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    Raiders, been an avid reader for around 12 months, but had nothing noteworthy to shout about - this is my first post - so go easy! Missus was working late tonight so dashed home for a quick flick across the Rose Bay sand flats. I’ve really been persevering with a few donuts and wind knots here over the past 6-months, but given how close it is to home, and being primarily land based - I’ve kept coming back. finally, for the first time in a long time, I actually saw some action. Interestingly, I turned up around 6;45pm - the low tide was the lowest I’ve ever seen it. The waves were breaking in probably 30cm of water, at least 250m out from the standard high tide mark. I hooked up my curly tailz 4” white SP and started wading out. 10lb mono, no leader. Whilst trying to learn of the various hot spots, I’d heard raiders here talk about the drop off near the moored boats, but only loosely understood where it might be. However, with the tide so low, you could clearly see, and wade directly alongside, a clear, almost knife edge drop off, about 30 mtrs to the right of the moored boys, about 200mtrs from shore. Still in 30 Cm of water at this point. im out for around 10 mins, watching some big rays drift past, as well as the odd leatherjacket, before bang - lines tight and the drag goes off. Without much of a fight I pull a 42cm flattie in for a photo, and release. 5 mins later, 20m further out, on again - a much lighter in colour, 33cm flattie. Back in. Noticing the thick weed bed fairly close to shore, I have a quick cast and maintain a slow constant action to prevent snagging, and boom, another hit - but different take. Harder fight - comes into shore and it’s 29cm tailor. First one Tailor since moving here! Finally, wade back out past the moored boats, tip toeing past some big rays, and have a final cast,which after 10 mins produces another flattie, 45cm this time. Quick photo and released. Easily the best day I’ve had down there. Two questions to end with - as I headed back home, another fisho turned up with fly fishing gear. What would he have been after on a Fly? Also - anyone got tips for using poppers to target whiting? Would love some whiting surface action and they must be down there at rose bay! cheers chris
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    After a long break from fishing been getting back into it. Been using live worms and nippers and struggling to get 1 or 3 fish, sometimes nothing. Then last Saturday night after the southerly died down, and then the following morning I got amongst them. Bronte Beach. Rising tide, live beachworms, running sinker rig with 8 lb leader. Been eating these all week. Bloody good to know that you can still catch a great feed in the middle of Sydney. On Sunday morning I was plucking them out from in between about thirty surfers!
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    Hi Raiders, This is actually a fishing report but here is a bit of preamble... One of my mates ( Bob) is a complete newbie to fishing and never eats fish. I have been telling him for years that if I only had access to supermarket or fish shop produce then I would probably never eat fish either but... its a very different equation to catch your own fish, treat it properly and cook it yourself. He remained unconvinced so I offered to take him out and catch some Blue Spotted Flathead and then take it home and cook it for him. Before heading out to the flathead grounds we sussed out North Head for any action. There was bait everywhere but the swell in close to the rocks was a little uncomfortable for Bob so after a few casts into the wash we headed off to drift off South Head in about 50m meters. Bob is a pretty quick learner so after I had shown him a few times how to bait up and what constituted a bite worthy of a strike he was away. Bob Caught his bag limit in about 3 hours while I watched and cheered. I settled for just a couple of Blue Spots myself that I would keep and cook up for him later that day. The size of the fish was excellent and most of Bob's were around the same size as the 2 two I kept. There were plenty of small flatties taking the bait too so we had to take particular care to mark the spots where the larger ones seemed to be. There was no wind , very little current and of course not, a lot of drift so I actually used the Minkoda to push us along. While we were out we saw schools of Bonito probably 1 k offshore and managed to spin up a few each time the schools came by for use as bait. We also saw a pod of hunting Dolphins which was really cool ... the were leaping clear of the water catching fleeing fish in mid-air. I have never seen such a flurry of activity. We left about 1 PM and Bob was a converted man, at least as far as fishing goes. I dropped him home with his cleaned and filleted fish and told him to get back to my place around 4 and I would cook a few up for him. When he arrived I showed him how I prepare them in a Tempura Batter and then I deep fried them for him. I served it up to him and his response was... "That's not fish" He was blown away! He is a converted man. Cheers Jim
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    Who's reading, Im just looking at the pictures 😂. Thanks for clarifying all, thats why we are all part of this community & verifying the checks & balances is what its all about!
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    So to sunmarise....the bobbin knot if tied correctly relies on friction between the braid and mono leader.....no melting of mono end required but can be done as a precaution???
