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    Few more.....yum or snapper hard decision
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    Fished in the Port Hacking on Friday with my dad in my boat. Plan was to chase surface fish early, pump some nippers, fish the shallows than head back to the ramp at 1030 and swap dad for my wife and 2 boys, aged 3 & 5. Launched from Grays Point at 600 and headed to lilli pilli. Just on sun rise the whole area was alive with Pilchard schools every direct had fish rippling on the surface and the sounder regularly blackout with the schools. I started casting a sluggo, which had worked on previous trips and dad fished live bait. After 15 minutes off no hits i swapped to my live bait rod, shimano baitrunner 6-8kg rod 15lb braid 30lb fluro trace, and hooked up almost straight away, with a good first run before hanging around down deep taking short runs everytime i gained some line. In the clear water you could see the fish very early in the fight, a kingfish (maybe legal) Out in the open water i was no chance off being reefed so could enjoy the fight, until he tried to use the only bit of structure around, our boat, 1/2 dozen times with the fish only a couple of metre out he darted under the boat and motor causing me to dunk the rod into the water to keep the line clear, great fun. After a few more minutes he was netted and in the boat, 68cm, and straight into the esky. In the last 3 similar trips the boat had caught 20+ kingfish but this was the first legal. We continued to fish and released another 4 undersize kings, the bites were very spread out. I think the problem was too much baitfish in the water meant the predators were not finding our baits. With a couple of wake board boats starting up we decided to move on. We kept a block or so worth of fresh caught pilchards and headed off to pump nippers while the tide was low and then had a look at the ocean, short sharp nasty old wind chop made the ocean messy. We had a look around the bombie, but nothing was happening so headed back into the shelter of the river. Came across some surface fish near mainbar and managed a Frigate Mackerel before they disappeared. Back to lilli pilli we fished the shallows, we caught a couple of low 40's Flathead, a 28cm bream, 1 male blue swimmer, 1 female blue swimmer (released), a flounder (released) and a few undersize fish before in was time to head back to the ramp and swap over. Picked up my wife and boys and headed back out. Coming past one of the bays near the church camps i noticed a few seagulls sitting on the surface so went to investigate, sounder lit up with bait fish, so dropped over the bait jig, caught some, hook through the nose and cast out and almost straight away hooked up. Let my 6 months pregnant wife have the rod, after a short tussle she had a rat king released. Cast out the next bait for the same result. Noticed my 3yr olds rod, (cheapest shimano reel, cheap Rogue blue rod, 3kg platypus pretest) had the perfect hook and thought, whats the worst that can happen. Hook up the next live bait and cast out. Once again it's taken almost straight away, after the initial run i give both boys a turn on the rod but both give it back after a minute or so, kingfish are too tough for them. I take back over and land the fish, 5 cm or so undersize, the boys are excited with what they caught and they call it "our" fish as we all helped. A quick photo and then happily released. We continued doing this for a while, jigging baitfish, cast out, instant hook up with a couple more caught, a couple of bust offs and a few missed bites. And then i hear the dreaded words "I'm bored" and thats it we move on leaving behind a hot bite of great hard fighting fish. It seems a constant bite of big fish and bait jigging is not enough to keep two little boys content. We move over to the shallows and anchor up where the boys have a blast trying to catch tiny trumpeter on a handline. The older boy manages a legal bream and then we head off for a swim at mainbar before heading home. A quick side note on just how spoilt we fisherman are. We went to Westfield on the Saturday and looked in the fish shop. Whole Kingfish $21.99 kg giving my 2.55kg fish a value of $56.07. The flathead i gave to my dad as they had dinner guests over, the guest loved it and they commented that they pay up to $54 a kg for flathead tails from the shop. On the Sunday we had a 3rd birthday party for our boy and served some of the kingfish as small bite size boneless crumbed pieces, it was meant for the kids but it was the adults who happily ate the plate of fish, all saying how nice it was. We really are lucky. Thanks for reading. Ash
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    5am. Burley then got 2 Livies and sent out under balloons on 8.0 single hook in about 10m. Got 2 kingys one 100% legal the other not sure so returned it. Much more fun than off boat trying to land. Another bloke was there happening to do the same and got the same. Yakkas were much bigger then I prefer but it worked today back home 7am
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    Great morning off Ulladulla Harbour. Plenty of big blue mowies, snapper, nanygai, etc. A lot of Sargeant Bakers !!!. When we came in, at the fish cleaning tables there were stacks of nice sized Blue Spotted flathead being cleaned (targetted at 20-30 metres - we got a fair few last week). One guy at the cleaning tables had a big fish that looked like a groper. Wouldn't let me photograph it. Are they protected? It was dark brown to black in colour, about15-20 lb.
