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    With a break in the weather (no torrential rain at least) and spousal dispensation I decided to head to my usual Pittwater location on Sunday to fish the run in tide from 4pm towards sunset and see what was around. A trip a few weeks ago suggested that things were starting to liven up in the estuaries and I was keen to see if warmer conditions together with recent rains had helped to stir things up. For the gear junkies I was fishing with my usual setup for bait fishing from a jetty: 9ft Shimano raider 7kg rod, Daiwa TD Sol III 3000D, 12lb power pro braid, 8lb leader. Bait was salted pillies and endeavour prawns. Casting unweighted with a strong southerly at my back I was getting better than usual cast distance. Second cast and I was into the trevally with a good 33cm specimen in the bucket (this was a catch your dinner session btw). A few pinkies later (as always) and I’m onto another nice trevally. I’m steering it in taking care to keep the rod out in case it makes a run for the pylons and just as I’m about to lift it out a large flathead emerges from the depths beneath the jetty and takes a swipe at the trevally. A bit ambitious considering the trev would have been around 30cm. I leave the trev in the water to watch the flattie keep swiping and then somehow like a bizarre aquatic magic trick the trevally is off the hook (only a small No 4 mustad baitholder) and the flattie is on. But it must have engulfed the hook as it takes a run for the bottom and one headshake later I’m busted off. Disappointing but not unexpected. Oh well. Re-rig and back out. About 15 minutes later I’m on to another trevally. Again as I’m bringing it in the same flattie emerges and takes a swipe at it. This time I land the trev and decide that if the flattie is hanging around under the wharf I’m going to go after it. I change up to 12lb leader and throw out the bait with a slow retrieve into the zone the flattie keeps coming out of. First cast, nothing. Second cast and the flattie jumps on! After a few runs I have him close to the jetty and the net in the water when it dives and again busts me off. Re-rig, this time with a long shank hook, and go again. After half an hour of working the flattie zone there are no more touches. I decide my chance to land the flattie is gone so I start casting out further again. More pinkies and trevs. By 6:30 I’ve got a feed of trevally in the bucket. I’m feeling only moderately pleased. The thought of that big flattie that got away twice is still on my mind. I finally run out of prawns and switch over to pillies. Cast out and something jumps on. Something heavy. Not running like a trevally. Get it a bit closer and I spy it in the water and bugger me it’s that flathead again. This time pinned through the lip with a long shank hook. No escape this time. After a few heavy runs he’s into the net and up onto the wharf. 61cm. Very nice. I release a couple of the trevs because the flattie is now going to be my special guest at dinner. But here’s the question: was it the same flattie each time or was I just into a school of big ones? I saw it three times before I landed it and each time it looked about the same size in the water. Either way, it made for a great ending to the day and hopefully a good omen for the season to come. Tight lines.
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    Hi Everyone, New to the forum and just wanted to share the project with everyone. I’ve had the boat for just over a year which was my fathers and my grandfathers before him they both used it pretty much as a fishing boat but I have quite a large family so I am turning back into an all rounder as the kids love fishing but also like to be towed on the tube. Its a Quintrex Cruiseabout not sure of the manufactured year model but has been registered since 93. It has a Johnson 90hp v4 on the back. Originally had the fibreglass back seats in it but the grandfather removed everything and converted the flooring over to just have the seat inserts in the floor so he could move the seats about if needed. The trailer was a bit aged as well so that was the first thing that needed restoring which in the process I found a nice hole in one of the cross beams so after a bit of prep work and some welding, some new paint and rollers she was back to normal. The boat as it was when I bought it off my father: And the trailer Restoration with the only thing needing to be done now is new wheels:
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    I get that kayak maintenance is important. I own a Hobie Revolution 13 which gets a wipe down every time it comes home. I service the mirage drive once a year at home including a grease change. After walking past a marina this afternoon I think my maintenance program is a little inadequate compared to whoever owns the kayak in the photo... I would have never thought of booking a slipway for an annual kayak service.
