse (though the angler was wearing a life jacket ?). You'll find where I find issue with the laws near the bottom of this post. I, as you can see in the picture, was wearing a life jacket. Mr Senior Constable Power Trip comes along and yells down at first the Mrs (who was not wearing her jacket, though she did have it and I told her numerous times to put it on) and says he wants to speak to her and she quickly pops over to the backpack to get her license and life jacket. I shake my head and have a chuckle because I couldn't wait to turn around later on and say to her "I told you so!" (it's a rare opportunity). I go back to casting. THEN I hear this guy yell out "Sir? SIR?!" I turn around (this isn't the first time it's happened, it doesn't bother me) and say "sorry, are you speaking to me?" and he says "yeah I'm speaking to you. It appears you aren't wearing a proper life vest." I look at this guy and think "are you not seeing this big, blue, ugly arse, f*** off vest I'm wearing or are you indeed seeing it and thinking I'm wearing it as some sort of fashion statement?" I bite my tongue and say "what's the matter with the vest I'm wearing, sir?" he says "it probably doesn't meet the Australian Standards. Check it for the five ticks. I said "I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that that was a requirement, the signs just say 'life jacket'". Now this is where it gets funny, and probably got my arse out of a $100 ticket. I'm facing him and take my vest off to check and see if it has these ticks on it. He then notices "the girls" which where well hidden by this stupid vest and says "oh... I'm sorry... ma'am". I say "it's all good, and no my vest doesn't have the ticks. I genuinely didn't know about it" he let's me and Mrs off with a warning, even though he had just handed out fines to 4 other people nearby us. Where my issues lie with the laws are this: 1. Signage around the area simply states "Wear a life jacket when fishing. It's the law." Nowhere does it say Australian standards. Now I'm not a lawyer, but I do know how to interpret law as it is part of my job. The council cannot expect people to read the Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 and read, at the very bottom of the act, that is states the jacket must be of Australian Standards. The very first section and subsequent subsection states people must wear life jackets, which is where I'd assume most people would stop reading the law, because it seems very black and white. It is not until you read down to either the last or very last section where it states Australian standards. If I were fined, I would've happily taken it to court and contested it and I believe I would've had a good chance at winning. 2. This is what really bothered me about this law and where I am quite tempted in making submissions to the council and subsequent lawmakers to have changes made to the law, purely out of unfairness. There was a couple, sitting literally right next to me on the rocks, with no life jacket but weren't fishing - no worries. But because I am there with a fishing rod, I can get a fine for not wearing a life jacket. How does that make any sense? If I was swimming and had my rod out, how could they justify fining me? Would they expect me to swim with a life jacket on? These are issues within the law that, in my opinion, need to be reviewed. Nevertheless, if you guys are out fishing on the rocks, where ever you are, please wear a life jacket for your own safety. And if you don't want a $100 ticket, ensure that they meet the Australian standards. I'll be purchasing some for myself soon. The ones we had today went in the bin. Apologies for the rant and if it is inappropriate for the fishing report but I did want to voice this with you guys because it seems now the police are dead set on enforcing this law now. If you guys reckon I should add my warning to another part of the site, please refer me to the appropriate section. All in all a good day, though I can't say it ended on a high note. Happy fishing to you all and stay safe out there.
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    You are awesome! You told them what depth and how far? That's such important info. I might have left when you stopped by. I cast to the centre of the channel, paternoster rig, and let it sink tot he bottom just like ozeash described, but got no bites. I was hoping for bream last night. Thanks for sharing the info that your sounder picked up a lot of fish there. Hopefully I'll get a chance to go fishing again and I'll try Illawong bay again.
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    It was a great feed too, apparently. My grandma called while I was on the way out and promised her that I'd catch her lunch for today and I came good on that promise. Cleaned it up for her and drove all the way out to her place to deliver it to her last night. She gave me a buzz today and said it was very tasty (though she was skeptical about whether or not it was edible when I brought it to her ?
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    And @JonD, let us know when you’re coming up. Maybe we can all catch up, or even get out on the water together. ?
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    G’day raiders, I managed to sneak out this morning with the boy and headed straight to Broughton Island. Knowing the wind was going to kick up at midday, the plan was to put on as many casts as we could before 1030. Anyway, weneeded some wind for a drift and had a nice gust to push us along. I landed the first at a respectable 50cm and then the boy came up tight on a 40 model and then another. The wind kept taking us on different drifts but we kept on working and Brando came up tight again but this time out did me with a nice 55cm snaps. I decided to change sps and put on a 7inch gulp called a garlicker. Now, the last time I used one I got smoked by a monster snapper and these lures only catch big fish. As I was explaining this to my son, I pause on the line and bang zzzzzzz. This thing gave me some real stick but with a bit of teamwork onboard comes a nice 80cm plus snaps for our efforts! Called it a day after that and headed for home to beat the wind!!! A cold beer with lunch and the day just doesn’t get better than that! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    yeah ok thought so
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    Sure mate. Stay at Halifax camping grounds and launch at little beach! Your about 2km from the heads there! And it’s 14 km to Broughton Island
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    Yeah mate the everfaithful pygmy
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    Oh Here we go- the whole thing is revealing its true intentions, revenue raising and an eventual excuse for banning rockfishing altogether- i just read the report that the guy who drowned was described as a "poor swimmer". NSW - lets ban and regulate everything!
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    Great report Some quality fish there Keep it up
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    You smashed us Myung. Congratulations on a great effort and result! We fished Smiths Ck and only managed one squid. The wind was crazy. Cheers Zoran
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    That Black Drummer is a great catch! They pull like a train! Well done. Love my PJs, the cutest local sharks around. I used to visit a couple of places where they congregated during my scuba diving days. So nice to see dozens resting in sandy patches!