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    Hi all...baz,you asked the question in woodsys thread but I’ll answer here cause I think it more appropriat here. i never turn my radio on because I find it anoying so it’s always off.next time I see you up there I’ll keep it on. my mate had a kingy at the side of the boat and me with 4 failed attempts with the net cost him his fish,it may or may not have been legal size,but it was very disappointing to drop the fish like that being the first fish of the day without a bite for a few hours.we ended up with 2 snapper,the biggest went 52cm.
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    The pr is a very strong knot, I use it on all line class but I find it pretty tricky with lines of 6lb. I've never had one fail, so never had to do one outside of the house but wouldn't be keen on doing one while out fishing. If I did have a break off for some reason I would revert to another rod ready to go ( as mentioned never happened) or do an fg.
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    They are fine to take. And as mentioned it is a bag limit of 5. I have eaten them in the past and they are not too bad but the larger ones have a slight chlorine taste! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    Listen to this man. Pretty plain and simple. 5 bag limit of shark and rays. Shovel nose rays/sharks are mentioned in the bag limit section. Some of you may be reading far too much into the research programs links.
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    Think i will stik to improved albright never had a prob an tie it in 30 seconds...bobbin knot seems like it would be fun tying in a moving boat when fish are bustin up round u.....
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    Wouldnt it be easier to just buy better quality line and learn better knots...
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    Looks like it's OK. in the first PDF second page it takes about commercial catches and they're taken in significant numbers be rec fishos. But you're probably right I would check with DPI
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    This I good advice what Kingfishbig has said
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    Hi Baz, The boats 12v wiring system is fairly simple and with a bit of patience and a couple of ales most problems can be tracked down. Are your nav lights LED or do they have globes? If globes, the contacts can get a bit of corrosion on them, give them a light rub with some fine sandpaper. Did you loose both side lights and the anchor light? Most times the side lights and anchor light are on separate circuits/switches. If on separate circuits/switches and both are out, then most likely the switches are OK but may be worth checking. Check the earth on your bus bar make sure it's clean and tight. As for waterproofing I've been using a spray used by Boeing on their aircraft. It's called Boeshield t9 and you can get it online. It works great. Hope the above helps. Cheers........ Dave
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    @JonD There were reports of 3m whites and tigers in close to the beaches last week and also inside the Port over on the Tea Gardens side. But, yes, around Easter when the mullet are running is when you’ll see plenty of them.
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    I am not familiar with this knot but I would imagine that the braid actually "bites into" the mono under increasing tension, similar to how the FG knot works. What do you think? Cheers, bn
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    Every wrap of the braid I see done under tension, which equates to around 40 tight wraps when I do mine. I have had the mono slip when using Berkeley fireline, which is very smooth but apart from that I've yet to ever have a problem.
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    I would try a big fish bait Pugz
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    Went to sydney harbour today for some kings and we did ok. We started the day of fishing for squid and got one and the fishing was slow. About 1hr later it started pissing down rain but suprisingly we got three squid in the matter of 30min at manly, we also tried for yakkas on a sabiki rig and didnt catch anything. It was still pouring so we left and got out of the rain(kinda). After that we went camp cove and caught three more live squid in the matter of 3mins . We caught 7 live squid at this point and we still had about 6 to 8 dead squid so we had plenty of bait and we headed to north head as people have caught 30kg plus kingfish there so we got there and we instanly dropped a squid in 25metres of water. We rigged the squid with one treble hook and a single j hook. 10 mins later we left as it got rougher and our squid was gone. We headed to the cliffton gardens in search of the kings. We hooked up straight away with a strip bait as i wanted to have a challenge on the lighter setup. I ended up catching a rat about 63cm then let it go. My mate hooked up after that and another 60cm rat, released then bang the saragosa starts screaming and another hard fighting rat and my brother got that one. The bite slowed down but my dad dropped the whole squid down deep and straight away there was a hit, the saragosa was max drag and it was still pulling, had to be a metre plus king. My dad was even strugling to lift the rod up, but then the line got caught in the motor and the line goes slack, lost it. After that we caught a few more rats and the wind picked up so we went to get the crab pots back and called it a day. In one there was snapper and a blue swimmer crab, the other one was 2 big blue swimmer crabs.
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    Hi Raiders This music video turned up on my YouTube feed a bit randomly. I like sixties and seventies rock.... Someone has combined a scene from the 1969 movie Sweet Charity with Ike and Tina's Nutbush from 1973. You can see elements of Austen Powers, Michael Jackson and even Robert Palmer. Lets get things straight, I can't dance and I'm not into musicals, but this is pretty cool. Enjoy
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