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    Easy you burst a Tyre and spend 30 mins changing thinking Fark you idiot. Mostly it’s on long highway trips, when I go and overtake and the Ranger just drags the boat very easily up hill and as I pass cars and look down and the needle is almost nudging 120km and I have that oh Sh1t I have a boat on the back I better slow down.
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    Heading south as you coming down towards the Bridge, I never get tired of seeing that Estuary.
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    As above 3-4 times wider than the depth but also use a different page setup to give wider images of sidescan, like this. You can also overlay the downscanover your charts with different levels of transparency like in the bottom image. The red circles were just to show the schools of small fish ( often damsel fish).
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    Take some pilchards, prawns and squid. But pull up around the floats off the back of the bommie out the front of the harbour and try to get some slimies and yakkas. Find a current line around the 20-30m mark for flathead or around the 50-60m mark out the front for snapper. Just drift with paternoster rigs. Put a different bait on each hook. That's probably the simplest option.
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    Well done love the photo of dog and king
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    It is a great dam mate one of my favourites. The dam is sitting around 37% at the moment hope it gets nowhere near 5% any time soon.
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    Under water light can help in those conditions,tide & southerly a big +
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    My plate doesn’t say any speed and to be honest with a boat with a weight of 1.6t give or take I sometimes forget I’m towing it as I hit a hit hill and start overtaking Caravans and slow drivers. so I guess 112km/h is my max speed
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    Is it the lever that locks the motor in the tilt position? Aside from that here's a quickly photoshopped image that might help others identify it. I trust you don't mind me altering your photo.
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    G’day raiders, Just a quick report from today! Got to team up with @dirvin21 for a short session throwing sps and hard bodies at his local, the Nambucca River. Dave was kind enough to supply me a yak and we met up at a gentleman hour of 9am and in the water by 930. After a short paddle to our intended area, we begin to cast. We both manage a few touches on sps, then suddenly I hook up! Not a monster but a little flatty and that one is safely returned. Next I can see from a distance Dave is on and the call of another flatty. He released it before I could get a pic but I believe him! Haha 🤣 We then reset the drift and the wind was really kicking up. After every cast we kept getting pushed on towards our intended target which made Fishing a little tough! We switched to hard bodies and Dave was first on, a little bream! I didn’t get a pic as he released it again, I believe him! Haha 🤣. Then conditions got worse and it was very difficult managing to cast and keep the yak steady, but we persisted and Dave rows up to me and this time shows me a Moses perch he caught!!! A quick discussion at this point and the call was to finish the drift which was nearly finished and call it quits. So two casts later Dave has packed up and I make the call of the day. “Dave, last cast for me and if I land it in between those two trees I’ll get one! Cast............ bullseye! And one twitch later zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m on! I managed to pull the fish out and a nice healthy bream to finish the day off! Well, almost finish the day! Because we ended early it was time for a nice cold beverage before we parted ways! Thanks a heap champion! Your generosity was as much appreciated as the cold beer we had over looking the mighty Nambucca!!! Cheers scratchie!!!
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    That sounds like a fun day. Always good to catch a few. 🙂
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    Looks like you had a great time up there scratchie Dave is a great guy that has given me alot of info for fishing at nambucca and has put me onto some good fish
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    Can still scoop them in the wind but it reduces vision sometimes its good when a southerly comes thru like tonight it gets them moving
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    Nice catch beers at the end of day great day
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    What are you after? Flathead at about 30 metres, snapper out to about 50 metres +
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    the water is roughly 2/2.5 mtrs but the squid are hunting in the pool of light cast upon water by overhead lighting..a metre or 1.2 deep is plenty as the squid tend to stay down from the surface in general occasionally you spot them on the surface...rick
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    Bass Groper http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/content/fisheries/recreational/saltwater/sw-species/bass-groper Black Cod http://australianmuseum.net.au/black-rockcod Also Google Epinephelus daemelii and that will give you a better idea. Now, there is a few Black Cod down that way and are a TOTALLY protected fish. Bass Groper are a deep water fish and Black Cod are more of a shallower water fish.
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    Fishing with the kids at the mouth of the Lane Cove River and hooked 2 of these odd things. any ideas?
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