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    Thanks for the 2nd report, Top effort as usual. At least you got a workout with the long paddle. I wouldn't mind joining you on a kayak hair tail voyage one day
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    Hey Tash, nice report. Yes, the whole life jacket thing is very frustrating - well done though on avoiding the fine! As far as I am aware Port Jackson Sharks have nothing going for them in the eating department but one of their main foods is Urchins so they probably help keep their number down - probably better left in the water to do their job than end up a very average meal or two. Many believe they are a protected species but I am confident they are not. There was an old bloke across the road from me who reckoned their skin was so abrasive that if he caught one , before throwing it back, he would run his knife down the shark side like he was using a kitchen steel, to put an edge back on the blade! (He was full of tall tales mind you!) Cheers Jim
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    Nice PJ there. You girls have fun and good luck with the fishing up north.bn
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just wanted to weigh in on the subject. I've been using Lanolin grease for years and it works a treat. It seals, protects, and makes cleaning a breeze after a fishing trip. It's also non-toxic, unlike most of the cork sealing products, and doesn't change the feel of the cork.
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    Why would you put yourself through that pain? ? They go hard enough on conventional gear! Well done ? cheers scratchie!!!
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    I am also thinking a Ling also thinking a Ling
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    Few common names there Tash. I call it a Ling, I think others call it a Beardie. Museum calls it a Largetooth Beardie, not often big enough to eat. Nice white flesh. "Lotella rhacina." Have a good time up North you two.
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    Hopefully ull have some better luck next time Jewcraze ! PS nope I wasn't there, just agreeing id find all that noise making and disruption quite annoying.
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    Another recent Kingie on fly-they are big at the moment!
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    No that's it's cousin Black Drummer. Good fighter, good eating.
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    Hullo Colin; Do not see any reason why you could not use a swag on the rocks. Maybe there is some obscure council by law that could be dredged up by some nark. BUT remember in Kuringai Chase National Park you cannot put up a swag or tent on the foreshore. Sleep overnight on a boat moored a metre off the bank and that is OK. Put up a swag or tent on the shore and it gets severely frowned at!! Far as I am concerned plain #%^&##!!stupidity!! Cheers Roger.
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    Thanks guys! Had my laptop die on me last night so have only just got to some of these posts but had a top day out there! Caught a smallish arrow squid whilst jigging in around the rocks, 3 decent leather jackets and some small snapper that went back in the drink. All in all, a good day!
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    managed a session this afternoon kayaking a section of upper Warrel creek I haven't fished for atleast 12 years. The weather was pretty ordinary with a cold wind blowing, the water looked pretty good though, very clear for Warrel creek. Casting zman grubz at the edges the first half of the paddle produced nothing but the odd tap. Eventually noticed a shallow gravel bed running up the middle, a cast over the gravel and almost immediately a hit and miss, followed by another and a hookup after quite a fight up comes a bream. Things always seem better when the doughtnuts busted. No more hits on the gravel bed, put a cast along a deep bank, half way through the retrieve a subtle tap then weight, too awhile for the fish to realise it was hooked then it was on. The fish ran me all over the creek, eventually it came yakside a solid estuary perch, not something I see very often. I've no doubt it's a perch, the angle of the picture doesn't show how concave the forhead is The EP was quickly released being spawn season Kept working my way up with little interest until finally casting another gravel bed another take. Straight away called a flathead it ran deep and gave me a hell of a run around and eventually a mid 50's flattie came up yakside No more fish played the game and with light fading it was time to end the session. Only 3 fish landed but they all fought really hard and always good to catch something different. The zman grubz was a copper penny colour just to mix it up cheers for reading Dave
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    Have you tried using a jig on the bottom instead of the snapper lead? I use Shimano Bottom Ship jigs or similar and I often get 3 at a time (2 on the baits and 1 on the jig). Or, if I am baited, I’ll still pick one up on the jig on the way up. Only problem is if you get caught on a bit of reef, you lose a jig. I also sometimes put a plastic squid on one of the paternoster hooks instead of bait. They work well, too. There is also a $9 blue and white jig at KMart that seems to work well.
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    I was inspired by your post went today a bit windy but thats why I bought a barcrusher fished in 22 mtrs off the northan beaches got fish every drop within 1 minute. Had a sea anchor and using pillies took 4 home for dinner 41 38cm to 41cm. released the same and dropped a few back at the ramp by 11 am. Nice to have a change of luck.
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    Our site is becoming very large and active. We are looking for moderators to help keep fishraider the great informative site it is. Requirements: Time - visit the site daily and read reports Knowledge of fishing and Departmental rules (or know where to find the info) Knowledge of fishraider site rules and how they apply A sense of the ridiculous Social media use Some computer literacy - if you can navigate your way around fishraider that is all that is needed Help members with queries where you can and welcome newbies The moderation team are a very trusted group of dedicated people. You will see they assist at socials and offline events also. They help members with queries and all sorts of things. Generally I need help with people to read posts and moderate if needed. It is very easy to do now we can do from smartphones and tablets etc. It is a love job. If we all do a bit it helps keep our community the great place it is. You will get a few more tools to do the job. I will train you and it will take about an hour to show you around all the features and new tools you will get. If you would like to have a chat please pm me. Donna
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    here are the photos from my Jyndabine trip which I finally got down loaded with the help of one of my nieces
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    wots rong wif wee hav a civil debate about sumfing?
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    I use cal's drag grease on all my carbon drags
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    Sorry should have mentioned they are carbontex washers. Thanks for the link. I think I'll lightly grease the washers.
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    very dry all the way from the coast to other side of the range..ive never seen it that bad out in the tops country....even the roos look malnourished...theres water in the river so the stock can drink but there is nothing to eat...rick
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