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    Hi all, A bit of a delayed post. Went for a kayak session in the George's River on Labour day using soft plastics on the rising tide in the lugarno and menai area. Started in the morning at around 8am and finished fishing by 12pm. Was using a clear prawn squidgy and 2.5 watermelon zman grub. Caught 3 bream ranging from 27 - 34cm, 1 flathead at 42cm and a mulloway at 63cm. The mulloway was caught on the prawn squidgy 2 hours before high tide on a steep drop-off. Caught the others on the zman grub. Using 6lb braid to 8lb leader. Surprisingly the 34cm bream had more fight then the mulloway which was almost dead weight. Released all fish except 1 bream and the flathead which was kept for the table. The mulloway are out there if anyone is keen to give them a go. Hopefully next time they are a bit bigger!! Cheers Joe
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    I really needed to get out for a fish this weekend. My son has been saying he'd like to come so I asked if he wanted to come and he said yes. We set off at a kid friendly 8am. Beautiful morning in Brisbane Water. We cruised out past Box Head and made for West Reef. I was thinking we'd drift over the reef a few times. I've been getting heaps of bycatch here and he is happy catching anything. I pulled up a bit short to judge the drift and we dropped a couple of lines over. Within minutes we were both on to little fish and pulled in a pair of little flatties that we released. By now I had the direction of the drift sorted so we moved the boat, revisited and drifted across the front of the reef. We pulled in several red rock cod on the first drift, getting bites as soon a as we got into the bottom 1/3 of the water. There was a bit of swell - about 1-1.5m. My son said he was starting to feel a bit sick. I decided we would move out a little wider to get off the reef and try for flatties. Figured in the deeper water out a bit the waves would not be quite so pronounced. I moved to a mark I have in about 33m of water where I have caught flatties before. I didn't want to take him further out in case he got properly sea sick. I put the first rod down and it buckled straight away. Technically it was Ollie's rod, but as he was lying face down in the cabin I brought it in. He perked up a bit when we landed a nice fat 38cm flounder! Great fish! But he still wanted to go in. I said let's give it 10. I rebaited his rod and sent it back down, but didn't bother with the other one as he was looking a little pale. Again the rod was hit straight away, but this time they took the bait and left. I really wanted to stay, it just felt like it was on. But I didn't want to turn a good experience for the boy into a bad one so we headed in. Got home to hear the the words a fisherman hates hearing... You're home early. All up the boy had a good time and the wife and I got to share the flounder for lunch. Did it whole on the BBQ and served with a burnt butter and sage sauce. Delicious.
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    Yeah... I don’t think that makes me feel any better!
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    I do a lot of this over the summer months, but down the coast from Botany Bay. Always best on the flats when there's a bit of chop on the surface. Sugarpens go great, but poppers will outfish them when it gets really choppy. Don't be afraid to wind surprisingly quick if you have to. You're trying to imitate a fleeing prawn and those little buggers can get mobile. On certain days the extra speed really revs the whiting up.
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    Re your question about whether it’s the same flattie - well you said you were busted off twice, so wouldn’t the first two hooks still be in the fish, if it was the same fish ?
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    Agh baz! I already have a mate I call B1. I think this puts you in the B2 category! ? Theres no fish at Broughton anyway. Was there on Friday in nearly 2m swell, perfect for snapper and only managed 4 just legal with best probably 45cm. Worst effort in ages! Water still super cold and no bait anywhere! At least you’ll get the boat sorted now and you saved today on fuel. I also just seen the ocean and it looks pretty choppy! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Not that anyone would be interested but that is ME in the red jumper. And John in centre back. Don't know who the bloke is far right back, he just shows up from time to time. Frank
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    Mate they say it happens in threes it happens to all of us at some time but it will get better
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    Hi my stacer has the battery mounted in a vented battery box under the floor in a hatch behind the rear folding seat directly below the ski pole. my 2nd battery is behind the folding seat in a box but not below the floor.
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    Im actually really appreciative that I learnt how a camera actually works & the principles behind how to actually achieve things like proper depth of field & work out what shutter speed I should choose on an old manual 35mm film camera like my old Pentax Spotmatic which most of the fore mentioned is now just press a button or choose a setting & it all happens for you. And that's before you even get into composition, subject matter & etc w Then of course you have to take it to get developed unless you had a dark room & actually see if what you were trying to do even worked & sure you could do a few things if you were skilled in the dark room but there was now 'photoshop! Things are pretty easy these days really & not a lot of skill involved imo, just choose a setting & snap off 40 images & see which is the best then crop & chop & make a few colour changes then hey presto a half decent image appears.
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    Best way to improve your photography is to get out there and keep shooting in different situations. Practice/pratice/practice. A pal of mine took up photography a few years ago and he was after a few general tips. I wrote down these few notes for him. They may be helpful to a few of you if you can read my writing !!! ? http:// Wildlife photography in Australia,love it. Here are a few shots from our first ozzie trip. No photoshopping in these ones. Taken at Pebbly beach just south of Ulladulla. We were mobbed by king parrots,crimson rossellas and rainbow lorikeets. http:// http:// Got "photobombed" by a drop bear on a fishing trip up to Lake St Clair on one of our ozzie trips ? http:// John
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    ? I asked my son what he learned today. He said how to hold fish for photos. Ah well - that is a pretty important angler skill.
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    Mantis Shrimp, few different types so not exactly sure which one though.
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    My daughter follows their work, she has also done some free online photography courses that run over a six week period I believe. I will try to find out info if interested, also always happy to show anyone a few spots down this way and help out with camera work.
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    Out of Sydney harbour, anywhere north of the heads is broken reef. Good close place to start would be in close around North head. A few specific spots to try 33 47.661S 151 18.399E A bit further NE try 33 47.264S 151 19.362E If you stay along that line and head north, its all broken reef all the way up to Long Reef. good luck
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    It's a shame some people work so hard at doing the wrong thing when they could work hard and buy their own gear. I met some lads up around Coffs who simply stopped for fuel after dark and use the toilet, returning to the vehicle they discovered virtually everything had been stolen. Its hard with insurance companies as the first five pages of their cover details of what's covered are followed by 200 page of why the first five pages aren't covered.
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