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    It is a beautiful morning out on the bay. Swordie and I decided to take advantage of the perfect weather conditions. Jonno and nbdshroom were out also and followed us for the adventure. We met a few other raiders here too Earlier today we grabbed a few squid at Kurnell and headed across the bay to catch kingies. This is my first try and I sat patiently waiting for a tap, tap, tap on the end of my line. Suddenly zzzzzzzzz and boy don’t they pull. Cheers all round. Gee isn’t this fun! I will keep casting this squid out and see how I go. So far me 3 and swordie 1. All pics mine so far
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    Yes @Sigma heaps but we threw them all back 👍
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    Going to try for my 1st king today hopefully ;)
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    Best of luck Swordies !.... keep the photos coming... Wish I was on the water.....I'm buried in paperwork today. This will make the day go much faster ! Cheers Zoran
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    @mrsswordfisherman nice, your first king is such a buzz, where and what are you getting them on?
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    Wishing i was out fishing instead of being behind a desk!! Hope Swordies being a good net boy!! 😝
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    Hey Lakelad, I’ve been reading your post with interest. Zoran has helped me out a lot also, even called him on the weekend to fix an electrical issue with my sounder. thought id share a pic of my live bait tank. You can see the metal water scoop near the bottom of the hull. Just remember to keep it as far away from the prop otherwise when underway you could create cavitation and then your outboard will suck in air and not water and get damaged. Mine sits in between channels hard against the bottom to minimise exposure to water which prevents it getting fouled on weed or timber and damaging the hull. My pump is 360gph. The one inlet and 2 outlets are 20mm, inlet plumbed into bottom of tank as you are thinking which is the right approach IMO. My tank itself is 33 litres but once you factor in the outlets placement it’s more like 25 litres. The white and red ball valve (Bunnings) effectively isolates water supply when I don’t want to use it from the scoop. the outlets and inlets are black plastic philmac brand types (Bunnings). These are attached using stainless settl hose clamps (Bunnings). you cant see it but I also have a one way valve on the inlet inside the boat (bunnings). This is a must. to drain it I just use the bung at bottom of the esky(it’s a rotomoulded plastic type) which let’s all the water into the boat which is flushed with freshwater and heads out the bung at the end of the day. On top of the tank is marine carpet stuck with contact adhesive so I can stand on it safely. the record is 18 yakkas and three squid which I can keep alive all day. hope this helps and good luck with the build.
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    G'day Raiders, Thought I'd share my approach to serving fish for the masses - especially if you are after an alternative (healthier?) to the fried fish ! With cooking fish its tricky to get the timing right - cook too long and they are dry or rubbery - and the problem compounds when you have invited friends .... and of-course some folks are bound to turn up late. I like to keep things simple and as stress free as possible - so my dear Mrs and I came up with the following approach. These individual parcels are easy to prepare a little ahead of time. Each parcel is a meal in its own right. They are simple to cook on the BBQ and the timing is very flexible and accomodating. BBQ Fish parcels. The photos are pretty much self explanatory, but in essence each parcel has: 170g fish fillets (flattie in the case below) 1 potato - thinly sliced 1/2 onion, sliced 1/2 tomato, sliced 1 clove garlic sliced/diced 1 chopped chilli (we like a bit of spice) chopped Italian parsley Rock salt / ground pepper to taste Olive oil. Method: -follow the pictures - Cut sheets of aluminium foil (be generous as you want a solid seal that does NOT leak the juices or let steam escape) I place the foil on a plate as it gives me a concave surface to keep the ingredients from dripping. Lighly drizzle oil on the aluminium foil (dash of salt pepper diced garlic) Layer potatoes, onions, tomato - sprinkling parsley, garlic salt and pepper in between layers also drizzle a bit of olive oil !! This is mediterranean cooking ! Place the fish on top. Dash of oil, salt and pepper. Seal the foil !!! ------------------------ Heat BBQ to 220-250C Place parcels fish side down first 10-15min (depending on thickness of fish and your BBQ heat - you may need to experiment). If you followed the pictures this is the side with the foil seal. Turn over to veggie side and cook 15-25min (the fish wont dry out as the steam from veggies will keep it moist). This buys you the flexible time - waiting for the late comers ! If it all goes to plan the potatoes become like mashed potatoes underneath moist fish and the onions and tomatoes create a spicy salsa like mixture. --------------------------- Here are some pictures... Cheers Zoran
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    Hit the channel markers at botany this morning at first light , 5 lb of squid and big expectations, well 4 hours of rats 55 to 63 cm , 71 fish boated . The fun wore off after the first dozen,but keeped tell myself there has got to be a couple of good ones in between them , Off the water by 9.30 empty bait box and empty fish bin ,on a positive note ,it would be a great time to get the young ones out there or the novice fisher person they would have a ball and be hooked for life . off to ice the shoulder,only rats but they took their toll on the rod arm lol
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    - 45cm + red snapper - 19 kingfish - 5 legal kingfish - beat my current record silver trevally in the harbour (65cm) - 85cm + kingfish - catch a jewfish! - get into some more of the smaller tuna family eg. bonito, frigate mackerel, Mach tuna ect. Oscar
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    Looks like a top day to be on the water love the photos hope you catch heaps good luck
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    Good luck with it Oscar. Maybe I should come out with you as my goal is simple. To get my first king is! Mark
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    Zoran this looks absolutely amazing! Fresh healthy ingredients and simple! Entertaining can be tough to both cook and talk to guests and making parcels in advance is genius. i too would have thought the fish would overcook but I’ll try it!
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    The only mono I use is Platypus Pretest and swear by it. I don’t know how it compares for stretch rate but it’s important to me that it breaks within the stated line class for ANSA/IGFA claims and competition. Never had a problem with it.
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    Thanks guys, I know it’s a long list but a friend owns a boat and rarely takes it out, I’m hoping for a good day on the water at long reef to get that snapper, and I recently caught my 20th king ever, so I would like to get to 35 by the end of 2019. Thanks! And good luck with your goals! Oscar
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    Wish you luck mate I am hoping for kings
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    Thats a long list!! Goodluck. My 2019 goal is simple but by no means easy. Catch my first marlin.
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    Wow, no wonder the bay has been going off. I don't think there will be to many bait fish left soon. You would have to think it will impact the normal ecology of the bay though!
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    Good job seems lots of rats this season hope the hoods appear not sure what the restocking program is about and where they got their stock ? can anybody provide some information?
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    I just had my 1 year service last month and put in excess of 120 hrs on my etec since purchased new. Purring like a kitten i say. Diagnostics report A1. One word of advice for anyone owning an etec....dont wait 3 yrs to do ur first service thats just mechanical suicide.
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    Cant you staple two together? Great numbers though...must have been a workout!
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    Thanks mate. Thats awesome. Really puts things into perspective doesnt it
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